It was an unusually hot spring day and the smell of fresh cut grass danced through the light breeze. Laney was just getting home from some casual patio drinks with a few girlfriends. Toward the end of her visit, the conversation shifted toward favourite experiences in the bedroom, which had Laney feeling slightly excited. She was wearing a white sundress that was a particularly low cut and had not bothered to put on panties. She always liked the way the breeze felt on her skin, and today was no exception.

As she walked into her condo and dropped her keys in the bowl beside the door, she noticed her boyfriend Sam sitting at the computer. He had been under a lot of stress lately and today seemed particularly bad. Sam was taking his LSATs in a couple of weeks and the pressure had him very tense. Laney decided that he needed a break, and she had just the thing.

Sam turned around to quickly say hello to Laney and get back to studying, but Laney had other plans. As he swiveled his chair around, he found Laney staring directly into his eyes. Without saying a word, she bit her lower lip, grabbed the bottom of her sundress, and lifted it slowly over her head. With her sun kissed body completely exposed, she casually tossed her dress on the couch and without breaking eye contact, slowly dropped to her knees.

Sam liked to be comfortable when studying so he was in a plain white tee and a pair of dark blue gym shorts. He knew he needed to study, but he also needed a break, and looking at her body, he knew he couldn't pass this up. Laney had crawled her way across the floor to the base of his chair. She slowly stuck her middle and index finger into the back of her mouth, traced a line from her chin, in between her perky breasts, down her belly button and into her now dripping pussy.

As she slowly pulled her fingers out, her excitement was visible. She put her other hand on Sam's knee, straightened herself up, and stroked Sam's tongue from back to front with her juices. As she brought her hand down, she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and briefs and pulled them down to his ankles. His balls rested on the seat of the chair and his cock flopped out onto his leg. Laney could see he was getting excited from tasting her and couldn't wait to please him.

Laney looked at Sam and said, "I'm here to make you happy. I'll do whatever you want, and you can do whatever you want to me." As she finished saying the words, she could see the blood rushing to Sam's dick. Laney immediately pushed his cock back toward his body and took both balls in her mouth. She sucked hard, pulling them away from him by moving her head side to side and stroking his shaft. She sat up and took Sam's semi-hard cock in her warm mouth, feeling it grow as she sucked. She kept her lips pursed around the base for as long as she could until it filled her whole mouth, and she could feel the tip start covering her throat.

As she released the seal with her lips, spit flowed out of her mouth, down his cock and onto his balls. She rubbed it in with both hands, staring up at Sam. She massaged her salvia everywhere, soaking every part of his crotch. Sam slowly stood up, his raging boner staring Laney in the face. He grabbed his shaft and slapped her face with it, asserting dominance. He then demanded, "Tongue out." She obeyed, sticking her long pink tongue out as far as she could. Without hesitation, Sam took a fist full of her hair from the back of her head and forced her head toward his body.

"I want to feel your tongue on my balls as you take my dick down your throat," Sam told her. Laney opened her mouth as wide as she could and let Sam's hand guide her head all the way into his stomach with his cock fully consumed. He held her in that position for a few seconds, backed her mouth up his cock, and forced her back down again on repeat. Laney's eyes began to water, but not as much as her pussy. She loved it.

Sam still had the taste of Laney's cum in his mouth and wanted more. He lifted Laney up to her feet by her hair until they were standing facing each other. Laney was still catching her breath from being throat fucked and had a bit of mascara running underneath her eyes, but the smile told it all. Sam pushed her forward towards the bedroom and spanked her hard enough to leave a red handprint. When approaching the bed, Sam picked Laney up, spun her around so her feet were facing away from him, and laid her down with her head tilted off the bed.

He straddled her face with his legs, putting his cock, ass and balls on her face. Sam licked her from her bellybutton down to her clit and watched her toes curl. He slid both hands underneath Laney and firmly cupped her ass as he dove in. He traced a line from her clit, down through her soaking wet pussy and around her asshole with his tongue. His nose, mouth and chin were covered in her cum and all he could smell was her pussy. He continued up and down her crotch as she did the same with him. He stood up for a moment and said, "Tongue out." She obeyed. He grabbed her tits, put his dick on the tip of her tongue and slowly leaned his weight into her face. He watched as his throbbing cock entered her throat and his balls slapped her face. He reached down and spanked her pussy hard as she gasped for air.

Sam took a couple steps back and turned Laney 90 degrees, so she was now facing the pillows. He pushed her knees towards her tits, so she was kneeling in doggy, and pulled her hair so her back was arched. He mounted the bed behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy before slipping it in. She moaned with pleasure as he thrust back and forth and remade his handprint several times on her ass with forceful slaps while still pulling her hair. When not spanking, his hand alternated between rubbing her tight asshole and sticking his fingers down her throat.

He flipped her over and pulled her to the end of the bed as he stood up. He grabbed her heels and threw them over his shoulders. He put his cock back into Laney's dripping pussy and watched her tits bounce up and down with each pump. She bit her lip trying not to scream. Sam bent down and put both hands around her neck and began to tighten. As he tightened his grip, he could feel her pussy tighten as well. Once again, Laney's mascara began to run.

Laney tried to tell Sam that she was cumming, but couldn't get the words out while being choked. She hoped that he could feel her orgasm and wanted him to know that she loved being used. She couldn't wait to taste his cum.

Sam was ready to bust. He released his grip on Laney's neck, forced her onto her knees and said, "Tongue out." With both hands around the back of her head, he began steadily thrusting his cock in and out of her perfect mouth. She gagged a little with each thrust, but never retreated her tongue. She could tell he was close. As Sam thrust one last time, he let out cry of pleasure. The first rope of cum could not have gone deeper down Laney's throat, but she knew he liked to finish on her. After the initial blast, Sam pulled his cock out of Laney's mouth and began stroking, covering her teary, mascara covered face in his cum.

Sam collapsed onto the windowsill, legs shaking. Laney, still on her knees, scooped up a drip of cum that was hanging off her chin, stuck out her tongue, placed it in her mouth, and swallowed. She got up off her knees and made her way to the washroom knowing that she had given Sam the break he deserved.