Shutting the car door on a Friday afternoon could only mean one thing. I'm back at home after a full week of work. Pebbles crinkle and snap beneath the leather soles of my oxfords as I step and turn from my car toward my house. As I walk toward a known place, my mind wanders back to an imaginary place that has existed for longer than I care to admit. Maybe it's a good thing. An extended build-up. A prolonged edging. My imaginary place is always in the back of my mind. It's agonizingly real in my imagination, but somehow unrealistic and untouchable in day to day life. Or at least not a reality that I'll experience. That's okay - I will just continue to fantasize about her and replay it over and over.

The door swings open and I enter that familiar smell of home and welcome the solitude. Before getting too relaxed, I run through my routine. Feed the fish. Whip together some dinner, a combination of homemade sauce and ravioli from my favorite Italian market. Add some roasted veggies and a glass of Cab and enjoy.

I'll see her this weekend. Our paths usually cross at the gym on Saturdays. She takes a yoga class that's around the same time I use the weight equipment, but it's when we are each finishing our workouts that we typically see each other. We don't know one another, but every time we cross paths we smile and utter single syllable pleasantries like Hi or Hey. There's just one catch, our eyes lock on each other almost intently for a moment. Each time we do this I feel a rush of energy flow through my body. Fleeting, yet bold with sensation. It's the highlight of my week.

The morning alarm demands attention. How do they make alarms so annoying? Even when I set the volume low, the jolting tone triumphs in its bid to agitate. Shake it off - it's Saturday. I become flush with excitement and imagine her again. Her smile is genuine, but it's her lips that are inviting. Their subtle lines and ridges indicate a softness, a suppleness. I Imagine her lips on mine, and on my cock. She wears tight leggings and a sports bra every weekend, and when I see her after a workout she has beads if sweat lining her collar bone and chest. The visuals are exhilarating. Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of her ass, too. The leggings conceal a lot because they're usually dark, but just enough curves reveal themselves to tease my mind.

After my upper-body routine, which is typically what I do on Saturdays, I grab a towel from the towel and water station and head toward the locker room. As I take my sweat soaked workout clothes off I can't help but notice my sweaty and engorged muscles bulging just a bit more than usual due to the workout. I'm not a muscle head but am aware enough to know I have decent definition. Once everything is off, I head to the shower to clean up after the hard workout. I pay close attention to clean everywhere which I would do normally but on Saturdays particularly I would clean everywhere with her in mind.

Leaving the locker room I have the rest of my weekend too of mind. Chores like cleaning and yard work, and an afternoon meet-up with friends at a brewery to catch up. Leaving the locker room is also my last chance to see her for the week. I throw my gym bag over my shoulder, adjust the strap cushion so it's properly fitted (it always needs adjusting, am I right?), and make my way into the hall. At that moment, she walks out of the women's locker room into the same hall. We have a brief moment of surprise together, and immediately engage each other's eyes for our usual interaction. This time though, I need to know more about her. I won't let this opportunity pass me by.

Our eyes locked, walking next to each other I say "Feels good to get it in, doesn't it?"

"Definitely," she replies, eyes locked the entire time. She continued, "If I don't fit it in I'm just not the same for the weekend."

I'm not sure if we are both that witty or just boring but I'm going to go with witty and escalate.

"I'm glad you fit it in. Sometimes It's tough, especially if you have a tight schedule."

I can smell her - clean and fresh from her post-yoga shower. We stop at the same time and face each other.

"I make sure it fits" she exclaims as she reaches out her hand. "I'm Stephanie."

I reach out enveloping her hand in mine "I'm Benjamin." Her hands are just as I'd dreamed; soft.

The next week plays as usual. Work other life routines fill my days. I eagerly anticipate my Saturday morning as it approaches, and finally it's arrived. I head to the gym and do my usual upper-body lifting. I haven't yet seen her and I'm starting to think that maybe I won't. While disappointing, it's okay. I start to think about the rest of my weekend. Meet friends at a brewery for lunch and a beer after the gym. House chores afterward followed by a friend's low-key birthday party at his place.

I head to the shower, feeling accomplished about my workout and getting excited to enjoy the day. As usual, I wash myself with her in mind to energize my free spirit. I towel off, get dressed, and begin to head out of the locker room and into the relatively quiet hall toward the main gym area and I'm caught off guard by almost walking straight into her. The women's locker room door leads to the same hall, and my not-so-secret crush walked out at the same time. We were both probably thinking of the rest of our day so we ended up physically closer to each than normal. Our eyes lock confidentially. "Hey" I say, starting with a smile which unconsciously turns to a look of anticipation. She mirrors the gesture.

For a few moments, neither of us move and the hall is absolutely silent. It felt like we were reading each other's minds. We each start leaning closer to each other. We know what we want. I move closer to her intently and she confidently doesn't budge. We are inches apart and are needy of opportunity. She looks over my shoulder, processes what she sees, and looks back at me with excitement. A closet. How auspicious. I turn around, open the door, and to my surprise the closet was somewhat clean and orderly. There were some cleaning supplies and miscellaneous building supplies. But it was a finished room, just big enough for two people to occupy comfortably. We propel ourselves in, shut the door, stop, and face each other. Before I can say anything our mouths meet. Just as I'd imagined, her lips were soft.

As we kissed, I walked us toward the wall and braced her against it, ensuing our bodies were touching head to toe. Holding the back of her neck with my left hand, I reached down her body and enveloped her left breast with my right. I feel her nipple get hard under her sports bra. She reached down and grabbed my cock over my sweatpants. By this time I was getting hard and she could feel me growing as she held me, varying between stroking and rubbing. I moved my hand from her breast to her hip, being sure to touch as much skin as possible. My fingertips slip below the waistband of her tights, and below her panties. I feel her short stubble and it invigorates me. She too slips her hand from the outside of my sweats to the inside, and the touch of her soft fingers experiencing my cock for the first time increases the thrilling sensation flowing through my body. She takes just a moment to explore my member, and finally embraces it fully, gently and firmly continuing to stroke.

My fingertips reach the the top of her pussy and I begin to feel her lips. They're so soft. I can tell when I touch them that Stephanie is being filled with satisfying sensation. Her body shudders slightly. I edge my hand further onto her and feel the fullness of her lips completely. Her contours are soft, slick. Feeling her pussy wasn't enough - not by a long shot. I wanted to taste it. I use both hands to pull Stephanie's tights and underwear down. She helps along the way. I make my down her body with my mouth swiftly and with purpose. I kiss her neck, her collar bone, and the duct of her nipple now exposed from my earlier exploration. I continue to her stomach as I brace her against the wall. I reach her stubble. Feeling it with my mouth is another level of intimate.

She's resting her hands on my head and running her fingers through my hair as move my tongue to her pussy. I lick around her clit first. A rush flows through my body as I taste her. My tongue continues to explore her lips, sliding between and around them, moving them apart from each other. Stephanie lifts her left leg, resting her thigh on my shoulder and giving me more access to her pussy. Sealing my lips around her clit, I suck and pull her lips into my mouth. I suck her clit and massaging her lips with my tongue. Moving my mouth further between her legs, I find her entrance. I waste no time diving into her to taste the build up of her wetness. I plunge my tongue into her, but it's not deep enough. She reacts by adjusting her hips forward. I respond by entering her as deep as I can. Her walls surround my tongue as I apply licking motion forward and back. The sensation of her pussy wrapped around my tongue is exhilarating. I feel all sides of her walls simultaneously in such an up close and personal way. Pulling away slightly, her clit is needy for more attention. Giving it a mix of tongue flicking and sucking is just what it needed. I want her to feel my taste buds. I want her to cum on my face.

Continuing to pressure ourselves against the wall, I stand and meet her face, shimmying my sweats to my ankles along the way fully revealing my cock at attention. Holding her left leg in the air with my right hand, I use my left to position the head of my cock between her legs. Her warm supple pussy lips welcome my throbbing head. I move forward and back slightly to pick up her juices, and begin to put upward pressure onto her opening. My head begins to penetrate her and I move slowly at first to carefully feel the ridge of my head press through her tightness.

Once inside, neither of us can hold back and we push against each other for what we both have been imagining impatiently. We press hard enough to make sure she accepted my whole cock. Still holding her leg, I begin thrusting harder, being careful not to make too much noise in the secluded closet. While holding the back of my neck with her left hand, Stephanie reaches down with her right and begins playing with her clit while I move in and out of her. She's breathing heavily. We rhythm together, looking intensely into each other eyes barely able to contain ourselves. She continues to play as I fuck her, and she begins breathing harder and harder. Eventually, she shudders. I read her body and breathing and slow my movement so she can cum completely on me. She pulses softly on my cock, and then, motions for me to fuck her hard for few moments while she finishes.

Stephanie calms her breathing momentarily and begins making motions to release my engorged cock. As she moves off of me, I feel the cold air on my impossibly hard dick. Stephanie turns around to face the wall and shifts her hips back to expose her ass to me. She reaches back and grabs my throbbing cock and guides me into her wet pussy. The sensation of cold to warm is invigorating. I begin fucking her more quickly this time and I feel her ass against my pelvis. I move back and forth, harder and harder. From this angle, I can better feel her soft walls against the underside of my cock, near the tip. For me, that's the spot that gives me the most and best sensation. I see her fleshy ass undulate as I pound her, and her tits are half out of her sports bra, nipples erect. Eventually, I can no longer hold as the intense sensation of climax rapidly builds. The sensation shifts quickly from my whole body to a focused pressure. I pull out and rest my cock on the top of her ass, right between her cheeks. My first spurt of cum is powerful, shooting up her lower back on getting on her shirt. I continue to shoot spurts of cum onto her ass and it pools on the tip of my cock. Once my warm cum cools slightly, Stephanie starts to get goose bumps on her ass and I feel them on the sensitive spot on my cock. The sensation of those bumps is intimate and thrilling. It's the perfect feeling to finish our encounter together, so personally.

At last, we've done what we both wanted to do for so long. I reach down to my gym bag, grab my towel and clean us up. She does the same. We satisfyingly put ourselves back together. We look at each other intently, "next week?" I ask.

"I wouldn't miss it," she replies.;u=5389