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Hilarion in the ballet Giselle gets mistreated. He is forced by the Queen of the Wilis to dance until he dies. Why? When Giselle saves her faithless lover Albrecht? So this is another version.

Hilarion loved Giselle. His problem was that she didn't love him and was seduced by Prince Albrecht. When Hilarion revealed Albrecht's true identity and that he had been deceiving Giselle, she danced frantically, despite a weak heart, until she died.

Hilarion knew that the forest was haunted by the Wilis, the ghosts of women who has been betrayed by their lovers.

But he hadn't betrayed anyone. He loved Giselle and was heartbroken by her death. Even if Giselle hadn't loved him, he would have wished for Giselle to be happy with a man of her choosing, but not Prince Albrecht, who was already engaged to a noblewoman.

Despite the threat of the Wilis, he decided to visit Giselle's grave. He brought a garland to put on her grave. But as soon as he had left it he was surrounded by the Wilis. He tried to run away but each time he was prevented by several Wilis. Eventually four of them grabbed him. They were all wearing eight feet diameter white wedding veils. One veil was thrown over his head as the other three Wilis twisted their veils and tied them around him. He was dragged to face their Queen and pushed to his knees.

Myrtha ordered that the Wilis should force Hilarion to dance until he died, the punishment for a faithless lover. That was what happened in the ballet. But...

Myrtha the Queen was startled. Her Wilis refused to obey her. Giselle appeared and spoke up for Hilarion.

"My Queen, Hilarion is NOT a faithless lover. He was always faithful to me, even if I couldn't return his love. He is grieving for me and for what I could have been. He does not deserve to die for loving a woman who didn't love him. His state is almost the same as we Wilis - betrayed by the woman he loved. Please?"

"Our Queen," Another Wili said, "We cannot obey your orders for Hilarion. We feel for him and his grief. We cannot and will not force him to dance until he dies for he has committed no offence except that of loving the wrong woman."

"But he as committed an offence," the Queen said. "He has seen the Wilis. Anyone seeing the Wilis is supposed to die unless he can survive by dancing until dawn when we have to disappear. But you won't force him to dance? What then?"

"We love him for his love for Giselle," a Wili said.

Myrtha laughed.

"You love him? Then his punishment is... He must make love to all the Wilis until they are satisfied. If he survives that? He can go."

"But, our Queen, there are forty of us. How...?"

"I'll be merciful. You have ten nights. Each day he will still be bound with invisible bonds, He can't leave Giselle's grave. Whether he can satisfy you as he starves? Up to you Wilis. If he does? The eleventh night will be with me... You four holding him can start now."

Hilarion was dragged away by the four Wilis. They put him down on a grassy bank and some stripped his lower parts. A Wili lifted her layered white skirts and impaled herself. Hilarion would have gasped but his face was covered by a white satin covered cleavage. He struggled to breathe as the Wili pounded up and down on him. Because he couldn't believe that he was being roughly fucked by a ghost he was able to hang on until she was satisfied. He groaned as the first Wili was replaced by another, able to breathe as the smothering breasts changed. This time the breasts were not as threatening, allowing him to breathe through his nose. But the second Wili was much more gentle and Hilarion couldn't restrain himself any longer. He came into the Wili and slumped into the arms of the Wili breast smothering him.

She pulled his head to rest on her layered skirts.

"Two down in such a short time, well done. But now, sisters, we have to wait. We can't expect Hilarion to be ready for either of the other two for some time."

A Wili covered Hilarion's body while the other two pressed against his sides. Hilarion thought he might survive, at least the first night, But four each night for the next nine? Could he do that? If the Wikis were compassionate and treated him gently? Perhaps? But all of them were Wilis because they had been betrayed by their lovers. Would any want revenge on a helpless Hilarion?

He woke up to find that his erection was being used by a third Wili. The breasts smothering him were nearly as gentle as the second pair. He was able to breathe even if he felt that his tool was being used too much. But he was wrung dry - again, and went back into a tired sleep.

Later he groaned as his tool was being used a fourth time.

"Hilarion! It is neatly dawn. If you don't succeed before dawn I don't know what Myrtha will do to you."

Eventually Hilarion was able to produce a small amount. The Willi rolled off him. He was nearly asleep again but a Wili shook him.

"Hilarion? Is there anyone in the village who could bring you food?"

Giselle answered because Hilarion was too far gone.

"Greta loves him, almost as much as he loved me. Now I am dead, perhaps Greta might claim Hilarion when he has recovered from his grief."

"Then go - now to Greta. Hilarion will be restrained here until tomorrow night, He cannot leave your grave but he will need food and drink if he is to survive."

Giselle went. She appeared to Greta in a dream and told her to come to Hilarion by Giselle's grave as soon as she could.

When Giselle returned it was nearly dawn. A Wili whispered in Hilarion's ear.

"We will remove most of your bonds but you will be restrained by a leg. The bond will be invisible but you will be unable to move more than a few feet from Giselle's grave until another four Wilis will come this evening. If Greta can look after you? You might survive the ten nights but Myrtha? She is a vengeful bitch. She was left at the altar. In her wedding dress she went to her lover's house, took his sword and ran him through the heart before cutting his head off. She wiped his head on her ass before she shoved the sword into her heart. What she might do to you? We don't know. If you survive until the eleventh night we will try to protect you for Myrtha's rage."

Hilarion went into an exhausted sleep. He was woken by Greta kissing his cheek.

"Hilarion?" Greta said. "As asked by Giselle I have brought you food and drink. Is there anything else you need?"

"Thank you, Greta. I appreciate that. But I am sore. Whether I can survive nine more nights and then Myrtha? I don't know."

"I'll be back later with some salve for the sore parts. Until then? Remember I love you. Giselle might not have done, but she feels sorry for you. Maybe between us we can save you."

Greta returned a couple of hours later with the salve. She pulled Hilarion's trousers down and anointed him gently. He was surprised that despite the gentle touch of Greta's hands he did not become erect. He knew that Greta loved him but his love for Giselle had been overwhelming. But maybe he was just too tired.

That night four different Wilis manged to produce four erections from Hilarion. It took Greta even longer to wake him up in daylight but he had survived eight Wilis.

After dark that night, while Hilarion was being held by four Wilis a furious Myrtha shouted at him.

"What have you done, Hilarion? I had forty virgin Wilis. Now I have only thirty-two. What have you done with the other eight?"

"I don't think he has done anything," Giselle said. The Wilis have used him and they are no longer virgin. So far eight have lost their virginity by fucking Hilarion. It was your order, Myrtha. If this goes on - you will have none."

"I can't change my order. He must be fucked to death," Myrtha said.

"Then you will have but one Wili - me," Giselle said. "I won't fuck Hilarion. If Albrecht was here? Him I would fuck, but not Hilarion."

Myrtha stormed off in a rage as the Wilis took it in turns to ride Hilarion. By dawn he was shattered again but Giselle was beside him until daylight.

Greta returned. She had to wipe the Wilis' virgin blood off Hilarion before she could apply the salve. She cuddled him until dusk when four more Wilis appeared.

"Be gentle, please?" Greta asked. "I want him when he survives."

"Don't you mean if?" A Wili asked.

"No. When. If you Wilis are careful and I tend to him each day, he should."

"Until Myrtha," the Wili replied. "Myrtha is not likely to let him live, especially now as all those who have fucked him have moved on and are now longer her Wilis.

Over the next few nights Greta looked after Hilarion in the day and Giselle was beside him at night to try to persuade the Wilis to be gentle. But Myrtha, losing four Wilis each night, was getting more angry.


Eventually it was the dawn of the eleventh day. Hilarion was shattered, resting on Greta's skirt as she stroked him. Only Giselle and Myrtha was left of all the Wilis and tonight Hilarion had to face Myrtha. Would she take revenge on him for her faithless lover and the loss of her Wilis?

Greta stayed with Hilarion even after dusk when Giselle appeared. The two of them tried to persuade Myrtha to be merciful.

"My Queen," Giselle said. "If you make love to Hilarion? You will no longer be a Wili and not a Queen. I will be the only Wili left until there are more - as there will be. Do you really want to give up being a Queen just to punish Hilarion? Please be merciful. He loved me. Greta loves him and wants him. Please? You killed the man who was faithless to you. Hilarion has been faithless to no one..."

"Giselle? I have been thinking. Do I want to be a queen with only one subject? Do I still want revenge on men for the fault of one man whom I killed? Hilarion has deprived me of all my subjects except you. So..."

Myrtha took off her crown, looked at it sadly, and passed it to Giselle.

"From tonight, Giselle, you are Queen of the Wilis and will remain Queen until Albrecht has been punished for betraying you. I will make love to Hilarion and cease to be a Wili. But I will not kill him. I will make love slowly and carefully. There are no more Wilis to breast smother him because Giselle won't. Greta? Will you?"

"Yes, Queen, I will, but with love."

"Then at dawn Hilarion will be yours - but he will always be Giselle's too. Can you live with that?"

"Yes, Queen, if Hilarion can live."

"He will, and I will be gone."

Myrtha lifted her skirts and gently eased herself down on to Hilarion's much used and abused erection. Greta held Hilarion's head against her breasts as the Queen slowly and gradually brought Hilarion to a climax. Unlike the other Wilis she didn't attempt to prolong the coupling. She squeezed as she thrust downwards. Hilarion gasped into Greta's cleavage and then Myrtha was gone.

Just before dawn Giselle spoke to Greta who was cuddling an unconscious Hilarion.

"As Queen, now with no subjects, I have a present for you, Greta. Hilarion might not appreciate it. But the Wilis have discarded their veils. Here they are..."

Suddenly Greta was holding a Hilarion tightly wrapped with forty veils.

"They are now yours, Greta. Just throw one over Hilarion's head, and he has to do whatever you want him to. Two? He will be completely helpless, You can tie him up with some of the others before uncovering his head, if that's what you want, and then? Shove his head under your skirts..."

Greta blushed.

"He is yours, Greta. You and I have saved him. Perhaps, sometime, if I tire of being Queen, I might ask to borrow Hilarion. But I don't think I will. I still need revenge on Albrecht. Yes my love saved him, but he betrayed me..."

"Goodbye, Giselle, and thank you."

The dawn broke and Giselle disappeared, leaving Greta hugging her Hilarion.