"Normal rules apply, lights out by 10pm. You girls have a good evening."

"We will, Mr T. Enjoy your trip." Jess said.

"Bye, Daddy!" Katie ran up to give him a hug, kissing him on the cheek.

"Bye, darling."

The door slammed, and the girls watched as Mr Taylor reversed off the drive. No sooner had he disappeared from view when Katie asked. "Did you bring them?"

"Bring what?"

"The - um - the toys." Katie blushed.

"Yes I did." Jess smiled. "Did you still want to try them?"

"Oh, yes please. I've been thinking about it all week. And sometimes at night I think about it and my kitty gets all wet and it makes my panties all messy." Katie rambled. "I tried touching it like you showed me but it doesn't feel as nice as when you do it."

Jess chuckled, stepping towards the other girl and pecking her once on the lips. "Let's get some dinner and watch a movie, and we can play later if you still want to."

Later that evening, and the girls were curled up under a blanket on the sofa. They had closed the curtains, and the TV screen glared brightly in the dark room. Their empty dinner plates put aside, Katie shuffled closer to Jess, reaching under the blanket to put her hand on her thigh. As the movie played on, she started tracing circles with her fingers. The diameter of the circles gradually increased until her fingers were brushing over the sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh.

"Mmm. That's very distracting."

Katie retracted her hand immediately. "Sorry!"

Jess turned to face her. "You don't need to apologise, baby. It's nice." It had been her plan to at least finish the movie, but Katie's lips looked so soft and inviting, her eyes wide in the dark room, Jess couldn't help herself. She closed the space between them, pressing her lips to the other girl's. Katie responded immediately, opening her mouth to deepen the kiss. Jess nipped her lower lip, sucking it, and eliciting a moan. Katie climbed forward into Jess' lap, straddling her, keening as the other girl started pressing kisses to the sensitive skin below her jaw and down her neck.

Jess pulled back just enough to talk. "Shall we go upstairs?"


Jess unpacked the toys and lube she had brought and laid them out on the bed. Katie inspected the toys, rubbing her hands over the smooth silicon.

"What's that?" She asked, pointing at the smallest toy.

"That's a vibrator. When you switch it on it buzzes and it feels really good when you use it on your clit."

Katie considered that information for a moment, before moving to point at the largest toy - a black dildo. "And this one?" She asked.

"That's a dildo. It has a strap so you can wear it, look." Jess secured it around her waist to show her.

Katie giggled. "It's like you have a penis!"

"Exactly! When people with penises have sex, they put their penis inside their partner. Like how I did with my fingers in your kitty last time." Jess explained. "I don't have a penis, so I can use a dildo instead."

"So that goes...inside." Katie's eyes went wide as she eyed the thick, black dildo. Intimidating only because she couldn't imagine something that big fitting inside her.

"Don't worry." Jess moved close to Katie, speaking low in her ear. "I'm going to get your pussy so wet it will have no problem taking it." She nipped her earlobe. Katie whined. "Lie down, baby."

Katie lay down on the bed, chucking her t-shirt aside and wriggling out of her jeans. Jess smirked at her eagerness. She slipped out of her own clothes, joining her on the bed.

"Anything gets to be too much, just say. Okay? And we'll stop."

Katie nodded. Impatient, she leaned up to capture Jess' lips. They started slow at first - long, drawn-out kisses that had them gasping for breath when they parted. Then their kissing grew more heated, desperate - their tongues swirling, moaning into each other's mouths. Jess could spend all evening just kissing Katie. Her lips so soft and pliant against hers, her lack of experience more than made up for by her eagerness. Every moan and sigh went straight to Jess' pussy.

Katie made a sound of protest when Jess pulled away, but it was quickly replaced by a gasp when she started kissing down her neck and over the globes of her breasts. Jess spent time just exploring Katie's body with her mouth: kissing her shoulders and around her nipples, kissing each finger and those sensitive spots on the inside of her elbows, kissing around her soft belly, and all the way down to her ankles and shins. When her mouth moved to pepper kisses around her thighs and hips, Katie let out a needy moan.

Jess parted the girl's thighs, taking a moment to admire her pink pussy, already glistening wet from her teasing. She mouthed over her inner thighs, sucking kisses over the thin skin. She moved her mouth to kiss over the lips of her pussy, licking at them, circling her tongue closer and closer to her sensitive centre. Teasing. Katie let out another needy moan above her.

Parting her lips gently with her thumbs, she licked a line from her hole up to her clit and back down again. Katie gasped, grabbing her shoulder. Jess took pity then, and started licking steadily over her clit.

"Oh!" Katie cried, gripping Jess' shoulder more tightly. "Oh, yes. Jess. Oh my god. Yes." She babbled above her.

Jess continued licking hard, broad strokes over her clit, ignoring the ache building in her jaw. Katie's moans became short and sharp, her hips thrusting up, desperately seeking the pressure of Jess' tongue on her clit. Katie's pussy was absolutely soaked now, wetness dripping down Jess' chin.

"Oh. Oh. I think I'm going to -"

Jess sealed her mouth around her clit and licked hard and fast to the underside. Katie cried out as she came, her thighs clamping around Jess' face as she worked her through it with her tongue. Her thighs released as she came down, and Jess pressed one final kiss to Katie's clit, smirking as the girl twisted at the sensitivity. Jess wiped off her chin, climbing up to kiss the other girl. She licked inside her mouth, and Jess moaned at the thought of Katie tasting herself.

"Can we play with the toy now?" Katie asked, eyes travelling down to where the dildo was lying at the end of the bed.

"Not yet, baby. Got to get your pussy ready first." Katie pouted, but the expression was soon wiped off her face when Jess reached between them to rub her fingers around her hole, careful to avoid her sensitive clit. Coating them in Katie's wetness, she pushed two fingers into her tight hole. Katie sighed, and Jess pressed a sweet kiss to her forehead. She scissored and swirled the fingers, stretching her as much as possible. She added a third finger, swirling them again before crooking them upwards to find -

"Oh! Again please, please."

Jess smiled, sucking kisses to Katie's neck as she curled her fingers rhythmically against her g-spot. "You like that?" She said, and Katie shivered at her breath against the thin skin of her neck.

"Yes." She gasped out.

"You want to come again?"

"Please." Katie moaned.

Jess inserted a fourth finger into her tight pussy. "Oh good girl." She said, as Katie keened. Jess continued thrusting her fingers, but she knew she would need clitoral stimulation to come again. Katie whined as Jess removed her fingers, her tight pussy contracting around the empty space. "Let's try this." She said, reaching for the small vibrator. "I'll put it on the lowest setting to start with. It can be quite intense when you haven't used one before." Jess clicked the button once and it buzzed to life in her hand.

Katie looked at the vibrator with curiosity as Jess lowered it to her pussy, holding it to her clit. "Oh my god!" She cried. And at the contact, more wetness gushed out of her pussy. "It feels so -"


Jess clicked the button again to increase the vibration and re-inserted her fingers, thrusting them hard and fast. With the pressure of Jess' fingers against her g-spot and the vibrator buzzing hard against her clit, it wasn't long before Katie came again. She shouted out, wetness gushing out of her pussy as Jess continued fucking her fingers into her. Eventually, Katie grabbed her wrist, stilling her hand, and Jess switched off the vibrator, putting it aside.

Katie looked sated already, her chest and face flushed pink. But Jess wasn't done with her just yet. "You ready, baby?" She asked, grabbing the dildo from the end of the bed.

"Uh huh."

Katie had grown so much in confidence since the first time they had had sex, it was easy to forget that a little over a month ago she didn't even know what sex was. But looking at her now, her eyes wide as she watched Jess strap the dildo around her hips, she could only see the innocent girl - so desperate to be touched, but frightened of her own sexuality. Jess' heart swelled knowing that Katie had so much trust in her.

Jess coated the black silicon with a generous amount of lube. "Can't wait to put this inside you. Fill you up and make you moan." Katie whined. "How do you want to do this?" Katie pondered for a second, biting her lip, before opening her arms up. Jess settled into her embrace. Stroking her cheek gently, she asked. "Ready?" Katie nodded.

Jess lined the dildo up at the girl's entrance and slowly pushed forward. Katie immediately tensed her muscles at the intrusion. "Hey." Jess soothed, stroking the girl's face. "Relax, baby. Just relax and let me in."

Jess inched the dildo forward, pressing kisses to Katie's neck to distract her from the stretch. One more push forward and the dildo was completely sheathed in her pussy.

"Oh, good girl." Jess cooed. "How does it feel?"

"Feels so full. Like I can feel it in my belly." Katie said. "Can you move, please?"

Jess drew her hips back slowly, before pushing back in, faster. Katie gasped at the friction of the dildo moving inside her. Jess chuckled against her neck. "You like that?"

"Yes. Please. More."

Jess pulled back so that the dildo was almost completely out of her hole, and then thrusted back in. Katie arched up. She started a steady rhythm then, pumping the toy in and out of Katie's pussy. "Oh." Katie gasped, and then again, voice high and strung-out, oh, oh, oh. On each thrust forward the base of the dildo rubbed deliciously against Jess' clit until both girls were moaning.

Jess grabbed Katie's legs, hooking her knees over her shoulders as she continued fucking her. Katie gasped at the new angle, which had the toy pressing against her g-spot with each thrust.

"Are you close, baby?" Jess asked.

"Mmmmm." Katie moaned.

Jess snaked her hand down between their bodies to rub her fingers around Katie's clit. It was hard to coordinate her fingers with her hips, but it was enough - that sliding touch on her clit. With just a few more thrusts of the dildo, Katie came with a cry. She threw her head back, moaning as Jess thrust the toy in a few more times to work her through it.

She stilled and they lay there just embracing for a few minutes, listening to one another's breathing slow down; the dildo still sheathed in Katie's pussy.

Eventually, Jess pulled back. Katie whined as she withdrew the dildo from her pussy, red and swollen from being fucked by her fingers and then the strap-on. Jess unstrapped the dildo from around her waist, and lay back down at Katie's side. "Sore?" She asked.

"A little." Katie said. "It was amazing though."

Jess smiled, pressing a kiss to Katie's shoulder. "I thought you might like it."

They lay there in comfortable silence for a few moments, Jess absent-mindlessly tracing shapes on Katie's chest with her fingers.

"You haven't come yet." Katie said, suddenly.

Jess leaned up on her shoulder to look at her. "No, I haven't. But I'm not really -"

"I want to try. Like last time. Would you show me? Please."

"Of course." She grabbed Katie's hand and guided it down between them to rub her fingers around her clit.

But Katie pulled her hand away. "No. I want to kiss you."

Jess looked at her, questioning.

"Down there."

Oh. Katie wanted to go down on her. Teaching her how to feel good was one thing, but teaching her oral sex. Jess couldn't help but feel like it would be taking advantage of her in some way.

"That would be really nice. But I don't want you to think just because I did it to you that you have to...reciprocate."

"I don't. I really want to try." Katie said, and there was that look of complete trust again. How could she say no to that? Jess nodded, and Katie grinned, immediately moving to settle between her legs. Katie stared at her pussy, and Jess barely contained a gasp at the way she licked her lips. "I'm not sure what to..."

"Why don't you start like you did last time? With little kisses and licks, and we'll see how we go from there." Jess suggested. "Remember, if you don't like it at any time you can stop."

"Okay." Katie leant forward and hesitantly pressed a kiss directly on Jess' clit. Jess jolted at the contact, eliciting a giggle from the other girl. Katie then started licking at her pussy. Just quick, soft licks over her labia, and clit, and down to her hole - exploring with her tongue. Her pussy was already wet from the friction of the strap-on, and Katie experimentally swirled her tongue in her hole, tasting her.

"Mmmmmm." Jess sighed. "Now try flattening your tongue - like you're licking an ice cream. And you can lick hard. Don't worry, I won't break."

Katie nodded, and started licking broad, hard strokes over her pussy. Jess gasped at the new pressure, fisting her hands into the sheets. "That's it, that's it. Just like that." She looked down and a flare of heat burst in her abdomen at the sight of sweet Katie, her face buried in her pussy. She widened her thighs, her hips gyrating against Katie's face with every stroke of her tongue against her clit.

Katie's tongue ran over a particularly sensitive spot to the right side of her clit and Jess moaned. "Just there. Just there. Keep licking there."

Katie focused her tongue on that sensitive spot, and Jess could feel heat building fast in her lower abdomen, her toes curling against the sheets. She was getting close. She reached down to part her lips, holding herself open so that Katie was only licking the most sensitive skin around her clit. Her tongue was so sloppy-hot and eager over the swollen nub of her clit, her whole pussy felt like it was on fire. It wasn't long before Jess was coming, her hips arching off the bed as she cried out.

"I love that. I love that." Jess said, opening her arms for Katie to embrace her again. "Thank you." Katie was beaming. She looked extremely proud of herself.

It wasn't long before Katie fell asleep, and Jess couldn't blame her - she was feeling exhausted after one orgasm, she couldn't imagine how Katie felt after three. They needed to shower and change the sheets before Mr Taylor got home in the morning, but it could wait. Jess snuggled up close to Katie, pulling the duvet over them, and closed her eyes.


When Jess woke, it was dark outside; the only sound that of Katie lightly snoring beside her. She tip-toed out of the room to use the toilet.

Katie stirred as she joined her back in bed.

"Hey, sleepy head."

"Hey." Katie yawned. "What time is it?"

"3AM." Jess said, and Katie groaned, burying her head deeper into the pillow. Jess chuckled. "Come on. Let's get cleaned up and get you into bed properly."

The girls showered and changed into their pyjamas, wrapped up close under the duvet in Katie's bed.

"Do you think one day I might be able to stay at your flat?" Katie asked. "I would love to see where you live."

"I'm not sure your Daddy would be very happy about that."

Katie sighed. "I wish we didn't have to hide this from him. I wish that I could see you when Daddy wasn't away."

"I know. Maybe one day he'll come around." Jess kissed her on the forehead. "Now, sleep."

"Love you, Jess."

"Love you too, Kay."


They heard the key turn in the front door, signalling that Mr Taylor had returned home.

"Daddy!" Katie ran to hug him. He squeezed her once before pulling back, his expression sour as Jess joined them in the hallway.

"Are you okay, Daddy?" Katie asked.

"Mrs Green from next door told me she saw lights on at 3AM last night when she was feeding her baby."

"Oh. Yeah, I'm a bit of a night owl." Jess said quickly. "I was up watching movies until -"

"In Katie's room?" Jess fell silent at that.

"And I checked Katie's Netflix, you didn't even watch a whole movie last night. So would you like to explain to me what exactly you two were doing."

Katie looked at Jess, her eyes wide with panic. Jess improvised. "We were just...talking, playing games."

"And you think it was acceptable to do that until 3AM? It's a simple rule, Jess. Lights out by 10pm."

Jess looked at Katie - the fear in her at her father's words. The fear of being punished for something perfectly reasonable for any 18-year-old to do. She couldn't stand by and let this happen any more. She cared for Katie so much - loved her - and she was being tyrannised.

"Yes until 3AM. Because Katie is 18-years-old, she doesn't need a bedtime." Jess asserted.

"Excuse me?" Mr Taylor spat.

"Mr Taylor, I know it's been hard since your wife died. But Katie is not a child anymore, and you can't keep controlling her like this."

Mr Taylor stepped closer to Jess, pointing his finger in her face as he spoke. "How dare you make comments on how I parent my child."

"She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't know anything about relationships, or her body." Jess said. "How is she going to look after herself when she leaves home? When Daddy isn't there to protect her." Mr Taylor's face was flushed red, his eyes wide and nostrils flaring like a bull about to charge. Jess feared that he might hit her, but she wasn't about to back down now. "Or are you just going to keep her here forever? Like your little pet."

Mr Taylor's eyes looked like they were going to bulge out of his head. "OUT. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE." He shouted. "And consider your babysitting contract terminated."

"Daddy, no!" Katie cried.

Jess picked up her bag, walking past where Mr Taylor was still standing towards the front door. Katie grabbed her arm. "Jess, please don't go!"

She looked anguished, her eyes glistening with tears. "I'm sorry, Katie."

Jess got one final glimpse of Katie, tears streaming down her cheeks, as she slammed the front door.