Chapter 2: Surprise

Christmas morning I woke up around 7am from another very restless night, as usual, my cat laying on my head, and the blankets were half on the floor. As I lay there, I immediately started thinking about Amy. Part of me wasn't sure if it was all just a dream or if it actually happened. I would not find out today. It was Christmas, and I was going to my brother, Greg's, house.

As I was standing in the shower, all I could think about was her amazing body. It turned me on imagining her there with me. My cock stood at attention and dripped precum from the image in my head.

'Maybe if I cum I can clear my head a bit and not be distracted by her?' I thought as I stood under the scalding water.

I stroked my cock slowly with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. The heat felt wonderful. My balls were loose but full. My cock throbbed as I took long strokes. It only took a few minutes before I sprayed ropes of cum all over my shower wall. My knees buckled slightly, and I had to grab the shelf in the shower to keep from falling. I felt better, but still she remained in my mind. I go back to work tomorrow so maybe I will find out where she works and pay her a visit? For now, I need to hurry and get to Greg's. I'm already late.

When I pulled up at Greg's house I must have daydreamed again, because before I knew it he was outside knocking on my window.

"Hey, buddy, you made it! Jeff, uh, you ok? You've been out here for, like, 15 minutes just staring out the windshield," Greg asked with concern.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I just got work stuff on my mind. You know, all that 'end of the year' bullshit. I need a drink. I brought a bottle of your favorite Tennessee Whiskey. Maybe we can pop her open while we open presents" I said, knowing I was drifting off again from saying 'pop her open.' Oh my god, what's going on with me?

'Get it together, man,' I thought as I climbed out of the car.

"Hey, Greg, I have presents to carry in. Would you mind helping me? There's more stuff" I called as Greg started walking back inside.

"Of course, bro! You know you're my favorite brother, right?" he said with a smirk. He definitely cracked open a bottle already. And it's not even noon.

"I guess it's good I'm your only brother then" I replied with a matching smirk.

Greg was my younger, more successful, brother. He got a great engineering job right out of college and has climbed the corporate ladder faster than I could say 'bullshit.' But I'm proud of him, anyway. His wife, Mindy, is beautiful. Her shoulder length brunette hair and gorgeous hazel eyes and a smile that would take your breath away. They met freshman year of college and have been together ever since. Their boys are just like Greg, outgoing and full of interest and curiosity. Although they haven't fallen out of their tree house and broke an arm like their dad, yet.

Once we got inside and set all the presents down, the boys ran up and jumped on me. I'm their favorite uncle. They've told me and Greg and Mindy. Dad was in the chair, watching Christmas movies and drinking his favorite scotch. Mindy and our sister, Jess, were in the kitchen finishing up Christmas goodies. The smell in the house was very festive. I love this holiday, minus the office Christmas parties, of course.

I made my rounds and sat down next to dad on the couch.

"Hey there, partner! I didn't hear you come in. How are things going?" he asked, half listening to me telling him about work.

"Uh huh, yeah I bet" is mostly how he replied. His eyes never leave the tv. That's just dad though.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. 'Isn't everyone here?' I thought to myself as I got up to answer the door.

"Greg, door" yelled dad.

"Greg, Mindy, I'll get the door. Don't worry" I said walking to greet whoever it was.

As I opened it, a quick thought crossed my mind of how exciting and surprising it would be if it were Amy. No, how could it be? She doesn't even know my brother- and sister-in-law. I opened the door and looked up, and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Wow, it was her. My eyes widened to the size of baseballs and my jaw dropped to the floor.

"Amy? Hi! Uh, w-what are you doing here" I asked in utter surprise.

"Jeff! Hey! I was going to ask you the same thing" she replied.

"Well uh, Greg is my brother and I'm here for Christmas, well, I mean, obviously" I said with a slight awkward chuckle and grin.

"Greg is your brother? Oh my god, that's amazing! I'm actually their neighbor. I live just, like, right over there across the street. The yellow house. Right there," she chuckled, pointing to a cute little pale yellow house with black shutters and white columns on the porch.

"I just moved there a month ago. Still figuring out the area. Greg and Mindy saw me moving stuff all by myself and offered to help. So now they invited me over for the holidays. You have an amazing brother- and sister-in-law" she said.

I helped her carry her presents and food inside, stunned she was here. I could feel my hands getting sweaty and I started stuttering slightly when we walked in the kitchen to say hello.

"Jeff, have you met Amy? She's new to the neighborhood and we thought we would have her over for Christmas since it's just her," Mindy said in a cheerful tone and a smile.

"Yes, I found out we work together. We introduced ourselves at the Christmas party at the office," I replied.

"Oh, that's great! Now that everyone is here, why don't we open presents?" Mindy said loud enough the boys tore down the stairs yelling "presents!!"

Amy & I sat across the living room from each other. The kids on the floor ripping into everything that set in front of them. Dad, Greg and Mindy were on the couch and Jess was next to Amy. I did my best not to stare at her. She dressed in a nice knee length cocktail dress. She had an off white fur trimmed shawl wrapped around her shoulders and black stilettos that stressed her sexy feet. She wore an anklet with a small deep blue sapphire. The way she held her glass of wine gave the impression she was not timid at all. She was chatting up a storm with Jess and Dad.

The kids finished opening up their presents and asked to go play with their new toys. Mindy gave permission, which left just us adults in the living room to open our presents. We all wanted Dad to go first since this was our first Christmas without mom. She died earlier in late spring from heart complications. He missed her tremendously. No matter what his outward appearance was, he was dying inside. We all were, but he was the most. 60 years they had been together, and one day she just sat down on the porch with her daily glass of tea and fell asleep, never to wake up. Dad found her an hour later after returning from helping my Uncle cut up a tree that had fallen on his property. The alcohol made things easier, but we were all hurting.

Above all, the Christmas cheer and booze, there was Amy, sitting directly across from me. Every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs, I secretly hoped she would give me a glimpse of her sweet pussy I had been imagining since yesterday afternoon. Maybe she wouldn't have any panties on? Finally, it was my turn to open gifts.

"A bottle of Glenlivet 25 year Single malt scotch! Holy shit, Greg! This stuff is expensive! Thank you! Wow, I can't believe you bought this!" I exclaimed holding the bottle in both hands admiring this exquisite bottle of scotch whiskey.

"Yeah, like $450 expensive. Only the best for my favorite brother though," he said with an ear to ear grin.

"Boys, we may need to arrange a taste test before the night is over, wouldn't ya say?!" dad said with excitement.

"Absolutely, dad!" I replied.

This was definitely the best gift I've received in a while. Amy was next to open after me. I felt like an ass for not getting her anything, but I did not know she was going to be there.

"And this one is from Jeff," Mindy said gleefully, handing Amy a tall square box. Mindy saved my rear end this time.

"Ooh, I love white wine! Jeff, how did you know my favorite wine was Chateau d'Yquem? I never mentioned I liked white wine yesterday," Amy said, looking over at me.

"Uh, well, you, uh, looked pretty fancy and something just said 'Chateau, uh, something or other... What's that word again, d'Yquem?" I said, chuckling and taking another sip of scotch.

"Nailed it," Amy laughed.

Mindy, in her semi-drunken state, stood up and asked, "ok, who needs a refill?"

"I do," Amy said, attempting to stand up without flashing all of her yummy parts to our entire family.

I watched her stand up and walk into the kitchen with Mindy, and my eyes didn't leave her ass until she disappeared. Jesus, she is going to make me go insane.