After I managed to escape, I found myself a nook in the nearby forest to wipe myself down with the towel I had. I had nowhere to go, and still smelt like piss and sex. I decided to take off my stockings and head toward a main road, hoping to hitchhike my way back home.

Unsurprisingly, not many wanted to take in a naked boy with nothing but a towel on. Some honked and jeered from the windows of their cars, but none stopped to help. I began to feel numb from the December cold. Was I going to freeze to death naked on the highway? I wanted to cry. Maybe I should have just stayed at the house and taken it.

Finally, a white van pulled over to the side of the road.

"Need a ride?" Called out the tall, stocky, middle aged man inside.

I nodded and climbed into the car. I told him where I wanted to go and started to drive off.

"No offence, but you smell like piss! What happened to you?" he asked.

"A hazing ritual. It's this weird college club I was trying to join. As an initiation, they drive you off to the middle of nowhere, drop you off naked and piss all over you."

He eyed me over and scoffed.

"Was cumming in your hair a part of this too, or was that just some fun on the side?"

I flushed red, I though I had gotten it all off of me. Having been caught, I decide it was best to just come out with the truth. I told him about the rape, the blackmail, and how I finally had enough.

He let out a devious looking smile. "My house is on the way. Why don't we stop by so you can clean yourself off and get some clothes on? I don't think I can go all the way with the stench in my car."

I didn't trust the look in his eyes, but I supposed I had no choice.

We pulled off the highway and arrived at his home. It was bigger than I expected, but given that it's in the middle of nowhere, the price must've been rather affordable.

"I can't have you going into the house like this. So what do you say we get you washed up in the backyard first? I'll bring over some clothes."

He led me to the backyard and told me to wait. I shivered and shuffled about as the cold started to seep back into my bones.

The man returned with some clothes and a towel. He set them off to one side and pulled up his garden hose. Before I could say anything to object, he blasted me with the cold water.

I yelped from the shock of the frigid water. Part of me wanted to run, but I knew this would finally get rid of that god awful piss smell on me. I huddled down on the ground and whimpered as he continued to blast me with the hose.

"I think that's all you can take without freezing to death," he said as he shut off the hose and threw me the towel. I dried myself off as quickly as I could. The towel was heated, a nice comforting touch.

Once I was dry he pointed to a pile of clothes next to the wall and told me to get dressed. I walked over only to find stockings, a thong, some sheer gloves, a pair of heels and a spaghetti strap top.

"An outfit from my ex-wife, I recall you liked to play dress-up." He laughed.

"This isn't funny, it's freezing out!" I objected.

"Look bitch, without me you'd still be freezing naked on the highway. You can either put this on and join me inside this warm heated house, or fuck off out of here naked. Your choice."

I regret telling him what had happened, it's like he sensed the victim in me and knew he could take advantage. It was already night. Going out and freezing to death wasn't exactly an option, so I put the clothes on as he instructed.

"There. Don't you look like a sexy piece of ass." He opened the back door of the house and invited me in.

As soon as we stepped inside, he shoved me against the wall and started kissing my neck. Resigned to my fate I stood lifelessly and let him have his way with me. With his right hand he fondled my tiny cock, still shrivelled from the cold.

It wasn't long before I felt the pleasure build. The urges he excited in me pushed me to shift about, pressing my hands against the wall. He unbuckled his pants and let out his already erect cock. It was massive, but somewhat proportional given how large the man was himself.

He slid his hands underneath my legs and lifted me up. Instinctively I wrapped my hands around his back. Having been fucked so many times against my will this all came as second nature to me.

The giant man pulled my thong aside and slid his long, girthy cock into my unlubricated anus. I let out a loud, high pitched whine from the pain. Slowly he thrusted himself in and out of me, and with each thrust I let out a loud yelp in response.

I held him tighter and tighter as he continued fucking me. For once I felt glad about the gangbang I received earlier in the day, which made me loose enough to not pass out from the pain. There might've even been some leftover cum inside helping to lubricate things ever so slightly. Shame filled me as I realized how much of a cocksleeve I've become.

My little cock started to dribble precum as I got more used to the fucking. The intense friction from being fucked dry got me closer and closer to orgasm. There was no denying that I was a rapeslut, getting off from a raw cock forced into me without lube. The pleasure must've been intense for the man too as at that moment I felt him shoot hot ropes of cum into my ass.

With a pop he pulled out his cock from my ass. I briefly felt a slight disappointment at being so close to cumming without getting there, but this was quickly washed away by the humiliation of wanting him to keep raping me.

Instead of putting me down, he carried me in his arms up the stairs. I held onto him, tired from the exhilaration of what just transpired.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Sammy." I replied with my sissy name, conceded to my role as his bitch. "What's yours?" I asked reflexively.

"Don't worry about that, you can just call me Daddy."

When we got to his bedroom, "Daddy" threw me onto the bed. He took his phone out and took some pictures. I could see that he was still hard.

"What are you doing, Daddy?" I asked him, worried that I was about to enter another cycle of blackmail. I flushed in embarrassment when I realized I called him Daddy without any pressure, a testament to how well Mohamed had trained me.

"Don't worry, these are just for personal pleasure. I won't be blackmailing you like those guys you mentioned in the car. You will be my personal plaything tonight though, a fair price for taking you home tomorrow I think."

I didn't bother to object. Honestly I was just relieved that this will be over after tomorrow. How fucked has my life gotten that I'm counting this as a blessing.

"I took a pill so I can last all night." He said as he stripped and climbed on top of he bed.

"What do you want from me?" I asked him, uneasy about what he has in store.

"I want you to suck my cock." He said as he pulled my head to his crotch. I gagged a little as he shoved his throbbing dick down my throat.

My eyes watered as he pumped my head up and down in his cock. When I tried to come up for air, he tightened his grip and forced me to stay on his dick. I could feel myself getting faint before he finally let go. He laughed as I gasped for air and choked out gag spit from my windpipe. Just as I catch my breath, Daddy once again shoved his cock into me and pumped my throat forcefully.

I felt a warm gooey puddle on the bed and I realized that my little dicklet has been endlessly dribbling this entire time. When I lifted my head up for air again, Daddy pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me.

I felt the entire weight of this man press up against my chest. He must've been 300 to 400 lbs, it was difficult to breath. That didn't stop me from gasping when he shoved his cock inside my ass again.

He fucked me hard like a jackhammer. The pounding felt good and I got close to cumming, but the pressure of his weight was too much. I tried to push him off a bit, but he was too heavy. I breathed a sigh of relief when he got up on his knees.

He lifted my hip up and fucked me like a rag doll. I moaned loudly in pleasure, before splurting cum into the air and all over my stomach. He kept going, violently thrusting himself into me. I flopped in the air, screaming with pleasure and pain before cumming a second time.

"Twice? You must really be enjoying this you slut!"

My mind lost in pleasure I could only reply: "Yes Daddy make me your whore!"

"Gladly." He said as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He leaned on top of me again and fucked me even harder than before. I yelped and moaned with my head between my legs and my tiny cock dribbling precum onto my face. The stretch was more than I was used to, but the rapid pumping of his cock meant I could only pay attention to the sensation of my pounded ass.

I felt his hot cum shoot inside me, the sensation of which pushed me over the edge a third time. I sprayed cum all over my face and hair as Daddy collapsed on top of me. He eased his grip and my ass fell back down onto the bed and my legs back to straddling his wide hip.

I woke up to the sun shining on my face. I must've fallen asleep. I was still in the same outfit as last night, cum now dried on my stomach, hair, and face.

"Hello?" I call out.

"In here," I hear 'Daddy' call out from his ensuite bathroom. I still couldn't believe I called him that willingly last night, after he raped me. By the end I was so into it, was it even rape anymore? Or did I enjoy it so much because he forced himself on me? God, I'm so fucked up.

"I can drop you off, but we need to leave soon." He said. "Go take a shower if you want, no need to use the garden hose this time." The man had the nerve to wink at me.

I got up and got into the bathroom. "Daddy" left to go get dressed, but not before spanking my ass when he passed.

I ignored it and closed the door behind me. I turned on the shower and enjoyed the feeling of hot water on my skin.

I washed out the cum. Even though I was done, I continued standing underneath the water, hoping it can cleanse my debauched experiences away from me.

"Don't take too long. I also brought you some clothes." Said 'Daddy' as he entered the bathroom.

I climbed out of the shower when he had gone again. There were some panties, stockings, and a short orange winter dress.

Better than being naked, I thought. I put them on and headed downstairs.

"Don't you look pretty?" He commented. Embarrassingly, I blushed a little at the compliment.

We got into his car and drove off. The scenery started to look a bit more familiar, suggesting that we were getting close to the university. I gave him instructions on how to get there, and before long we were at my residence hall.

He parked the car and locked the doors before turning to me.

"We're here. I had fun last night, if you ever want to go again, here's my card." He handed me a business card. Pete Johnston - plumbing and utilities. "I'll even have a little reward for you next time."

Not wanting to be rude, I took the card. All I wanted to do was to go home.

"I pulled you off the highway, gave you shelter and clothes, and even drove you home. I think you owe me one last thank you before you go," he said as he unzipped his pants.

Apparently having his way with me last night wasn't enough for him. I doubted it would go anywhere if I protested. I only had suck his dick one last time before this was over with.

I leaned over and put his thick cock into my mouth. I jerked it with one hand while generously licking it all over with my saliva. Once he was lubricated and hard, I stuck his cock all the way down my throat. I stuck my tongue out so I wouldn't gag on his girthy rod, and bobbed my head up and down.

I quickened my pace in the hopes of ending this faster, ignoring the urge to throw up. As I felt his dick begin to pulse, Pete grabbed me by the head and started to violently thrust himself into me. I lost control and soon found it difficult to breathe. Finally, as I choked on his cock, Pete pumps his seed into my throat.

As soon as he let to, I threw my head up to gasp for air. I coughed hard as gag spit and cum came out my mouth and nostrils.

Having been satisfied, Pete unlocked the car doors. Immediately, I got out of car and made my way to my residence without a word. At my door, I turned to see him drive off.

Fuck. I realized that I had left my phone and keys in my clothes, which were still at Mohamed's place. There was no way I was going anywhere near him again, so I had to opt for a different option. I did my best to clean up the cum on my face and buzzed for the reception.

I was let in to find Aria, my red-headed next door neighbour, working as the receptionist for the day. Aria was a bonafide hottie, always someone I thought to be out of my league. She enjoyed wearing revealing clothing, especially skirts that showed off her long legs. She was the last person I wanted to see on their reception shift right now.

"Looking good Sam!" She said with a wink. "I think you're very brave for coming out with your sexuality like that. And that Pornhub channel. You were always so reserved, didn't think you had such a slut in you! I honestly wish I could be so forward."

Her comments stunned me. "Sorry, what?"

"Your post on Facebook. I saw it last night."

A sense of dread flooded into me as cold sweat rolled down my back. Not sure if I wanted to find out more through Aria, I decided it would best to return home as soon as possible.

"Thanks, Aria, but I really need to get into my room right now and I seemed to have lost my keys last night."

"Out filming again last night? No problem, I've got the spare. Let me know if those keys turn up or if you'd like to get the locks changed."

She handed me the keys and I ran upstairs. I flicked on my laptop and logged into Facebook.

I had a crazy amount of messages, which I first ignored in favour of checking out the post on my profile.

I have a confession to make. I am a sissy whore. I always felt inadequate as a boy. If I look at my body, I always felt it more resembled that of a girl's than a man's. Since I went away for college, I started to experiment with wearing girls clothing. Then I wondered what it would be like to be fucked like a woman. One night, while walking around dressed up as a girl, I finally worked up the courage to suck a stranger's cock. I felt more aroused with that cock in my mouth than I ever did in my entire life. In that moment I knew I wasn't meant to be a man, that I was living a lie. I was a sissy girl and my purpose was to please real men with my body. From then on, I've began pursuing my newfound dream, to be the biggest sissy pornstar in the world. This video is just a teaser of my new work and purpose, find the link to my Pornhub channel in the comments below. Give it a look, I'd appreciate your support in this new journey in my life.

With the post was the first video Mohamed filmed of me at his house, where I stated my name, major, and hometown while crossdressed and blindfolded. He must've gotten into my phone and made this post. I felt so stupid for putting 0000 as my passcode.

The first comment was a link to the channel Mohamed had posted all our London sessions to. There were hundreds of comments and quite a few shares. Some commented this was inappropriate for Facebook, while others congratulated me on coming out with my sexuality. Not wanting this to spread any further, I immediately deleted the post.

I read through my messages, and it seemed the damage was done. There were plenty of messages asking me what the hell was going on, some guys who sent me dick pics and asking if I wanted to shoot with them.

Finally my eyes came to the message that I dreaded most. It was from my father, who wrote a long tirade about how I was a disgusting, perverted abomination and disowned me. I was told not to bother coming home this winter, or ever. I was never getting a single cent again, and was told not to try and get back in touch. He even blocked me for food measure.

Not wanting to deal with this any further, I deactivated my Facebook account.

I was fucked. I barely had enough money left, and wouldn't even able to pay the residence fees for next term. All I had to my name was my laptop, school books, and a wardrobe of slutty clothes that Mohamed bought me in our many trips to London.

The bastard even had my phone. I decided to wipe it remotely to prevent him from doing anything else, although it was hard to imagine what could be worse than this.

I still had my WhatsApp open, and decided to drop Ellen a message. Maybe she had some ideas on what to do, it would be nice just to talk to someone about this any case.

She replied that she was free the night after next, and congratulate me on finally telling Mohamed off. She correctly guessed that the post was his punishment for my disobedience.

Not knowing what to do in the meantime, I laid in bed and bawled my eyes out. Shame overcame me as I asked myself why I didn't try and get out of this sooner. Did part of me enjoy it? I noticed the lingering taste of cum in my mouth and it made me feel a thousand times worse. Maybe I was meant to be a victim, that this was my fate and I should just accept it.

And so, I cried myself to sleep.