Krista was being subject to Gabriel's hands as they teasingly run circles and lines along her skin. She clenched her hands and gave into the pleasure, reaching up to wrap her hands behind his neck and to pull him down for a deep kiss. Her thighs rubbed against themselves, her wetness dripping down the middle as his cock pressed against her abdomen, its size as impressive as his frame. She arched her back to press against it and let her knees go week, holding on by his shoulders. Before she broke the kiss looking up into his face. He looked back down at her with a dark look of lust. A stark red to his usual hazel, as if the devil himself was being invoked by this criminal.

She suddenly woke up with a sweat. Gasping and wiping off herself dry with the back of her hand. She looked down at the bed, then at the windows. From one of the doors came the servant, Maria, from it in uniform from last night. Perfect and pretty as she pleased. She was blushing tenderly, covering herself with the blanket, hoping to hide the rest of her excitement.

"Good morning." Maria remarked. "Did you sleep well?" She asked, sincerely hoping she had. Krista had frowned at the question.

"Why would I?" She frowned. "I'm a sex-slave, aren't I? I have no choice to be here." She grit her teeth. Her anger was justified, but she just hated that she had that damn wet dream before waking up. She hated everything about this. Even the bits she couldn't stop thinking about.

"It could be worse." Maria said, her attitude unfazed. "Much worse." It was not a warning. She stated a fact. Krista's features softened. Perhaps she had to play it cautious and maybe even along if she had to.

"It doesn't matter. He bought me. Like a fucking animal." Fucked like one too. She thought. She tried to think logically about it all, asking for help from her was likely a stupid idea. She recalled that Maria was to answer her questions and show her around, whatever Gabriel meant by that the night before. "Where am I?" She asked to begin with.

"You're in Gabriel's Estate. Its very large and extravagant." She said proudly. Krista could not help but roll her eyes as Maria actually pulled out a pamphlet that doubled as a map of the 'estate' and passed it to her.

Holy shit! She was not kidding. What didn't he have. Botanic Garden, shooting range, pools, stables, trails, a fucking zoo?! That was just what caught her attention first.

"Is there anything you'd like to visit first?" Asked Maria, for her part eager to do her job and convince this new girl about the benefits of living here. Krista had to refrain looking impressed but failed. It just did not seem like the type of things that Gabriel would have, or any person for that matter. Is this how he got to them? Looking back at her servant, she had to ask.

"Did he buy you too?" Maria was surprised, she hadn't been asked that question before. He body had a slight twitch and her eyes widened for a split-second.

"No. He did not." She took a deep breath, and exhaled calmly. Krista wanted to ask more, but felt perhaps it was not her place to do so, or at least tried to not grow too attached to her. She seemed loyal to Gabriel and if she was going to make it out, she needed to know as much as she could. "Is there anywhere you'd like to go?" She asked, changing the subject. Krista looked at one of the sections of the pamphlet for the building they were currently in.

"Um...I haven't had much to eat. Can I have some breakfast?" She asked, not knowing the full extent of what she was able to ask, getting up to put on some baggy pants and long sleeved shirt, she wanted to cover as much of her body as possible, recalling the snickering from the night before.

"Of course." Maria confirmed with her as she looked over to her phone, where she began to message someone. Krista's eyes widened as she saw the smartphone in Maria's hands. "Is there anything you'd like in particular?" Maria asked so nonchalantly. Krista turned her attention back to Maria's eyes.

"I..." She was at a loss for words. She could not stop planning her escape. A phone made it so much more easier. Maria noticed her surprise, and made an order for her. Typing in 'Algo Americano' and hitting send. "Where did you get that?" She finally managed. Maria turned to her, then at her phone.

"Oh, Gabriel gives these to the girls he buys if they submit to him." She reveals. Krista could only think of that as stupid, has no one used that to call the authorities? "The more they offer themselves, the more luxurious their lives here become." She explained. "Would you like one?" She asked teasingly.

Krista nodded carefully, her insides clenching and burning with anticipation and hate at the situation. All this seemed sick to her. Did he break the other girls into being that obedient? She recalled how he had taken her the night before, the impact of his sexual prowess having left its mark on her psyche. No! She would not be a submissive sex slave. She would play one, but never become one. She nodded at the question.

"You'll will have to ask him yourself after breakfast." She said. Krista wanted to argue, but she figured that she would eat something in the meantime. She could not remember the last time she had something to eat. In no time at all, breakfast had arrived, not long after. An all American breakfast, she was surprised.

After breakfast, Maria was guiding Krista down the hallway towards Gabriel's office. Krista knew she had to please Gabriel in some way to get a phone for herself. She could pretend to be a submissive whore. She wished she could pretend to like it, but she knew better, there was no pretending on that front. They stood outside his office.

"Can...can I have a moment with him?" She asked. Maria nodding.

"Of course. I'll be nearby in case he calls out to me as well." She teased. Krista forced a laugh, knowing it was likely. Maria went off likely to do some other duties. Krista stood outside the door, hesitating. Her heart was beating a million miles a minute. She had dressed for the occasion, thinking some white lingerie would be nice to appeal to him. It brought out her eyes, and made her blonde hair stand out. She applied makeup on herself her favorite way, unlike the mess that they put on her back at the auction. She figured she would look her best for Gabriel. Lips glossed, make-up done, and figure checked, she knocked on his door.

She waited a moment, before he called her in from the other side. She opened the door, and she stepped into his office. It was almost like a personal library. Everything personalized to his liking presumably; from the waxed dark wooden floors, custom firearms on the wall, file cabinets for information and a main computer atop the desk he was sitting at. A large mahogany u-shaped behemoth that only showed the upper half of his body, with a records cabinet behind him.

She appeared to have caught him in the middle of work. He had a phone in hand. He motioned her to take a seat in front of him, and almost hypnotically, she followed. As she reached the seat opposite to him, she felt rather informal being in his presence with the way she was dressed.

"Voy a tener que llamarte despues, entro la guera nueva." His tone was professional. Clearly what he had going on was too important to be interrupted, he then smirked, his attention still on the phone as the discussion continued, with him chuckling. "Creo que quiere chuparme la, para obtener un telefono." Krista payed close attention to his words. She could make out telephone, perhaps. "Ahorita tengo a la peliroja ahi debajo la mesa, se lo que le voy a hacer." He said his goodbyes and ended the call. "Apologies, that was a business partner." Gabriel said. Krista could only nod in fake understanding. "So, what are you here for? I trust Maria has been helpful." He said, likely knowing she dismissed her.

"Yes, she's been great help so far." Krista nodded, she did not know why, but something about him felt...cocky. She dismissed it, however. "She showed me the Estate pamphlet, its so big." She turned on her dumb blonde mode, where she pretended to be interested in most guys, she only hoped it would work on him. "Like, wow, you must be super rich." She was laying it on thick. His eyebrow raised, she'd have to dial it back. "I mean, you must be really successful...I never got to ask what it is you do." She said innocently, batting her eyelashes at him. Gabriel smirked. She was a cub in front of a fully grown jaguar.

"Is that really what you came here to ask me?" He asked in return. There was a sound, from his end. It was familiar but she couldn't put her finger on it. She bit her lip, sighing. She dropped the act.

"Look...I was hoping to get a phone. Maria told me I had to submit to you more in order to get one." She sighed, standing up to pose as best as she could for him, blushing at the way she was demeaning herself. Gabriel's smirk remained the same.

"Interesting, and just exactly will you give me for one?" He teased, looking at her ass. Krista gulped and noticed his gaze going to her bottom. She tried to turned her body in a way that she brought his attention to her breasts.

"Y-you can fuck me on your work desk." She whispered shyly, collecting her confidence. "I can't stop thinking about your cock." She licked her lips, not totally lying. "I can't stop thinking about what you're capable of." She leaned over his desk, at eye level with him.

There it was again! The sound. Now that she was closer to him, she could definitely make out a smacking sound. Gabriel could see the gears turning in her head. He decided to give a faux bite at her bait and distract her a little more.

"I can't take all the credit. You previous lovers were weaker compared to me." He said. His gaze similar to the one in her dream. Her blush returned, this time at the way he spoke to her, rather than pretending. Fuck.

"Yes...they were all boys...You on the other hand, are a man unlike any other." She was terrified that she meant it. "It's not just your size...its your power." She stated, her breath hitching for a moment. She was as far as her thighs could permit to lean against the edge of the desk, while he was leaning on his chair, comfortable in his position and simply listening to her honeyed words. "I want to feel it over and over again." She admitted. Gabriel had her where he wanted.

"And what if I were to begin somewhere I haven't taken yet?" His gaze returned to her ass, Krista lips quivering. She needed that phone, but she needed to maintain her charade.

"I'm not ready for that...but you can do anything else you'd like...please..." She begged for him rather than for herself. He reached forward to her and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Krista was surprised at first, she thought of resisting at first, but then two things occurred. She found herself melting in his embrace. His lips were rough, with the force of his hand sharpening the kiss, he tasted of smoke, tequila, and lime interestingly enough. She could feel his breath deepen, and the power of his lungs as he exhaled into the kiss. And secondly, she figured she better go along with it, so as to push away his suspicions. She moaned suddenly, the surprise of it getting to her and she moved her lips with his.

He moved back slightly, breaking their lip contact. She wanted it to last longer and even leaned forward as he parted, before realizing he broke it. She bit her bottom. He smirked pushing back, his chair moving back with him as another woman stood up from underneath his desk. A redhead with her mouth closed, mascara ruined and a blush as red as her hair. She was completely nude, and Krista eyes sharpened towards him. Was she mad that another whore had beat her to him? That he had such control over her sexual curiosity? Or that she felt humiliated by the sudden revelation? Here she was ready to give most of herself to him and practically throwing herself on him, and he just toyed with her. She was about to turn around and walk away, when suddenly, he spoke.

"Stay." It was a command, and she caved into it, remaining in place. "Sit." He gestured to her seat. She frowned, fighting back tears, doing as she was told. He then motioned the redhead over to her. She nodded and walked over to Krista, leaning down and kissing her deeply. She initially kept her lips closed, but allowed herself to relax, and kissed her in return. Fuck him, he wanted to watch, she'd give him a fucking show. She stood up and kissed the redhead fiercely, until she there was something warm in her mouth. A taste she was all to familiar with since the night before. She opened her eyes, anger in them as she looked at a grinning Gabriel. The freckled beauty pushed swapped his cum to and fro the blondes mouth. It was something dirty and disgusting, yet sweet because of the other woman's lips. She wanted to despise it, but couldn't so she pretended. "Enough."

The redhead stopped. Krista stared daggers at Gabriel for ruining it again. She was enjoying the kiss and now she was left with a mouthful of cum. It wasn't as much as the night before. But it was still a lot. She kept it in her mouth, wanting nothing more than to spit it out. "Swallow." Motherfucker. She closed her eyes, and arranged the air in her mouth to the front of her mouth, as she forced the cum to go down her mouth. She had never swallowed this much before, and nearly gagged. "Open." She exaggerated the action, doing as if a doctor would ask her to. He chuckled at her little act of rebellion. "Good whore." He said, he dismissed the redhead, and reached into one of his drawers and taking out an iphone...her iphone. He passed it to her, it was fully charged with no signal, however.

"I need to..." She coughed, some had gotten stuck to her throat for a moment. "I need to call a friend..." She was about to walk out, when he called her back.

"You know." He began. "I have my own group of technicians, who made a private server only for this area. A select set of numbers have been blocked out from your phone, nothing that will let you get access to any authority outside of the country." He informed. Her heart sank. "Your calls and messages will be monitored, so I'd be careful of what you tell others." He warned. "But I'm not an animal. You have family that's worried sick about you. I'd suggest telling them you're on a business trip." He said, going back to his real work. This part was never easy, but he had to do it one way or another. Krista frowned and gripped the phone in her hand. She wanted to scream, shout, cry, and disappear. But alas, she felt defeated. She slumped down and walked out of his office.

Maria was waiting patiently for her. She saw the look of disassociation in Krista's eyes. She remained quiet. There was nothing she could say to change what she was feeling at the moment. They walked back to her bedroom, Maria staying close to Krista.

When they arrived, the blonde went ahead to sleep in her bed. Whatever plans she had made were moot at the moment, she just wanted to collapse in on herself. She felt truly hopeless, and curled up into a ball. Maria saw this and her heart broke at the sight. This was the harsh reality sometimes, but she wished to make it somehow better for her. For both their sakes.