Ch. 1- Quarry

Walter never thought he looked good in red. Turning around in the mirror he imagined how others would see him in his uniform. Giving the rest of his outfit a once over, he left his room and headed toward the common room. It was the first dorm meeting of the semester; a meeting Walter would be running. After surviving his first year at university, Walter wasn't too excited to pick up more responsibilities. But after hearing about the added benefits of becoming the RA of the first co-ed dorm on campus he couldn't turn it down. Looking back on it, there was definitely a good reason that this job listing was open. Opening the door to the common room, Walter was met with a taste of how difficult this job would be. The numerous couches lining the room were filled with a collection of Fey loosening up their soon-to-be dormmates. He spotted a few goblins that were already showing off their homemade meals to otherwise unsuspecting boys. In the corner a pile of sheepgirls had congregated to make a sort of sleep pile; freshmen were literally falling into sleep. Walter's nose twitched as he caught a whiff of succubi aroma, and he instinctively clutched his necklace. It was a parting gift from his mother that was meant to protect him in this new, challenging environment. Although he wasn't really sure how a small bottle of water would protect him from the chaos that had formed in front of him.

"Excuse me!" he croaked out. His interruption falling flat as no one paid any attention. Walter cleared his throat and prepared to call out again until, like magic, everyone came to attention. Confused, he followed their gaze to his left and understood why.

Standing above him about 4 inches was his fellow RA, Alex. A hellhound, the only one on campus as far as he knew, was currently giving the entire common room her cold gaze. One that everyone turned away from. Walter had seen Alex last year. The legendary captain of the track team whose presence demanded respect whenever she walked into a room. Her onyx skin and black eyes were traits found exclusively in hellhounds and easily drew your gaze. She kept her hair tied in a singular, long ponytail with her ears poking out form atop her head. She accessorized with a piercing in one of her ears and matching skull wristbands. Alex didn't have the lanky figure you would assume would come with her 6'2 height. She was fit from head to toe, especially in her legs, which right now looked tense enough to send a bowling ball flying. She was dressed in the same red collared shirt that Walter had but wore hers underneath her track jacket

"Good afternoon everyone," She boomed "I hope your move-in went by without a hitch! My name is Alex and I'll be your RA for the year."

Her tone lacked the enthusiasm that Walter expected from a first-year RA, instead filled with the sternness of a drill instructor. A point that he was about to make.

"And my name is Walter! I'm the RA for the boys, and I hope to get know you all very well! I'm half Siren on my mother's si-"

"AHEM! " Alex interjected. "To hurry this along, I printed out the rule sheet for both the men and women. But to summarize, No drinking, No smoking, No sex in the common areas. Try to keep any noise after 10 strictly inside your bedrooms. Any questions?"

Following a brief period of silence, a single hand from one of the male students slowly raised. But immediately receded once Alex turned his way.

"Great. Everyone pick up your rule sheet on your way out and have a nice night."

Alex then handed the rule sheets to Walter before swiftly leaving the common room. As the door closed, the tension left the area and pretty soon everyone was rushing to get a rule sheet and return to their intimate introductions. Walter took some time to properly introduce himself to as many boys as he could, but most were quickly being whisked away by their more "aggressive" colleagues. He and Alex were supposed to run through all of the rules together with the residents: bathroom policy, proper kitchen use, and most importantly, sex and relationship policy. Instead, he was left to pick up the pieces of an already hard to manage resident body. What was she thinking?! Walter thought, and he was looking to find out.

Marching over to her door and knocking loudly, Walter's bravado quickly waned as Alex opened her door.

"What do you want, Water Boy?" She remarked, not even bothering to look up from her phone. The insult confused him for the most part, but that wasn't why he was here.

"Alex, what the hell was that back there? You hardly touched on any of the first day rules!"

"I covered the important ones and I assumed you would handle the rest. Look, I'm going to the gym so look after the 'kids' for me."

Walter was not a fan of how quickly Alex was shrugging off her RA duties and especially not of how she was closing her door in his face. Before it closed, he shoved his foot in. There was a pause before Alex opened the door again, but this time she was focused directly on him.

"You need to pull your weight Alex, or we might have a....a..."

Walter had heard of Alex's glare before but this was the first time he had actually experienced it. Looking directly into her eyes, he saw how her yellow iris and dark sclera looked through him. She took a step towards him and he instinctively took a step back. Walter was about to turn away when he noticed something. Her eyes. He had seen how scary they looked from afar but on closer inspection they were mesmerizing. The yellow of her eyes reminded him of the moon on a foggy night. Blinking, he realized she had crept closer to him and was a mere inch in front of him.

"Listen Water Boy," she whispered, "the only reason I took this job was for the free room and board. If you want to try and control a dorm full of horny Fey be my guest. But don't ever. Ever! Tell me what to do. Got it?"

She accentuated her point by slowly scratching a hole in Walter's uniform. But he remained unmoved.

"Good!" She replied before quickly turning toward the exit and walking away. Once she turned the corner, Walter realized he was holding his breath. Eyeing the hole in his shirt, he understood that this already troublesome job was going to be harder that it was supposed to.

Alex couldn't believe what had just happened. She had planned to go to the gym to get her daily sprints in, but now she really needed to blow off some steam. Some weak nobody had just tried to tell her what to do! Of course, this wasn't the first time that someone made that mistake, but unlike the others he didn't back down and he didn't look away. That Water Boy didn't know what dangerous game he was playing. Looking into her eyes! Why did he think he could get away with looking into a hellhound's eyes? Why'd she let him get off with a weak threat?

Why did it make her heart race?

Why did it make her excited?

Ch. 2- Pursuit

These last two weeks were hell for Walter. The usual RA duties were bad enough; students locking themselves out of their dorms, settling disputes over laundry tampering, and the numerous cases of clogged drains. However, the added struggles of managing a co-ed dorm had begun to wear him thin. Every night he needed to remind someone that just because the door was closed, didn't mean the rest of the hall couldn't hear the sounds coming from your room. On three separate occasions he had to warn couples not to consummate their relationships in the common areas. And now he was having to clean-up barbs from the hallway after a manticore had sneezed too hard.

"Stacy you need to be more careful. Any one of these sticks to the wrong person, and we have a fight on our hands." Walter remarked as he carefully placed a barb in his hazard container. He had gotten plenty of use out of the numerous emergency kits entrusted to him.

"I know I know, I just forgot to wrap up my tail this head feels so....fuzzy." She replied, staggering a little closer to Walter. In response he shuffled a little further away from her. He needed to be very careful. If he mistakenly fell under the spell of one of his residents, there's a good chance this co-ed dorm wouldn't survive until next semester. This isn't even my job! Issues with the female residents fell under Alex for exactly this reason. He shouldn't even be near the female wing of the dorms.

"I think that's the last of them." He announced while victoriously removing his gloves. As he looked up from the floor, he was met with a sight that he knows he shouldn't have seen.

Stepping out of the bathroom was Alex, fresh out of the shower.

She was using her towel to dry her hair and had thrown on her bed clothes to walk back to her room. But they didn't cover much. With her arms up, her midriff was exposed revealing a tiny piercing on her belly button. The abs surrounding it were still a little wet from the shower, and Walter couldn't help but watch a droplet slowly run down the middle to meet her shorts. He gulped as she turned to walk away. His attention now focused on her backside. He already knew her legs were fit but now he noticed how smooth they were. They were like black marble pillars. His gawking was interrupted by the swishing of her tail, but that only drew his eyes to her ass. Alex had chosen to wear a pair of athletic shorts for her short journey to her room, but they rode up her back as she walked, and Walter could just make out the tight globes peeking out from underneath. He knew Alex ran at the gym daily and he was really appreciating the results of her effort.

"Wa-Walter?" his attention quickly returned to Stacy who was gearing up another sneeze, but this time aimed directly at him.


Fuck. Walter raised his arms and closed his eyes. There were definitely worse girls to fall under, and he had heard the pain of the sting went away very quickly. But as he continued to brace for an injection, it never came. He slowly lowered his arms and looked around. Stacey looked astonished. Damn, that painkiller must be really good, I don't feel a thing. But Stacey wasn't shocked that she accidentally hit her RA. Stacey was shocked that she TRIED to hit her RA and missed.

Faking a cold was just an excuse to get Walter near her and lower his guard. A quick sneeze and he would become hers before nightfall. But for some reason, none of her barbs hit their mark

"That was lucky!" Walter said, letting his breath out "Stacey, I'll handle these barbs, you head back to your room and cover that tail. Okay?"

"Y-y-yea, Walter. You got it."

As Stacey turned to leave, Walter was left alone with his cleanup....and alone with his thoughts. They quickly returned to Alex. I can't always be this lucky. Eventually one of these girls will trap me. If only I had a PARTNER to HELP ME! His face transitioned into a grimace as he slipped his gloves back on and resumed cleaning.

These last two weeks were hell for Alex. Ever since the dorm opened, she'd been off her game. Tripping over herself at the gym, mishearing the starting spell at practice, and now her time had slowed. Arriving at her room after her shower, she quickly glanced in the mirror to see a glowing orange in the corner of her eyes. No. No nonono. NO! This shouldn't, couldn't be happening. Hellhounds' eyes were a mark of their status. Her cool yellow tint was proof that she was the alpha of her campus. But orange? Orange marked a challenge.

"Bullshit!" She yelled. Alex was the only hellhound on campus! There's no one that should be challenging me. Who!? Who could be takin-


But it all made too much sense. Ever since Walter matched her gaze, she had been feeling strange. He had been taking over her head! Alex quickly finished drying off. An easy task with her natural heat abilities and laid down on her bed...thinking. No one had ever stood up to her like that. Thinking back to that moment, she felt her face begin to flush. Why did he not back off? What was that look in his eye? She rolled to her side to grab her phone and felt something wet near her thigh. Confused, she reached down to investigate. Her body temperature should've been enough to dry her off completely. Her paw came back to her moist...

Her realization came with a scream and a clear goal. Water Boy is going back down.

Friday night after quiet hours. Walter's worst shift. After four consecutive noise complaints coming from one room, he knew to expect one of two things. A party or an orgy. As he ran down the halls, he hoped he made it in time for the first option. As he rounded the corner, he nearly collided with two boys sprinting back towards the male rooms. Once Walter turned towards their "hosts" he was shocked to see Alex holding two goblin girls by their ears.

"Look we are really- EEH! Sorry! Please please let us off," The first cried. The looks on their faces were ones of genuine terror. Alex responded by tugging on their ears more.

"HEY!" Walter shouted, "What are you doing Alex?" The goblin girls looked his way as if he were giving them the key to the boys' kitchen.

"Doing my job, I'm an RA remember?" Alex replied not looking his way.

"Forgive me for holding my applause, let them go!" Walter said approaching the three girls.

"These are MY residents Water Boy not yours so back OFF!" She commanded finally turning his way. Walter stopped in his tracks. Her eyes! He thought.

Alex smirked. One of the benefits of her new eyes was their increased pressure. Water Boy had stopped in his tracks. Soon everything would be back to the way it was. Alex let go of the two goblins and pointed them back to their room.

"Handled." She said with a smirk.

Walter couldn't stop looking at her eyes. Had they always been this vibrant? Where before their pale yellow reminded him of the moon, not they almost glowed orange. He took a step closer. It's almost like a fire......

He's coming closer. Alex's smirk faded, replaced with almost a pout. How is he fighting this off? She steeled herself and started walking towards him.

Walter never really looked at her face this much. Alex had very nice features, her lips were full and her eyebrows complimented her eyes perfectly

Submit... She thought. Her heart beginning to race again. What do I have to do to make you submit to me?! She shivered as her face approached his. Why do you look at me like that? Her mouth watered as she resolved to use her trump card. I'll make you submit, one way...or...

Alex had gotten really close to Walter. So close that her smell was entering his nose, a smell of smoke and cinnamon. She grabbed Walter's shirt and lifted him closer. Red? Are they red? Suddenly her eyes closed. Walter blinked before he felt her lips on his. Walter froze. Kiss! She's.....Kiss? His mouth began to fill with her taste, more of that smoky cinnamon, as her tongue started to push against his mouth.

Alex was in bliss, finally she felt him giving in.

Until she didn't.

Alex was suddenly pushed away. They both fell back from the sudden force, landing on opposite sides of the doorframe they were in front of. What the hell just happened? Did he push me away? How is he that strong? How did he resist me AGAIN!?

Walter was stunned. But as he looked back at Alex, he jumped to his feet and ran. Ran all the way back to the male side of the dorm. Ran into his room and slammed the door. He slumped down, panting. Thinking about what just happened. She KISSED me? I-I-I That was my first kiss!? Walter wouldn't head to bed for another 10 minutes. But when he did, he thought of smoky cinnamon.

Alex was lost.

She had never been rejected like that and never been pushed away like that. Walter couldn't have done that, and she meant that. No human could break free of her grip like that. Something else was happening here.... Alex headed to the library. Water Boy had one last line of defense that she needed to get past.

And judging by her soaked underwear, she was very excited to do it.