You call me and ask me to come see you because you need help. I tell you I will be there after while and I finish what I am doing. On the way over to your home I stop and pick up something for us to eat. When I get there you are trying to change a light bulb in a ceiling light. I walk up behind you on the ladder and you have on baggie shorts. It is easy to see that you have no panties on and looking at your pussy excites me. I reach up and run my finger across your pussy and you tell me to stop before I make you fall. Laughing I tell you that if you do I will catch you and you need not worry. Then you lean back and fall into my arms as I catch you from your fall. We both laugh as I carry you to the couch and drop you on it.

I ask what you need help with and you tell me that if I am going to help you I need to remove my pants. I laugh and agree as I start to unfasten my pants and start to take them off. You sit up and pull them down so that I can step out of them. You see my erection and grab it squeezing it and laughing about it. I push you back on the couch and jerk your shorts off of you and cup your pussy with my hand and laugh about that. Then I take you by the hand and help you up from the couch asking you what you wanted.

You lead me to the bathroom and tell me you wanted me to help you get a shower. You turn the water on and let it warm up as you finish undressing and get our towels. As we get in the shower we put our arms around each other and kiss passionately. The hot water running down over us adds to our excitement. We begin washing each other and I carefully wash your breasts and feel your nipples getting hard. As the water rinses the soap away I kiss each breast and gently suck each nipple. I pull them into my mouth and tenderly bite them. I wash down your body to your pussy cleaning it good and then I wash on down your legs. As I am washing your legs I get down on my knees washing all the way down to your feet. After washing your feet I begin to kiss your pussy as the hot water runs down over us. You lean back against the wall and open your legs wide letting me run my tongue over your pussy. Pushing my tongue between your lips I rub it over your clit pressing harder and harder. As your clit swells I push my fingers inside you and move them in and out. Your clit swelling more and more as I rub it with my tongue I wrap my lips around it and gently suck on it. My fingers move in and out of you faster and harder as I suck your clit harder. You tense up and start to tremble as your orgasm moves through your body.

You help me up and we kiss passionately as you wash my body. You wash down to my erection then slowly and softly stroke it. As the water rinses the soap away you get down on your knees and wrap your lips around my erection. You slide your mouth down over it and move your head up and down sucking it gently. As you move your head up and down, my erection sliding in and out of your mouth I begin to loose control. I erupt in a wonderful orgasm as I tremble from head to toe.

Helping you up we kiss passionately as we hold each other. We finish washing then get out of the shower and dry off. We go into the bedroom and climb into the bed putting our arms around each other. We kiss passionately as we run our hands over each others body. Massaging your breasts I feel your nipples hardening again. You wrap your hand around my erection and gently stroke it. I pull you on top of me and you place my erection at your opening. You slide your warm pussy down onto it and we kiss passionately as your hips begin to move. I massage your breasts and kiss you as your hips rock back and forth.

Your clit grinding against me as our excitement builds higher. Pressing against me harder I push up against you as we start loosing control. We both tense up and start to shake as we orgasm together. Collapsing on top of me I put my arms around you and hold you tight. Tenderly we kiss as we rest from the excitement.