Tom stood in the quiet room for a couple of minutes trying to think of anything but Chrissy. He found it extremely difficult due to the fact a couple of minutes earlier he was licking her out!

"Finally," he muttered to himself as he felt his erection subside. A couple of adjustments to his clothes and he was ready to leave. He headed for the door to leave as the alarm continued to wail. Heading out into the corridor and into the main office he left via the fire exit to the car park. Leaving the building Tom felt the warmth of the sun on his face, he briefly surveyed the area and spotted Chrissy stood at a fire assembly point. She had her back to the building and as Tom approached he had to fight every ounce of himself to not slap her beautifully sculpted leather clad arse.

"Hello," Tom said with a smile to Chrissy.

"Hello," she replied with a look in her eye like she could tear his clothes off there and then, "what took you so long?" She continued knowing full well where he was.

"I was in the quiet room hoping it was a false alarm," he quickly responded for the benefit of prying ears.

Chrissy's eyes widened momentarily as she thought back to Tom licking her out. Her nipples hardened at the thought of feeling Tom between her legs.

"Chrissy?" a voice said from behind Tom.

Snapping out of her moment, "yes, everything ok?" She replied to David as he stopped next to Tom.

"Yes, they're just doing a final sweep of the building and everyone should be able to go back in."

"Ok thank you David," Chrissy said with a smile.

She turned and passed the message on to the small group of people waiting from their building.

The alarm finally stopped after a few more minutes, David came back and confirmed we could all go back in. Tom purposefully held back to let Chrissy go before him. He took this opportunity to check out her sexy body and those black leather high d'Orsay heels she had on. The sound of the heel and the wiggle of her bum as she walked was mesmerising.

Tom arrived back at his desk, unsure of what was going to happen next. Chrissy had gone to speak to some of the other people in the office to make sure everything was ok after the fire alarm, they were completely unaware of what she had been up to earlier. Chrissy began to head back to her desk and she decided to pass Tom as she did. She stopped next to him before leaning down.

Whispering in his ear, "I fancy another foot rub, all that standing outside."

Tom got a sudden rush of adrenaline, he adjusted how he was sat to free his semi in his trousers.

"Well, I think I can help with that," Tom responded flirting back.

"That's helpful of you, thank you," Chrissy replied as she stood up and looked at her phone as it started to ring in her hand.

"Hello," she said with slightly irritable tone before the person on the phone said something that grabbed her attention.

"Ok, yeah. I'll be ready," she replied.

Tom could see in her face something important was going on.

"Yeah, I'll get into the conference room now. Speak soon," she said before hanging up.

"Fuck sake. I've got to get on a call, my bosses boss has just had an audit report for our area and she's hit the roof!" Chrissy said as she put her fingers in the corner of her eyes and breathed out heavily.

"Rain check then," Tom said jokingly.

"Well, you could come and..," Chrissy stoped herself before continuing. "Yes. Rain check. Sorry!"

"It's ok, I get it. Sounds like it will be a right laugh your meeting. Have fun!" Tom said as he laughed.

Chrissy let out a frustrated moan as she thought about what she would rather be doing to Tom right now. Picking up her laptop she turned to Tom, "I'll see you later. No idea how long this will take so I'll see you tomorrow probably!"

"Have a good evening if I don't see you. Hope it's not too bad," Tom replied.

"Thanks love. You too." Chrissy said as she headed off to the conference room.

Tom went back to his work, completely unable to concentrate. All he could think about was Chrissy and what they had been up to in the the quiet room.

Before he knew it, it was 5pm, finishing time. Chrissy hadn't been back much to Tom's disappointment. He packed up his things and headed home. Driving the short journey home Tom replayed what he had done to Chrissy, licking her out, kissing her body, the feel of her soft skin and those shoes! As he pulled up outside his house he realised he had given himself a hard on by thinking about her.

"Fuck sake," he said looking down at the bulge in his trousers.

Looking round, he saw no one about. It was strange as his street usually had at least a couple of people on with it being a street of terraced houses he lived on.

Manoeuvring in his seat Tom managed to flick his hard cock into the waist of his trousers.

"There we go," he said to himself as he stepped out his car.

Heading into his house, picking up his post from the door mat and heading into his kitchen he stopped. Pulling his phone out he opened a new message and stared at his phone whilst thinking what to type. He was going to send Chrissy a message but he had no idea what to put.

"Fuck sake," he said aloud as he locked his phone and placed it on the side.

Tom headed for the kitchen, grabbing the kettle he filled it with fresh water. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil he stared out into the fields behind his house. His mind wandering to Chrissy again. How he wanted to feel her naked body on his. How he wanted to taste her fanny again.

The kettle clicked after boiling. As Tom poured the water into his cup, which he had added coffee and sugar to, over the other side of the kitchen his phone buzzed.

Fresh drink in hand Tom picked his phone up as he headed to his front room. Putting the TV on before sitting down he found something to watch. Finally he looked at his phone. It was a message. From Chrissy.

Chrissy: hey, sorry i missed you. Meeting dragged on! Xx

Tom wasn't expecting Chrissy to text him at all but it filled him with excitement when he saw she had.

Tom: hi, don't worry about it. Hope it wasn't too bad. Xx

Chrissy replied quickly to Tom.

Chrissy: well i've ended up with loads of work from it so.. yeah, went really well! Could have done with some one to keep me company in there ;) xx

Tom: ah shit, didn't sound good when you went in to be fair. Well you should have said. In could have helped. Xx

Chrissy: ah well always next time ;) xx

Tom: just tell me when and where! Xx

Chrissy: oh I will. Are you coming out for Jimmy's birthday on Friday? Xx

Tom: I wasn't planning on it. Xx

Chrissy: oh, ok. It might be worth your while... xx

Tom: oh really??? :p xx

Tom sat looking at his phone expecting a message back since they were just going back and forth. Suddenly thinking he'd said the wrong thing Tom started beating himself up, completely unfounded.

Chrissy was driving home and had been texting Tom as she was packing up and leaving work. She was now in the car driving home.

As soon as she was home Chrissy ran up stairs (well moved as quick as she could in her heels) to her bed room. She rummaged through her wardrobe for the boots she KNEW Tom liked, she always caught him looking at them when she had them on. Taking them and sitting on her bed she slipped her heels off. Unzipping one she slipped the pointed stiletto black leather ankle boot onto her foot. Her foot fitting perfectly into it. She inspected the other momentarily before also putting it on. Well worn but not looking tatty they were just boots to most. Putting her feet together she took a photo on her phone. One of just her boots and abit of leg showing.

With a smile on her face she started to message Tom again.

Chrissy: yeah, I might wear these... xx

She attached the photo and hit send. Chrissy was now feeling very horny thinking how Tom would react to the photo.

Tom's phone buzzed. Picking it up and unlocking it as he was mainly concentrating on the tv he looked at the message and accompanying image.

"Fuck me! Yes!" He said aloud to himself.

He stared at the image, his cock hardening quickly, before responding.

Tom: I'm there. When, where, what time? Xx

Chrissy: hahaha thought that may change your mind. We're going after work on Friday. Xx

Tom: ok I'll be there!! Xx

Chrissy: oh I am glad. Xx

They continued flirting all night, texting.

The rest of the week passed agonisingly slow for both of them. Due to the increasing amount of people in the office they couldn't do what they did in the quiet room anytime soon so Chrissy decided to wear her sexiest shoes and boots for Tom all week. Teasing him at every opportunity. In every meeting they had she would make sure she was next to him so she could bump her foot into his leg. Occasionally when she thought she could get away with it she would run her shoe up his leg.

Friday eventually came round and Tom was sat at his desk as Chrissy walked in. Toms heart pounded as he watched Chrissy walk down the office. She had the boots on.

"Fucking hell," Tom said aloud.

John, who was next to Tom turned to him laughing, "whats up?"

"Oh nothing, just remembered something," Tom said covering his involuntary outburst. Chrissy approached, Tom could hear the sound of the stiletto heel on the floor. As she got closer he could hear the PU material of her black faux leather leggings as she walked (not many people notice that). Tom looked up as she got to her desk and marvelled at her as she took off her jacket unveiling her floral chiffon top before sitting down.

"Morning," she beamed, knowing she had Tom's full attention now, and for the rest of the day.. and night.

"Morning," Tom responded along with John.

Chrissy began unpacking her stuff onto her desk. Pulling out her laptop she hooked up the cables for the monitors and network.

"Ugh this network cable isn't working," she said, sounding slightly irritated. "Tom, didn't you have this issue the other day?" She continued.

"Erm not that I can think of." Tom responded slightly confused.

"On Monday, thought you had to get under the desk and mess about with something?" Chrissy said sounding innocent.

"Oh yeah, THAT issue. Erm. Do you want me to take a look?"

"If you wouldn't mind please, I don't want to be rummaging round under the desk."

"Ok," Tom replied as he locked his screen.

Heading over to her desk Chrissy had a sexy look in her eye.

Getting down and crawling under the desk he started rummaging with the cables.

Chrissy took a quick look about nonchalantly to check no one was in eyeshot, then she stretched her legs out under the desk, the bottom of her boots slightly touching the back of the desk. Right next to Tom. He was face to face with Chrissy's boots, so close he could smell the leather. He couldn't take his eyes of them, quickly glancing at her PU leather clad leg before back at the boots. The point, the heel, the zip on the side. Tom could feel his cock hardening.

Chrissy pulled her legs back as John stood up from his desk. "What is it Tom?" He asked as he approached.

"All sorted," Tom responded to inform them both. Relieved that his cock had not got any harder than it did. He knelt down next to Chrissy's desk to allow his semi hard cock to disappear.

"How's that?" He asked knowing full well he'd done fuck all.

"Perfect, working now. Thank you," Chrissy said with a smile.

Tom stood up and quickly moved back to his seat. He was in meetings most of the day, to his disappointment all them without Chrissy in them.

Tom arrived at the first bar of the night a little later than the others, he had had to stay a bit longer at work to hit a deadline. It was getting fairly busy and had to move between groups of people to get to the bar.

"Pint please," Tom said to the barman as he pointed at the lager on offer.

Tom watched as the barman poured his drink. Approaching from behind him and unbeknown to Tom, was Chrissy. Looking him up and down from behind she suddenly became very horny, thinking back to him making her cum earlier that week.

With a discreet little slap and slight grab of his arse Chrissy greeted Tom as his drink was placed down. Tom jumped as he felt her hand.

"Hey you," Chrissy said as she arrived next to him.

"Oh hello, you made me jump then!" He said with a little laugh. "Drink?" He continued.

"No thanks, I've just got one. Spotted you on my way back to the table so thought I'd say hello, "Chrissy replied with a smile, before leaning in closer, "that aftershave you have ok makes me want to rip your clothes off. Just thought I'd mention that."

"Noted," Tom said with a smile.

They headed off to the table, Tom let Chrissy go first, this allowed him to check her gorgeous leather clad arse and those boots! Chrissy knew what he was doing and purposefully, but subtly exaggerated her walk to wiggle her arse.

As they arrived at the table Tom puffed his cheeks out in awe of what he had just seen strutting in front of him.

"Hello. Hello," he said as he nodded to people round the table as he took a seat. Chrissy was sat a couple of seats away and their eyes met a few times. Holding the gazes for a few seconds before looking away. The tension was mounting.

Drinks came and went, conversations flowing. Eventually they decided to move on.

"Ok, shall we go somewhere else, I think Jenny wanted a cocktail," Charlie said looking round the table.

"COCKTAILS!!" Jenny shouted at the top of her voice.

Everyone responded in agreement before finishing their drinks off and getting their coats on. Numbers had dropped now, there was 7 of them left including Tom and Chrissy. They headed out into the street. It was late evening now and was dark. Tom and Chrissy Walked a bit slower than the rest to speak without being over heard.

"Been a good night so far hasn't it?" Chrissy said looking over at Tom.

"Yeah it's been a good laugh. Helps with you being out."

"Aww that's cute," Chrissy said going a bit shy. "Nothing to do with these then," Chrissy pointed to her boots.

"They are an added bonus," Tom laughed.

They continued walking for a moment before Chrissy suddenly pulled Toms arm.

"Down here," she said with excitement as she pulled Tom down a small side street.

"Where are you taking me," Tom laughed as Chrissy pulled him along.

"You'll see," she replied with a sexy tone in her voice.

They eventually came to a canal path. It was quiet and not very well lit. Walking a little down the path they ended up under a bridge by a bench. Chrissy stopped and spun round, stepping into Tom. Their arms were instantly around each other's bodies as their lips met. Toms hands were firmly on Chrissy's arse as their tongues were passing each others as they kissed.

"Fuck me." Chrissy said between their kisses. "Fuck me here on this bench," she continued before kissing Tom again.

Tom started to move them over the bench as they kissed. They instantly connected and it fell into place. Chrissy turned around and knelt on the bench, her legs apart. Tom stood behind her and undid his belt, dropping his jeans quickly. Chrissy looked around at Toms cock bulging from his tight boxer shorts. She bit her lip at the thought of it sliding into her. She watched as Tom slid his boxers down and his cock stood unhindered by the material of his under wear.

Chrissy felt her leggings being pulled down, followed by her satin thong. She was ready for Tom, she had been craving him since their first encounter. Tom slid his finger between her legs and his finger entered her fanny with ease. Chrissy was crazy horny.

Tom stood up as Chrissy reached around and guided his cock into her. Chrissy closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt the tip of Tom's cock start to push inside her.

Letting out a little moan as she felt Tom stretch her slightly as he slid his length into her.

"Mmm," that feels good, she whispered.

Tom began to slowly fuck her, his hands on her hips holding her as he slid his cock in and out. The rhythm was driving Chrissy crazy, ever few thrusts Tom would thrust his length into her and the others he would be teasingly close to pulling out before swiftly moving back in with a shallow thrust. Chrissy felt her self aching to be filled by Tom.

As Tom upped him tempo and became more excited Chrissy put her hand down to play with her clit. She was so close to cumming.

"Oh yeah, like that mhmm," Chrissy moaned semi muffled as she tried to keep herself quiet by resting her mouth on her arm. Tom had begun to fuck Chrissy deeper, she was getting what she lusted after. His cock filling her up.

Chrissy let out an involuntary moan as Tom put his hand on her shoulder as he thrust into her. They were both hurtling towards an orgasm.

"Oh fuck," Tom said aloud as he grabbed and held one of Chrissy's boot clad feet with his spare hand.

Chrissy pushed back into Toms thrusts as she rolled into an orgasm. It rippled through her body as she felt Tom explode inside her. Tom slowed his pace and leant over kissing Chrissy's back as they both panted, lightly pushing into each other not wanting it to end.

Standing back, Tom helped Chrissy to her feet. They both went about sorting them selves out. Eventually they stood facing each other.

"Erm," Tom said with a little chuckle as he pointed to his hair and looked at Chrissy's.

She pulled a mirror from her bag. "Brilliant," she said laughing as she sorted her hair out and checked her makeup.

"Suppose we best go find everyone," Tom said as he put his hand on Chrissy's hip.

Closing her mirror and putting it in her bag she nodded as they leant in and kissed slowly yet passionately. Their tongues again exploring each other's mouths.

"Come on, let's go find them," she said as she took Toms hand and began walking.

"What's our excuse?" Tom said whist thinking.

"Good question, best get thinking hadn't we!" Chrissy responded. "Could just go to mine and just make excuses later?" She continued.

"Hmm good plan," Tom said with a smile on his face as he let go of Chrissy's hand to slap her arse.