Chapter One: Arrival

The FAC are products of the FAC Production Company - they create female androids that serve multiple purposes. Their most common use is as sex dolls. It is not strange for a happily married man with children to take his FAC into a bathroom and blow a load down her throat. Thriving industries supply their workers with free-use FACs as well. And lower quality FACs are placed in busy areas so that anyone can use them in the streets. The modern world has allowed science to progress to unimaginable heights, and FAC are the tip of the iceberg. FACPC Founder Victor Hopkins has stated he has many more ideas that will allow humans to lead the ideal life.

FACs are identical to humans with only a few differences -

1) Their synthetic biology requires them to eat a pink paste in place of food. This paste gives the androids all their nutritional needs and solves potential technical issues that may be building up. The paste is created using advanced technology, allowing it to recharge their batteries! Having to eat this paste also means the androids produce waste - and for convenience, their waste is an efficient fertiliser.

2) Androids have no gag reflex. The FACPF initially built them with gag reflexes, but the majority of their buyers complained, so these days it is rare to find a gagging FAC. Victor Hopkins, the founder of FAC, asked some of his customers who preferred gagging androids their opinions and most of them responded along the lines of: "I miss the gagging, but it still feels amazing." Removing the androids' gag reflexes was good for profits, as Hopkins and his scientists discovered it was more expensive to include the reflex due to the throat module they used.

3) The most notable difference between humans and androids is the collar androids wear. They are devices that are reportedly indestructible. Hopkins has never explained why the androids wear these collars or why they were constructed to withstand so much destruction. When asked about this, Mr Hopkins always gives the same response: "Identification is essential, and I'd rather not have to build replacement collars regularly." While this satisfies most reporters and journalists, some of the more curious and stubborn ones pester the man every chance they get.

Like sharks to blood, an underground black market came up with a means to create FACs of their own. Due to how expensive creating a single android is, this market resorted to something dark in the pursuit of money. They abducted and forced living, breathing women to act as androids. However, since FACs have no gag reflex and do not need to breathe, their abductees had to be trained.

One of their victims, Natalie, begins her new life as a Female Android Cocksleeve today. She is nervous and scared. The woman has spent the last several months choking herself on dildos and getting facefucked by the men that held her captive to dull her gag reflex. Repeated throat abuse caused her to suffer through weeks upon weeks of sore throat due to the physical trauma of facefucking.

The organisation has her family in their kill zone and has even shown her pictures of them to prove it. They post on Natalie's Facebook and Twitter, pretending to be her so that no one gets suspicious. Occasionally, the men have Natalie stand in front of a green screen and pose. Jean, who is proficient with photoshop, creates realistic pictures where Natalie is smiling beside landmarks. Although a 22-year-old woman can only go on vacation for so long, and eventually, Natalie's family will start asking the questions the organisation doesn't want to answer.

The back of the black SUV she sat in was pristine and had that brand-new car smell. Natalie solemnly looked at the area between her feet and thought: Even if I run now, they'd kill my family anyway. The girl's family had no idea they were a breath away from death. Any misbehaviour or failure to act like a proper FAC would result in men storming Natalie's family home and killing everyone there.

"Alright, we're here." The driver said, loud enough so Natalie could hear him.

The man in the passenger seat turned around to look at the young blonde. He took in the red streaks framing the left side of her face and the tight blue dress that brought out her curves. "Damn," he sized her up, "You're fuckin' gorgeous aren't you, bitch?!" He said motioned a kiss with his lips, and grinned when Natalie's blue eyes scornfully looked away.

The vehicle stopped before a large, black, metal gate. The driver spoke into the intercom: "We have a delivery for a Mr Smith? We're from the FAC Production Company."

There was no response from the intercom, but the electric gate soon slid open. "Won't even talk to us, eh?" The passenger scoffed, "Rich folk. Too fuckin' good for anyone. What the hell does this asshole need an FAC for anyway? I bet he could have real women lining up to suck his cock and get a piece of that fortune."

The driver ignored his co-worker and drove ahead. Lots of greenery framed the path he drove, and after a few turns, they finally saw the mansion. He whistled in admiration.

"You lookin' forward to havin' another dick in your mouth, ho'bag?" The passenger asked, his language earning an annoyed look from the driver. Natalie ignored him again. The SUV stopped several metres in front of the large, black double door.

"I got this one," the driver said, as he opened the car door and approached the house carrying a clipboard and three plastic-wrapped packages. He knocked a few times using the decorated knocking handle.

A tall man with wet, slicked back, black hair and greying sides opened the door. Hairs covered his chest, but most of his body was hidden by a silky black robe. He looked down at the driver with a cold stare from the higher ground.

The driver nodded at the man, figuring him for the type that didn't like pointless conversation. He offered the clipboard to him, and instructed: "Sign on the empty spaces, flip the page and do it again." The driver took the clipboard back, and gave the man the packages. "This is your FACs 'food'. This is all she needs to eat. When you run out, dial the number on the package."

The man did as instructed, and nodded where appropriate. He had no idea he was signing for ownership of a human being.

"Thank you, sir," the driver said, as he took the clipboard back and walked to the vehicle.

"Alright, Cocksleeve," the foulmouthed passenger turned around in his seat and grinned lecherously at the girl. "Get the fuck out and go suck that rich asshole's dick!"

"Yes, sir," Natalie said. Despite her obedience, Natalie felt hate and fear boiling within her. She hated Jean, and even though the driver never took part in her degradation, she hated him for doing nothing to help her.

The driver got back in the car again and lit a cigarette. He took a few drags and looked at the girl in his mirror and flicked the ash in the pull-out ashtray below the stereo. "Come on, get out. The guy who lives here has already bought you. One call from him to our bosses and your family's dead."

The driver looked at Natalie in the rearview mirror. She hadn't budged yet. He lit another cigarette and took a few drags, before flicking the ash in the pull-out ashtray below the stereo system. "Come on, Nat. The guy already bought you."

The passenger grinned, apparently amused with the situation.

Natalie felt tears welling up, but she fought them off.

"Good bitch, you're an android! Androids don't cry like dumb little girls!" the passenger said, and reached toward Natalie to grab her breast. However, she pulled away just before he could, and he laughed. "Ohhh, come on. After everything we've been through, you won't even give Daddy a little squeeze? Aren't you gonna miss my cock?"

Natalie clenched her fists in frustration and tried to control her breathing.

The passenger's demeanour changed, and his expression became sterner. "Apologise and beg me to grope your tit."

The man waiting at the mansion's door way tapped his foot with impatience. The SUV had tinted windows, so he couldn't see what was happening inside.

The driver watched the girl in the mirror with mild interest as she turned her chest toward his co-worker.

"I'm sorry for my defiance, Daddy, please grope my tit," Natalie said, disguising her disgust with a stoic visage.

"There we go, what a good bitch you are!" the passenger laughed as he squeezed Natalie's left breast in his hand and pulled the flesh toward himself until the girl whimpered. "Now come on, bitch, you've gotta be stronger than that if you want to survive as a FAC! Now hurry up and thank me for training you!"

"Thank you, Daddy," the girl said, holding in a whimper as the man kept kneading her breast.

The driver rolled his eyes, "Come on Jean, cut it out, let her go already."

Jean laughed and let the girl go, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Fuck off, whore. Behave like a good cocksucker for Mister Smith!"

Natalie turned away and wiped tears from her eyes. Jean was the one she hated the most, and the one most responsible for her lack of a gag reflex. He had a croaky voice that Natalie had to listen to for months, as he enjoyed verbally berating her every chance he had. She opened the back door and shut it before approaching the house.

"Man, I am gonna miss that ass." The passenger said to his co-worker as he watched the girl through the window.

The man waiting for Natalie watched her approach, but to Natalie's surprise, he closed the door in her face.

Why did he shut the door? Natalie thought and awkwardly looked back at the driver. He was stubbing his cigarette out in the ashtray and offered her a shrug. Natalie guessed her new owner wanted their introduction to be done properly, so she obliged him.

Knock, knock, knock.