MMO Ch 4

It was a Sunday morning. I woke up late and wasn't hungover per se, but was definitely a bit under the weather from the beers Saturday night. Gina and I had had some fun sex, but I hadn't cum from the aforementioned beers, but Gina had. I look over and Gina was already out of bed. Making breakfast, maybe? No such luck. I threw on a robe and went looking for her. I found her in the office on the computer, checking out Facebook games, growing crops or baking pies or something.

I was still horny since I hadn't cum, and I knew that the sex rush would help get me back to normal again. I rubbed her shoulders a bit, watching her play her games.

"Care to finish where we left off last night?" I ask, and kiss the back of her neck a bit and slide my hands down to fondle her ample breasts. God they feel nice and heavy. A bit of a squeeze and then some more kissing.

"Stop it!" she protested. "Joy and I are in a timed game here, we have to grow enough to get the special bonus."

"Heh. I got a 'special bonus' for you!"

"Oh, god. Stahp. Maybe later. Just be a good little boy and sit down with me while I play."


I plop down, we chat a bit about the game, she explains the 'special bonus' etc. but I can't be a good little boy while she is wearing those little shorts and all that leg is showing. I put my hand on her leg just above her knee and feel how smooth it is. Damn. I rub a bit on her thigh, and then down the front. "Smooth" I say.

"Well, I just shaved yesterday."

"Hehe. I ate you out last night, remember? I KNOW what all you shaved!"

"BRAT!" she exclaims, slapping me slightly.

I give her that shit-eating grin and she smiles back. And then turns back to her game to start harvesting her flowers or crops. "Only about an hour of this challenge left", she says. An HOUR?? Fuuuuck.

I leave my hand on her leg, and move it around a bit back and forth, but not anything overtly "sexual." But I'm horned up, so the slightest thing will set me off, and that's what happened.

I'm just rubbing her thigh back and forth, we're just chit-chatting, nothing special. She gets quiet for a minute or so while she plays and I rub her leg. And then she moves that leg towards me, putting my hand INSIDE her thigh, not on top, as if inviting me in to play. Oh, man. My dick instantly springs to life, thinking he's getting some!! She bends down, and itches her ankle on that leg and puts her leg back in the original position. She wasn't giving me access, she just had a damn itch. Big head says, "DAMMIT!" Little head doesn't care. He just wants to release!

I leave my hand on the inner half of her thigh, slight rubs up and down, and with the other hand, slowly untie the robe belt. I lean back a bit, and reach under to fondle the head of my cock. I play around with the head for a bit until I really get myself worked up and stop having any inhibitions. I use my fingertips and thumb along the head itself and under the tip, squeezing a couple times followed by rotating my hand back and forth over the head, and then make my thumb and forefinger into a ring, and rub up and down, lightly up and down, under and then over the rim, barely touching it, but touching it just enough to get me fully aroused.

I open up the robe flaps to free my now erect cock from under its cover, and I get a whiff of sex. I run my fingertips through the pubic hair along the base of my cock, and I bring them to my nose. SNIFF!

Oh, yeah, I can definitely smell her leftover pussy juices on me from last night. The heat from my rigid cock must have kicked them up again. I take my fingers through it again, close my eyes and take another big, long, drawn out whiff. My mind goes back to our sex last night, and if it was possible, I think my dick jumped a bit and got even harder.

"Whatcha doing?"

My eyes fly open and look over. She has an amused look on her face. I look down, and see what she sees -- naked guy with an erection, leaning back, eyes closed sniffing pussy off his fingers. I guess I would be amused, too!

"I can still smell you on me from last night, and well, THIS happened," motioning to my stiff member.

She rolls her eyes. "Just take care of it, already!" No need to tell ME twice!

I use my left hand to start pumping my shaft while my right rubs her thigh, higher and higher.

"I told you, I have to do this special bonus!" and grabs my hand and puts it right onto the head of my cock. I keep my left hand stroking, and my right rubs the head. That feels nice, but the friction is a bit much. I get my hand wet by licking it, and make a ring with my thumb and forefinger. I use my saliva to get the head dripping wet and use that ring to rub the underside of my cockhead while I stroke the shaft with my left. It takes a bit of time, but I figure out a nice rhythm with both hands working together to get my member full sensations -- wetness, arousal of the head, the tightness of my grip on the shaft, and the pumping action of the strokes.

The saliva on the head begins dripping down my cock, getting the other hand sloppy, so I lean over and drop a nice bit of spit over it, so both hands have lubrication, and begin slowly fucking my now wet hands. It takes a few rounds of this to get everything fully lubed so I can begin increasing my pace to the point I am making wet slurping sounds as my hands move up and down my erection. I close my eyes and lean back fully, my legs are spread far apart, and start using my hips to pump my cock through my hands, envisioning the view of her raised ass last night as I plowed her doggy-style.

I'm lost in my own little world, pumping and fucking away. Slurping noises, slapping balls, even the smell of pussy in the air. I hear some rustling next to me, but I don't care. I'm bound and determined to get off this way, and I fuck myself. I moan a bit, whisper a "fuck, yes, mmmm" approval to myself on the great job I am doing handling my eruption. I'm enjoying this too much to let loose immediately. My mouth is open, I'm breathing heavy, and the slurping and slapping noises seem to be echoing or something. I don't care because this feels amazing on my head, and at this point, nothing is going to stop me from cumming. The "echo" slurping and slapping get louder and I hear a "ohohohohohohOHOHOHOHOH!!!!" next to me, and I look over at Gina, and she has her pants around her ankles, and her hands are in her crotch -- one hand rubbing her clit, and the other fingering herself something silly.

THAT was the "echo" slurping sounds, her fingering herself while I fucked my own hands. Too much for me, and I feel my balls tighten and I increase my pace of fucking. I thrust my hips out at the same time as I stroked up and the first jet flew out of my cock like a rocket right at Gina, landing on her left thigh, the next landed right next to it, and I just kept spurting. Gina stopped fingering herself when my sperm first hit her thigh, and she scooped it up and rubbed it all over her pussy.

"Lick me!" she said.

SCREECH. Full stop. What?

"Don't make me beg, get down here and lick me clean." She is still rubbing her clit and I can tell that this is her moment, she is ready to cum something fierce, and denying her that would be a bad idea.

I drop down and place my face at her crotch, and I see her glistening juices mixed with mine. Well, here goes my first taste of my own cum, and I gingerly stick my tongue out to taste her.

I suddenly feel her hands on the back of my head, pulling me in as she starts fucking my face and tongue, "God, yessss, lick up that cum, oh fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkk" she screams, humping my entire face, covering it with both of our juices. Surprisingly, they meshed well and it wasn't gross. I started getting into it, and was tongue fucking here as she rode me, lapping up everything, as I licked and licked her lips clean.

She finally stops humping and lets me go. I look up, and I see a smile cross her face, a very satisfied, cat that ate the canary smile, as she slowly rubs her clit as she comes down from her high.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed that at the end. That was YOUR special bonus." I did, and look forward to more of that "special bonus" flavor.