How do I find myself in these situations?

All I needed was a gift for my Niece, but somehow trouble found me.

This department store had its own security, and they grabbed me at the exit. Two women and one man, looking quite professional with their security badges and handcuffs.

They did not cuff me right away, they were only checking things out, and they were very sorry for the inconvenience, but I had to go with them.

One agent saw what he thought was suspicious activity at the counter, and they were going through the video. They really appreciated my patience.

Five minutes later the cuffs were on my wrists.

"The video clearly shows you tipping a bottle of perfume into your purse Miss Curtis, so we will have to ask you to empty the contents of your purse on this desk," the senior woman insisted.

They had a camera filming us even now, but I had nothing to fear, I did not take anything.

"I will be calling my lawyer about this," I said as I carefully removed everything from my overstuffed purse.

There it was. Still in the box. The very perfume that I had considered, but when I saw the price, I decided against it! I did not take it!

The cuffs were then placed on my shaking wrists.

"This is outrageous," I cried, "You planted that in there," I wailed.

The security lady turned her laptop so I could see the video.

"As you can see, it clearly shows you setting the box down on the edge of the counter, then you brush it with your shoulder, and it falls into your purse," nice job trying to make it look like an accident, but we got you." said the guy, while his cohort nodded in agreement.

"It's the look around that you do, just before the 'accidental' drop that is your downfall," she disclosed, nodding her head in certainty.

This was a disaster. I did not try to steel that perfume. I had $25.00 for a simple gift, but that perfume was $49! I looked around out of embarrassment because I couldn't afford it.

They distorted everything I said, twisting my words to say I took it because I could not afford it!

Another view of the cosmetics counter showed the exact same thing, but my 'look around' did appear like I was looking for security rather than worried that I would be judged as 'cheap' or 'poor'.

The second woman was the one that had observed my suspicious movements.

"I was watching her from the moment she came in, and she was looking for security right from the start," the Bitch insisted.

"No, no, no, this is just an accident, I would never steal," I whimpered, but saw the evidence looking pretty bad.

"Hey, this is just a misunderstanding, please, I'm supposed to start a new job next week and I can't have something like this hanging over my head," I blubbered in tears.

The Senior Security woman, crossed her arms, and shook her head.

"You have until the police get here, to convince us that you are a good girl," she declared, with a glimmer of hope.

"I'll do anything," I pleaded.

"Okay, Miss Curtis, we can release you, with the stipulation that you never again enter our store," the older woman advised me, while sitting right across from me.

"Yes, I'll take that option please, it was really just a mistake!" I implored, with the bit of hope that they offered.

"All you will have to do for this option is to admit on tape that you took the merchandise, then we will be able to close this out.

"Wait, but that's not how it happened," I pouted, concerned that it wasn't going my way, after a way out seemed so close!

"We hear you, but we can't do this both ways," reported the woman.

"We either book you, and let the courts haggle it out, or we get your admission, and it's all over."

How could I risk my future on the interpretation of those video tapes?

I hated the implication, but the truth was that I had knocked that bottle into my purse, and accident or not, I should own up to it

"Okay, I will do it," I whined.

"Sorry Miss?" She perked up her ears for me.

"Okay, I put the bottle in my bag! There, I said it."

"Thank you Miss Curtis, that will expedite things for all of us," the older woman reported.

The mall was closing, and the lights were going out before the paperwork was done.

The Senior woman and her younger male partner were the only ones left, and I was getting tired of asking them to take the cuffs off.

The woman came and sat across from me again, while her partner took off the cuffs.

"As professionals, we have to be sure of one more thing before we let you go," she finally told me.

"You will have to strip, to confirm that you have no other contraband." she said, with a flat, serious look on her face.

"What!, that is not fair!" I cried. "I gave you the admission and you said I could go!"

"Well, now that we know that you are a thief, we must protect ourselves, so you can strip, or we will strip you," she explained in a logical manner.

Wow, I really put myself in a spot.

They removed my handcuffs, and both stood there expectantly.

"Well, isn't he going to leave the room?" I wondered indignantly.

"Neither one of us can be alone with you, so you will have to grit your teeth and go with it Miss. Curtis," she claimed expectantly.

This was not going to take long.

I kicked off my runners and undid my shorts.

Dropping the shorts to the ground, I stood before them with a small black thong and my halter top.

"That's it," I sputtered. "I'm not wearing a bra, and there is obviously nothing hidden beneath this top anyway!" I wailed.

"Everything, Now!" demanded the agent.

I removed my top, and hid my breasts as best I could while pulling off the thong.

She grabbed my clothes and pushed everything onto the desk behind her.

Then she pushed me back on the table with one hand, while her partner stepped in to assist.

The woman got down to do a cavity search on my vagina.

She got down close, and pushed first one, then two, then three fingers into my dry snatch.

Lifting up with her pussy fucking hand, and down with her chest grabbing hand she raked her fingertips across my g-spot, while repeatedly cranking into me with her knuckles.

I don't know when it went from an inspection to a conquest, but I really didn't know what was happening, until I saw the guy holding his big prick.

"This is the best way to check deeply, so just relax," she implored.

The woman helped guide her partner's prick into my pussy, and two seconds later they were convinced that I had nothing hidden there, except perhaps for some moans and squeals.

The probing continued.

Now I was sure that this was a setup, but what was I to do about it?

The woman kept me firmly planted on the table, while the cock gave me a thorough fucking.

When he came it was only a series of grunts.

Stepping back, he gave enough room for the woman to take his place with her mouth, where she cleaned up any mess that otherwise might have spilled into my panties.

As I dressed, the team leader admonished me for stealing.

"You will have to come back in each of the next five days if you don't want us to press charges," she informed me as I dressed.

She knew people on the school board, so I had better keep that in mind too.

I showed up on Monday at noon as required.

They blindfolded me and stripped me and gently tied me to the same inspection table.

I have no idea who punished me, It was three or four people for sure. At least two cocks, maybe three, and some sounds were female, some mouths felt like they had lipstick, others had tongues like cows, while others had kitten tongues.

I would have stopped after the first day, but the punishment was a fair one. I really wanted to be a teacher, so I could handle a little humiliation for my dream job.

With the blindfold it was so impersonal, and it often felt, really really good.

Each day I presented myself to those same two officers, but each day there seemed to be more and more dicks, more of a commotion in the room during the punishment, and more masculine murmuring.

By Friday I was up to two hours of punishment, but it was worth it.

The two hours passed quickly.

Finally the blindfold came off, and the senior officer was there to release me.

"Well young lady, I hope that you have learned the error of your ways," she extolled, while removing the cuffs.

"If you need more of a lesson, I'm sure we could continue," she concluded.

"I should probably take you up on that, but I'm starting to teach on Monday, and I'm bound to fall into some other predicament soon enough!" I uttered forlornly.

Every member of the regional school board helped in your punishment, so I imagine they will probably find other punishments for you as you move along in your career, it is a small town," she said with a confident nod of her head.

This was going to be an interesting town to work in.