I woke up around noon that Tuesday. The long holiday weekend was over and I had three days to regroup and recharge. I had on my standard pajamas - a long T-shirt which came down to mid-thigh and short cotton shorts.

I lumbered down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a coffee; however, the pot was empty.

"Good morning Misses Kelly," came a voice from behind me.

It was Courtney's mother, June.

"Go sit down honey. I'll brew you a fresh pot."

"Thanks," I replied and I went and flung myself down on the sofa.

"Where's Courtney?" I asked.

"Her and Jason went to grab lunch and then head to the pool."

Courtney's mother was short and an old looking forty-nine years old. Her hair was blond and thin. Her skin was tan but starting to wrinkle, especially around her chest and arms. Her skin screamed of over-tanning and lack of maintenance. From what I could tell she had big breasts but they had begun to sag. I dreaded the day mine would start doing the same.

She walked over and handed me a coffee before joining me on the sofa.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?"

Wow, she really had no filter. She went right to the gossip.


"So who was the guy you had sex with Sunday?"

"Umm, I didn't have sex Sunday." Technically it had been Monday morning so I wasn't lying.

"Honey, your tit was hanging out and I could smell the sex on you when you walked by me. I'm not June Cleaver. I've been around the block a few times myself."

"June who?"

"Nevermind. So what was it, a one night stand?"

"No. It was just a friend."

"A friend with benefits. Lovely. Does he treat you well?"

"Yes," I lied.

"Good. Too many men down here take advantage of the women down here. I know, I lived here twenty years ago. Is he boyfriend material?"

"No. Definitely not."

"Then he must be a good fuck if you're giving him the key to your castle anyway."

I struggled to respond to that but fortunately I didn't have to.

"Does Courtney have a boyfriend?"


"Who is the Mike guy?"

My mind drifted to the quasi-threesome Courtney and I had just experienced with Mike in this very room. Obviously a more appropriate answer than "he brings her blow and fucks her" was required.

"He's a friend of Courtney's. He's a nice guy. They're just friends."

"Are they having sex?"

I froze and thought how to answer.

"Nevermind. I got my answer," June quipped.

"And what about Shawn? He still following her around like a puppy dog?"

"Yes," I laughed.

"That poor boy. There's a fine balance a man must strike when pursuing a woman. You can't be available all the time. You can't be accommodating all the time. You need some excitement attached to you and that boy does NOT have it."

"And there's a fine balance with women too. West Palm is a very intense atmosphere. There's all the drugs, booze, and boys you could want. It's very easy to get caught up in all three. You have to find a balance. You can't slip down the slope of alcoholism or drug use. If you hand out blow jobs and sex as often as Courtney tells me you do, men are going to see you as nothing but that and you're going to crash and burn."

My jaw dropped. Not only had Courtney told her mom about my dalliances but I was now getting a sermon from someone I barely knew. June must have sensed that.

"Look, Courtney and I are like sisters. I had her when I was twenty two years old. We talk about everything. EVERYTHING. I'm not slut shaming you. I believe women should feel sexually empowered. Just make sure you are getting what you need as well."

I was mortified and praying that her and Jason didn't have the same open discussions as her and Court seemed to have.

"Okay. Thanks for the advice," I mumbled.

"You probably won't listen at first but one day it will all make sense to you."

She was smart. She was right. She was like the Oracle. I did need to start making sure I got something more out of my sexual encounters.

"You could use a nice young man like my son. But who are we kidding. He's so awkward he won't lose his virginity until he's thirty," she cackled.

I joined her in laughing. If she only knew.

Courtney and Jason returned from their bonding. It had been a long day at home with June. She talked non-stop and usually about inappropriate things such as sex.

I was glad people were around now and I could relax. I went upstairs and laid in my bed for a bit. Courtney came up and laid in bed with me. She smelled of coconut oil and it turned me on. We had company though, and unsettled business.

"What the fuck Courtney?! You told your mom about my hookups?!"

Courtney rolled her eyes.

"No, not all of them."

"Yeah. You conveniently left out when I sucked Mike's dick before he bent you over and used your pussy as a cum dumpster!" I yelled.

"Shhh!" What the hell, Kel!" Courtney scowled.

"Look, I'm sorry but I talk to my mom about stuff like that. We're like sisters. But you're right. I shouldn't have told her what a slut you are." Court said with a laugh.

"I learned from the best Cream-pie Courtney," I giggled back.

I laid in bed that night thinking about my conversation with June. While I was caught off guard with her bluntness she had made some good points.

The day full of sex talk had left me horny. I slid off my shorts and lifted the oversized T-shirt up to my stomach. I reached my right hand down and traced the various outlines of my vagina. I felt my wetness and the softness of my labia. I slid a finger inside myself before sliding my hand higher. My fingers found my clitoris which had swelled up to join the party. I had become an expert at masturbating myself to orgasm and my rubbing, combined with a brief mental visit to servicing Mike on the couch, brought me to orgasm quickly.

I rolled over onto my side. That felt good. But it wasn't what I needed.

June's words popped into my head.

"Just make sure you are getting what you need as well."

Good advice June. Good advice.

I walked downstairs. It was just past midnight. Jason was asleep on the sofa. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear.

"Jason, are you awake?"

"Yes," he said, turning his head in my direction and looking up at me as I stood before him.

I grabbed his hand and directed it up the bottom of my shirt and to my already wet vagina. The shocked look on his face was priceless as he slipped a finger into me. I pulled his hand out and sucked the same finger he had just used.

"Oh my God!" he gasped.

"Shhhh," I cautioned.

I became aggressive and mounted his face. My knees pushed down into the cushions as I pushed my pussy onto his mouth. His tongue was aggressive and frantic, like a dog lapping up a bowl of water on a hot summer day. My hips rocked back and forth, dispersing my wetness across most of his face. I reached down and found my clitoris again, stimulating it as the lips of my pussy engulfed him. I came for a second time, this time letting out a moan I was worried may wake the others up.

I stood up again and my shirt dropped down, hiding my wetness. I could see Jason's dick was rock hard and throbbing against the fabric of his shorts. I placed my fingers in his waistband and pulled them off. Precum sat at the tip of his dick and I licked it off as I made my way up to mount it.

I grabbed his dick and slid it in me, looking down and watching fully disappear into my pussy. She was a hungry pussy and was becoming adept at easily accommodating all sizes. Jason's five inches were easy work.

I rode him, expecting him to cum quick but his stamina had improved. His hands moved inside my shirt and he awkwardly squeezed my tits. I smiled down at him. He was young and inexperienced but one day he would make an excellent lover and he would always look back to me as his first. That's right June, you were only eleven years off.

I rode him for five more minutes until I felt his body tense up and his cock throb inside of me. I pulled him out of me and as I kissed his lips softly I could feel his cum dripping out of me and onto his stomach.

I walked upstairs and climbed into bed.

"Good advice June," I whispered to myself. "I made sure your son gave me just what I needed."