It has been over a couple of weeks, nearly a month since I have been able to dress appropriately. You see with the Covid-19 virus, my girlfriend with whom I live, only went to the office once a week. But over the holidays, she didn't go in until today.

It was cleaning day. I waited until after Cheri left the house to change. From my cache of stuff, I started my transformation. I started with my fire engine red, six strap garter belt. I secured the four hooks and eyes in the back. I adjusted it around my waist as it rode high on my hips. The stockings were plain white but had a three inch lace welt where the clips attached. I made sure the rear strap was tight around the back of my girlish bum (I work hard at keeping my legs nice and my bum round).

The panties I slipped up my legs were of red lace. It was both crotchless and assless allowing my penis to hang loosely. Dainty white lacing criss-crossed the back and a small white bow marked the front.

I attached my boobs to my naturally, hairless chest. These were my second set. I wasn't sure about getting any and the first ones I ended up getting were cheap C's (but more like B's). I'm not even sure they were the same size as one always felt smaller than the other. But after wearing them for a bit and constantly molesting myself, I wanted to get bigger ones that would really feel heavy and stick out proudly. So the second set were better quality, more expensive; bigger double-D's. I got them with big, fat 3/4 inch, protruding nipples that would poke through even if I wore heavier bras and tops.

Today, the bra I selected was a black, lace shelf bra with quarter cups. With the shoulder straps properly adjusted, they supported my breasts just enough although I had to be careful about bending over or jiggling too much.

One of the best/worst parts of the contagion was I couldn't get my hair cut. The hair on my head grows incredibly fast and typically I'd need to get it cut every three to four weeks. I had left it for a while and when I was going to get a cut, the current shutdown prevented me from doing so.

I pulled my silken, black hair back with a hair band so I could apply some light make-up. Shading does wonders for hiding any of my almost non-existent masculine features. Plus my natural long lashes looked fantastic with a bit of mascara. I carefully stroked on some red lippy with darker lip liner and sealed it all with some sparkly gloss. It would contrast the black, satin ribbon choker I tied on. Doing up the bow and getting the small cameo centred on my throat was difficult with shaky, anxious hands. It was just tight enough for me to feel the restricted blood flow to my head and give me a slight euphoric sensation.

Finally satisfied, I completed getting dressed. My top was an open yoke, off the shoulder, black pull over with slightly puffy short sleeves. The stretchy, spandex material was tight around my torso and accentuated my big boobs and big pointy nipples. It had an inch wide elastic around my waist and a short flared hem that just went over my hips and only cover the top of my bum. I would wear no skirt but tied a short, white piny around my waist. While the hem was long enough to cover the garter clips, the welts were still exposed below.

Even though moving around the house would be difficult, I opted for a pair of heels; they were black and strappy with open toes and five inch, pencil stiletto heels. I loved these shoes and I love the way my legs looked and how they made my boobs and bum stick out.

I have to tell you that when I got my first pair of stilettos, I was concerned with all the stories about those who tried their first heels and how they took time to get use to them. When my heels arrive, I was excited to put them on. With the heels being slightly taller than four inches, I carefully stood up. No loss of balance or teetering or ankle twisting. I took a few careful steps and soon was able to take more confident strides. It was as if I born to wear heels!

First laundry. I stripped the sheets from the bed and put on a clean set. Then I remembered that I had some panties that needed to be washed. Even though I couldn't fully dress up all the time with Cheri at home, nothing would/could stop me from wearing some panties hidden under my boy clothes. From my stash, I pulled out nearly a dozen white and light pink ones. Since they were cotton, I could wash them without using the delicates bag. The sheets were tinted so I wasn't worried that any colour would wash into them.

First load in. I brought out the vacuum and all the attachments. I plugged it in after putting in my wireless earplugs to listen to some jazz as I started my chores.

With tunes playing in my ears, I danced around as I cleaned and dusted the house. Every once in a while when changing the attachment, the nozzle "accidently" sucked the front of my apron. Giggling, I'd pretend to be surprised and had difficulty pulling it away. Sometimes it took a couple of minutes to get free! Afterwards, my boobs weren't the only thing sticking out in front!

I guestimated the end of the wash cycles and transferred it into the dryer. Next load was the rest of our whites. "Back to cleaning!"

I unloaded the sheets and moved the second load over. The third load were colours and stuff. I shoved it into the washer. Typically Cheri never wore underwear. She loved being fuck-ready anywhere without the restrictions of panties. If she did wear anything, they were the teeniest of G-strings that barely covered her slit. She had a couple to wash and I had a few coloured and delicate lace ones to do. I put them into all in a lingerie bag and flipped them into the machine.

I folded the sheets and put my panties back into hiding. It was early afternoon by the time I had everything done and dusted. I put everything away and now had time to prance around and play. It would still be another couple of hours before Cheri got back home.

In the bedroom, I checked my make-up and brushed out my hair. My lippy needed to be redone but I just applied more shiny gloss. Even with my chores done, I didn't want to change. I ogled myself in the full length mirror and thought "What a slutty maid you are!"

There are two things I love about being changing to fem. One is the feeling I get as I am dressing. The thought and sensation of sliding on stockings or hooking on my bra or stepping into panties always gets me excited. But sometimes when I wear them beneath my boy clothes, after a bit, everything feels so natural that sometimes I forget I'm wearing girl clothes. Only the tight garter straps against my thighs reminded me.

The other thing I love is wearing heels. 99% of my shoes are stiletto heels; none less than four inches. The 1% is a pair of black, open toed pumps with a three inch Cuban heel which I usually wear when house cleaning. The thing with heels is the sound them make as I walk across hard floors, especially hard tile floors. The sound is so sexy.

For the rest of the afternoon, I lounged about, sat on the chesterfield and enjoyed a glass of wine. I sync'd my PC with the TV so I could watch some porn on a big screen. Funny, even though I love crossdressing, transvestite porn rarely does much for me. I really prefer transsexual porn; especially when they ass fuck guys with their big dicks!

With my skirt pulled up, I was masturbating to one of my favs, Danielle Foxxx. Her fat, luscious lips, big boobs and hard cock make up the perfect combination to jerk off to. My left hand was pawing my breasts and pinching my nipples as my right hand was firmly stroking my hard five incher. I fantasized it was me sucking on her thick shaft instead of that guy in the film. I could almost taste her as she repeatedly hit the back of my throat with her love knob.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum!" I grunted as I felt my balls boil over. My hand moved in a blinding blur. I pinched my left nipple hard. I came hard. "F...U...C...K...!"

My hot cream sprayed outward and upward. A large, steaming glob hit my face. The rest landed on my boobs and apron. It was a very hard cum and took a few minutes to recover. I sat there heaving. I licked off the cum from my lips and any dribbles on my hand before I could gather enough strength to get up and clean off. I chuckled at my appearance as a few white droplets clung to my hair and dripped down my cheeks.

Cheri would be home in a bit. I put away the last of the laundry making sure to separate and hide my undies from Cheri's. Only then did I start to change back, reluctantly. Taking off my heels, I returned to my five foot five stocking feet stance. Removing my pinny and top, I grinned at my drying white cum stains I'd have to wash out next week. Undoing my bra so I could carefully pull off my boobs. I was so sad being flat footed and flat chested.

Panties, stockings and garters gone, I used some make-up remover to transition back to male myself. Thoroughly rechecking the house to make sure I didn't leave any evidence of Molly Maid, I made sure to stash everything away. It was only when I checked my cleansed face in the mirror did I realize that I still was wearing the ribbon choker. I pulled the bow and hid it with the rest of my things. "Phew! That would have been hard to explain!"

Cheri was soon home. It would be at least a week before she returned to her office. Meanwhile, I had to be happy with wearing my girl clothes beneath my guy clothes. When I did the grocery shopping, I'd often dress in panties, bra, maybe some stockings and garters all hidden under a bulky sweatshirt and some jeans. There was no way for me to hide my big, obvious boobs so I didn't wear them.

In fact, except for quick dashes to my car in the driveway, I've only worn my boobs away from home once and only for a little bit to run a short errand. I covered them with a heavy, loose top and a puffy, zipped up jacket. Even then, it fit tight and wouldn't conceal everything. As I walked into the corner store I tried to slouch over but being so big, they still stuck out. I was so nervous that I might see someone I know or somebody would realize my chest was way bigger than it should be. I swear the girl at the cash knew. By the time I got back, I was so hard and excited. It was one of my best cums ever.

Anyways, the following week, Cheri decided to stay home instead of going to the office. I was only able to dress in some black, lacy boyshorts under my sweats. I dusted and vacuumed last week but I still needed to do laundry. I pulled of the old sheets and put them in the wash. By the time I got back to the bedroom, Cheri was already there with the clean sheets from last week. "Thought you might like some help!"

The bottom sheet was fitted. I unfolded it and flapped it open. I was hooking over one of the corners while Cheri started with the other and then paused. "What's this lump underneath?"

She inverted the corner. Trapped inside was a pink cotton panty!

"What the...? Whose are these? These are not mine!" Cheri dangled the unmistakeably female undies from her middle finger. "Did you have some slut in our house... in our bed...? Are you cheating on me?"

"Uh..." Was the only thing that came from my mouth. With the red rose embroidered on them, of course I recognized them immediately. They were one of my favourite every day panties.

"Well? Are you?" Cheri glared at me.

"Uh... No. No, I... No I'm not cheating on you!" I defended myself and then realized what I actually may have admitted.

"Well, if you're not cheating. And these aren't another woman's. And if they are not mine..." I could see Cheri's mind churning. "Then the only logical answer is that these panties are... YOURS?!"

I felt my face flush as I stood there silently ashamed at being caught... pink handed.

"So from your lack of any answer denying it, these are yours, aren't they?" Daggers shot at me. "Aren't they!"

"Y... Yes. They are mine." I admitted timidly.

"I see." Cheri said matter of fact. She just stared at me for a bit and then spoke; panties still dangled from her finger. "What do you do with these? Do you jerk off with them? Am I not enough for you? What? Tell me what do you use these for?"

"I... I... I wear them." I replied in a barely audible voice.

"What? What did you say?" I wasn't sure if Cheri didn't hear or couldn't believe what I just said.

"I wear them." I repeated my answer in a slightly louder voice.

"You wear them?" Cheri echoed unbelievingly. I nodded back positively. "You wear them? Are you wearing any now? Show me!"

Again I nodded positively as I untied the draw string to my pants and let them drop. I held my shirt up and to show her I was in fact currently wearing panties. They had a black lace front panel with a medium sized pink satin bow in front. The sides and rear were a plain opaque nylon with pink lace scalloped edging. I thought to myself. "Good thing I'm not wearing the matching long line bra!"

Cheri's mouth dropped. Her gaze oscillated up and down from my face to my panties. Standing there exposed as I was, I started getting hard. I tried to will myself not to but the harder I tried, the harder I got.

Cheri's eye caught sight of the lump in my panties. "Fuck! Aren't you ashamed? A man in women's underwear with a hard-on? Really?"

Cheri started fiercely interrogated me. I admitted I had many panties. She prodded further. "Yes. I have bras, stockings and garters. Six or seven pairs of heels. And a couple of outfits."

The more I described my wardrobe, the more stunned Cheri seemed to be. "Why? Why do you have all this...? You've never said why? Are you gay? Bi? I don't understand."

"Well. First no, I am not gay or Bi. I just like dressing in women's lingerie." I responded back. "They are just so sexy and I love the way it feels as I dress up in them."

Once I started blathering, I couldn't seem to stop. I told her about how I dressed up as a slutty maid to clean the house when she was at work. That I'd wear make-up. And that I had breast forms.

"Breast forms? What do you mean breast forms?" Cheri asked.

"When I started to buy and wear bras, I didn't have any to fill the cups. Rolled socks didn't seem to work for me. When I wore a shirt over them the cups collapsed. I wanted to see what it was like to fill my bra with boobs so I bought some silicone breast forms to wear." I explained.

"So you have fake C sized boobs." Cheri shook her head unbelievingly.

"And D's." I added without thinking.

"D's?" Cheri repeated taken aback.

"Yes. I wanted to have bigger boobs so I bought another set." I told her. "They are actually double D's."

"Double D's?! They are almost as big as mine!" Cheri was at least an E cup. There was a long pause. As she thought, I watched as her chest heaved up and down. Finally, "Show me. Show me everything!"

I brought out my stash of things: bras, panties, stockings, garters, dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes. My hands were shaking as I brought out first my C forms and then my double D forms. I laid them near my wardrobe. Initially, I think Cheri was amazed about how big my collection was but her eyes really popped when she noticed how big the nipples on my D's were.

Cheri weighed each of my forms in hand. She picked up and examined many pieces of my clothes. Some of my early acquired things were kind of cheap in quality or cost but some of my later purchases were more expensive and higher in quality. Still Cheri picked out some of my cheapo stuff and threw it at me. "Get dressed!"

I stood there stunned after she left the room not sure what to think or do or anything! And then I heard her shout back. "And don't forget your boobs!"