It had started the night before. I had a terrible pain in my back - my shoulder and hip were on fire. So when Julio called just before 6 pm, ready to come over, I said, "Nothing is possible today. I feel really bad, mucho dolor. Sorry!"

"Ay, lo siento. You like I will make masaje for you?"

"A massage? Ummm - well - ok."

"You can be on you bed upstairs? I make masaje for you. You will be ok, I fix you problem."

He was behind me as I crawled up the stairs on all fours. I was so sore, I could barely stand! Still, he couldn't resist putting his palms on the cheeks of my ass and squeezing.

"Hey - NO!"

He chuckled softly and said, "You are ok, I make better for you!"

He took off all my clothes and I very laboriously got into place on a large towel. He took his clothes off as well, and while I was whining and grunting in pain, he got the oil, rubbing his hands together. He smiled. "Ahh, mi pobre be'be', I love you..."

I was grateful that he seemed to be all eager to give me a massage. I tried to relax, as he straddled my butt and began. But oh! Suddenly it felt like a mac truck on my body! He was pounding me, squeezing so hard, leaning fully into me with all his weight, both hands pressing and kneading fiercely all over my back - oh God! I was yelling,

"Oh - nooo, I can't take this - oh, God! Stop - oh please - it hurts so much! STOP!"

But he did not. No, not for a second. Trapped under him, his strong thighs holding me, I was in pure agony, since he just ignored my cries and kept working on my back so hard! After several minutes, he did leave off and I collapsed, in total misery. He lay down next to me, one arm behind his neck.

"That did no good at all - I hurt even more now!" I wailed.

"Mmm - is ok, no worry for this, it will be ok..." he mumbled. He took his cock in hand and rubbed it, looking at me with a little smile. "You like suck my dick?" he asked, expecting my usual willingness to do his bidding. But I was in no mood to do that tonight.

"Nnnnuh-uhhh," I whimpered.

He slowly moved his own hand up and down, as his cock stiffened. "Show me you pussy, bay-bay. Open you pussy for me now, I like to see this."

Well, that I could and would do. I held the labia apart with both my hands, exposing the inner lips and the bright pink salmon-color entry to the secret grotto. Watching him as he continued to do it for himself, seeing his face - that sweet grimace of rising pleasure... oh yes, I did get very excited, I felt the juice begin oozing and my fingers slipped softly into the folds of my warm, wet pussy and tickled my clitoris. He began to rub himself fast and faster and he did come, just looking at me. His semen squirted into his palm and also onto his chest. He relaxed, let his hand fall, and lay back. Wow, that was so, so hot, for me to see that! I kept touching myself, breathing even more quickly and then here it came - that oh-so-lovely burst of vibrating sensations, ripples of pleasure all through my whole body... Ah, yes, yes!

He shut his eyes and seemed to fall asleep. I snuggled up and lay nestled against him, my cheek on his chest, my arm across his middle for awhile; but then I got restless. I lifted my head and looked down. I saw his beautiful broad chest, his belly, his navel, his loins... the black hair at his crotch. And oh! There was his lovely cock. Somehow, I forgot my pain entirely and moved towards it, taking it into my mouth and letting my head lie at the top of his thigh, keeping that cock in my mouth like a huge pacifier. It was fat and soft; I actually kept sucking at it gently, just for comfort. Yes, just like a pacifier! He seemed to be quite deeply asleep and oblivious.

I continued, lulling myself with quick little sucking motions, my tongue under it, my cheeks closing around it... then I felt it swell slightly. I closed my own eyes and I guess I realized I was going to be a succubus this night! I began to get pretty hot with this game, and he was very still, perhaps dreaming... I wondered if I was going to give him a wet dream! Such fun!

I kept sucking and his cock got quite hard - not as fully erect as it might be, but - well - wow! "Mmm, mmm," I was moaning and all my pain simply melted away.

Suddenly he awoke and flung himself on top of me in one quick move. My pussy was soaking inside and he zoomed into place, fast and crazy hot as hell! He was close to coming now, immediately - and he did. Good God! I didn't come - I just went wild though! He was clutching my hair and I had my legs flung out so wide I thought my bones would break. Him panting, me howling and it was all over in a few minutes.

He lay on me a bit, then got up and brought me a warm cloth, gently beginning to clean me, as I scooped some semen from my pussy, to lick off my fingers.

"Ay, mi amor, eres mujer maravillosa!" (my love, you are a marvellous woman!)

Yes. I surely felt just that way. Marvellous, no pain. And today - a day later - all better! Yeah, he said he'd fix me and he was so right - so-so-so right!

Now I do believe I may have discovered a new form of opioid - maybe!