Disclaimer: All the people in this story are above 18. I don't now own any of the characters in the story, it is all fiction.

Wrestlemania just ended and was a long hiatus due to some changes happening in the WWE. The first show with a live audience was scheduled on Wednesday night. NXT was currently expected to make a big impact. Everyone wanted to see what the changes were. Many of the WWE superstars had been bragging on social media about how it was now time for them to show what they were made of.

The show opens up with COO Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon making their way down to the ring.

"Welcome to NXT, Welcome to the new Era of WWE." Triple H said and began hyping the crowd.

Over the past two years WWE had faced low ratings. The whole idea of starting a new era was all Triple H. He had signed off on this and personally got permission from Vince McMahon, He assured everyone, the entire board that this was going to make history.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen. You probably do not know we have made a few changes to the way the show runs. From now on all our shows will be three hours long, the first two hours will be normal, the normal PG show. Whereas the last hour will be a bit similar to the Attitude Era. We know how much you guys enjoyed the Attitude Era and we wanted to give you it back." Triple H announced.

The crowd went wild everyone was on their feet clapping. The chants began, "THANK YOU HUNTER, THANK YOU HUNTER."

Another point to be kept in mind was the Attitude Era hour would not be broadcast. WWE Officials even put a ban on any recording devices, meaning the last hour was for the fan's eyes only.

Now the WWE superstars were given notice for this. They were given a list of things that would change, one of the major changes in this would be their attire. Another part to the change was the type of matches. Matches that took place about 25 years ago would be brought back. Most of the superstars were worried, they were afraid of the changes and how it might impact their careers but some of the more dominant superstars didn't really care, they were going to show everyone that in any era, they are still on the top.

After Hunter and Stephanie left the ring the Queen made her return to NXT. The crowd went wild as they saw her enter. She had lost the championship at Wrestlemania and now she was furious. Her plan was to come to NXT and take it over but just as she finished bragging, out came Rhea Ripley challenging her to a match in the last hour of NXT to a match of her choosing to show Charlotte that she was no longer welcome in NXT.

After a couple of matches it was finally time. The main event was approaching and now the Queen began to make a way to the ring. Her music hit and she began to walk towards the ring, fans began to notice some changes to her. As she walked towards the ring she removed her coat as usual, that's when fans really noticed some of the changes that took place. Charlotte's outfit has shrunk, it had shrunk a lot. Charlotte's enormous breast could no longer be contained in her top, one small slip and we would have a wardrobe malfunction. Not only was the top shrunk but also her bottoms, her ass was practically hanging out it was as though she was wearing underwear. But Charlotte didn't care she loved to flaunt her body. She entered the ring and did her usual split, this time giving the audience so much more to see. Fans began cheering, fans were delighted for the new changes they couldn't wait to see what was next.

Then Rhea Ripley made a way out, fans noticed the same change here. Her outfit was more revealing but still not as much as Charlotte's was.

As soon as Rhea got in the ring, Stephanie came out. She began to announce the stipulations for the match. It was going to be a no holds barred match, in order to win the match you would need to strip off your opponents top and bottoms only then you can pin them.

Hearing this the crowd went wild, it was probably the biggest pop ever in WWE. Both Rhea and Charlotte were not expecting this but as soon as the bell rang Rhea was the first want to make the move and tackle Charlotte down.

Charlotte got up she quickly move to the side, she went to a headlock with her Rhea and pushed her down.

Charlotte was strong she was probably one of the strongest female superstars in the company, but Rhea was no weakling.

Rhea was able to match blow for blows with Charlotte, she managed to kick Charlotte down near the apron. She quickly slid out of the ring and pulled Charlotte and threw her over the announce table. She saw an opportunity and grabbed a hold of Charlotte's tights and yanked them down.

Charlotte figured what was going to happen and quickly reacted and kicked her legs back sending Rhea flying. Charlotte's tights were half down, fans got to see her red thong. She quickly pulled it up and smiled at the fans cheering. She knew what fans liked and was planning on tossing Rhea in her bra and panties to the crowd.

Charlotte entered the ring and was caught off guard. Rhea lifted her up and slammed her down, she began kicking her relentlessly.

Charlotte tried to push her self to the ropes to get her to stop but she didn't. It was a no DQ match and a rope break meant nothing. As Charlotte held the ropes, Rhea knew it was her chance and grabbed Charlotte's tights and yanked them completely off.

Charlotte's face turned red, she was the Queen of WWE and she was now in her underwear in front of all these people.

Everyone was on their feet chanting "HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHITT!!"

Charlotte was trying her best to cover up, she like giving the fans as show but not at her own expense. Her red thong was on display for everyone to see.

Rhea couldn't contain her laughter, but staring at the Queen's ass made her hungry for more. She wanted her top off next.

Rhea charged towards Charlotte was got caught in a clothesline. Charlotte quickly put Rhea in the figure 4 leglock and was going for the figure 8.

Rhea got nervous now, she had to do something or she would be in trouble. She tired twisting and turning but it was no use, she finally grazed Charlotte's ass with her hand and started to pull.

Charlotte quickly let go, if he didn't, her underwear would have come off. She quickly backed into the corner, she didn't realize Rhea would play this dirty. She ran forward towards Rhea and performed Natural Selection, sending Rhea face first into the ring. She saw her chance and began ripping Rhea's top off.

She tried taking off Rhea's tights as well but she began kicking, Charlotte gave her ass a tight spank before moving away.

Rhea was furious, she was embarrassed. She stood there in her black bra in front of thousands of people whistling and cheering at her. This was her house, she was the dominant one in NXT, she could not let this go on any longer.

Rhea went for a dropkick landing on Charlotte's face, she grabbed her and performed the Riptide. She grabbed Charlotte's top and tore it off.

Rhea grabbed Charlotte once more, this time she yanked Charlotte's thong up her ass giving her a wedgie as he went for Riptide once more. But the Queen was able to counter, she went to the ropes and using the momentum, speared Rhea.

Charlotte stood there in nothing but a red bra and a red thong that was still stuck up her ass. She reached down and adjusted her thong preparing for another spear.

Fans couldn't take their eyes of the match, more like they couldn't take their eyes off Charlotte.

Charlotte charged in for a spear but was caught from behind in a Kirifuda Clutch. It was Shayna Baszler, she came to help her NXT partner out.

Rhea angrily waked towards Charlotte and pulled her bra, ripping it off completely exposing her large breast to the world.

The crowd went silent for a few seconds followed by a large chant. "HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHITT!!"

Charlotte for a second expected the match to be stopped by WWE officials but she remembered the contract she signed. "Even if there was a wardrobe malfunction, the match would go on as planned."

Charlotte fought back but couldn't break the lock. But Rhea wasn't done, she grabbed Charlotte's underwear on both sides and pulled them down exposing her hairless pussy and royal ass.

For a second fans were speechless, but quickly got back to their chants.

Shayna was surprised Rhea went this far but, it's not like she cared too much. She let Charlotte go and went backstage to get Rhea's bag.

Charlotte covered her breast with one hand and her pussy with the other, she scurried to the corner but Rhea pulled her by the hair and dragged her to the center.

"I'm going to send you back to the B show limping and embarrassed like the royal bitch you are." Rhea said as she lifted Charlotte's naked body and performed a Riptide.

Once Shayna came back with a bag, Rhea smiled. She opened the bag a pulled out a strapon and hastily strapped it to her self. She was going to Fuck Charlotte here and now.

Charlotte was helpless, she had no escape. She tried to run from the ring but Rhea caught her.

"The only way you leave NXT is as my BITCH!! GOT IT!!" Rhea said as she pushed Charlotte on her knees and held the strapon for her.

"LICK IT!!" Rhea commanded.

The audience was losing their minds, they couldn't believe it was going this far but they loved every minute of it.

Charlotte was terrified of how far Rhea was going to take it. She wanted to cover up but everyone already saw her body on display, and even if she tried to cover up, Shayna would just attack her from behind. Her only choice was to obey and get it over with.

Charlotte angrily opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, she looked into Rhea's eyes.

Rhea loved this, she loved the feeling of being in control. She stroked Charlotte's hair back and gently held her face, she guided her strapon to Charlotte's mouth and pushed it in slowly.

As Charlotte started licking it, fans started making as much noise as they could, this was like porn to them, live action porn by some of the hottest athletes in sports entertainment.

Rhea took it further and grabbed Charlotte's face and pushed her strapon by force now. Charlotte gagged, she started coughing and trying to catch her breath. Rhea kicked Charlotte on the head sending her face first into the rind floor. Charlotte was on her knees, her face on the floor.

Rhea knelt down behind Charlotte and smiled, she was gonna Fuck the Queen. Without wasting any time she pushed the strapon into Charlotte's royal pussy and fucked her relentlessly.

Shayna watched as Charlotte was being man handled and just laughed.

The crowd started chanting, "Harder!! Harder!! Harder!!"

Charlotte's facial expression soon started to change, her body began to enjoy it and her face certainly was showing it. She started moaning, her mouth wide open, her eyes closed.

"AHHH MNNNNMM AHH AHH AHHH!!" Charlotte moaned.

Rhea tossed Charlotte out of the ring, she noticed Charlotte enjoying it and wanted the bitch to suffer. She throw Charlotte towards the barricade, fans now got the best view of Charlotte's wet dripping cunt as she was laid out on the floor.

Rhea then lifted Charlotte and placed her on the barricade so that half her upper body was towards the audience and continued to fuck her. One fan saw the opportunity, he watched Charlotte's breast jiggle with each thrust from Rhea and groped Charlotte's breast causing her to moan. Rhea smiled as she watched more and more fans cop a feel.

Rhea soon stopped and tossed Charlotte back in the ring. She lay her on her back flat and this time pushed the entire length inside Charlotte.

Rhea fucked her rapidly, she grabbed both Charlotte's breast and squeezed her nipples as she fucked her causing The Queen to moan louder and louder.

Charlotte now started to realized she was finished, she could never show her face in NXT again. She began to regret ever coming to this show.

With every thrust Charlotte got even closed to an orgasm, all she could do was enjoy the drilling she was getting and hope it ends soon.

Shayna tossed a vibrator in the ring, it was quite large, about six inches.

Rhea took it and pressed it against Charlotte's pussy, this caused Charlotte to go crazy. Her Eyes rolled back she her self grabbed the vibrator and pressed it against her pussy.

Rhea pulled out and helped guide the vibrator in Charlotte's pussy.

Charlotte was on the verge of cumming in front of a live audience and she could not stop.

"AHH!! FUCKK!! AHHH!!" Charlotte's tongue was out, her mouth opened wide, her moan could be heard all over the arena. She cummed in front of everyone and was laid out flat in the middle of the ring.

"If you ever come back, it won't just be me who fucks you. It'll be ever member of NXT and maybe even one or two fans" Rhea says as she laughs and leaves the ring.

Charlotte lays in the ring covered in sweat and her own cum not sure what to do from here.