This story belongs to a series that explores Tokyo locations as settings for BDSM stories.

In particular, this is set in the Ohta ward, just out of the most central areas of the city.

However, the name of the pond is fictional and is an homage to the AV actress Kawakami Yuu.

Mutsuki passed a finger between her neck and the leather burgundy red choker - a dog collar, really, that her owner had bought for her as a birthday present.

When he ordered her to wear it, straight away, in the crowded restaurant, at lunchtime, she had felt all eyes on her.

She had continued to blush while they walked in the busy Omotesando streets, avoiding meeting the eyes of the other passersby; yet the collar made her proud, proud that he had bothered to claim her as his own.

Now she knew that people didn't care or know, conveniently classifying the collar as a fashion statement.

The same was true for the beige Uniqlo trenchcoat she was wearing now, perhaps too light for the winter season, but wasn't normal to see bare-legged girls, the short skirt hidden below?

At least her legs were covered by sheer, black stockings.

She arrived at the train station, crossed the street, and immediately saw the Kawakamiike pond, just as he had said.

She took the street by the library and continued walking by the side of the shores.

Even at dusk, the park was busy. Mothers were returning home, after having taken little children for a stroll in the pram, young women around her age were walking their little dogs, some chatting.

She found easily the meeting point, and then waited, her hands on the wooden banister, looking at the pond's black waters blurring into the shadows of the cherry and pine trees, and then into the anthracite sky, where the yellow full moon and the white artificial lights of the lampstands and house lights broke the darkness.

Only some distant hushed voices and the sound of steps walking on pebbles broke the silence.

With her intent, expressionless face, she could seem just like any other person, taking a walk in the evening to relax after a busy day at school, at work, or home.

How this was far from reality excited her...her anticipation was so intense that she had to control herself not to tremble.

Finally, she felt a hand slipping below the coat and grabbing one of her naked buttocks, claiming his possession.

"Good evening" he whispered - "Good evening Sir" she answered smiling, closing her eyes, as his other hand unfastened one of the coat's buttons and slipped below, to cup her breasts and pinch one of the thick nipples.

"Come" he whispered again, and finally she turned to him, and looked at him passively, as he took a steel chain leash and attached it to the collar.

The silver leash shined in the night. Was it safe? What if somebody saw her, led by the leash, like a dog?

She still asked herself this type of questions and admittedly took her thrills out of them, inexplicably exhilarated at the idea that strangers could see how submissive she was to him.

It was just a moment of absence; yet enough for him to recall her by pulling the leash.

"Let's go," he said, and after a moment of unbalance she followed him closely so that a stranger could barely see that he was leading her by the leash, and anybody could mistake them for a standard couple.

When they reached it, she looked with curiosity at the public toilet. It was a small building, which looked like a small hut, with the usual separate entrances for men and women, in this case, they led to a small pathway running parallel to the two areas, the pathway separated from the exterior by a simple fence.

He stopped just before entering it and faced her.

The thumb of the hand that held the leash penetrated her mouth, while the other hand unfolded her pussy lips, ascertaining her wetness. She sucked the finger eagerly, until he slipped it out, while the other hand left her vagina, leaving her disappointed.

He tugged the leash again and led her into the toilet's man space.

Inside the neon light was white and strong and she couldn't help to think that the authorities used the brightness, that couldn't hide anything, to avoid that perverts, used the place for their wicked games; yet it hadn't worked for them.

"Sorry for the smell," he said smiling - she shook the head, signaling she didn't mind the male pee's smell coming from the urinals - "Take off your coat" he ordered soon after, and she started unfastening the remaining buttons, quietly but swiftly - the thought that any man could enter the space, or that even a woman could take a peek through the pathway barely registered.

When she finished, she waited for the next order, not taking anything for granted, a strip of flesh showing from her neck to the cleavage, to her flat stomach, to the hair on the mound, to the shaved plump nether lips.

"Give me the coat" he ordered, and she handed it to him, so that she remained naked, hands on her sides to give him an obstructed view, the stockings stopping at half thigh, under the unforgiving bright light.

Like so many other times, he examined her body without hurry, as if they were in a hotel or a private house's room.

Like so many other times she desperately wanted him to like what he saw.

She could see his eyes on her small tits, that she wished could be larger, on her thick brown nipples, which protruded so easily through a T-shirt if she didn't wear a bra.

Then he looked at her trunk - she knew she was slim, but she hoped her waist could be a little thinner, enhancing the feminine curve of her waist.

Finally, he stopped to look at her pussy, who, she knew, betrayed her like the shameless whore she was.

She hoped he could forgive her for being such a slut: but how different could it be, with her plump, large labia, easily moistened by her own juices?

There was no point in disguising it, and that's why he wanted them shaven, to avoid any concealment and to give her the extra thrills of rubbing raw against the panties' fabric or feeling directly the breeze when she was pantiless.

"Squat now"

She obeyed again, the urine smell stronger as she got closer to the ground.

With his foot he opened her thighs wider, as much as she could stretch them, forcing her to hold them with her hands to keep her balance.

Her pussy was fully opened now like a blossomed flower, the entrance hole visible through the flesh foldings.

He rubbed his leather shoe against her pussy and she felt she could cum any moment.

Yet she resisted because of course only by his explicit permission she was allowed to cum.

He retracted the shoe, shining with her juices.

He smiled and she smiled back, and then he rubbed the other shoe against the pussy.

Through the excitement, the cold of the night had started to descend on her.

Her nipples had become icy, hard, and painful.

Waves of cold went through her body, stopping only around her aroused sex.

He retracted the other shoe and then asked: "Do you want to cum?"

"Yes Sir!" she answered eagerly.

"Touch your clit then!"

"Yes Sir!" she answered while rushing to stimulate herself.

She loved to cum under his eyes, she loved to put a good show for him, and prove what a horny slut she was.

She loved that he made sure she earned her orgasms and didn't let her take pleasure for granted.

She felt the heat of the mounting climax, fighting the cold now, spreading through the body as a counterwave.

Her breath was breaking, and soon she would reach the peak.

She would signal it by asking for permission, and after he granted it, as he almost always did, she could savor the intensity of her pleasure.

Suddenly there was a noise of steps approaching, and he threw the coat to her so that she could hastily cover herself.

"Stand and face the corner!" he ordered.

She had been so close to cum...absorbed by her arousal she couldn't understand what was going on and why she couldn't have few precious extra seconds to finish herself off.

But she knew it was better to obey, so she stood and went to the corner, between a cubicle and the external wall.

The steps got closer, and then she knew the man was there, few steps from her.

Now she heard the sound of pee hitting the urinal.

She was torn between the disappointment of feeling her orgasm slipping away and the fear that the stranger would question her. And what if his owner had left, and she was now alone with him?

She didn't dare to turn and looked at him, she wondered if he was young or old, a student, a salaryman, or just a drifter.

Now she could hear him washing his hands, and for a moment there was silence.

Then a hand pulled away the coat and she was naked again, but for her burgundy collar.

She turned - was the stranger or his owner?

Of course it was her owner; he was grinning, having understood what went through her mind.

"You wouldn't have minded cleaning off that stranger's cock, isn't it, horny pet?"

She liked when she called her his pet - still she denied vehemently.

"No Sir, I just wish to serve yours, Sir!"

"It's time then," he said holding her head down and pushing her back into the squatting position.

She had hoped for a moment that she would be allowed to resume the search for her cumming, but realized that that time was over now.

He had unzipped his trousers, and the thick, erected cock she loved so much was ready to penetrate her mouth.

She felt so happy to have him inside her, the source of the warmth that spread through her chilling body being now the hard, demanding penis.

"Touch your nipples" he ordered, and she was thankful for the permission.

Of course, she hoped he would have let her rub her clit, but that would have been too distracting, wouldn't it?

She loved to feel how the cock occupied her mouth, she loved to whirl her tongue around the shaft, like an exotic dancer. She loved to uncover the red gland and coat the rubbery tip in her saliva.

Especially she loved when she felt the seed surfacing through the shaft and landing into her mouth.

In those brief moments, when she heard the faint quickening of his breath and felt the spasm of the cock she had the bizarre feeling she owned him, and that he was helpless in front of her.

And that moment came; the seed was spilled, she felt his weakness and probably he felt it too, because immediately he issued an order, as to regain control.

"Clean my cock, but don't swallow the cum."

She smiled at him with her most obedient and submissive smile - "Yes, Sir!" - and she started licking her penis with care, without hurry, unaware of the place and her nakedness.

"That will do," he said after a while, putting back his cock in the trousers and handing her the coat back.

"Let's go!"

She buttoned the coat and he attached the leash again.

A path was going around the lake, and he was taking her through it.

They walked close to each other in the darkness, and there was no way to know neither if the people they crossed could see the shiny leash nor to read their expressions.

Of course, with her mouth full of cum, she couldn't talk; he remained silent too. It was a beautiful night, and she felt completely his and happy; the only regret being the missed orgasm, that had the promise to be so sweet.

As they got closer to the main road, he detached the leash.

For a moment he grabbed a buttock, as he had done when they had met.

"I should use this next time," he said. "My cum will keep you company, slut. Swallow it when you reach home. I'll call you soon."

Unable to do more, she just nodded and saw him leave; then she walked to the station.

This time the train was more crowded, people were all around her.

She wondered if any of those pressing against her could feel her naked body under the trenchcoat; then it would be easy to understand the meaning of her collar.

Of course, nobody could guess her mouth was full of a man's cum, unless she made it dribble through her lips.

After a few stops, the train car was emptying; and through it, standing at the other side of the door, she saw a girl staring at her.

She was taller than her, wider, her body full but now yet ripe. Probably she was in the last year of high school, barely eighteen.

She wore a dark blue sailor uniform, the skirt reaching well below her knee.

She had black hair parted in half, falling on her shoulder, full lips, a round face with large, intent eyes behind rimmed conservative spectacles.

Mutsuki felt that the girl, even if she was so young, knew. She knew about the collar, about the naked body.

The girl looked at her seriously.

Mutsuki smiled at her, parted slightly her lips, and let a drop of cum dribble beyond them.

The young girl didn't avert her eyes but started blushing, furiously.

At the next station, she rushed out, but when the train left she was still on the platform, looking at her.

Mutsuki smiled at her, waved goodbye, and she waved back.

Then, with the tip of the tongue, she claimed the small creamy drop, before it escaped her mouth, where it belonged, at least until she reached home.