I guess I ought to start with explaining how I'm sat here, naked, in the hotel room of a couple I've only just met, watching them fuck.

I suppose it began at check-in, another solitary stay at another nondescript hotel for me courtesy of work. There was a queue and I'd glazed over perving at the mighty backside of the rather larger lady and her husband being served ahead of me. Lost in the moment, I didn't realize a second receptionist called me over; that was where this all took root.

Anyhow, after that distraction, my normal routine kicked in. I went to my room, dumped my stuff, changed out of what I'd been traveling in and cleaned up. I checked on the place's restaurant opening times and made a beeline out of the four walls I'd be calling home for the next few days.

I always aimed to get out and find a lounge or a bar to spend any downtime rather than stay put in my isolation; on this occasion I found myself at the facilities pool. There was nobody about, which suited me just fine, I had a book, somewhere to sit and a bit of piece and quiet was welcome. That was until she walked out of the changing rooms. As hypnotic as she was earlier, she was incredible in her two piece bikini, my eyes followed her discreetly as she walked into the water. Her husband wasn't too far behind and they frolicked in the pool playfully, rather than training athletically.

My attention was constantly diverted from my book towards her, bouncing through the water, her chest swelled in the swimsuit she was wearing, her cleavage was exquisite as it dripped, and as for her lower half, when she swam away from me, her thick backside was barely contained in those bottoms.

At one point, her husband must have left the pool without me noticing because when he returned, he passed by me, the loungers and tables, and left a plastic cup of drink down by the pool's edge. He jumped back in and I continued pretending that I was reading my book. In the next moment that I glance away from the pages of my story, my heart skips a beat; she's pulled herself up to the side to have some of the drink, now I don't know if her top was particularly unsupportive given the ample treasure it contained, or the way she clamoured out of the water had something to do with it, but there she was at the side of the pool, breasts completely free and bare, and she was acting like nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Quickly she downed her drink before slinking back into the pool like a mermaid, seemingly oblivious to the incredible scene I just witnessed.

For the next ten more minutes, I sat there, occasionally glancing in her direction, trying to hide my growing 'frustration'. She left not long after that, walking straight past me on her way out, picking up her abandoned cup, and I swear this is the truth because not even I believed my own eyes, I saw her thumbs hook into her panties, flash them down, giving me a beautiful view of her incredible ass, as she disappeared back into the changing room.

I made my way back to my room soon after that to ditch my stuff before heading down for dinner. I checked on the time given the sights I'd seen and the thoughts in my head, wondering if I could squeeze in a quick wank before heading down to the restaurant before it started to fill, but time was pressing, I didn't want to have to queue and really, I could spend a lot longer than a few minutes fantasizing given what I'd seen.

I didn't see her or him during the course of dinner, but I must admit that I did look out for them. That drove me to hang around, because rather than disappearing out into the wider city, I slunk into the near-by hotel bar and that's where she found me. Now wearing in a skin hugging fuchsia pink dress that clung on to all of her curves, she sidled up to me in my booth and took a seat intimately close to me.

"Why hello there you naughty pervert. Yes, I saw you watching me."

I sat, mouth agape, unable to speak, I simply returned a nod.

"Good, I like that you're the strong silent type, it should make this so much simpler."

She moved in even closer, if that was even possible, and brought her lips to my ear.

"I'm not wearing any panties."

And with that she took hold of my hand, dragged it under the table, beneath the short hem of her dress, and placed it directly on the heat of her pussy. I couldn't help myself, my fingers instantly began to explore their new surroundings, and one immediately sank into her already wet depths.

She was telling the truth.

"My husband and I have a proposition for you. We want you to help us fulfill some fantasies we have. You see, he likes to watch and to be watched. Me, well, you could say I have an oral fixation." she paused for effect and stared me down, eye to eye.

"You're going to eat my pussy tonight."

She put no questioning emphasis on those last words but just looked into me.

For my part I sat there, my jaw dropped. When I realised how stupified I was, I unconsciously licked my lips, and nodded in agreement at her instruction.

"Now tell me, have you any kinks you'd like to explore?"

She motioned to have me whisper my reply.

"I..." I stammered.

"I just like to do as I'm told." I managed.

"Good boy." she half moaned, and with it her arm fell from the table, her hand reaching for my crotch, finding my rock hard cock straining in my trousers, and she gave it a squeeze.

"I think we can make this work."

I followed her back to her room, smitten at her offer.

As she opened her hotel room door, her husband greeted me, handing me a beer with a cheerful "so you're who she's picked out for this evening! Nice to meet you, come on in!"

I heard the door slam behind me before she reappeared in front of me, her hand immediately darting to my chest, unbuttoning my shirt with a practiced ease.

"Honey, let him relax and settle in. Look he hasn't even been able to take a sip of his drink yet."

And with that, I pitched the bottle and downed a fair measure of the bottle.

"Oh, but I just wanted to see what it is we get to play with tonight!!" she opined; and with that said, she had my shirt stripped off, my belt loosened and my trousers and boxers to the floor around my ankles. With one hand back on my chest, and the other cupping my balls, she soothed, "Mmm, yes, this will do nicely, very nicely indeed."

"Alright already, let the guy chill won't you woman. Take a seat fella. Babe, you've seen what he's got to offer, how about you show him what you're working with..."

"Okay, now stay put..." and with that she turned away from me and drew up the hem of her dress, the vibrant cloth taught against her flesh, inch by inch, slowly revealing her big beautiful backside to me.

With the pink fabric rucked up around her waist, she widened her stride, and with her hands at her waist, she bent at the hips, spreading her incredible buttocks, and showing off the sweetest treasure in between. Breaking the seal, her phat pussy bloomed like a wet pink delicacy awaiting my hunger.

And with that she arose, pulled the rest of her dress up, over her shoulders and off, discarding it with a flick of her wrist to the corner of the room and with a look over her shoulder, a wink and a giggle, she said, "So you like what you see??!"

So, that brings you up to speed. She got up on the bed and layed down on her back, he'd already got himself naked and took his place between her legs.

He was much like me in many ways, of middling age, not particularly fit, but not excessive in any way either. He has less hair on his head than I, but I carried more and my face anyway. As for his cock, it was completely normal, not particularly big, nor particularly small, as I said, he wasn't really any different from any of us, and whatever he was doing, it seemed to be exactly what she wanted anyway!

I sat there, watching the show going on in front of me, not dating to even touch myself, I was already that aroused. The way she jiggled as he thrust into her, over and over, was absolutely hypnotic! Her eyes flicked between staring into his to boring into mine, as the most exquisite moans exhaled from her lips.

I don't know how long it went on for, keeping time seemed irrelevant but it all came to a crescendo in the same way it began, her underneath, him on top, between her legs, only with an increase in tempo, and then volume, with lot of exclamations from them both, until all that was left was a whimper.

He backed off with a smile on his face and took a seat across the room from me, our eyes met and he gestured towards his wife, offering her to me.

She called me to her side and patted on the bed next to her.

"I'm exhausted after all that, but you look so... Mmmm... pent up?! I can't leave you as frustrated as you look. Come here." She patted the other side of the bed this time. "Straddle me. Go on, I won't bite... Hard!"

So I swung my leg over her belly, with her size, I was concerned I'd not manage to stretch myself far enough but her flesh gave way to me as I lumbered to sit across her chest.

She looked directly at my cock and smiled a wide grin, before taking the meat of her huge pillowy breasts in her hands and enveloping my stiff length between their infinite softness. Having been witness to the live porn display previously, I was already at breaking point, and the way she squeezed her tits around my shaft was an incredible feeling. Her eyes never left mine as she toyed with me.

"You can cum for me" she whispered, and that was all it took to send me over the edge, for me to shoot all I had. I squirted over her lower lip, down her chin and left her cleavage a soaking mess. She let me sit for a minute, playing a finger through the sticky spunk across her chest, circling it around her nipples, and over my softening sensitive cock head.

"Well that was nice. Now would you care to repay the favour?" she somehow held my gaze while looking me up and down.

"After all, I did tell you, you are going to eat my pussy tonight..."

I maneuvered my way down her big beautiful body, until I found myself on my knees between her chunky thighs. I'd never seen such an incredibly sexy sight as this woman, laying before me, a glint in her eyes, a wicked smile on her face, her tits covered in my load, her plump round belly at ease, with her legs spread, proudly displaying her flooded sex directly in front of me.

The realisation hit me at this point, her pussy was leaking fresh creampie. Never had I even contemplated the taste of any man's cum, not even my own, and yet here in front of me was the most exquisitely divine delicacy and I was ravenously hungry to feast.

I kissed my way up her thighs in trepidation, taking in every sensation. The scent and taste of her was delicious. I hadn't noticed her arm snake down her body, her hand slid down from her belly and found her mound, her fingers moved down and through her vulva, parting her pink lips. I was drooling at the sight.

"I've always called this cookie and cream" she cooed, "Care for a bite?" and she bit her lower lip. So how could I say no to such a perfectly posed request. I didn't wait, I dived in, my tongue making a strafing run straight through her juicy centre. I ate like a man possessed, lapping away with a chaotic animalistic furiosity. Every swish of my tongue evoked a deep sensual noise from her. I devoured the soup that was their combined juices, as it eagerly flowed down my throat. Her hands ran through my hair, her fingers holding my face in place where I best suited her. As my tongue took orbit around her clitoris, I sucked the seemingly never ending stream of cream from her and was rewarded when she pulled me away to finally take a breath.

Through her breathlessness she panted out the instruction, "Get on your back."

Again, never shy to do as I am told, I rolled over on to my back and with a practiced swiftness, she threw her leg over me and took a seat directly on top of my face. The view from below was heavenly as she loomed above me, but then without warning, she ground herself into me, the full weight of her body pressed into my features, my head squeezed between her thighs and her belly.

All technique I had was quickly forgotten as I simply reached out with my tongue to lick whatever I could manage to find, only for her to use it as a surrogate cock, attempting to use it fill her depths. Her hands grasped through my hair again as she forced my face deeper against her gyrations. My nose must have been pressed right up against her clit as she unrelentingly pulverised my face. She left me completely breathless, her non-ceasing assault crushing the air from my lungs, using my face purely for her pleasure, but in my final moments of exquisite desperation she flooded my mouth, soaked my face and coated my beard with her sweet nectar, freeing me to see daylight once again.

Fortunately for me, she wiggled herself back to sit on my chest, and gave us both a minute to breathe. Before too long, she twisted to smile at her husband; it was at that moment that I could hear her eyes go wide, as she let out an audible gasp.

That session had left me exhausted, but incredibly turned on. I had found my second wind and was absolutely rock hard again.

"Oh honey, can I??! I know we hadn't..."

"Babe, go ahead, I think this one's earned it."

"You're the best!!!"

And with that, she scooted back and slide her weight down, allowing the velvet folds of her pussy to take in the entirety of my awaiting cock.

The unnumbered pleasures of the evening rolled ever onwards, as she rolled her hips, rocking herself back and forth. Her back arched, pushing her tits together right above my face, oh and it ought to be needless to say, but I suckled on those big beautiful breasts. Her nipples erect, I alternated between them, at once taking one between my fingers, teasing and toying, while taking the other between my lips, sucking down on her salty sweaty mounds.

She bounced up and down the length of my cock like she was riding a space hopper. With my stamina regained, I let her set the pace, enjoying the heavenly sensations of this angel above.

"Excuse me sir" he husband called from nearby.

"I hope you don't mind me taking the initiative here and joining the fun here? If you could just do me a favour and hold my slut still for a moment, I'd appreciate it."

At that suggestion, my hands settled on her hips and she slowed her bucking to a stall. My knob still sheathed deep inside her pussy, it was then that I felt her entire body shiver; I wondered why for a split second before it hit me, literally and figuratively as a chilled splodge of lube dribbled onto my balls.

In my new found understanding, I shifted my grip up to her ass cheeks and spread them wide for him. A new pitch of moan I hadn't yet heard yet escaped her as he pressed his dick into her tight rosebud.

Her entire body pressed against mine in an instant as he fully entered her. It was an odd sensation, one I'd never felt before; I could feel the shape of him through her, how she felt, well, her orgasmic moans testified to that. Once he was settled he began slowly easing himself back and forth and after a few rounds, I found myself thrusting into her in a natural partnership with him.

We stayed that way, moving in harmony with one another for what seemed like an age, her ecstatic groaning building and building in volume, echoing off the walls, until she took control and changed the pace, twisting and contorting her body, rinsing every ounce of pleasure from the two cocks filling her simultaneously. I don't think anyone of us knew who went first, but all of a sudden we all hit our peak, I felt her shudder again, she felt me squirt deep inside of her, and we both felt him unload all up in her.

And that's how the evening ended, a breathless, sweaty, sticky mess of entangled limbs, enjoyed by all.