I had just let the babysitter in as my wife came down the stairs, she jabbed me in the ribs, "Close your mouth and put that tongue away, save it for later." Laughing she then went into the living room to greet our babysitter.

"Hi Debbie, how are you?" my wife said.

"Fine thanks Mrs James," Debbie replied.

"It's Karen Debbie, not Mrs James," my wife said. "The twins are in bed asleep, they shouldn't be any trouble, Bill and I are going to the usual restaurant, you have our mobile numbers, we'll be home about 10."

"Ok Karen, everything will be fine, I'll be ready when you get home, have a nice time." Debbie replied.

Karen came over to me, rubbing my crotch she said with a laugh "And you can save that for later also." Looking over her shoulder as we walked out the door, "Bye Debbie."

Karen and I have been married for five year and we had twins three years ago, As any parent tells you life changes once you have children but we agreed that we still needed our own time. Every Wednesday night was our night, we get a babysitter and go out to dinner or a show, our date night. Debbie has been babysitting for us for about 18 months.

We went to the restaurant, had a lovely, leisurely meal with a nice bottle of wine. We were having our after dinner drink when Karen looked at me intently saying, "You want to fuck her don't you?"

Choking on my drink I spluttered "What?"

"You want to fuck Debbie don't you?" Karen said, "Don't just stare at me, I can see it every time she comes round, you leer at her, undressing her, your cock get that hard it's bursting out of your pants, admit it, you want to fuck her!"

I was completely dumbfounded, where has this come from, what do I say?

"Come on, tell me the truth, you want to ram your cock into her cunt and ass," Karen says.

"Well she is cute and if I wasn't married, yes I would have sex with her," I hoped this was the right answer as I said it.

"Because your married, you can practice self control, can you?" Karen asked as she stared into my face, "So if you went home and found her naked on our bed, you would turn around and walk out the door?".

Karen kept going, "I bet your hard now, imaging her there with her legs spread, her pussy lips open wide showing you her tight little cunt."

Shit, I was getting hard as Karen describe Debbie but what was going on, "Fuck, yes...no, I don't know, what do you want me to say?" I said.

"Well as you are so indecisive, if I gave you permission would you fuck her, would you bend her over my bed, fuck her nasty little ass, spread her cum over my sheets?" Karen asked.

Shit is this a trick question, what should I say, I hesitate before saying "Yes, I guess so."

"Good, finally an honest answer," Karen said.

That was it, Karen didn't say anything else about Debbie, she changed the subject and talked about other things as we finished our drink.

Fuck I was confused about what that conversation was about, am I in trouble, have I done something wrong? One thing was certain I did have a raging hard on as I imaged Debbie naked, legs spread wide waiting for cock.

Karen looked at her watch, "It's nearly 10, we better go or we'll be late and I don't want to keep Debbie waiting."

We took a taxi home and as we walked in the door Karen said, "I'm going to check on the children."

I headed to the living room expecting to find Debbie there as Karen went upstairs.

After what just happened at the restaurant and the image in my mind of her naked on my bed I wasn't sure if I could actually look at Debbie and was relieved that the room was empty as I entered. I poured myself a drink and sat down waiting for Debbie to return and for Karen to come down stairs, mulling over the conversation in the restaurant.

I finished my drink and no one has returned, it's been about 15 minutes, where are they. I checked around down stairs first, every room was empty, my heart skipped a beat, maybe it's the children, maybe something wrong and they are in their room. I rushed upstairs to the children room, the children were asleep, no one was there. As I left their room I thought I heard a noise, a groan, it sounded like it came from my bedroom. I opened the door, I couldn't believe my eyes, I was speechless, there on the bed was Debbie lying naked, with Karen naked sitting on her face.

What a sight, my heart nearly stopped, my cock sprang to life,

Now it's not the first time I've seen Karen like this, before the twins we were adventurous, experimenting with swinging, which also led to some exciting threesome with either another female or male. Back in those days we had a great sex life, both of us could never get enough but we always did it together. Since the arrival of the twins things have changed, the swinging lifestyle is gone and the amount of sex has decreased.

These girls physically are complete opposites, Karen is a good 6" tall and very athletic, she has spent a lot of time in the gym the last couple of years after the twins were born getting back into shape. Her body is well toned, even muscular, her stomach flat and taunt, no signs of any stretch marks. She cut her brunette hair short to stops the twins pulling it, she has large breasts and I love watching them bounce around when I fuck here. She also loves using them to jerk me off, I loved it when she was breastfeeding she would cover my cock in her milk then jerk me off, she said it helped with her milk production.

Now Debbie is 20 about 10 years younger than Karen, she is very petite, she would struggle to be 5" tall, her breasts are small but looking at her now I notice she has the biggest, perky nipples I've seen. She has long blonde hair down to her waist, her waist is small enough that I could nearly wrap my two hands around it. Her legs are slender and she has sexy little feet with bright red toe nails, her ass is round and firm, begging to be squeezed She reminds me of a porcelain doll, with her perfect little face, big blue eyes, pale complexion with not a blemish on her skin, perfect little body, small and tight, that's part of the fantasy.

My trance is broken by Karen saying, "Get over here, that pussy isn't going to lick itself."

As I walked to the bed I stripped out of my clothes, Karen watches me intently, smiling as my hard cock appears. Dropping between her legs I started eating her pussy.

Debbie's pussy was already wet, I noticed as I walked to the bed that one of Karen's vibrators was lying on the bed, I assume Debbie was using it before we got home. Karen loves it when I use her vibrator on her clit as I lick and suck her vagina, picking up the vibrator I turned it on, placing it against Debbie's clit it got the desired result. With my tongue licking and probing her pussy, the vibrator massaging her clit and Karen now pinching and twerking her nipples Debbie groaned with an orgasm. I lapped up her juices as they flowed from her pussy, we kept playing with until she came again.

Karen climbed off Debbie's face and was standing beside me, she said, "Debbie come and suck Bill's cock." I stood up as Debbie got on her hands and knees, she crawled to the end of the bed, taking my cock in her mouth. As Debbie sucked my cock I kissed Karen, she licked my lips and chin, cleaning Debbie's cum off me.

My cock was rock hard, it was a dream come true having this tiny mouth working my cock, her beautiful eyes staring up at me as she sucked me. Grabbing the back of her head I started fucking her mouth, my cock swelling with each thrust down her throat.

"I'm going to come," I said.

"Don't dribble any Debbie," Karen told Debbie.

Debbie just grunted, I just couldn't take my eyes off her face, my balls tighten as I came in her mouth. Debbie keep her mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking away, swallowing every drop of cum I pump into her.

When I had finished Karen said, "Come here Debbie."

Debbie climbed of the bed walking to Karen, leaning over she ran her tongue around Debbie's lips before slipping it into her mouth. "Bend over the bed Debbie," she said.

Debbie bent over from the waist, using her hands to support herself of the bed. Karen moved up behind her, this is when I noticed Karen was wearing a strap-on. This is new, I've never seen Karen wear one before, I was feeling a little inferior as I looked at it, it was about 2 inches longer than my cock and thicker. As Karen moved in behind Debbie she took hold of her hips and started pushing the strap-on into her pussy.

"Enjoy the show, let me know when your ready, " Karen said to me.

It didn't take long until I started to get hard again, watching Karen fucking Debbie's pussy, hearing her groan, her little tits swaying. Karen was shoving the strap-on deeper and deeper inside Debbie with each thrust, she held Debbie's hips firmly to make sure she gave her maximum penetration.

Debbie's moaning grew louder the harder Karen fucked her, she's already had one orgasm to the strap-on and another was building. Cum was dribbling down her legs as Karen slide her tool in and out of Debbie.

Karen smiled at me, "Looks like your ready to go again, get on the bed in front of her."

I climbed on the bed, getting on my knees I moved in front of Debbie's face, my cock pointing towards her, opening her mouth I moved forward sliding my cock into it. She moaned as she worked my cock, I was holding her head moving my cock back and forward in her mouth, her tongue sliding over it, Karen keep fucking her pussy. My cock was getting rock hard, I smiled at Karen.

"Enough Debbie, stand up." Karen said, "Turn around and face me."

Karen lifted Debbie off the ground, wrapping an arm around her she held her there, Karen took hold of the strap-on and slide the tip into Debbie's pussy. "Her ass is yours, " Karen said to me.

My cock was already wet from Debbie's mouth, spitting on my fingers I rub her anus, working my saliva around and in it. Pressing my cock against her ass I slowly pushed my tip inside her, making her groan as I entered her. Karen held her up until I was inside her, then she gradually lowered Debbie body. Debbie squealed as her ass was forced to swallowed my cock, stretching her tight little hole.

Karen held on to Debbie, working her body up and down on us, her hole was nice and tight, squeezing my cock at it moved up and down. Reaching round her body I take hold of her nipples, rubbing them between my thumb and finger, pinching and pulling them as Karen worked her body up and down faster. She moans and groans, her body trembling as she has another orgasm.

I was ready to come, Karen moved Debbie's body faster, I could feel my balls tightening, as Karen pulled Debbie down I grabbed her hips, holding my cock deeply inside her as I came. Debbie cums again as my cock throbs inside her, pumping my cum into her. As she sits on my cock I can feel my cum dribbling out of her ass over my cock and balls.

Karen lifts her up, placing her between us. "Clean us up Debbie," Karen said.

Debbie drops to her knees, licking my cum of my cock and balls, then licking her cum off Karen's strap-on.

"Thank you Debbie, go to your room now." Karen said.

Karen then told me that Debbie came to her a few weeks ago saying that she would have to stop babysitting the twins. Babysitting wasn't earning her enough money to pay for rent and food, that she was looking for ways to earn more money as she was desperate to do anything so she wouldn't have to leave town and move back to her parents. Karen suggested a few options one of which was sex. After a few days Debbie came back to her asking how she could make money from sex. Karen suggested Debbie could move in with us, she wouldn't need to pay rent and we would feed her, all she had to do was babysit and make herself available to us anyway and anytime we wanted.

Karen apologised saying she has been fucking Debbie for a couple of weeks, she knows we used to traditionally do everything together but has been training Debbie to be more submissive and compliant. Tonight was her test, if I was happy with her she gets the job.

That was when Debbie changed from being our babysitter to our fuck toy.