She winced and breathed in sharply. Letting it out slowing as she rubbed her lower abdomen. This period was a bad one.

"That bad?" he inquired, ignorant of the realities of menstrual pain.

"Yeah." She bit off sarcastically. Wishing to god that education in the US wasn't so broken, especially when it came to anything related to sex, as she continued to rub her cramping uterus. Fuck it still hurt. Why couldn't he see that? It was fucking obvious.

"Sorry babe. Anything I can do?" he asked contritely.

"Not really. It'll be ok." looking at her phone. "I'm going to get some more Advil." Pausing Netflix and setting the heat pad aside, she walked off to the bathroom.

Her frustration at his obliviousness subsiding into guilt at being sharp with him. Fucking hormones. He really did try to be understanding even if he wasn't very good at it sometimes. He didn't call her period "blowjob week" like that asshole she dated in college. Or avoid any mention or anything remotely connected to her period like her ex. She reached into the cabinet for the bottle of Advil, and shook four into her hand, the prescription dose. She tossed them into her mouth holding them there while she filled the cup with some water. Taking a pull from the glass she tried to swallow the tablets but swallowed wrong. One of the tablets had not followed the others. The sensation made her breathe, but before she could stop she inhaled some of the water. And she coughed. Hard.

The feeling was indescribable, except to women who had experienced it. It felt like something fell out of her, like a chunk of her insides plopped out of her vagina. Followed immediately by a gush, and the sensation of peeing out of her vagina. 'Fuck. My. Life.' She thought to herself. Continuing with, 'Being a woman is shit. Glass ceilings, shit pay and this hell'. I guess this explains why I haven't bled much so far today. She pulled down her comfy pants and white period panties with a single quick yank in her angry frustration at the situation. A sudden sharp pain of ripping hair unexpectedly accompanied it.

"FUCK!" she cursed.

The unexpected Brazilian wax, a risk of wearing pads and not being bare. Just a few hairs had to find a tiny bit of exposed adhesive to maim a very sensitive area. 'Perfect' she thought. 'Anything else you want to do to me universe' she said to herself, running a couple fingers along the newly waxed area to remove any still attached hairs before pulling her pants down the rest of the way. As she did so, a huge clot, the size of half dollar, detached from her and stayed on her pad followed by a couple drops of blood. 'blech' she thought first at the feeling the detachment and then seeing the clot. The flood had nearly gone off the edge of her pad. Thankfully it didn't, because that would have just been period hell perfection. She opened the cabinet by the toilet and blindly felt for the package of pads.

She pulled out a Stayfree ultrathin overnight, the only pads that didn't irritate her vagina and still covered enough. Hopefully, this period was short enough she wouldn't get the chafing she got from all pads on her longer periods. Silently wishing tampons didn't feel so damn uncomfortable to her anatomy. "You're just not using them right" was the refrain when the subject would come up in conversation with other women. It's not like she hadn't tried all the different brands, sizes and ways of putting them in. Year-round swim team in her teens gave her lots of practice using them. And every damn time she wanted to swim on vacation. If her period were the lottery she'd be a millionaire with her luck at getting it at the worst times. Women can be so dismissive of other women's experiences if they don't agree with their own. She opened the new pad and set it on her leg. With a sound like tearing, she pulled the used pad from her underwear and set it on her other leg. It was at first warm on her leg, and then she could feel it cooling. The smell of her period, that musky odor, slapped her. She gave a slight shiver at the overload of squicky sensations. She pulled the backing paper and plastic wrapper from the pad. She pushed the pad into the discolored crotch of her underwear, the ghosts of periods past. She wrapped the old pad quickly in the wrapper. The smell thankfully fading as she did so. She tossed it toward the trash, missing, as she pulled the paper tabs off the wings. Flipping them over the sides of her panties, she stuck them to the underside of her panties being extra careful not to leave any of the sticky side exposed. No more unexpected Brazilian waxes.

She stood and pulled up her underwear and comfy pants together. After adjusting how the pad was pressed against her she turned see the evil eye of the Sauron staring out of the toilet. The blood had settled into the lower part of the bowl making it a deeper red-orange orb with glowing ring of yellow-orange surrounding it. She flushed quickly feeling a new wave of squick.

As she left, he put down the book he'd been reading and picked up his phone. Googling, he looked up period cramps, trying to find possible remedies. He was an expert at searching and skimming data for relevant information. He found nothing new. Advil, done. Heating pad, check. Some little electronic thing called Livia? Yeah, no. 'I'm not paying $100 for something I don't understand.' He said to himself. Although it did get decent reviews. TED talk from Dr. Jen Gunter...cramps equivalent to stage 2 labor. Damn, he thought to himself. 'No wonder she's miserable, and why don't they explain this to guys in sex ed?' He thought to himself. He kept looking. Some natropathy and homeopathy recommendations of dubious quality. He continued down the rabbit hole. Hot baths. Massage. Well, at least those are possible and seemed reasonable. Water. Exercise. What didn't those fix these days? Orgasms. He paused. In his experience, the last thing she wanted when she felt like this was sex. Which used to drive him nuts sometimes, but he adapted. Given the pain of stage 2 labor article he found, he now understood why. He clicked the article anyway. It was the most interesting hit he'd found in the last several links.

Apparently, he read, the contractions of orgasm can help relieve some of the painful contractions of cramps. The hormones released during orgasm also seemed to have a pain-relieving effect or so it said. Searching for orgasms and period specifically he found a few other pages that suggested the same thing. Most of the pages touting the cure were sex positive or feminist. Not surprising given the taboos around discussing sex and especially menstruation let alone sex during menstruation he thought. The few brief mentions of periods among his buddies were of disgust and very derogatory. He was a bit ambivalent to the whole thing. He had learned more from her about actual periods than the brief, apparently heavily sanitized, version he got in school. To him it was just another part of life like death and taxes.

He wondered if she would consider it. He knew didn't feel like sex if he was sick or hurting. Occasionally he was horny when he was sick; it was a cruel irony when that happened. Her wanting to have sex when she was feeling crappy, and especially on her period when he knew she already felt less than sexy, seemed highly unlikely. Several sites had suggested it, so it was seemed worth mentioning along with the rest of the possible remedies. He heard her coming back.

She sat down, put the heating pad back over her stomach and drew her legs up. Her common pose to ease cramps. She was about to restart her show.

"Hey, babe. I umm tried to look up cramp remedies." He stuttered. Not sure exactly how she was going to take his info or that he was looking up her 'lady troubles.'

"Ok." She said noncommittally, unsure where this was going. Doubtful he had found anything new.

"Well..." he started not sure how this was going to go. However, it was too late to back out. "It seems like hot baths, massage..." she interrupted him.

"Yuck! I'm not taking a bath bleeding like a stuck pig." she said disgustedly. The thought of sharing water with the red squid she aborted moments ago making her feel ill.

"Sure, um, makes sense." He tried to recover his thoughts. "Umm I could give you a massage. There were some homeopathic remedies that seemed quacky. Some electronic widget..." She broke in again.

"I don't know about homeopathy, but I'm about ready to try just about anything." A cramp hit causing her to breathe in and rub her uterus. Sarcastically, "a widget...they'll slap technology on everything now." She said exhaling as the pain subsided.

"Modern problems require modern solutions" he quoted. She gave a brief unenthusiastic laugh.

"More like oldest problem." She retorted. "Anything else?" she sighed.

"Well, there was one more I found. I doubt you'll be interested." He wasn't really interested in bringing up orgasms when she was feeling stabby. He was hoping she would let it go and start her show back up.

"Are you going to tell me?" She said after the silence lasted a bit too long.

"Like I said I don't think you'll be interested. But there were several articles..." he trailed off.

"Go on." She said.

"Well, orgasms are supposed to relieve cramps." He said, trying to be matter of fact. She derisively laughed.

"You just want laid!" she accused. This has gone about as well as he had expected.

"Orgasms, not sex." He tried to clarify. He wouldn't be opposed to sex he admitted to himself. It had been more than two weeks with them each traveling recently for their jobs.

"ungh." She groaned dismissively, and she unpaused her show.

"Well, here is the link if you change your mind." He said, adding "I just hate seeing you in that much pain and was trying to help." Her phone, lying beside her, binged at the arrival of the new message.

"Thanks" She said, pausing her show again and looking over. "I know you do."

"You need anything I'm going downstairs. Bob needs a file I was working on. He's working the weekend and apparently the changes I made at the end of the day Friday didn't get saved to the server."

"Not right now." And resumed watching her show.

She tried to focus on her show but couldn't. The thought of getting off was both repulsive and enticing. It had been awhile since they had had sex and she wasn't doing much in terms of self-care in that department either. She tried to push the idea away. What was this? Some new cruel torture to being a woman, horrid cramps and aching loins? Giving in she paused Netflix and looked at the link he sent. Surprising to her, it was a well written article. It wasn't some guy's fantasy, but a thoughtful, woman-centric discussion. She had to admit that it made sense. Searching a bit on her own she found other articles and message board posts by more women saying it worked for them. There were even some tips like putting down a dark towel and using a menstrual cup to deal with the mess. Some were believers in sex and not just orgasms. Although the thought of that brought up a wave of squick.

She was about to restart her show. 'Fuck it.' She said to herself and headed to the closet. Finding the old black towel from his college days she headed into the bedroom. Adjusting the pillows and laying out the towel she climbed on the bed. She rummaged around finding the lube and her Womanizer vibrator in her nightstand. Laying them beside her she lifted her butt off the bed and slid her pants and underwear down. Her pad caught briefly between her thighs giving her a flash of fear but there was no surprise wax this time. It was a bit cool in the room so she decided not to take them all the way off. Still unsure she could get herself off, she squeezed some lube into her hand. Rubbing the cool lube over her clit wasn't particularly arousing, but it warmed up fast thankfully. She continued rubbing herself and found herself to be more sensitive than she usually was.

In the back of her mind the squick factor dropped as it began to feel better and better to circle around her clit. Wiping her hand on the towel she picked up her vibe. Setting it a bit lower than her usual setting, she put the opening of it over her clit. As she brought it close to her body it turned on automatically. She gasped, the sensation pleasurable but over stimulating. She turned it down again. She really was extra sensitive right now she thought.

This vibe always hit the right spot. And today was no exception. She barely had to touch herself with it, and even on the lowest setting she thought she could come almost immediately. She forced herself to relax and prolong the pleasure. She had wanted him before Aunt Flo ruined everything. Their travel schedules putting their physical needs on hold for a couple weeks. She leaned her head back, and closed her eyes focusing on how good it felt.

She circled the vibe slowly, carefully, around her clit. Trying not to touch her clit directly with the cup of the vibe. 'God, it feels so good' she thought to herself. Any squickiness she had about period orgasms, a long distant and rapidly fading memory. Her cramps were also buried behind the pleasure that was building. She pulled the vibe away so she wouldn't come to fast and rubbed her swollen bead with her fingers for a bit. Her need forced her to resume. She could feel an urgent need to orgasm building. She couldn't deny herself any longer. Not after so much pain earlier. She brought the vibe back to her clit and it began humming.

"ugh, oh shit!" she groaned as the vibe worked it's magic.

It felt even better now, than before. The brief interlude amping it up even higher. Trying to prolong the pleasure resulted in some unintentional edging. There was no way she could try to prolong it anymore, to edge any more. Deep in her core, she felt it beginning to boil. Around her clit she moved the vibe. It pulsed it's magic song. She was breathing deeply now. She kept the vibe moving around. Her legs and hips had begun to twitch. The storm was coming. It was going to be a massive tempest. It kept growing larger inside her. Her breathing had become more ragged. Still she kept moving the vibe around her clit. Her head pushed back into the pillow. Her eyes closed. Her other hand clawed at the comforter. Around her pleasure spot the vibe kept circling. Her hips were bucking now. Her legs rigid. She drew in a breath. Her arm tensed. The vibe stopped moving. The storm came in one huge crash.

"Oh shit oh fuck oh god!" she swore out as her orgasm tore through her like a tsunami through a straw house.

Her knuckles turning white grabbing the comforter. Her other arm like a board pressing the vibe against her. She felt like she was resonating with the vibe as the waves of ecstasy kept landing.

"Oh god!" she called out as she felt another big one roaring in. She rarely came twice this hard.

"Ohhhh FUCK!" she screamed it made land fall.

Her knees locking, back arching off the bed. Falling back to the bed she tossed the vibe aside. She couldn't take anymore. Panting, eyes closed, she basked in the post orgasm glow. She felt the peace only the endorphins of sex can bring. Gradually, she became aware of her body again. She was pleasantly surprised she couldn't feel her cramps anymore. Her legs and arms feeling used like after a good workout. She opened her eyes slowly, blinking. As her vision cleared, she saw him standing in the doorway. They smiled to each other.

"So how're the cramps?" He said a bit cheekily. She laughed.

"Fuck you!" she laughed back at him. He laughed too. He walked towards her. A bulge protruding from the front of his thin PJ pants. He climbed on the bed beside her.

"I'm glad you seem to be feeling better." He said more seriously. He really didn't like seeing her in pain.

"Mhm." She purred, still in her post-orgasmic stupor. "So how long did you watch you perv?" she inquired.

"Not too long. Long enough though." He said adjusting his throbbing erection. He scooted closer to her to cuddle. In the process, his loose fitting pant slid down over his rod and he sighed at the stimulation.

"Uh huh." She said glancing toward him and seeing him sticking out of the top of his PJ bottoms as he slid towards her. "I thought it wasn't about you getting laid?" she said mockingly.

"It wasn't." he defended. "But how can you expect me to hear you come like that and not want you." And he lifted himself up onto his arm and began kissing her neck. She let him continue.

"Uh huh" she whispered. Feeling his other hand caress her boobs through her top.

He wanted her so badly, there was little foreplay. Listening to her orgasms did that to him. He rolled on to his back to kick off his pants and then rolled back into her. He pulled at her pants and underwear. Succeeding in only getting them free of one leg before he climbed on top of her. She helped guide him into her. He felt amazing. 'Did he always feel this good?' She wondered.

"God you feel so good." she moaned.

"So do you..." he groaned as he thrust in and out. "You feel so wet baby." he said noticing the extra lubrication.

She didn't say anything as a familiar feeling began building inside again. Rising faster than last time. The thought of 'how many times can I come?' flitting past as fast as it had entered her thoughts. She could feel her hips beginning to writhe against him, and she grabbed his butt to hold on.

"Oh babe?" he called as he felt her grab on to him. He loved when she did that. "Oh god babe. I'm so close."

She could feel his thrusting become more urgent. As he got faster, he started hitting a spot that sent lightning bolts of pleasure into her. She'd never felt anything like it before.

"Oh god baby!" she cried as her orgasm exploded from her. Her hips bucking to meet him as he pumped again and again into her.Her scream caused him to erupt. Spasm after spasm of pent up longing surged forth. He collapsed with his head on her chest. They both panted now. The longing of time apart sated and her cramps abated.