"I do."

"I now pronounce you, husbands!" Danny and Gary kissed each other passionately, and the crowd erupted into cheers. It had been exactly three years, to the day, since the cam show with Omar and the late night conversation about their future. Gary thought back to a time when he had hated gay men, and wanted nothing to do with them. He'd hurled ignorant hurtful insults without a second thought back then. "Look at me now, just married to a wonderful gay man!" Their lavish destination wedding was paid for by erotic cam shows, which they'd kept on doing right until a week before the wedding.

Both sides of the family had come to terms with the career paths the couple had chosen, but neither Gary nor Danny told their family what their honeymoon was going to be like. As the car drove them to the private villa on the island, Gary called and made sure all the equipment was set up for them already. He confirmed to his husband, he still couldn't believe he could use the word "husband", that all of the filming equipment was ready and raring to go. It was a bit unorthodox, but the two of them would be live camming their first night as a married couple together.

It might not have been as big of a deal as a couple who had both saved their virginity for marriage, but lots of their fans wanted to see this. One lucky fan had even paid them a boatload of money to attend the very wedding they had just left!

The car arrived at the villa and dropped them off. The two lovers stepped inside, still dressed in their tuxes, perfectly fitted and showing off their muscled physiques. Danny turned the cam on, and the two of them went live for the first time in over a week.

"We're back!" he announced to the viewers, thousands of whom appeared within seconds of the stream going live.

"And if you can't see in our faces, we're married now!" The two of them put their hands closer to the camera, showing off the bright gold rings, glistening in the light.

"And as we've been promising, you get to watch our first fuck session together as a married couple. Now, who wants to see two married guys fuck?" The viewers sent a flurry of likes and hearts, and tips, as Danny and Gary went in for a kiss. It was passionate, reminiscent of the first few times Danny and Gary had met up with each other, when Gary was still figuring out his sexuality. Of course, the two of them didn't just tear off these expensive suits, but many of the viewers liked the slow and sultry striptease. The slow loving movements allowed the couple to focus on the small parts of each other's bodies that they loved, like Danny's pepperoni sized nipples and Gary's uneven abs.

The shirt and the layers above it had come off, and now it was time for the pants. Both of them unzipped and pulled the other pants' down at the same time, revealing to their viewers that they were free-balling at their own wedding! The two then took their pants completely off, and after making sure they wouldn't get too wrinkled, went in for another steamy make-out session. This one included feeling each other up, and the viewers were quite surprised when it was Danny who dropped to his knees instead of the usual bottom, Gary.

"A special treat for our wedding night," Danny explained to the viewers as he took his husband's cock in his hand and began stroking it. It didn't take long at all before Gary's cock was fully erect and Danny's mouth was on it. Gary moaned as his husband sucked him off, expertly using his tongue and even biting down on his husband's cock a little bit, mixing just the right amount of pain and pleasure. The sucking off continued for quite some time, and Danny even let Gary hold his hair and control his movements for a few minutes. He didn't mind gagging on his husband's cock. The viewers loved it, and honestly, he fucking loved it too!

After swallowing quite a bit of Gary's pre-cum, he pulled his mouth away from his cock. "Fuck me," he ordered, in a sultry tone of voice that just made Gary melt, and quite a few viewers too! He hopped on the bed and went on his back, pulling his legs almost behind his head and exposing his tight and pink asshole. Gary didn't go for a condom or lube just yet. He bent down and put his face right up to Danny's hole. He stuck his tongue out and gave his husband a rimjob.

It was Danny's turn to moan as his husband got his ass all nice and wet, and ready for his cock. Gary still used some lube, and even put on a condom, though he knew Danny was the only man he would ever fuck again. Danny moaned once more as his asshole was being widened by his husband's cock. It felt good feeling him up there; something just felt right about it. Gary went slowly at first, pushing his cock in deeper and deeper with every passing second. Finally, his cock slid in all the way to the base, and his big balls churning with cum bounced up against Danny's bubble butt.

"How hard do you want it?" he asked.

"Fuck me like I'm a whore instead of your husband," Danny defiantly announced. Gary did just what his husband ordered. Danny felt the same way Gary had three years ago, as Omar was fucking his hole. The bed shook and creaked as Gary repeatedly rammed his cock into his husband's hole. Danny continually screamed out in pleasure as Gary went balls-deep every single time. The top didn't have any energy to give to being vocal, but Danny didn't mind, and neither did their cam viewers. It was an erotic and emotional experience for everyone involved.

Eventually, Gary just couldn't keep up the pace. "Where do you want my cum?" he asked, still pumping his cock into his husband.

"On my face," Danny said, with a smirk. Gary pulled out and threw the condom into a corner of the room. He got himself into position, and with a couple more strokes, blew his load. In addition to not camming, neither Gary nor Danny had cum in over a week, as the wedding preparations and stress had kicked into full gear. As a result, the cumshot was absolutely massive, drenching Danny's face in thick and creamy cum. He had his mouth open wide to collect most of it, but Gary still needed to feed his husband quite a bit of his cum.

Danny still had cum dripping from his face as he stood up and began jerking himself off. Gary got into position to swallow his husband's load. It didn't take long for Danny to begin cumming as well, covering his husband's face in an equally large load. Gary was able to swallow more of the cum, but cam viewers were still greeted to a make-out session between the gay couple with cum dripping down both of their faces. Gary went to turn the cameras off. Tonight, he didn't care how much money they made. He just wanted to go to sleep for the first time next to a man he could call his husband.

It had been quite a journey for Gary, as he'd come a long long way from his homophobic straight man camming days just a bit over three years ago. As his husband fell asleep right next to him, Gary thought back to the blowjob that made him question his sexuality, and hooking up with Danny for the first time. He thought about camming with Omar, and how that night, Gary discovered that both of them wanted kids. It had been a fun and amazing three years since then, even getting engaged and then married on live cam. Camming was a huge part of Gary's life, and would remain so, but the most important part of his life from now on would always be Danny.