It was Thursday. It was 3pm. It was two hours until her long weekend.

The lobby bar of the hotel was busy with the usual downtown characters: those here for work, those here for fun, and those here for pleasure.

She was here for work, she had two briefs to submit before her weekend could officially begin, and she was nowhere near done thanks to the gorgeous gentleman seated a few tables away.

He was striking: tall, lean, impeccably dressed. Dark eyes, tanned skin, with an aura of seduction engulfing him.

Her body responded the moment he walked into the bar. She could feel the little hairs on her neck stand up, her nipples begin to harden, and the ache deep within her start to rise. He was seated facing her, his eyes visible above his laptop, her eyes determined not to get caught staring.

She managed to work, stealing glances when it felt safe to do so. The red wine she was drinking made her feel alluring, even sexy, as she stood to walk to the ladies room. She walked slowly, carefully past his table, avoiding his eyes. She knew he was watching along with every other person at the bar, and she was glad she was dressed as she was: tight black pencil skirt, white buttoned silk blouse, thigh high hosiery and black patent pumps. Her clothing hugged her curves and left little to the imagination.

Walking back to her table, she noticed her drink had been refilled. She motioned to the bartender, who let her know that her refill had been ordered by a gentleman a few tables away.

It was him.

Unable to stop herself from looking, her eyes met his. He raised his glass and nodded, sending a shiver up her spine. She nodded, gave him a smile and sipped her wine, the ache in her body growing. She must find a way to work, and so she began a cycle of working, pretending to work, and staring.

She was almost ready to submit her briefs when she felt his presence close to her. Looking up, there he was. Shockingly handsome and painfully sexy. Without a word, he sat down beside her, laptop and cocktail in tow, and began to work.

As they worked, they drank and they talked, and she felt her inhibitions lowering. He was smart and successful, a true gentleman. A gentleman whose hand was now placed on her thigh. Grateful to be in a dimly lit, back corner table, she didn't pull away. Unable to move and craving his touch, she sighed as his hand rubbed on her knee, and began to travel up her skirt to the soft skin beyond the thigh high. Her breathing intensified as her nipples began to poke through her white blouse, her breasts begging to be freed.

She didn't need to place her hand on his lap to see his excitement for her. The bulge in his pants and the want in his eyes told her all she needed to know. His eyes locked on hers, his hand continued to travel, and soon he would know just how excited she was for him. The closer he got to her warm, wet G string, the slower he moved. Teasing, taunting, forcing her to control her breathing and act like any other patron at the bar. She bit her lip, his fingers were there. Moving slowly, but with purpose, he drew circles around her clit that shot sparks of pleasure through her. Without thinking, she opened her legs for him, as he put his fingers under the soaking material of her thong, and slipped inside her.

The lights dimmed, the music got louder, and her orgasm threatened to take over her right then. She had never cum in public before, let alone from a man she had just met. His fingers were exquisite. With two thick fingers inside her he found her G spot, slowly adding pressure as his thumb traced circles around her clit.

She was forbidden to touch him, yet she tried many times. He held both her hands on the table with one hand, as he owned her with the other. Over and over again, he brought her to the edge, each time backing off just as she was about to erupt.

Her legs began to shake, beads of sweat lined her upper lip and a small whimper from her mouth. This time there was no stopping.

He leaned closer to her, and whispered in her ear.

"Cum, kitten."

His two fingers stroked her G spot as his thumb pressed hard into her clit, her orgasm smashing through her. Her eyes closed and just as she was about to cry out, she felt his mouth over hers. His tongue invading her, she matched his passion as his fingers continued to work her body. He held steady inside her, feeling the strong pulses of orgasm as she clamped tighter around him.

His fingers pulled away from her at the same time as his lips, leaving her breathless. The fingers that only seconds ago had brought her ecstasy, were now deep in his mouth as his eyes locked on hers. Pulling them out, he kissed her hard. She could taste herself on him. Sweet. Salty. Aroused.

Knowing she needed composure, she excused herself to the bathroom, hoping her shaking legs would get her there. As she walked, her skirt still riding high, her swollen clit reminded her of her pleasure and she felt her juices starting to run down her legs. After gently cleaning up and throwing her soaking wet G string in the bathroom garbage, she examined her face. Flushed cheeks, swollen lips, and a fire in her eyes. She wanted more.

When she arrived back at the table, he was gone.

Her laptop had been opened, and sitting on the edge of the keyboard was a room key. As she moved her hands over the keys, her computer came to life, a single page showing on the screen.

"The bill has been charged to room 1769.

I'm here for the long weekend.

Cum play, Kitten."