29: Thursday, July 16, 1200 hours CST: Aanya's and Michaela's Discussion

Zach rinsed off and worked another 45 minutes while waiting for his assignation with Michaela. At noon knocked on her hatch. She opened. Aanya was behind her. Michaela started, "What happened between you two? Had to drag her kicking here. She had no chance to resist me. Varsity wrestling champion."

"I was confused myself," said Zach. "I asked to see her one-on-one and she hung up on me."

"Is that true?" Michaela asked Aanya.

"It was clear he did not want to see me as I told you," Aanya insisted.

"I think she misunderstood and thought I was implying I didn't want to see her here. I do want to see her here. In addition, I wanted to see her alone, just the two of us. I want to get to know her like a boyfriend and girlfriend normally do. Michaela, you know that group sex is not really my thing."

"I know," said Michaela. "It is always funny to see your obsolete romantic sentiments always lose to your huge libido. Nai dobroto."

"Thanks for your compassion, Michaela," Zach rejoined. "Anyhoo, that's all I was saying."

Michaela shouted at Aanya in what sounded like Russian. Aanya shouted back in fluent Russian. Back and forth. Zach was amazed. He guessed Colleen had a few reasons he was heretofore unaware of for bunking these two together. He understood Russian, mostly the foul language. It was a side effect of being exposed to all things Russian as an astronaut. What Michaela had said to Aanya was something like, "You stupid cunt, he wants to marry you and you think he doesn't ever want to see you again."

Aanya had said something like, "You disreputable bargain whore, it was clear he wanted to discard me and cling to your diseased loins."

Michaela had rejoined, "You echo headed ass fuck, he's falling in love with you. You keep thinking with your diseased brain you should run away. It's all you ever wanted."

Aanya shouted, "You dense fetid turd, don't tell me what to think! I... fuck, I'm doing it again." Aanya burst into tears. Michaela burst into tears and hugged her. This was more shocking to Zach than Aanya suddenly going at it with her in fluent Russian. Michaela cooed a long gentle monologue to Aanya. Zach could not make it out.

This coaching resulted in Aanya getting on her knees in front of Zach. Aanya pulled down her flight suit and took off her bra. She looked up into his eyes with her giant dark brown eyes. "Zach, I promise to never doubt your feelings of love and attraction towards me. I promise to assume you talk to me because you want me. I promise to be available if you want to see me, even if I'm on duty. I promise to always have a date scheduled to spend time alone with you."

"Is there a beautiful, comfortable spot in a hydroponics bay you like to go?" Zach asked. "I know you like plants."

"Yes, there's a couch in Hydro Bay B1. It's beautiful in there."

"Can you meet me there at 2 PM tomorrow?"


"Then it's a date."

"Can I drop in on you and Michaela during your sleep cycle every evening at 6 PM? You wouldn't have to make love to me then if you didn't feel like it."


"How about after your shift at 10 AM every morning?"

"Maybe not?" Aanya said. This elicited more shouting back and forth in Russian. Zach didn't bother to translate it all. The gist was that Aanya was an idiot child who should open her legs if she ever wanted a baby. Michaela was a dirty insatiable slut whose depravity knew no bounds. The usual. In Russian, this was just friendly banter.

"What's the verdict?"

"Not for now, but we must have an upcoming scheduled date other than the 6 PM at all times."

"Fair enough. If that doesn't happen, I'll let Michaela know right away, okay Michaela?"


"Would you please not wear a bra any more on this mission or after we leave Earth? There's really no need to in the light gravity. I enjoy seeing the natural shape of your breasts and nipples though your clothing."

Aanya looked at Michaela. Michaela glared at Aanya. Aanya turned back to Zach and looked into his eyes, "I will happily do as you wish, Zachary. Now, to apologize, I'm supposed to suck on your penis," Aanya said.

"You're forgiven. Do you want to suck on my penis?"

"I don't think I'll be any good at it."

"That's okay. Play and have fun if you want. Just be mindful of your teeth. That's the only real trick."

With that, Aanya pulled down Zach's scrubs to his knees. She felt his cock in her hands. "I can't believe this fits in me," she said. "I don't think I can fit it in my mouth." She kissed the tip of it and put the head experimentally in her mouth. She licked it some. Michaela got down and helped her, coached her, tag teamed with her. There was only one minor tooth incident. With Michaela's expert assistance and Aanya's blushing innocence, he was soon ready to pop.

To end her first time fellating Zach, Aanya wanted him to shoot on her chest. She had not enjoyed the taste of Zach's semen when he had ejaculated into her mouth at Alexis's house. When he went, it was calm, and Michaela directed his two spurts onto Aanya's chest. Aanya got up and looked in the mirror at the cum over her breasts and dripping down. Michaela took a photo. It was cute.

As Zach was recovering in bliss, the pair had another shouting argument. Michaela hadn't wanted to point it out before Zach had finished. She hadn't wanted to ruin his orgasm. But it was completely unacceptable, she argued, for Aanya to be reluctant to take his ejaculate anywhere. Aanya must learn to accept and enjoy the taste of his semen. Over Aanya's objections, Michaela solemnly promised Zach she would teach Aanya to enjoy the taste of his semen.

That dealt with, Michaela was desperate to have Zach's dick in her. She quickly sucked Zach up to reasonably hard. She mounted him cowgirl style. She impaled herself and twisted slightly on him in exactly the way she liked best. She periodically shook and moaned in orgasm over and over as she spun out Zach's next orgasm. She tried to get Aanya to sit on Zach's face, but Aanya wouldn't. Instead, Aanya kissed Zach, and held his hand while Michaela rode him. Zach put a finger into Aanya, and she didn't stop him. He kept it still. He could feel with his finger that Aanya was excited. As Aanya kissed him periodically and watched Michaela orgasm, she got more excited. He loved the feel of the little rivulet of Aanya's lubrication running out of her and down his finger.

Michaela milked Zach for as many orgasms as she needed. He was straining close to orgasm when she climbed off. She asked him to put it into Aanya. Aanya's eyes widened at the sudden request. Zach desperately grabbed, spread, and entered her. As he took her forcefully, Aanya shouted, "No! Green! You bad man! You rape me! Don't do it! Green! Aahah! NoHuh! Huh!"

Aanya climaxed with a screech. She continued only a moment later with another orgasm. Zach pounded desperately in her and released, "RAAAAAAH!!" He shuddered and panted, holding himself over Aanya as she writhed and calmed under him. Her eyes were closed, and there was a conflicted look on her face. This dark fantasy of hers had a grip on her. As long as they were clear between them about consent, he could handle it. "Aanya, you don't have to say green during your playacting. I'll still know you want to stop if you say 'red'."

Aanya's head was still turned to the side. and she smiled at this and moaned with a smile, "You raped me. You took me against my will." She shuddered with an aftershock. She was having a good time with it. Zach wondered whether he should be worried, but decided he was overreacting. It was only a fantasy. It was no doubt a phase she would grow out of as she matured in her sexual expression. He slid out of her and put a towel there. She remained passive, resting.

Aanya rested peacefully, seemingly asleep, but not really. She had a smile of satisfaction on her face. Michaela silently waved goodbye to him. He had been dismissed. He pulled up his scrub pants and fastened them, waved goodbye, and silently left, gently closing the hatch behind him.

Outside Aanya and Michaela's quarters, Zach called Colette, "Where are you?"

"In my quarters," Colette said.

"Stay there. I'm coming to you," Zach replied and ended the call. He walked spinward along the rim from Michaela's and Aanya's quarters past Hydroponics Bay B1 and past Storage Area B1. He continued through Waste Reclamation Plant B and Hydroponics Bay B2 to Colette's quarters. He entered her room. She was on the floor, naked, on her knees. Her green eyes flashed at him. He shut the door, strode up to her, and fed his half erect cock into her mouth. He was wet and fresh from Aanya's blushing wet snatch. This was another brand new anonymous taste for Colette.

Colette's green eyes flashed up at Zach mockingly, as if to say, "Are you trying to impress me?" She took this as a challenge, apparently. She continued to meet his eyes as she bobbed and throated his rapidly swelling tool expertly. Within a few minutes, he was quivering at the edge of orgasm. If she didn't have his cock stretching her mouth, he imagined she would be wearing an evil grin.

"Finish," ordered Zach. In half a dozen excruciatingly pleasurable bobs, he exploded deep down Colette's throat. He held her by the hair tightly to himself and suffocated her for thirty seconds. He stopped quivering and shaking and relaxed. He released her and she disgorged him. She breathed a few gasps. Without prompting, she cleaned any remnants of semen off of him with her tongue. When she was done, she continued to tease him with her tongue and mouthing his head. He stopped her, and with another turgid erection, pulled up his scrub pants and left.

(To be continued)