I'm (Brad) the "cucky" member of a Stag/Vixen relationship. Vixen (Josie) and I "live the lifestyle" as much as we can and we are full players in what we do.....she fucks the BBC she wants (alone or with me), and then I fuck her. Most of what I write will be in that genre, A LOT of it true....some of it pure fiction or scenarios I've concocted. If you have constructive criticism of my stories, be descent and I'll see what I can do. To be even more spicy, if you have a scenario you'd like Vixen and I to play out in real life let us know and we may even surprise you with a true story about it!

Chapter 1: The hand job.

Time together and alone without their six combined kids was a hot commodity for newlyweds Brad and Josie, but this week they had it. Brad had made all of the plans. Together for New Years Eve weekend and the following 4 days, the weekend was going well and as planned. New Years Eve at a small but popular seafood restaurant in a small, southwest Baltimore neighborhood followed by ringing in the New Year at a very adult night club a few blocks away from the restaurant. Baltimore was a city Brad and Josie had never been and was just outside of Washington D.C. so they were looking forward to spending some time seeing the nation's capital. A nice hotel downtown with, great food and drinks was going to act as "home base" for their fun filled weekend, or so they thought.

The morning of January 1st, 2016 brought a slight hangover and a wakeup call from the bright sunshine now beaming through the curtains they forgot to close the night before.

"Love, I need a Bloody Mary," said foggy-headed, Brad.

"Mmmmmm, what time is it? Stay here and snuggle me unless you're going downstairs to get coffee" said Josie, now laying as the inside spoon against Brad and clearly in no hurry to wake up and get moving.

"Ten o'clock," said Brad with a smirk, "and we'd better get going if we want to have any chance of not wasting away our day," knowing full well that was their habit when they had this kind of time on their hands.

Brad and Josie have been known to spend well intentioned days sightseeing laying around the hotel drinking shots of tequila and having all forms of sex and Josie, in her usual nature seemed to want to mark this first day of 2016 the same way.

"Mmmmm. How about we start the day the way we like," murmured Josie as she reached behind herself to find Brad's cock and coax it to life by doing something she loved, giving a hand job.

Josie and Brad are lost and found lovers. They seriously dated at the end of high school and through most of college but distance, new careers, and the like sent them on their separate ways. Twenty years later, married to people they knew they shouldn't be married to, Josie Facebook messaged Brad from across the country to see if he would meet her for a drink in Denver, a short distance from where Brad lived. They hadn't laid eyes on each other except in their minds for over 20 years. Within minutes of their illicit meeting they knew what they were missing and made plans to dissolve marriages and become what they were supposed to be all along. Together. A year and two divorces later, Josie and Brad were married. The entanglements of 20 years of previous marriage, kids, and jobs kept the lovers apart for most of the week. But on weekends and whenever else they could steal time they traveled to each other meeting in different cities all around the country. Needless to say, frequent flier miles and hotel diamond club perks are part of their daily routine.

Josie, as was her habit raised herself up, groggy and tired, to the sitting position at Brads legs and used her expert ring and bracelet adorned hands to stroke Brad's hardening cock. Her hand jobs are expert, like she was born to give this type of pleasure too often lacking in most sexual relationships. As good as Josie was at fucking, including anal (which Brad introduced her to he thinks), and blowjobs, she mastered the art of the hand job and it was quite by accident. An unusual fuel for sexual tension between these two lovers is Josie's detailed stories of how she became so skilled at her craft. Stories which are sometimes coaxed out by Brad but sometimes freely offered at the most opportune times by Josie to very quickly start a searing fire in Brads crotch and mind.

Some of these "opportune times" take place in public settings where Josie will run her hand up Brad's upper pant leg at a social function, while sitting at a bar, or while out to dinner. Not looking at Brad, or his crotch Josie will lay her hand on his leg and aggressively run it up the left side until she gets a quick handful of his cock to get the blood flowing, and then rest her hand exactly at the point where the cock head touches the outside of Josie's hand through his pants. This initial move is unperceivable to the common observer—that's how good Josie is. With very small and subtle movements of Josie's hand on the head she will have Brad's cock at a comfortable but publically awkward half hardness—out of nowhere pressing her beautiful lips to the sensitive opening of Brad's ear, "Wanna hear a Sully story?" is all it takes to get Brad instantly rock hard and set his mind into a tingly fog. During these times Brad's whole world immediately reduces to only his mind, his cock, and his beautiful wife, who is going to reveal another "Sully story."

Sully is a guy Josie experimented with in College. You could say they dated but mostly it was a sexual experimentation and exploration phase. Both Josie and Sully were on the track team their junior year and as track teams do, they traveled frequently from meet to meet. Early on, Josie and Sully found themselves attracted to and sitting next to each other at the near back of the bus as was the norm for juniors and seniors and the track stars. Surrounded by unknowing team-mates, amongst some of the more studious taking the bus time to finish chemistry homework, amongst loud gossipy stories of who's going to be on the prom court or the absurdity of the varsity football QB's new mini rice rocket as transportation,

Sully moved Josie's hand to his cock and subtly moved a sweatshirt over his mid-section to mask what would become a standard bus ride home from track meets. Along with instruction and encouragement from Sully, Josie would work his cock until he left his sticky reward for a job well done in her hand. At times after he'd jerked off already that day, or received a lunchtime blowjob from the nerdy, big-tittied, bookworm nicknamed "Spags," he was able to hold out his orgasm for the entire bus ride back to school. This caused a number of anxious last minute, pulling into the parking lot orgasms and a tired arm for Josie. On one occasion in particular it caused an embarrassing episode when the rest of the track team had exited the bus leaving only Josie frantically jerking off Sully in the back of the bus unable to cum until the track coach was walking down the aisle to see what was the matter. Cum now blasting into the sweatshirt, "Isn't it time to go now" said coach. Josie claims nobody else on the bus suspected the routine but readily admits the loud gossip and talking significantly reduced when her arm started moving under that sweatshirt and Sully would look around with a glazed look on his face most of the time lit only by the passing streetlights as the bus bounced down the road. Not to mention one incident where a fellow female team member and friend reached her hand across the bus aisle and stroked Josie's leg while she was working Sully's cock.

Now with a nice hot, wet, tongue sucking on Brad's ear lobe, "You know, the only reason I was on the track team my senior year was to give Sully hand jobs," revealed Josie in the crowded bar, sending frisson tingles down Brads back and into his loins.

Josie is a physical anomaly. A physically stunning, thin, nearly six-foot tall woman with legs much longer than her torso, long arms and skinny hands, an overly full head of auburn hair which always looks good pulled back or let down, and a firm and full set of B-cup tits. She turns heads in every venue, casual, professional, or social. What really sets Josie apart from her physical beauty is her personality. As some have said, "she commands a room," as soon as she walks into it. Her natural confidence and outgoing personality are contagious with other women, combined with her natural good looks make their men want to fuck her. Always dressed and prepped with stylish clothes and jewelry that catches the eye, intelligent but down to Earth Josie can carry a conversation with another College principle, lawyer, or Harley rider.

With total concentration, one un-lubed hand lightly stroked Brad's cock while the other gently cupped his balls. As she'd learned from years of practice, Josie was careful not to drag her hand along the un-lubed skin of Brad's cock but rather lightly grasped and moved the outside cock skin to work and massage the cock muscle beneath. Working Brad's cock from the base with slow, rhythmic, short strokes to pull and keep blood in his cock, she then moved to the middle of his cock where she firmed her grip and used another more aggressive short stroke in an attempt to "milk" his cock of cum. Without a word and when she sensed Brad was close, she again loosened her grip and formed a circle with her pointer finger and her thumb and moved those fingers to the base of Brad's cock head and rhythmically tightened and loosened the noose on his cock ultimately subsiding Brad's urge to cum.

This is the point where Josie could usually see the first drops of thick and clear pre-cum ooze from the opening of Brad's cock. Brad was very close but couldn't quite get his release because of the minimal stimulation provided by the circle method, or "milking the monkey" as they had both learned from another hand job blog. Tighten, and loosen, tighten, and loosen, in rhythm, time and time again. Brad's hips started to hump...nothing. Josie wouldn't allow any more stimulation than the pressure provided by the tightening and loosening of her fingers at the base of the head adjusting her pressure to bring Brad to the edge of orgasm and then back off time and again causing Brad to frantically hump. More pre-cum oozed creating a substantial puddle at the crook of Josie's thumb and hand. At this point, humping and groaning, Brad knew Josie would be the one unable to hold out much longer. As much as Brad loved her hand jobs and loved the warm tingly escalation until his climax, Josie loved to make Brad cum. This Brad knew, was in his favor. It would be just a matter of minutes before he would release. It was just a matter of how Josie would get him there and how she would allow it. The natural lube now running out of Brad's cock and down Josie's wrist was too much. Josie released her noose and quickly wet Brad's cock with his own pre-cum and stroked the full length.

"Did you see that hot, tall, muscular black guy who was checking me out in the lobby yesterday?" Josie said with an intense face and sly grin, "I would have sucked his big cock." Works every time. Brad lay stunned and in a tingly haze from Josie's hand job, her tall black man comment, and his deep, core-level cum. "Let's go check out the harbor and get some Bloody Mary's," said Josie, "I'm dry."