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Chapter 2: Bells Ringing in the Night

"This is the main floor," Soren said, gesturing vaguely. It was a large room. In the middle was a hearth made of fired brick. It was towards the end of the work day but the forge was still busy - shaping a horseshoe on an anvil was an orc, his naked dark green torso hairy and glistening with sweat. Working on a sword on the other anvil was a minotaur, smaller than Soren but still huge, his light brown fur long and shaggy. He had tied fur on his forehead back into his hair, tufts of it escaping. Over by one of the work tables was another orc, his skin somewhere between dark green and brown. His white shirt was plastered to his skin with sweat, but he seemed unconcerned, bent over the table in deep concentration with his work. Finally, currently sweeping the floor, was a large canine, almost resembling a mastiff, with smooth, chocolate brown fur, a stocky frame, and droopy jowls. He was the only one there shorter than Adrian, but despite that Adrian was by far the smallest.

"As a green apprentice you will start out by manning the bellows and sweep the floor. When I say you're ready will move onto the green work. We'll see what happens after that." Adrian looked up at Soren and nodded. Soren continued on into the forge, through a back door. They stepped into a narrow corridor, the heat still sweltering. "Through here", Soren said, opening a door opposite to the forge, "is the kitchen." Adrian glanced into the room - inside was a modest kitchen; a wood-fired stove, counters, and root cellar door against the opposite wall, stocked shelves against the others, and a large table in the middle. By the stove was a palomino stallion, an apron tied around his waist, busy peeling onions. "The greens share kitchen duty, meaning you, Walter and Rudy. You can work that out between yourselves. Breakfast is served at 6 am, lunch at 12 pm, dinner at 6 pm. That door," he pointed down the left corridor, "leads to my quarters. Enter those and I will beat you blue." The threat was said so calmly and matter-of-factly that Adrian barely had time to register it before Soren had moved on. Adrian hurried after him. They got to a series of doors. Soren opened one on the left side, marked with a cast-iron figure of a toilet.

"The facilities. Greens clean them once a week, again, work that out among yourselves." He continued down the corridor and opened the last door on the right. "The greens dorm room." Inside were four beds, two of them made up. In front of each were a chest. "Bed sheets, towels, all such, is in the linen closet," Soren said, opening the door opposite, showing shelves of linen. "You can spend today making yourself at home, tomorrow you will work." With that he left. Adrian watched his broad back disappear down the dark corridor. When the minotaur was gone, he retrieved bed sheets, a pillow, and a blanket from the linen closet and made the bed closest to the door. He opened the chest. Empty. He closed it again. All he had were his rings. Feeling suddenly just how exhausted he was, he laid down on top of the bed, and soon fell asleep.

His mother was sitting on the side of his bed, gently shaking him.

"Let me sleep," he muttered, turning over on his other side.

"Dinner is ready," she said, shaking him again, but the voice wasn't right - it was deep, and definitely male. He turned over again and opened his eyes, staring up at the mastiff. The reality of his situation came crashing down - he was a slave, far from home, and his mother was dead. He swallowed, fighting back tears. "Come on, the others are waiting," the canine said, rising. Adrian sat up slowly, feeling dizzy. Sensing that, the canine held out his hand and helped Adrian up on his feet.

"Haven't eaten for days, I reckon?" he said. Adrian nodded. He patted him on his back. "Well, there's plenty of food for you, come, I'll show the way. I'm Walter by the way." Walter pulled Adrian with him to the kitchen, steadying Adrian as he stumbled on the doorframe. Sitting around the table were Soren and his apprentices - washed up and fully clothed. They looked up as he entered, and he coloured a deep red. Walter led him to a chair on one of the long sides and he gratefully sat down.

"This here is Adrian," Soren said. He sat on the short side furthest from Adrian. In his large hand was a piece of bread which he dipped in his bowl. Walter came over with a bowl to Adrian, in it was a stew - chuck, chili, onions and porter, served with rice. It smelled rich and delicious. "Introduce yourselves, please."

Sitting on Sorens right was the other minotaur, on his left was one of the orcs. The minotaur spoke first: "I'm Mikko, Sorens first. Been here eight years and am currently working on my graduating piece."

"I'm Atez," the green, and larger, orc said, "Sorens second. Been here seven years. You will be working under me." He seemed kind enough. His hair was tied back, much of it braided with bells attached to the braids. His tusks were large, not clipped as Mr Laurens had been, and he was easily as large as Soren, but a bit more slender. Adrian nodded.

"I'm Vanod and I'm doing a voluntary apprenticeship, focusing on fine work," the other orc said. He was sitting between Adrian and Mikko. Adrian saw now that he was a half-orc - his tusks smaller, more slender, his hair not as coarse as Atez, and braided into a thick braid. He had human eyes - blue, and conniving. He would be trouble. A voluntary apprenticeship meant that he was free, which meant that his word, as long as it didn't contradict Sorens, was law. "I've been here five years and have just started my graduating piece.

The equine, sitting on the other side of the table, next to Atez, spoke up next: "I'm Rudy, a green, and I've been here three years." He was handsome: his build resembling a draft horse, his coat a light gold, his head broad with a white blaze running down the middle, and his mane white and carefully rolled into tight braids.

Finally, only Walter was left. "We've already been introduced," Walter said. "But I'm Walter, I've been here barely one year." He smiled crookedly, "You will be taking over for me as the greenling."

"Wh-what is a greenling?" Adrian asked around a mouthful of food.

"It means that you'll get all the worst jobs, at least for a start, until you've found your own place in the hierarchy or a new greenling shows up," said Atez. "But it isn't as bad as it sounds, and if any of these clowns give you too much shit, just come to me." Adrian smiled gratefully. He didn't imagine that anyone dared going against Atez, aside from Mikko, maybe.

Conversation soon continued between the apprentices. Soren was sitting quietly, as was Adrian, who was too tired and too overwhelmed to keep up with the discussion, especially as they got more heated. After a while, Walter, sitting on the opposite side of Adrian, leaned over the table.

"You can go, if you want," he whispered. "You're barely keeping your eyes open, and it's a big day tomorrow." Adrian nodded.

"What do I do with my plate?" he asked.

"Just leave it, I'll take care of it, but normally you'd wash it up in the sink."

"Thank you." Adrian rose quietly and left the room. Feeling eyes on him, he looked back as he came to the door, and saw Soren watching him. He hurried on. After having washed himself in the bathroom sink, he crawled into his bed and quickly fell asleep again.

He woke up to laughter. Rudy and Walter were sitting on the floor, Rudy's hands thrown up in victory, cards strewn between them.

"You cheated, I'm sure of it!" Walter exclaimed, but there was no anger in his voice.

"Sure, sure, or you're just a sore loser!" Rudy shot back smiling broadly. Adrian was still lying curled up in bed, his blanket pulled up to his face. They did not seem to have noticed him waking up. "C'mere," Rudy said, and pulled the string tied to his belt buckles loose. He pulled down the brown trousers, and Adrian had to swallow a gasp as the stallions cock came into view - it was huge, maybe eight inches and still flaccid. Walter shook his head. Adrian could only see his side, but he looked to be smiling. Slowly he got on all fours and crawled towards Rudy, over the cards. He nuzzled his crotch, slobbering over the massive cock with his broad tongue. He brought his hands to the testes, gently rolling them in his hands, as his muzzle moved to the flared head, licking the slit. The organ was growing rapidly, looking to double in size. When Walter finally swallowed it, he only got halfway.

"Oh Korhammar, you truly are good to me," Rudy murmured, stroking Walters head, rubbing his ears. The other hand traveled up his rapidly rising and falling chest, bunching up his tank top and exposing his muscular frame. He touched his nipples, swirled the hair around them, and Walter moved up and down his cock, his hands working his balls and the lower part that his mouth could not reach.

A whistle cut through the room. Adrian had not heard the door open, but heard now someone stepping into the room. "Having fun, I see," someone said - Adrian thought it was Vanod. Rudy didn't seem too pleased, but still smiled, breathing heavy.

"Care to join?" he asked, his hand still caressing his chest, the other hand pressing down Walter's head, who had moved to sit up.

"Hmm," the voice said, and as he stepped closer to the lovers Adrian saw that he had been right. "I don't like to share in my fun," Vanod said, that cruelty back in his voice, "and Walter seems to be doing such a splendid job that I feel I simply must borrow him." Rudy stilled, his hand still pressing Walter down, who was holding still too, trying to look back at Vanod.

"Would it not be more fun together?" Rudy pressed on. Vanod shook his head.

"No, I must insist. Come now, Walter," he said, and with that turned and left the room. Finally Rudy let go of Walter's head. Walter sat up.

"Sorry, hun," he said, and leaned forward, kissing Rudy's neck, moving up to his cheek and finally kissing him proper. "I'll give you your reward some other time, promise." He rose, fixing his pants, and went after Vanod.

"Fucking hell," Rudy murmured, hitting the floor. After a while he collected the cards, placing them in his chest, and then left. Adrian heard the water running in the pipes, and after a while Rudy came back, stripped, and crawled into bed. He had not laid there long until the door opened again, light briefly falling on Rudy's bed. Soft steps made their way to Rudy's bed, and Adrian thought it was Walter returning already, until the size of the man told him it wasn't. No horns, so it must be Atez. Rudy turned to look at him, and the orc crawled into the bed beside him, wrapping his arms around him and nustling his face into Rudy's neck, the bells chiming lightly. One of his hands travelled downward. He gasped.

"Oh, baby, you're already hard for me," he said softly, laying kisses along Rudy's neck.

"I had some interrupted foreplay," the stallion answered, reaching behind himself and slowly fondling Atez through his pants.

"Lucky me. Turn over, I'll treat you good." Rudy did as he was told - getting on all fours, his head between his arms. Atez got behind him, fondling his thighs and ass, kissing up his legs until he got to his goal. There he stopped, and Adrian could not see what he was doing, but he could guess, and from Rudy's breathy gasps, he was good at it.

"It's too much, it's too much," Rudy gasped, clutching the sheets, "fuck me, please fuck me."

"Of course," Atez said, rising to pull off his pants, and then leaning over Rudy, guiding his cock with one hand, and holding Rudy's hand with the other.

"Oh you feel so good. You're so big, you're stretching me out so good," Rudy babbled, as Atez slowly pushed his way inside. Despite himself, Adrian wished he viewed it from another angle - as it was, he could not see Atezs cock, and he could not see it enter Rudy, stretching him out. His hand moved to his own hardness, fondling himself through his trousers. He wasn't gay, he knew that - he'd very much enjoyed having sex with Callie, but this was too much, too erotic, for it to not affect him.

Atez seemed to have bottomed out, holding still over Rudy as the stallion got used to his size. He sat up again, steading himself with both hands on Rudy's arse, and started moving with a steady tempo - pulling out slowly and pushing back in again, creating a slapping sound as his thighs hit Rudy's, the bells marking each thrust.

"It's so good, so good," Rudy murmured, lost in the feeling.

"You feel so good," Atez answered, "so tight, My little whore, my beautiful, handsome little whore." Adrians stomach tightened. Would he be expected to do the same? To let the others fuck him? He didn't seem to have escaped prostitution, just ended up with a more limited clientele. Would he have to service Soren, too? They were his slaves, after all, no matter what you called it. He could do with them as he pleased. The idea of being fucked by Soren was terrifying. Rudy's cock was already big enough, how big wouldn't Soren be? Adrians hands moved beneath his trousers, grasping his cock. He bit down on his blanket to stop himself from gasping. He didn't think he'd ever been this hard before and he'd barely even touched himself. He did so now, moving slowly up and down, fondling his balls, squeezing the shaft slowly. He tried to imagine that it was Callies hand, or that they were over on the other bed, him on top of her, fucking her from behind - that it was their breathy gasps, their bodies slapping together, but all he could see was Rudy's cock, Atez leaning over him, bells chiming, and then Soren, so close, holding his chin between his fingers, staring so deep into his eyes. He came, spilling cum all over the inside of his pants. Over on the other bed he heard Atez grunting, Rudy gasping.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Rudy chanted, as Atez slammed into him a final time, twitching, falling over him. They lay there breathing heavily for a long time, kissing slowly, touching each other softly. Finally they rose and left. The water moved in the pipes again, and then Rudy returned, alone, and crawled into bed. When Adrian was sure he was asleep he left the room and went to the bathroom, where he removed his trousers and his pants, and washed both as well as he could. He returned to his room nude, thankfully not meeting anyone, and hung the clothes to try over his chest. And then, finally, he could fall back into his bed and fall asleep, his dreams filled with big bulls, bending him over, fucking him.

Authors note: Thank you for the very nice feedback on the last chapter! I have been writing for a while but because my anxiety is real bad I don't generally like to share my stories. It is also why it took me so damn long to post chapter 2 (somehow I imagined that people would be yelling at me...).

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