The Fitting Room

"How about we meet somewhere in an hour?" John asked Fern. They had come to the mall together because they both had some shopping to do. It was a chilly Sunday afternoon and the mall was pretty quiet. "Where do you want to meet?"

"An hour sounds good but let me text you where. I'm not sure where I'll be" she answered.

So they went their separate ways. John was off to look for shoes and then maybe Game Stop to look at PS4 games if there was time. Fern set off to look for something a little different. She was headed for a place. The right place.

She had thought about this for a while. She knew what she wanted. She had planned how to get it. Now she knew where. A month earlier she set about visiting each of the larger department stores at this mall and searched for their ladies fitting rooms. One of the stores had the fitting rooms in the back corner behind several racks of winter coats. She pretended to be looking for something on the racks and asked the young sales girl for help. "Do you have this coat in red?" she asked the girl.

"I don't think so" The girl replied.

"Can you check in the back?" Fern asked.

The girl answered "I'm sorry but I can't. I'm not supposed to tell you this but I'm not allowed to leave the sales floor back here. The security camera for this section has been broken for months. If I leave and something gets stolen, I am in big trouble. It's weird though because on weekends, nobody works back here". Bingo! Fern had found her place.

Here she was a month later about to spring her plan on her unsuspecting husband. She walked around the store and gathered a few items and checked her watch. It had been about an hour since she left John so she sent a text. Meet me in the department store across from the food court.1st floor fitting rooms. I am trying on some stuff. Let me know when you are here. John read the message and rolled his eyes, saying to no one in particular "I guess we aren't leaving for another hour".

I am here I think. Fitting rooms behind coats. After a minute Fern came out dressing room door. She was wearing a loose silk black tank-type shirt with nothing underneath it. That was obvious because the V neck dipped low between her breasts. And white cotton leggings. With nothing underneath them either. Her trimmed dark bush visible above the camel toe created by the leggings. "What do you think of these pants?" she asked with a devilish grin while she turned and ran one hand over her nearly naked behind. She walked twenty feet out into the store to stand in front of a full-length mirror. "And I'm not sure about this shirt when I bend over". And she bent over toward her husband causing the silk top to fall forward and put both nipples on full display.

"Holy crap!" John thought as he looked to see if anyone else could see his wife dressed like this. He was speechless for a moment. Then he looked at her face and saw that smile. He had seen that smile so many times before. And things started to fall into place. He came to the mall for shoes. She came for this. "Very stylish." was John's comment as he took a step toward her. She met him halfway and kissed him. Deeply with their tongues exploring each other's mouth. She felt his hands roam around and onto her backside. Through the thin legging material it felt as though his hands were on her naked cheeks. They practically were.

"Wait I have a few more" and Fern left him and returned to the fitting room. John did his best to look unassuming as he waited for the next outfit but it wasn't easy. His heart was racing and his cock was growing. Fern had texted him fitting room pictures before but this was way different. And much better. His back was turned when he heard the fitting room door open again. There was his wife standing in the doorway wearing a floor length red skirt. The skirt had a slit up the left side that went to the top of her thigh. And that would have caught John's attention if not for the fact that Fern was completely topless! She walked out into the store again and pulled the slit open, admiring herself in the mirror. "Do you think this shows too much leg?"

"No" he replied. "I think the entire outfit shows just the right amount" as he moved behind her. They both looked in the mirror as he moved both hands up to her breasts and started to flick her already firm nipples with his thumbs. She turned, looked him in the eye, and said "Suck on them."

There was no doubt who was giving the orders this day. John lowered his mouth onto her left tit and swirled his tongue over and around the red tip. He sucked on it hard causing Fern to moan. Then he moved his attention to the right side and placed his mouth over as much of her breast as he could. His tongue pressed hard into the hardened nipple and her chest vibrated with an "MMMM". His right hand found the slit in the skirt and moved between her legs and touched her. Her pussy was slick with wetness. She allowed him to play with her for another 30 seconds or so before lightly pushing him away and walking back toward the fitting room door. "One more" she said as she disappeared.

John's head was spinning and his dick was throbbing. He didn't expect anything like this when they left the house today. Once more he looked around to check for other shoppers or a sales clerk. They still had the corner of the store all to themselves. This time he did not hear the door open and he jumped a bit when he heard "I was looking for some new stuff for the warmer weather. I like this dress but it might be too short. What do you think?"

He turned to see his wife in a short floral print sundress. There were straps over the shoulders that held the dress up. But one strap had fallen down her right arm completely exposing her right breast. And she knew it. And the bottom of the dress barely concealed anything. She brushed past him, rubbing her exposed nipple against him, and walked out into the store again. She bent over and put both hands on one of the metal coat racks in front of her and spread her bare feet. Just as she intended the back of the dress rode up and exposed her naked backside. John walked over and ran his hands up her hips and pushed the dress higher. His right hand found her exposed breast and gave it a firm squeeze while his left hand slid back down her bottom and stroked her sex. She was as wet as he had ever felt her. He ran his fingers back and forth along her slippery slit. And as he did, he noticed that she was rocking back and forth. But he caught her by surprise when he thrust two fingers deep into her. "OOOHHH!" This action caused Fern to stop rocking. John began to slowly withdraw and re-insert his fingers with a rhythm. Fern took one hand off the rack, reached back, and lowered the zipper on John's pants. In one motion her hand went inside his boxer briefs pulled out his hard cock. "Fuck Me".

Even in the middle of what was happening, this request, demand, caught John by surprise. "Here?" he whispered.

"NOW!" she said, just shy of a scream and she tightened her fist around his swollen member. He took her hand off his cock and moved behind her. As he did he saw two people shopping in the next section over. "Can they see us?" he wondered. Too late now. His left hand grabbed a handful of Fern's hair while his right guided his dick to the wet hole presented before it. All at once he slid fully into her.

"Oh God!" she cried into a coat sleeve.

Again they found a rhythm together as he thrust into her and she pushed back against him over and over. His pace and power reached a peak and Fern felt him spasm inside her.

"Yeah, cum in my pussy." He thought he was done but hearing her say this, J shot twice more into her.

After a moment, he withdrew and she stood up. She pushed the other strap off her shoulder and let the dress fall to the floor. Fully naked, she picked it up, kissed him hard, and said "Be right back". He waited 3 or 4 minutes until she returned wearing her own skirt, sweatshirt, and boots. "You should probably put this away" and Fern tucked his softened penis back into his pants and zipped him up.

"Oh, yeah" was all John could reply.

Walking through the mall on their way out to the car, Fern held up the short floral dress, leaned over and whispered into John's ear "We better hurry. I didn't pay for this.",353,139093430,139093430,dieta_wegetarianska_i_weganska_w_szkole.html?t=1586847875#p169749518,,,9589887&pg=1#9589887