The Day Starts at Night.

No need for another shower. I pulled my pants on, but left my breasts free. When the chime sounded I joined the girls in the hallway for the walk to the galley for a beverage, then out to the sun deck.

My cohorts had flushed faces, and they seemed more alive, as they complained about their sore twats and throats, and their tender nipples and breasts.

Geegee joined us, wearing a bikini that flattered her short body.

"You will be with the Captain tonight deer," she purred.

Then she handed me a tube of sunscreen.

"Do me please kitten," she demanded, and swiveled onto the lounger face down on her towel.

Geegee reached back and undid the strings on the top, pulling them out of the way. I plopped a blob on her back, and rubbed it into the skin.

"Arms and Legs too please," she murmured.

I complied, thinking about the possible impact of rebelling, but I couldn't see the up side of that stunt, so I rubbed the cream into her little body.

As I finished, I realized that I should make myself scarce, before she flipped to the other side, but it was not to be.

Geegee wiggled herself to face up, presenting her toned C-cups for my gentle touch.

Without hesitation, I completed the job of protecting our Commandant's precious skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Her nipples and nibs were much smaller than the size of her tits would support. The telltale marks on the underside of her breasts told the full story.

Her implants were well done, giving good form and support.

Finishing my job, I set down the tube of sunscreen and dove into the pool.

Time passed quickly, as we went through the afternoon schedule. At 4 o'clock we had two hours to spend as we pleased.

Dinner was a baked fish, in coconut milk, rice and salad. Not bad for a whore from the wrong side of the tracks.

Geegee warned me, that anal might be on the menu tonight, so I asked if I could have time to prepare, which she gladly allowed.

I was escorted to the Captain's quarters about an hour later. He met me at the door, wearing a plush royal blue robe, with a gold sash. His ward room had a snack table and kitchenette just like our rooms, but the bedroom was separate. He asked me to strip for him, as he sat back on his leather sofa.

Not being a stripper, I simply kicked off my slippers, pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on a chair, then pulled the pants all the way to the deck, scooping them up with one leg, I placed them on the shirt.

Unbidden, I gyrated myself into the Captains reach, where he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

As his lips closed on my nipple, I heard from the bedroom, "Bring her in here Karl," Geegee's sultry voice resonated through the room.

Geegee was naked, and tied spread eagle on the bed.

"She is not easy to satisfy Clair, but you need to try,'' instructed Captain Karl.

I looked around the smaller room, and noticed a shelf with an assortment of lubes, vibrators and a strap on cock.

I inspected the Captain's handiwork, and suggested some ties to keep the legs firmly spread.

Karl went to a cupboard near the foot of the bed, and returned with two thick ropes, which we attached above the knee and then under the bed and up to the other knee, keeping them well spread.

"Now for a closer look Doctor," I interjected, role playing just a bit.

Slinking onto the foot of the bed, I teased my way up Geegee's short, but well proportioned body.

She may be forty something, but she must have used a million dollar skin cream, cause her body was velvety soft.

She had a flowery scent too, not lavender, but close. Something from South East Asia I'm sure.

Her labia was bigger than most, and shrouded her love nest until I pulled one lip to the left and the other right.

Her pink interior was drenched in her own juices, so I gave her a little taste.

"Yummy", I whispered as I scooped deeper.

In 30 seconds Geegee started to fuck my face with her hips, but I was going to set the pace, so I leaned into her pelvis to take control.

Stretching her labia, I pulled down to stretch the skin over her clitoris, then I started lapping the flesh so that it vibrated down onto her clit.

Another half a minute and she was groaning out an orgasm and straining to raise her pelvis higher, but the bonds would not allow it.

I looked up to Geegee's face, but she was looking at the Captain with unmasked lust.

"Can I put it in your ass?" the Captain asked. I had to glance at him to confirm that he was not talking to me.

Geegee shook her head no.

"Make her cum until she begs me for my cock," he demanded.

This time I knew he was talking to me.

I started in again on Geegee while her clit was still sensitive from her last orgasm.

Light touches were required at this stage.

Holding her lips open I blew on her clit. She shivered. I dug deep this time, filling her with my tongue, I wiggled it while sliding in and out, then a half dozen licks on the clit caused her to raise up her hips again, pushing for another release. I flicked my tongue across her anus, and she shouted out again, with an "Oh, Oh, Oh!"

Again Captain Karl offered his service, but again he got shut down.

Without being prompted, I returned to her honey hole.

Then I felt the Captain's hands on me. He pushed his middle finger into my vagina, then placed the same finger on my puckered anus.

"You get one more chance Clair," "Then I'm getting me some ass!" he explained, as he pushed his fuck finger into my butt till it bottomed out.

The fluid from my pussy made his finger slide so easily into my poop chute.

He gave me a third chance to earn passage into Geegee's tight little butt, but she had too much control of her own body.

The devious mink lay back for a third licking,

I didn't bother with any tricks this time. I knew that I was not going to break the control of this overly experienced broad. This time I used my fingers to massage her G-spot, while tongue fucking deep into her pussy.

Her third orgasm was not a disappointment. Her back arched off the bed, but she did not fight her restraints. Her nipples looked neglected, but I had my hands full. The Captain just stroked his middle finger in and out of my anus, while watching Geegee's face intently.

"Nice try Clair," Captain Karl consoled me. "Up on your knees now," he commanded.

I followed his instructions, praying that he would use lube.

The head of his cock pressed against my pucker hole with ever increasing force. When the penis started to push me open, I pushed back to keep it going, and the head popped inside.

As the ridge of the head of his pulsing dick passed into my bum, I was relieved to find that lots of lube had been applied, so the immediate feeling of fulfillment was followed by the pleasure of the strokes and the rubbing on the inner walls.

He pushed me forward, which would mean only one thing, more tongue for his Princess.

As he slowly stroked his modest prick, balls deep in my butt, I returned to Geegees wet pussy.

She gratefully held my face while I exercised my tongue on her clit.

When I slipped my finger into Geegees anus, she almost jumped out of the bed, but the straps still held her in place. I followed her body as she tried to stretch beyond my reach, but it was her game, and she would have to pay to play, - at least a little bit.

The Captain moved with me, up the bed to keep my tongue strumming and my finger pumping. He resumed his steady slow pace, and I finger pumped his pimp girlfriend in the same rhythm.

When Captain Karl was ready to ride, he really picked up his pace, as did I in Geegee's bottom and with my tongue on her clit.

Now his balls were slapping my labia with every full stroke, bringing my tits to full erection and a quickening of my pulse.

I have never been a fan of anal, having never experienced an anal orgasm, I don't see the attraction, and I've been sore for a week after, more than one experience, but a whore that turns away anal, is turning away 20% of her costomers, and that was never me.

But Karls modest pecker made the process much more comfortable, and the situation provided extra stimulus, but I never quite got there, as my two bedmates cried out their satisfaction, with "Yes," and "Fuck," and "God."

For me, my jaw was sore.

The Captain released Geegee from her ropes, massaging to stimulate blood flow, and kissing any rub marks.

"Show yourself back to your cabin Clair", Geegee murmured between snuggles. "There's nowhere else to go, unless you want to jump off, but the propellers would cut you if you survived the drop, then there's the sharks", she warned.

"Enjoy a peaceful evening Clair, you won't get many!"

I returned to my cabin and spent a few hours going over the entertainment that was available to me. No internet, but there was a shipboard channel of sorts.

It had the duty schedule, and the Honey schedule. I watched a few episodes of Gilligan's Island, and made a mental note to find out who handles their IT. Probably the Chief Radio Engineer, or another

Electronics Engineer, but one or more of them will have pirated movies and music.

In addition, a message out could get us freed. I'll have to find out if Amanda, Ashley or Jane might be missed by someone? They could be State Senator's for all I knew! You can bet that no one was looking very hard for me, and certainly not halfway to Brazil!

I saw the list of morning calls, and I fired off a blanket message to all 6 of them, that I was anxious to meet them in my shower, so don't worry about your morning shower.

I knew that their imaginations would make them want that scenario by the time they got here, and it gave me a chance to make sure each guy was clean. Some boys forget what their momma's teach them, the minute they're on their own.

As I fell asleep on the end of my first full day as a sex slave, I realized that it's not much harder than whore life, and the meals were better. Regular sexual abuse was the one downfall, but I'm enough of a slut to survive that part.

I will never be someone's Geegee, I thought as I drifted off.