25: Thursday, July 16, 0330 hours CST: Colby's Chocolate Treat

Zach returned quietly to Colby. He was relieved to find her still sleeping deeply. He lubed up his cock, gently pulled off the covers, and spread her and speared her in a single motion. "Uhh!" she croaked, waking up. "Welcome," she yawned as he entered her desperately.

"Love me?" he grunted, taking his pleasure, sliding and thrusting and thrilling himself in her delicious tight cunny.

"With all my heart, lover," she sighed, stretching and opening awake into pleasure. "I'm so happy you came to me... hmm? Ooh? I'd waited, hoped for so long... uhh! Now you're mine," she whimpered. "You fill me. Yes! It's so good!"

"I love you, Colby," he said with all his heart, his heart and soul filling. His cock thrust and pumped as he lost himself in her slick pleasuring quim.

"I can take it," she whimpered, "All your love. Huh! You need to let it out honey? Hmm? Uh!"

"Yes!" Zach growled.

"Give it!" Colby quivered on the edge.

Zach cried out, "RAAAAAAH!"

"Huh-AH!" Colby shrieked as she felt Zach's thrusting hot spill inside her. Quiet. He fell limp to the side. She fussed with a towel, separating gently, patting his cock dry, caring for him, cooing. She extinguished the light.

In the pitch dark, as Zach drifted near sleep, his still overactive mind strayed beyond reason. He counted his crewmates as he might count sheep to soothe himself. It was surreal to him that he had made desperate love to seven of his eleven crewmates that day. This was not counting serious kissy-face with an eighth. Still his lust appeared unsated. There was Michaela, who was playing him like a virtuoso would play a musical instrument. She had maximized her own pleasure and had not left him behind. There was Aanya, who was scaling new heights of gratification with Michaela's help. There was Berte, who was exultantly experimenting with new ways to blow his mind and her own in bed. Colby was determined to carve out a normal one-on-one relationship between them, however illusory. She was determined to handle all his desires. There was the incomparable Colleen, who was loving and depending on him. There was the unforgettable Alexis, who was, much like Michaela, using him with incomparable skill as a fucktoy. Last on his voyage of the night had been Charisse. She was building a new life for herself that he hoped would continue to include him.

There was Khushi, who had teased Zach with kisses tonight. He still desperately wanted to dip his cock into her. Immediately the vision of her extraordinary first dance flooded his brain. She had held one leg to her forehead in front of him. Her bare pussy had popped open wetly in his face.

Calm, calm, sleep, Zach counseled himself. There was a feast of yummy cunny and teats to have in the morning, starting with Colby. Berte had begged for it when she got off duty at 10 AM. If he was still desperate then, he would order Colette to suck him off until he calmed down or died. The only crewmates he hadn't touched tonight were Colette, Ayana, and Anming. Not Colette, since he had been too interrupt-driven since docking. Not Ayana, his delectable Asian lesbian pal who was on the prowl for everyone but him. Not the mysterious Anming, who was warming up to him and had asked for a meeting in the morning.

Zach was trying to calm down enough to sleep, but a new idea itched at him. Colby, she was right here. He felt around in the dark for his bedside drawer. He found his other butt plug and a tube of surgical lube in there. In the dark, no problem for a surgeon, he lubed up the butt plug. He found Colby and lubed her anus, which roused her. "You're crazy go to sleep," she muttered. Then, "Hurk!" as he slipped in the butt plug. He returned the tube of lubricant to the drawer and shut it. "Go to sleep," she moaned. And he did.

Colby's 6 AM wake up chime cheerily rang. Zach was awake, rock hard, and quivering with anticipation, waiting for Colby to awaken with some normalcy. He was urgent to discover what new wonders her anal canal held. She had confidently offered it to him twice as he recalled. It was an offer demanding a response. She was rousing and said "6 AM?" And then, "Huh... thanks," as he gently rocked and removed the butt plug. As he was getting the lube, she held his arm and said, "I need to pee." She got up and threw on her bathrobe. This girl had moved in! She stepped out the door.

Zach lay back and rested, and ached more for Colby. He needed to work out this morning. Then there was talking with Anming. He had Berte at 10 AM. There was a ton of checking, testing, and other fussing to do during his duty time. There was a text from Khushi on his phone. "Can you swap a couple duty hours for rec hours this evening and watch a 2hr movie between 2 PM and 6 PM?"

"Sure 2-4 PM?" he texted.

Colby returned from her pee break and grabbed a vibrator out of what Zach thereby established was HER drawer. It was the kind that had a bulb that held it in the vagina and on the vulva. It had parts that stimulated the clitoris externally and the g-spot internally. She inserted it and turned it on the low setting. She took off her bathrobe, got on the bed, and lay on her tummy. It looked like she had a definite plan that worked for her. He straddled her and lubed up his cock and spread some liberally on her anus as well. He rocked into her. She upped her vibe a notch and breathed. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Good," she grunted.

"Hurt?" he asked.

"Getting used to," she said.

He continued to rock until he was up to the hilt in her ass. It was amazing his dick fit in her tiny slim ass. It didn't seem like it should be possible. "Feeling okay?"

"Splendid," she said, upping her setting. "Tight enough for you?"

"Yes..." Zach barely articulated. He moved in her. It was heaven. He moved in bigger and bigger strokes, and her ass clipped him tightly as he moved. It fluttered as she succumbed to the pressure of his dick and the pleasuring of her vibrator. As he got to a good solid pace in her, his strokes shortened and quickened as he became urgent.

"Are you getting ready?" she asked.

"Yes," he breathed.

"Give me a minute, darling," she said.

"Okay," he squeaked.

"Stay with me darling," she said, and upped her vibrator by two more notches. He felt it through the walls and membranes. "Hmm!" she said, "Hoo! Oh yeah! Hmm. Oh yeah! Huh. Oh yeah! Haa. Okay fuck my ass, honey! Don't hold back! Huh! AAHHHH!"

Zach joined her with a, "RRRAAAAAHhhhhhhhhh!" He continued to orgasm as he thoroughly emptied his morning balls into her backside. And then some, because apparently he was still on a high sexual pitch this morning. He let himself go and fell down limp on her, but it was okay because of the low gravity.

"This is fun," she said from underneath him. "You're a big warm heavy blanket."

"Beats being crushed to death," he joked.

"I can handle anything you can dish out, my vanilla treat," Colby rejoined. "Didn't I spread for you and handle your crazy urgency all night long? You were hella frisky last night honey! You would have split the whole rest of those bitches in half if I'd left you alone last night. It was like throwing myself on an orgasm grenade. I should get a medal for saving the mission. And after all that, in went that butt plug! But your chocolate treat handled it all! Every thrust! Every drop!" she crowed victoriously. "Nothing left any more this morning for those other bitches. Ahem, colleagues."

"Are you going to be okay?"

"I might walk funny for a few days, but I'm fine," she assured him. "If you want me again tonight, I'll manage," she said bravely. She was in it to win it. Nobody else was going to get sex because her man was horny and she was unwilling.

"Oh, no, I'm played out," he assured her. "Let's just sleep tonight, doll."

"Sounds wonderful," she beamed.

Zach wasn't going to mention that he hadn't been her exclusive sexual property since the launch. It was against their unspoken agreement. In fact, he should support the notion. "I wanted my one and only flavor last night, bippins," he said.


"Colby flavor, which is kind of a spicy chocolatey oatmeal, some yearning, and some come hither."

"Come hither and kiss me, you crazy stud." And they kissed for a while.

(To be continued)