Cucks Anonymous

"Come have a look at this, Katie," Dave shouted from the den. When I joined him on the sofa, he handed his phone to me.

"Take a look."

I found myself staring at a vibrant Whatsapp group page, with messages pinging in on every occasional second.

"It's a Whatsapp group page," I said, "what's so special about it?"

"Well, it's a swinger's group.""

I paid closer attention to the messages being sent back and forth and I started feeling aroused. Couples, single men and ladies were chatting back and forth, exchanging their direct contacts and organizing swing parties. It was amazing.

"How do you join the group?" I could barely contain my excitement.

"A simple thirty dollars fee and voila!"

"I can see that some of these couples and people are within our neighborhood," I said, "pay up, why don't we have some fun?"

"I already have," there was a big smile on Dave's face.

We spent that afternoon going back and forth with a bunch of people within our area. If Dave had told me about this in the morning, I would have probably dismissed it as a waste of time. Yet, within a couple of hours, I had struck a conversation with an interesting guy who was living only a block away and was willing to come over.

I showed Dave the train of conversation between me and the guy who turned out to be named Albert. Dave got very excited seeing how inviting I was, and I asked Albert to come over to our apartment.

He had arrived within the top of the hour and I was glad that he looked exactly the same as his profile picture. He had large, inquisitive black eyes that matched his wavy hair. He wore tight-fitting jeans and a leather coat, and even though I had not asked him his age, he could not be any younger than a middle-aged man.

I was wearing a black, tight-fitting skirt and a see-through top with my large tits partially visible. I could see the excitement on Albert's face as he introduced himself, and I allowed him into the den.

"It's amazing how a Whatsapp group can get all of us connected," said Albert once he took a seat. Dave joined us and we chatted a little about our interests, but I could see that Albert was unable to keep his eyes off me.

Dave told me that it was very erotic to serve men when barely clothed, and so I slipped into the bedroom, took off my skirt and returned carrying a tray with three refreshments. I was just in my pink thong and I let my tits dangle in front of me.

Albert was completely unable to stop staring at me, even unable to down his drink without slightly choking.

"Don't be bashful," Dave said, following his gaze, "she's all yours."

I walked over to Dave and stood directly in front of him, allowing him to kiss my panties. He wrapped his hands around my ass and started breathing hard. I bent over so that Dave could see my sumptuous ass, as well, then I reached into Albert's trousers and removed his hard dick.

I started sucking him slowly as he completely laid back in his seat and let his hands fall freely to the side. Dave always enjoyed watching me pleasuring another man and I knew he was already touching himself.

Soon enough, I got to my feet and slipped off my underwear. Albert was only able to scramble to partially remove his jeans trousers. But his large cock was nicely erect over his boxers, and so I got on top of him and started riding him.

The moment his cock slipped inside me, he let out a loud moan that even excited Dave because I heard some commotion behind me. But my focus was fully on Albert, and I smothered my tits into his face as he sucked them like a baby.

For a few minutes, the only sounds in the room were grunts, moans and the squishy sound leather seats make when there is constant motion on them. I enjoyed Albert's cock but it was not significantly different from that of Dave.

He was in an awkward position, me on top of him and dominating him, but he was not complaining. In fact, he had a big, strange smile on his face and when I felt him ejaculating, I jumped off him.

We sat there for a couple of minutes thereafter, staring at each other, unable to believe that a simple Whatsapp group had led to such a nasty connection.

"I still can't believe you're practically our neighbor," said Dave, putting his pants on.

He was a dirty cuckold and I knew we would be up at it again soon enough.