From the last part I shared with you about that crazy night:

"Number 5, we're waiting!" the MC announced. I was the last of the 4 of us left to put my dick and balls back on display for the crowd of gay guys. My hesitation stemmed from the fact that I was starting to chub up!

I had squeezed my dick hard to get it to go down. It didn't do a ton, but it did keep me semi-flaccid. Shit. Okay, well this will have to do. I'd just have to make sure this voting went by quickly and not think about anything sexy.

I shoved my mostly-flaccid self back through the hole into the warm spotlights. Cheers.

"Well well, is that handsome cock a bit bigger? Did you take my advice and stroke yourself a bit?"

No! Fuck, they noticed. How embarrassing! I figured that humiliation would help to shrink me down but my nether regions felt weird. Warmer than usual. The fear of being exposed was absolutely still there but it seemed my faster heart rate was having the effect I most certainly did not want and blood was going into my cock with each beat.

Please do the voting quickly, I yelled to myself. In another minute I might be fully hard!

Little did I know that was the MC's plan all along. Also little did I know that the drink I was offered was more than just a fruity shot to assist in my 'courage.' "Don't ever accept drinks from strangers!" I would later tell myself.

"Ooh, is the idea that your friend is getting hard making you hard too, number 1?"

An audience member shouted out, "fuck yes it is!"

Was that true? Was one of my buddies also getting hard too? It certainly wasn't because I was though. He must be getting an inappropriately timed boner just like I am. Just an unfortunate timing circumstance.

"Ooo, and me talking about it is only make it worse! Or better? OH! Did you see that guys? It throbbed!"

Fuck, my friend's dick must be getting really hard. Number 1 was the uncut guy, right? I wonder what that looked like, to see an uncut penis get hard. Would the skin just retract automatically or did it need help? Being circumcised myself, I wasn't sure, but I pictured it. The scary thing is that me picturing my friends growing boner was NOT having the deflation effect I would have expected.

The MC continued to describe my friend's growing cock all the while mine started to pump upwards as well. Fuck me! There was basically no stopping it at his point. I tried to hold back a throb but that only made the inevitable rush of blood that much more powerful. The burst of movement wasn't lost on the crowd.

"Well fuck me, guys. Look at this. Two INCREDIBLY hard cocks on display for us. STRAIGHT cocks on display, at that!" The audience was eating this up. It was at that point that I remembered people were likely taking photos or videos of us. I mean, we were anonymous as long as we didn't win, but still the idea that my dick might be posted on some gay websites made me so nervous.

And did that nervous feeling deflate me at all? Of course not. If anything it emboldened my boner to be 'photo ready' for them. Shit.

"Well 4 and 2, if you want any chance of staying in this game you'd better up the ante. 5 and 1 are putting you to shame. Yes even you, Mr. Thick. Audience, do you think we should give them a moment to get into 'fighting shape'?"

Some folks said no but the bulk of the audience loved the idea of my other two friends getting hard for them. I mean, I understand that; them being gay and all.

"Okay, so 4 and 2 we'll give you 30 seconds to go stroke your cocks and get them up to the same bar as 5 and 1."

"Ooo, or... another idea: if you'd like, I'd be happy to help you with that." The crowd of gays applauded and some volunteered to help. Yeah right were my friends going to allow that. Ha!

"Feel free to pull your dicks back and stroke them yourselves but if you leave them out, that'll tell me you'd like a 'helping hand.'"

Give me a break. I just hoped they would comply and get themselves hard. I was starting to get nervous that if they didn't it would be just between me and my uncut buddy and I certainly didn't want to win.

"Fair, fair number 2. You go take care of those balls too while you're at it!" Looks like Dan had already pulled himself back, obviously.

"Oh, number 4. Are you sure?"

What?? Was Kevin seriously keeping his big dick out there for the MC? Wait, 'big dick'. Why'd I say that? There was no way Kevin was going to let some dude stroke him, especially not in front of a huge audience right?

"I'll take that wiggle as a Yes Please! Let me warm up my hands real quick." The host, "Anita", made a dramatic act of blowing on her hands to warm them up. I couldn't hear any shoes come nearer to us but assumed he must have when he finally said, "Oh, it's so thick! I can barely get my hands around it soft like this!"

I couldn't believe it. My eyes went wide thinking that my friend Kevin, whose idea this whole thing was, was letting a guy basically jack him off! I know I said I wouldn't bring this night up with them ever again but I was thinking I'd have to now that it had come this far.

"Guys, you don't know what you're missing. He's so warm too. Mm, and these balls aren't half-bad either."

Damn! This guy was playing with his nuts too?

"Oop, looks like someone might be jealous." Who?! "Number 5 here looks like he wants some attention too."

I don't! I don't! Although I painfully had to admit to myself that was Kevin was getting jacked off next to me, my own cock was definitely throbbing. I didn't have time to process what that meant so I repressed the thought.

"Number 5, shake your dick up and down if you'd like my other hand, side to side if you're good for now."

I'm certainly good for now! I wiggled my hard cock back and forth and clearly as possible, causing it to hit the sides of the box as I did so. I could actually hear the thump thump thump of my meat as it did-so.

"Oh, fine, be a poor sport. But by the looks of all this pre-"

Then I felt a finger wipe the tip of my dick! My eyes shot open as the first bit of human contact touched my hard cock that night.

"-you're definitely looking for something."

Fuck shit balls! It was true that I was quite a leaker but I hadn't realized I had started already. I could only imagine what my cock must have looked like, dripping with pre-cum and pusling with my growing heart beat.

There was also a terrible sinking feeling that I tried to keep down but couldn't: I did kind of what him or her or whatever to touch me. I was getting so painfully hard and the longer this went on the more I just wanted to cum to be done with it. But that would be gay. So I obviously shouldn't want that.

"Now, back to this slab. Mmm it's getting firm guys, look at this thing."

I assumed she/he was putting Kevin's dick on display by the cheers. More applause went on which didn't give me much info but I figured Anita was doing something to his dick. Whether that was just stroking it harder or wiggling it back and forth who knows. I started to feel a drop of precum run down my shaft.

"Okay, okay. The show must go on and I think we have number 4 sufficiently hard. It got a few more inches longer but FUCK did it get thicker. Good luck pulling that thing back through the hole man."

I eyed my own hole again to try and rationalize just how thick Kevin's dick must have been. I mean fuck, if he really was filling that thing he'd be like the thickness of a gatorade bottle or something. Maybe his hole was smaller than mine.

"Alright, number 2 come' on back out here. Let's see how you've done on your homework."

Some boos erupted from the audience. Oh no, what did that mean?

"Ahh, bummer Mr. Big Balls. If it's any consolation, I think your soft dick is still really nice, but you heard me. Hard dicks only from this point on."

Dan must not have been able to get hard. That sucks. Although, what am I saying? That means he gets to hide his dick away and keep his anonymity. At least to these strangers; I'll probably never be able to forget how big his balls are even though I hadn't actually seen them.

"And with that, there are three: The impressively thick number 4," that's Dan. "The nothing-to-be-ashamed-of waterfall here, number 5," Me. Fuck am I leaking that much? "And the long-strong-and-hooded number 1." Well that's my uncut friend. Was he that long though? I knew I was about 6 inches hard so does that mean my buddy was over 7 inches? 8 inches?

My dick throbbed again. Fuck! Go down already!

"I gotta say, no matter who wins, this is an impressive sight. Aren't you guys so happy for bachelor parties?" The audience agreed loudly. "Now, we could vote now OR, we could get one last piece of evidence to make a decision on. What do you all think?" The gay guys obviously didn't mind more time oggling our hard meat.

"Participants, you up for one more, final game?" Was I? Were my friends?

"Well that's one wiggling dick, thank you number 1." Would Kevin and I hold out? If we did, I think the winner would be between him and our uncut friend. "What about you two? I promise you'll enjoy it."

Applause, "There we go, thanks number 4. So how about it number 5, ready to push this night to the edge?"

Man, Kevin went in as well. I wanted so badly to just pull out now, take my two free drink tickets, and forget about this night but I couldn't. It wasn't Sarah's ideology of 'go with the flow' that was in my mind at this point though, it was something more basic, more lustful. I was harder than I felt like I had been in months and even that little touch from the MC was like electricity through my body.

I could just pull my dick back, but I wouldn't. I wagged my dick in unison with my buddies. Applause reaffirmed I made the right decision for the crowd.

"Okay, we'll need the tubes boys. Marty, can you grab those for me?"

The tubes?

"Boys, this is a pretty easy game and one that will definitely leave you happy. Marty here is about to attach little silicon tubes onto your glory holes there on the outside."


"I'm sure you've all heard of fleshlights before. Well these will basically act as the same thing and be attached to the box, allowing YOU to gyrate as much as you desire."

Oh god... no...

"And don't worry, it'll be lubed up, even though I doubt number 5 needs any help in that department." Laughs and cheers filled the room but I was standing there perfectly still, blushing although no one could tell. I knew where this was going. Again, I could have opted out, but I also wanted what was coming. I needed to get off.

"You'll all hump yourself to climax for us tonight! After that, we'll have enough evidence to choose a winner, right guys?" The audience agreed.

I stood there petrified but incredibly turned on. I never would have thought that this night would lead to me basically fucking myself to orgasm in front of an audience of gay men. Who would? But that's where it was indeed heading. I have no clue what transfixed me into this. Sure Kevin got us into this mess but before tonight I would have totally just chickened out.

Something in me had changed. I was not only hard beyond my better judgement but I was actually eager to cum. Eager to release myself in front of these gay guys anonymously. It'd probably be different if I wasn't shielded by this box but either way, I knew that in a few minutes I would be busting my nut in front of dozens of eyes and camera phones. And I wanted to.

The last bit of humility I had was knowing that I wasn't exactly a cum fountain. Pre? Yeah. But I didn't shoot a bunch when I came. I'd heard (and seen in a few porn videos here and there) that most guys, or at least porn stars, actually like 'shoot' their cum out. I was more of a toothpaste tube if that helps illustrate.

That was actually probably pretty graphic. Either way, the point is that I think both friends beat me in one way or another from a dick perspective and I was willing to bet my anonymity that they'd shoot farther or more than I would. So now I was going to get to cum, two free drinks, and no one would be the wiser.

Oh how wrong I was...