What if Phoenix had ordered another drink at the hotel bar on her 1st night in Montreal?


This story is the first of three that were written on a business trip to Montreal in Winter 2019, where I was staying at hotels alone but was oh so horny and really wanted to make some devilishly bad decisions. Like a good chaste gyrl and loyal partner though, I didn't do the things described here, but maybe somewhere in a parallel universe there is a Phoenix that did. I like to imagine that these are the escapades that other Phoenix experienced which I missed out on, although who knows how events would have turned out if I really had been the bad gyrl I wanted to be.

When Phoenix got to the hotel in Montreal, late on the first night of her business trip, she wanted sex so badly... but tragically, her partner was at home and the ring around her finger was a stern reminder of the oath she had sworn. She kept her head down at the hotel bar, refusing to make eye contact to avoid striking up conversations with strangers, tired and grumpy as she was from a long day of hopping one flight to another. Her conscience wouldn't let her flirt with anyone, let alone bring a stranger into her room on the first night in a city she'd never even been to before.

In another life, Phoenix went back to her room and fell asleep without much ado; tired from a long day of travelling. In this life, however, Phoenix stayed at the bar and had one more beer, before still, against all odds and through the sufferings of cruel fate, heading back to her hotel room alone.

Now equally tired and alone but drunk instead of mostly-sober, it became a triple tragedy when Phoenix realized that the wifi in her room didn't work while trying to watch porn, and quadruply so when the grainy video-on-demand channel from the airport Sheraton didn't have any adult content. WTF Westin?

One-beer-in real-life Phoenix would have pulled out her laptop, slipped under the soft cotton sheets, written some erotica then tucked in with a good book and gone to sleep early. Two beer Phoenix though was intent on masturbating, lack of porn be-damned. What was she supposed to masturbate to though, an old episode of Friends? Granted, the cast of the old sitcom was looking pretty good at this point after channel flipping past a French version of the Simpsons and a boxing match where one ugly flabby guy beat up a slightly smaller ugly flabby guy in just only 25-seconds. Good comedy and spectacular sportsmanship for sure, but not exactly the type of thing Phoenix wanted to finger herself to... so she kept flipping but tragically couldn't find anything sexier than the late-night news. She turned off the television and threw the remote down on the bed with an emphatic humph.

She briefly considered going to the pool and hot tub, maybe the fitness center, but that was her plan for a relaxing morning and she didn't want to spoil it by staying up late and doing something stupid that she'd regret tomorrow. Besides, the pool was certainly closed now anyhow (it was almost midnight), and that left just the fitness center which was probably deserted at this time of night anyway... and the last she needed to do was accidentally find herself working out at midnight; she'd never get to sleep! So instead, Phoenix sulked for a moment, and then looked around her room for something, anything, that might lead to a bit of fun on this lonely night...

Sadly, there was nothing phallic in sight. Nothing that would serve as a make-shift dildo; nothing resembling a boob to fondle or sweet set of lips to satisfy her bisexual cravings and at this point, lust for even inanimate objects. It looked like she was going to have to do this the old fashioned way. Just her fingers and a vivid imagination...

So Phoenix closed her eyes. First, she thought of her partner's luscious dark hair, and soft gentle curves... admittedly getting thicker as the years went by but still looking good with age. Beautiful and handsome, Phoenix imagined those smooth hands firmly gripping her and the taste of those lips and tongue on hers. Even after so many years together, the thought of what awaited back home was almost enough to turn Phoenix on.

But she was tired as well as horny, and being all alone then bringing the thought of something she could have had, maybe, if only she were at home instead of on the other side of the country, ultimately failed to get her blood flowing and was having the opposite effect from what she wanted. So instead, Phoenix closed her eyes and imagined the people (at least the good looking ones) that she'd seen on her flight. She imagined them naked, and standing around the room around her bed, touching themselves, looking at her, licking their lips...

There was the aging but still fit blond stewardess from her first flight before the connection in Ottawa, and the thick brunette with the perky cheeks from the second stint into Quebec. There was the beared French-Canadian on that flight who had made a lewd gay joke at the guy in front of him in the aisle when he asked where he was sitting... "On your lap?" gasp, then embarrassed laughter and a few wide eyes from neighboring passengers. And then there was the tall silver fox that paced the isle anxiously on the first flight, who looked surprisingly familiar to Phoenix... but she couldn't quite place it. Once he had looked up at her, his face marked with anxiety and Phoenix had thought there was a brief flash of recognition, but the man had quickly looked away and resumed his pacing. Maybe it was the feeling of being denied and ignored by someone who seemed familiar, but the thought of the silver fox tickled Phoenix's imagination and gave her goosebumps all along her body...

With her eyes closed, and in her mind's eye, Phoenix watched as the stewardesses materialized in front of her and undressed each other, tossing their uniforms casually on the faded hotel carpet. The thick brown-haired girl lowered her neck to suck on the blonde's pink nipples, then bit at them playfully, while the blond reached between her legs and stroked her pussy. When the brunette's playful nips got more aggressive, the blonde reached down and grabbed her chin, then pulled her up for a kiss. Their breasts slid over one another then they started grinding their bodies together, and moaned and groaned as they locked lips and danced with their tongues. They wrapped their legs around each other as they lay down in the bed, and each turned an eye outward towards Phoenix while they ground their hips as one.

On the other side of the bed, the bearded French-Canadian had taken off his shirt, revealing a slim and chiselled physique beneath his clothes. The silver fox pulled his cock out through the fly of his pants, and the younger man knelt down before him and grabbed the cock with his hand and stroked it back and forth a few times before taking it into his mouth. His eyes locked with Phoenix as his lips enclosed the head, and he stared at her while his lips slid up and down the glistening shaft. Phoenix reached down between her legs.. She certainly wouldn't mind someone's real lips on her at the moment, but alas she'd just have to imagine that. She felt the tingling sensation build up inside her as her fingers worked back and forth,, her head flipping left then right and back again as she watched the imaginary blowjob and girls' grinding with her eyes closed. With her other hand she slowly began sliding her fingers down further and her middle finger slip teasingly into her ass.

Now she imagined the two men moving towards her, each one standing to one side. The tip of that silver fox's cock was on her left, the chiseled younger man's cock on the right. She imagined the salty taste of that first bit of pre-cum leaking out while she closed her lips around the head and sucked first one, then another. Her mouth was still watering from the nuts the bartender had given her free with her beer. Compared to the bitterness of the alcohol still on her tongue, the pre-cum tasted slightly sweet.

After Phoenix had given both cocks their due with her mouth, the younger man pulled away and settled down on his knees on the ground, lifting his ass up ready to be mounted. Seeing what was about to unfold, the women stopped making out and crawled over to spit on the submissive man's ass, which the silver fox then used as lube to slide his cock inside. The younger man let out a grunt as the tip of the man's cock slipped inside him, then the rest of the shaft, and the silver fox began fucking him with long slow strokes. Phoenix reached out and grabbed the younger man's beard as the dominant man fucked him. She stood up and put her crotch to his mouth, which he accepted eagerly. Sucking while getting fucked slowly at first, the older man quickened his pace and intensity. Soon it was ramming speed and their hips smashed together violently and the younger man's head snapped back and a mixed cry of pain and pleasure burst out.

The two women lay down on their backs beside the male couple fucking, put their heads down to the silver fox's moving cock and taking turns licking the various moving targets - the head, shaft and balls. Phoenix imagined what it would be like to slip between their legs, first licking one's pussy then the other's, comparing their taste and textures. She imagined running her tongue along the brunette's plump limps first, then over to the blonde's little pink button clit. As Phoenix imagined herself digging into that feast, she felt the hand of the silver fox slide down over her back as he reached over to her ass, his finger sliding the tip of his index finger inside her and pulling her up into a kneeling position beside the bottom man. He fucked the man with his cock, and Phoenix with his fingers as the two bottoms locked eyes, entwined their fingers together, and bucked their hips in unison.

Phoenix was in heat now, despite the lack of pornographic material in her hotel room. It hardly mattered that it was her own finger in her ass rather than someone else's; she was lost to the moment in her mind.

She imagined as the silver fox reached his finger deeper into her ass, twirling it against her special spot and making her body shudder and shake. He then let his finger slide all the way out of her ass, before plunging it back in and pulling out repeatedly. Phoenix's muscles tense and her breath came in increasingly ragged gasps.

The blonde stewardess reached over and reached between Phoenix's legs with one smooth motion and began stroking. The brunette did the same for the other bottom. Stiffening at the growing intensity of the dual pleasures, Phoenix arched her back and thrust her hips out in front of her, then her ass backwards into the strong grip of the top man. She bucked back and forth, feeling the pressure mount inside her with every stroke and thrust as a series of unstoppable gasps and spasms came out of her.

Getting fucked hard in her imagination, Phoenix was horny enough for anything that came in the hotel door, if someone were clever enough to bypass the deadbolt and sliding lock she had carefully set when coming into her room. But nothing did, all she had was her imagination and that was probably for the best really. For in her mind the two flight attendants now took turns putting their mouths on her, licking and sucking her and batting their long eyelashes up at her with desire. First the blond twirled her tongue around Phoenix then she flipped over and acrobatically did the bridge and pushed her pussy up into Phoenix's mouth to lick while the brunette took her turn putting her face between Phoenix's legs. Then they swapped, with the brunette instead bending over and pushing her ass into Phoenix's face.

Phoenix lapped hungrily at the ass and pussy of the imaginary flight attendants. As she did, the silver fox pulled his fingers out of Phoenix's ass and slid it up along her back and neck to her lips. After a moment's hesitation, but deciding she was glad she'd showered and cleaned herself out thoroughly earlier in the evening, she put her lips around those fingers and sucked on them, satisfying her incorrigible oral fixation.

Alone in her hotel room, her own fingers tasted sweeter than the Twizzlers she'd had on the plane, as she sucked on them greedily in response to the imaginary foursome.

The two flight attendants started to moan, as they had now also begun fingering each other vigorously while also giving head and getting eaten out. How those two vixens managed to bring themselves to orgasm while blowing the two kneeling bottoms beside them, Phoenix couldn't even imagine, contorted as they were. In her mind though they started moaning more and more heavily and shuddering while doing their best to service multiple moving targets.

On the bed, alone in real life, Phoenix stroked herself and licked her fingers, imagining they were those of the silver fox. With each stroke she came closer and closer to climax, she reached down and started fucking her ass with first one, then two, then three fingers. In and out, stretching her in the way she wished she could be stretched by that imaginary cock. In her mind she saw the bearded man start to buck, and after a moment his cum shot into the mouth of the brunette flight attendant, which had been agape and awaiting his load eagerly. Phoenix was momentarily jealous of this figment of her imagination, getting to taste that delicious load, but her own climax was building inside her and about to burst forth.

Her fingers fucked herself forcefully, her hips bucked against her hand and her neck twisted back and forth in ecstasy. She imagined the silver fox pulling his cock out of the other bottom's ass and turning it towards the blonde flight attendant. Still on her knees, the attendant opened her mouth and batted her eyelashes eagerly, even putting her hands to the side of her cheeks to guide the man's cock into place. The silver fox blew his load over the blonde girl's face, and it dribbled down over her nose and cheeks into her mouth and hands. She turned to the brunette flight attendant who was still gargling the other man's cum in her mouth. They began to kiss and lick each other's faces, mixing the mens' cum together and swapping it back and forth between them; one hot dripping mouth to the other.

In Phoenix's mind, she imagined herself leaning over to lick the cum that was dripping down onto the busty brunnette's breasts, then the cum that was dribbling down the cheek of the slender blonde. As she imagined the hot delicious salty snack touching her tongue, her lips, and sliding down her throat Phoenix's hips bucked and her ass starting clenching and tightening again and again around her fingers as she curled her fingers up forcefully inside her. Again and again she hit her secret spot, and after a few seconds of stimulation she sent her own hot load spraying up and out, all over the bottom's still-raised ass. The two flight attendants turned to lick and lap it up eagerly, like cats at a spill of milk, as Phoenix slumped down onto the bed eyes-closed, tired and spent.

After who knows how many breaths, the hot flush in her body slowly dissipated and she finally caught her breath. Phoenix opened her eyes and saw that all was as it should be. Just her, alone in her hotel room, lying naked on a king size bed with her cum on the sheets. Phoenix sighed and closed her eyes for a few more minutes as she lay there, imagining the big post-sex cuddle pileup of sexy imaginary people, and maybe even a round two of the orgy if things went well in the cuddle pile..

Despite the lingering fantasy, in her post-climax clarity of mind Phoenix was genuinely glad that all was as it was and that she really was alone in her hotel room. She was glad she had been faithful (in body at least, if not mind), but she couldn't help but feel a small pang that she was missing out on something more...