It had been almost 2 weeks since Kyle's appointment with Cassie. In one way it had helped him. He had gotten plenty of coaching on intimacy. When he left he felt more confident in himself. But the details were extremely foggy for Kyle. It was almost as if he had blacked out while there. Mind you, not all the first session details were a blur. Kyle did remember Cassie's cleavage, her hips, her thighs, and her fat ass. But then there were the flashes...her looking up at him, his cock in her throat. Her ass cheeks sliding across his cock. Her riding him. But surely these were just fantasies? He would never have let things get to that level? The last thing he for sure remembered was that he was in his boxers, Cassie in a swim top and thong, with her thick thigh draped over him. Kyle knew it was an unorthodox appointment, at least. While in reality Cassie had shattered every professional barrier there was, Kyle could not remember anything past him laying down and cuddling with Cassie.

To make matters worse, Kyle had not been able to cum since he visited Cassie. He had even been with his girlfriend a couple of times and had to fake an orgasm each time. His balls were swollen and it was beginning to affect his mood. Not cumming for 2 straight weeks would affect anyone's mood. But Kyle did not have any interest in making himself cum. It was almost as if he longed for Cassie's touch. But, in Kyle's mind at least, this made no sense. Why did he desire someone who was nothing but a therapist to him? Still though, Kyle didn't know who else to turn to. He contacted Cassie and setup another appointment. He briefly explained his issues and Cassie suggested he come back as soon as possible.

Kyle arrived to his appointment and his mind started to race when Cassie opened the door. Cassie's prior attire, while innocent, did ultimately catch Kyle's eye. This time however, Cassie had straight up worn lingerie. And she picked pieces that accentuated her curves.

"Come in, Kyle." Cassie cooed and motioned for him to step inside. She reached for his hand and turned to walk straight to the bedroom. Kyle allowed himself to be lead by this busty and fat-assed woman. Cassie continued... "I was glad you reached back out. You have a serious problem and it is going to require some serious therapy to diagnose and cure. I need you to strip to your boxers and sit on the bed."

Kyle's head at this point was swimming. His heart rate had increased, his cheeks flushed, his breathing pace increasing. Kyle wondered to himself why Cassie would be wearing these items that showed off her most intimate of areas. But he obeyed and sat down at the end of the bed. His feet on the floor, upright in a sitting position.

"Now then, Kyle, as I understand it you are having two problems? Let me see if I have this right: 1) You don't remember much of our time together? And 2) You are having problems cumming?"

Kyle replied, "yes ma'am that is correct."

"Well regarding number one, I know it has all been terribly traumatic for you. Sometimes our minds can create mental blocks. You love your girlfriend and just want intimacy with her. Not getting this probably had you in such a frantic state of mind that you blocked out most of our therapy. But not to worry, we can continue your therapy for as long as you need it."

Cassie said this with a straight face, but inside she was cackling. This was too good to be true. Her first session with Kyle ended with him cumming in her ass, and he doesn't even remember it! She was going to get to seduce and trick him all over again. Cassie loved that part almost as much as the sexual acts themselves.

Corrupting and tainting an innocent person really got her turned on.

Cassie continued, "Regarding number two, the first thing we're going to need to check is if your plumbing works, so to speak."

"Erm...My plumbing?" Kyle questioned.

"Oh I know it is a little embarrassing, Kyle. But I need to know if you can get an erection?"

Kyle felt his cheeks turn red. "Yes ma'am I can."

"Well, forgive me, but I can't just take your word for it. We need to test this here and now." Cassie scolded Kyle, hands on her hips.

Kyle gulped.

Cassie continued, "I know you don't remember, Kyle, but during our first session you expressed a very big interest in my butt. Don't worry, don't worry, I'm not mad. After all I can't blame you. It IS pretty big." Cassie grabbed and shook her ass as she talked. "There are many ways we could test if you can get an erection, but I think since we both know you appreciate my big butt so much, let's just pretend we're in the club. I can twerk on you. Not to worry...we're both still wearing our clothes. I wish there was a more professional way to test this but these are desperate times, Kyle."

Cassie did not wait for Kyle's consent. She turned around, bent over, and slowly shook her ass.

Kyle was mesmerized. It was so big! So round, so soft. Kyle's mind flashed again and he saw this very same ass grinding on his cock. Kyle shut his eyes tight and shook his head. Can't be real...he thought.

Cassie sat down on Kyle's lap. Kyle groaned. This was no bony butt. There was no unpleasant pressure. This was the biggest and softest ass Kyle had ever seen in person. His entire crotch was cushioned against Cassie. Kyle was thankful his boxers were on, because Cassie herself had on just a thong. Her warmth and softness immediately started to arouse him.

Cassie felt Kyle start to harden beneath her. "Now of course I must mention Kyle, if you get any urges to touch me, you must not actually do it. I am a doctor, after all. And you are my patient. We have to keep this as professional as possible." Cassie grinned to herself as she said this, facing away from Kyle. She began to roll her hips slowly.

Kyle started to panic. He was quickly getting hard. Cassie would surely feel it. How could she not already? If all she needed was to know he could get hard, hopefully she was about done.

Cassie, on the other hand, was only getting started. She could hear Kyle's breathing intensifying. His cock had fully hardened and was at an angle against one of her cheeks. Cassie, to Kyle's delight, raised herself up off his lap. Cassie was hoping this would allow his cock to shift. She plopped back down and immediately was satisfied. Kyle's cock indeed did shift, and was now lodged between her cheeks. Cassie smirked and flexed her ass, trapping Kyle's cock between them as she continued to roll her hips.

Kyle shut his eyes even tighter. Surely Cassie could feel he was hard now. Why did she keep this up? Mercifully, Cassie stood up.

"Nope you stay right there, Kyle. I'm going to turn around and face you to continue the lap dance. I'm not feeling any results yet." Cassie lied.

Cassie sauntered forward and sat back down, this time facing Kyle. She began to grind her pussy on Kyle. Kyle's cock was pressed forward against his stomach and Cassie was directly on top of it. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Kyle's head, pressing her breasts together and covering Kyle's face in them.

Kyle could no longer control his urges. He brought his hands to Cassie's ass. Cassie, feigning shock, pulled his hands away and exclaimed "Don't you dare, mister!"

"I'm sorry, Doctor Cassie." Kyle apologized.

"There there, it's only natural you would want to. I know how soft...big...and ass is." Cassie emphasized these words slowly, as she ground her pussy on Kyle with each word. "I hate to make this more difficult for you but we need to lose our clothes. They are getting in the way and it is difficult for me to truly feel if you are getting hard." This was a complete lie as Cassie knew full well how hard Kyle was. "I need to feel your hardness direct on both my pussy and my ass to know that we are making progress. Stand up."

Kyle stood, not believing his ears. He was about to question Cassie but she had already tugged his boxers down. She then stepped out of her bottoms and undid her top.

"Now then...back to work." Cassie sat back down on Kyle's lap. Nothing between them. She placed her pussy lips on either side of Kyle's shaft and began to slide. The sensation that was once muffled by their underwear, was now fully revealed to Kyle. His shaft was buried in Cassie's lips. Wet, no drenched.

"Um Doctor you think we should stop? I mean I'm clearly hard. Can't we move on?"

"No sir. We. Cannot. Move. On." Cassie ground herself to emphasize these words. "But yes you are clearly hard. I still have to make sure you are with my ass though."

Cassie stood and turned to face away. Kyle's cock sprang up after being freed from between Cassie's legs. Cassie sat back down and started rubbing her cheeks on Kyle's cock. She reached back and grabbed her cheeks and spread them wide, then let them surround Kyle's cock as she stroked it.

Kyle was getting lost in the pleasure and forgetting himself. His hands reached up to grab Cassie's boobs. "Now Kyle you better stop that!" Kyle quickly released Cassie's boobs. She lifted her ass and told Kyle to push his cock forward. She sat back down. Instead of his cock being buried in her cheeks, it was now laying flat and poking out between her thighs. Cassie shifted her hips and began to rub her pussy lips over it again.

Kyle was becoming uncomfortable. "Um Doctor Cassie...surely you have enough evidence now? Clearly my plumbing is working."

Cassie stood and put on a robe. "Yes I think it is clear everything is functioning the way it should. And you are right we have gone as far as we need to. But this was only the first test. We needed to know if you could get an erection. This still doesn't solve why you cannot cum."

Kyle began to object--"Well true but surely that will fix itself. I better be going?"

"Kyle if you think I'm letting you walk out of here with two weeks worth of cum in your balls then you must think I'm crazy. No patient of mine is going to suffer like that. I'm going to have to directly stimulate your cock, Kyle. Now don't worry, I have a few tools for this job. I won't be touching you directly. But these tools are extremely pleasurable. After all their purpose is to extract cum. BUT, you haven't exactly followed the rules. You clearly can't keep your hands off me. So here is what we will do...I'm going to tie you up. You're going to lay back and allow me unrestricted access to your cock, erm...your penis.

Kyle could see Cassie was serious. "Yes Doctor Cassie."

Cassie worked on restraining Kyle. Each leg was tied to its corresponding bed post. Cassie raised his arms and tied them together, and then attached them to the headboard. "Now you can just close your eyes. This won't hurt a bit. These tools are state of the art equipment."

Kyle closed his eyes and did not see Cassie disrobe. "This first treatment is just to warm you up a little." Cassie knelt between Kyle's legs and gently sucked Kyle's cock into her mouth, giving him a throat and tongue massage. "Just try and tell me that doesn't feel like the real thing! She moved down to his balls and began to lick and then suck them into her mouth. "We've got to encourage your balls too. Excuse me, your testicles".

Kyle would have sworn he was getting a blowjob. But Doctor Cassie wouldn't lie to him. She knew he didn't want to cheat...she was a professional and would not do that to him. It made sense. There were plenty of sex toys out there. It only made sense that there were professional grade tools...right?

"This next treatment will feel like two soft pillows hugging your cock. Just keep those eyes closed." Kyle heard Cassie describe the treatment as she wrapped her tits around his cock and began to titfuck him. "Hugging your cock...hugging your cock..." Cassie cooed as she stroked him with her tits over and over.

"Ok Kyle...I believe this is going very well. I've noticed several drops of precum from you. I'm going to need to collect and test some of this. I can't from this vantage point though. So I'm going to have to climb up there with you and reposition the tool. We'll go back to the first tool for this."

Cassie could have told Kyle she was going to rob him, and he wouldn't have heard her. Kyle was so turned on. When he felt Cassie's two "pillows" removed from his cock, he opened his eyes and looked up. What he saw initially didn't register with him. He saw what appeared to be Cassie, naked (didn't she have a robe on), standing on the bed. She had one leg on either side of his body, facing his feet. She dropped to her knees and leaned over. Kyle's vision was nearly obscured by her glistening pussy, and even further by her two large tits swaying. But Kyle could swear he saw Cassie's mouth open and tongue extended. At that instant though Cassie dropped her pussy fully onto his face. His fears were correct though as he then felt Cassie's warm mouth engulf his cock. Her tongue snaked up to the tip and pressed inside. Cassie had abandoned all pretense now.

Kyle tried to squirm away and then remembered his restraints.

"Struggle all you want, Kyle, but this is my cock now." Cassie said as she lazily stroked Kyle. Then she again inserted her tongue as deep into Kyle's cock hole as she could. "Mmm...delicious precum, Kyle. But I think it is time to extract that cum from these balls."

Cassie lifted herself off Kyle's face and turned around, sitting on top of his cock. It was nestled deep in her ass crack.

"I think you know exactly where this is going, Kyle."

Kyle pleaded "No Doctor Cassie please don't. I don't want to cheat. I've changed my mind. No cumming for me please. Please don't put me in your pussy."

"Bless your heart...ok I won't put you in my pussy." Cassie purred as she stroked Kyle.

Kyle sighed in relief.

"But your cock will feel so goooooood inside my ASS!"


"YESSSSSSS..." Cassie hissed in triumph as she slid Kyle into her ass. "OOOH yes feel how she grips your cock, so tight, so hot, so smooth." Cassie bottomed out on Kyle's cock. She flexed her ass around it as it was buried to the hilt. Cassie continued..."now lay there as this ass drains that cock of yours, knowing there's nothing you can do to stop it. This ass has claimed ownership of your cock. Once you cum in it, I will own you, Kyle."

"But my girlfriend..."

"Does your girlfriend do THIS?!" Cassie began to rock back and forth, Kyle's cock buried in her ass. "I think not. She's not a dirty doctor like me. And this dirty doctor wants her ass full of your cum, Kyle. Now GIVE IT TO ME."

Cassie sped up and reached back to fondle Kyle's balls. "You know you want to empty these balls Kyle. Don't deny it. Cassie's hot ass is cooking up your cock. Getting it ready to burst. Submit to it and accept being owned by this dirty doctor."

Kyle's cock exploded as Cassie plunged it deep into her depths. She flexed and thrust in sync with Kyle's spurts, dragging them deep out of his balls. Kyle begged her to stop but could not deny the pleasure.

"Who owns you, Kyle?" Cassie asked, as she lazily rocked her ass.

"You do, Cassie." Kyle responded, in defeat.

"Mmm that is then, you just lay there and think about what you've done. The mess you've made in my ass, while I clean you up and get you ready to do the same in my pussy.",353,76542649,76542649,Wegetarianska_wielkanoc.html?t=1595258379#p170244715