Here I sit in a courtroom again. This time I have to tell the truth, not like last time. My life fell apart a long time ago but now I am going to take the first steps to put it back together again. I know it will be a long road but in the end, I will be the one doing the work.

First I, Beverly, must apologize to you your Honor for my behavior. The last time I was here I lied and wrote a story about what happened when my husband caught me trying to have sex with another man.

I was advised by my counsel to tell the truth, but I did not listen to that advice. Instead, you received a farce of events that transpired. In my delusional mind, I made up that story. Now today I can tell you what happened.

When my husband, Jason, found me trying to have sex with another man, David, he did pull me off him by my ponytail. He intended to stop us not to harm me. When I did come off my sex partner I never regained my footing and hit the wall with my shoulder, my head also hit the same wall. The force was enough to bruise but not dislocate my shoulder. There was a small screw that was in the wall that my head made contact with and that lacerated my scalp and caused the bleeding. I did lose consciousness for a few seconds and did have a slight concussion.

My husband had a gun and was yelling at David when I came around. What David was telling my husband about us and me was a lie. He claimed I was the one that had perused him and seduced him. That I had been with other men and was the biggest slut he knew. As to this day, I have only had sex with five men. Scott my first. Keven, William, Jason, and David in that order.

At that point, I knew I had to put an end to his lies. I tried to get up but could not my should and head hurt. I saw the blood and thought I had been shot. My moan brought their attention to me. I did get up on my second attempt. Taking the barrel of the gun I pointed it at my head and told the truth to my husband. I did not leave out any details. I told him about the two other times that I had allowed Paul to try and have sex with me.

In my anger at what David tried to do me, I agreed with Jason and helped to tie him up. I then called his wife Kerran and told her what had happened. Yes, she did call me names over the phone, slap, and spit in my face when she arrived at our house. She also did take a belt and spanked her husband for about thirty minutes straight. Jacob and I just let her take out her anger on her husband.

When she was done I did offer her my husband as compensation for what I had done. It is true her husband does have a small penis. She did take me up on the offer. It was her idea that I prepare her for my husband. It seems that her husband wanted her to have another woman with them in their bed but she had said no. Now she was going to give that fantasy to my husband and not hers. He was going to know about it but not be able to watch. Kerran and Jason dragged a screaming David out into the hall. Then they must have gagged him because I did not hear any sounds come from him when they got back.

Kerran had my service and ready her for my husband. I know we are in a court of law so I am not sure how far or how much I should describe what I did to both of them. Thank you your Honor for that clarification. I did perform oral sex on Kerran and my husband. Once they were having sex Kerran asked to have oral sex with me. Once that started my husband played with my body before he pushed me down so I could pleasure the area that both Kerran's and Jason's sex organs were connected. I did until they reached their orgasm and then I was told to clean them. Which I did willingly.

I laid down on the bed I was feeling nauseous with all the head movement due to the sexual activity. They got off the bed and went into the hall. I could hear them taunting David about how well Jason had stretched her out. How she was about to give him her anal cherry. She also told him that her child was not his. She had slept with a man at her wedding night and gotten pregnant by him. Then Jason told him he was fired. He could get his things later and would have to take his wife's car since the truck was a company truck. Then Kerran told David there was a good chance that she could be pregnant with my husband's baby. At that point, my soul died. They told David that if he told anybody about his affair with me, they tell the world about the size of his penis. They must have taken pictures because I could hear him beg that they not do it.

After they released him Kerran asked him if he wanted to see me get the spanking I deserved from her for screwing her husband. He declined, he must have dressed and left at that point. I could hear them walking back down the hallway so I just slid off the bed and presented my backside to Kerran. I figure why to fight with her. When she did walk into the room she saw the blood on the pillow and the bruise on my shoulder.

Dropping the belt she lifted me to my feet and took me to the bathroom where she washed me up. She did ask me if Jason had hit me and I told her no. She called Jason into the room and they both agreed that I had to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, I found out that I did have a concussion. I was also diagnosed with severe depression. Jason was arrested for spousal abuse. Kerran did spend the night with me at the hospital.

The next morning I had her take me back to the house. I packed what I needed for a few days. We went to bail Jason out of jail. He was not happy to see me. I gave him my house key and told him I would get the rest of my things when I had a place. He just took the key and left. Kerran's sister Dianna took me to her house. Kerran moved in with Jason since David kicked her out and her child.

I got served the next day at Dianna's. I lost it. It was a few days before my mind was clear enough that I was able to function. I don't know why Dianna did not kick me out of her house. I got a lawyer and went to our first court date. That is when I lost it again and ended up in the hospital for three months.

Those three months taught me many things. It also showed me who loved and cared for me. The first month I had the usual people come and visit. By the second month only my parents, and very close friends. By the third month, the person who had any interest in my life came to see me.

I had to find out why my love life went so bad there at the end. So I thought back to my first time. Scott was the first man I had sex with. I gave him my virginity. I also gave him my heart. Sorry Jason it may be hard to hear this but it is true. He was a remarkable man. I wish he was alive today because I would be his wife and not be in any of this mess. He died five months after I gave him my virginity. His mother's boyfriend killed him. He came home to find the boyfriend beating her up. He tried to stop it. He stabbed and killed Scott. The boyfriend went and shot Scott's mom and then himself. I was devastated by it. No one noticed what his death did to my emotional state of mind. Since then I have been going down this path of destruction.

About seven months later I slept with Keven. He was a predator. At the time I did not know it, but now I do. I was low needed a friend. My parents were wrapped up in their struggles, They did not notice that I was struggling. He did and took advantage of it. Once he slept with me he dumped me and went to his next conquest. The sad part was he left me with a parting gift. A few weeks later I found out I had an STD. My parents were furious with me. When people at school found out I was labeled a slut. I had only slept with two men at the time but I had the label. I dated no one else the rest of high school. Many asked, but I said no.

At university, I met William my sophomore year. We become friends with benefits. My mom called me up to bitch me out and he was there. He wrapped his arms around me when I started to cry and the next thing I know we were having sex. Not wild monkey sex just soft tender sex. Every time we did have sex that's the way it was. He would come over to my place or I would go to his place and we would just stop what we were doing and just caress each other and make each other feel good. Afterward, we would just go about our day as if nothing had happened. There was never any love or passion between us just this tenderness.

When I met Jason I told William he smiled kissed me and I never heard from him again. Jason was like the reincarnation of Scott. All the things Jason was doing Scott had done. Jason was Scott's clone. At first, it unnerved me. Here was a second chance at a wonderful life. I did see one difference. We got married. Started our business and became successful.

We had almost everything in our lives. Children were the only thing missing. The first few months trying, we chalked it up to stress. We did some research and check about my cycle for better chances. Another three months and nothing. A sperm test and all his swimmers were all healthy. Then I got checked.

Sitting at the doctors' office and getting the report about my reproductive organs being damage due to an STD I had when I was younger brought my world crashing down. The depression I had held at bay for so long was back.

That weekend we had the BBQ at our house. I had no time to tell you about the results and I did not want to ruin the good time you were having. What I did not see was a predator in our house. David noticed something was off with me and when he saw that I was drunk he pushes his advantage, and I let him. That was the first time, I let him try to have sex with me. Now I say try. His penis is small so he was never able to get inside me. He did ejaculate outside of my vagina, but he never got inside of it.

That day at the BBQ I saw Jason was so happy. He was telling everyone about our plans for children. How could I tell him there may be no children because my body may not be able to produce them. He would make a wonderful father. I could never keep that from him. I also knew that he would never leave me so he could become a father. I feared I would take that from him. I destroyed my marriage to give him the chance to be a father.

I think the only reason I agreed to meet with David was so I could get caught. Why meet with a man in your own home when you know your husband could come home at any time.

The first month my parents came every weekend. My co-workers and friends came when they could find the time, Dianna was there every day. Kerran was there with her the first three weeks until I found out she was pregnant with Jason's child. That was the first time I tried to end my life. After that, she only came three more times.

The second month only my mother would see me. My father found out about the affair. Nothing hurts more than the man that should forgive your sins and all your failures turn his back on you. Hearing the words slut, whore, and tramp come from him destroyed a part of my core self. It was the second time I tried to take my life. Dianna was there to bring me out of my darkness. It lasted for only a few days till her sister came and asked me to sign the divorce papers so she could marry Jason. I lost it and it would be the third time I would try and kill myself. When Dianna came to see me she was mad. She wanted to beat her sister up. That night she told me something from her past that help break the crushing weight that held me down. I now understood why she was there for me. That night I fell in love with her.

In the third month, my mother and Kerran tried to keep Dianna away from me. Kerran told my mother that Dianna was my lover. That I had already slept with her once. Now I was sleeping with Dianna and that was why she was so dedicated to me. Telling the truth about having sex with Kerran. I also informed them both that Dianna was not my lover. My mother did not believe me. She gave me a choice her or Dianna. I choose Dianna. I have not seen my mother since that day. It would also be the last time I would see Kerran until today. Dianna came every day till I was released. Then she took me to her place when I got out.

Now I sit here in your court with my husband and his pregnant girlfriend sitting at the next table.

Jason, I no longer want to be your wife. I now see that you do not deserve to have someone like me in your life. For three months I sat in a hospital and not once did you visit. I was the one that helped you become a father. I was the one that took your penis and placed it at the entrance of Kerrans Vagina. I was the one that got you out of jail the next day and moved out of our house so you could move Kerran in and start your life with her. So why could you not once come see me? To thank me.

Jason do you remember the first year we were married. You had a big contract out of state that took eight days to do. You took a crew and did it in six days. For their hard work, you took them out to celebrate at a bar. You got drunk and met a young lady with blue and purple hair. One thing leads to another and you took her back to your room and had sex with her.

Now the lady never sleeps with married men. This night she was drunk and forgot to check to see if he was married till after they had sex. When she did she dressed and left the room ashamed at what she had done. It also made her change her lifestyle. Years later her sister calls her to pick up a woman by the jail. When she gets there to pick this lady up she sees this man again. The married man she slept with is getting out of jail. His wife has cheated on him and he is leaving her on the curb.

I had turned you into a god. You walked on water. It never occurred to me that you were as human as me. That you had flaws. I so wanted to give you the world I was willing to destroy myself. I even tried three times. It wasn't till Dianna told me about your shared past that I was able to move on with my life. Had you loved me you would have come to me in the hospital and told me yourself. The one thing the made you and Scott different almost cost me my life. You see Scott was a hero, and you are a coward.

Your honor, I want nothing from this man. I have already signed all the papers. He can have the house, the business, and cars. I will take half the cash as it is what I have earned. I am willing to pay for any damage and plead guilty to any crimes that I may have committed for the past few months.

As I listen to what the judge says, a smile comes across my face. Due to my impaired mental status, all criminal charges will be dropped. He will grant my divorce. He wants to give me more than half the company but I decline and tell him I would only gift it back to the unborn child Kerran is having. He shakes his head at that and agrees to give them all of it. What I was not expecting was when he has Jason and Kerran arrested. Unlawful detention, spousal abuse, and the list went on. I guess tying up David at gunpoint and beating him with a belt was a no-no.

Dianna is waiting for me. Now that I am not married she will seduce me. I think I am going to let her.

Someone else walks into the courtroom. It didn't take me long to find him. I was glad to find out that he was not married. When I asked him to meet me here he dropped everything he was doing and came. I already told Dianna about William. She doesn't believe me that he has a thicker and slightly longer cock than Jason. I guess she will find out tonight.