Two days later, Donny and Jeff had tracked down Ariel's car, or what was left of it anyway, at an impound yard.

"The accident happened a few weeks ago," the manager of the lot told them. "Miss Winter jumped out of the car at the last minute. What happened next you would have to ask her. I'll call her and tell her you're coming."

As he walked to his office to make the call, Jeff looked at the car and started to put latex gloves on. "Hand me one of those test tubes," he told Donny. "I'll have to go over to her house alone."

"Be careful," Donny said.

In the office, Dan Black, better known by the ironic nickname 'Skinny', which he was anything but, observed the man in black who called himself a government agent and his young looking partner.

"Yes, Ms. Winter, I will send them right over."

Sabrina Carpenter was having a shoot for a video of her new remix of Almost Love. At least that's what she told the actor.

"Why aren't we shooting with a crew again?" he asked.

"Because the director couldn't make it and the rest of the crew didn't wanna bother without him." The lie just rolled off Sabrina's tongue. The real reason was that her casting call for unknown actors was not for an actual video that would be released online.

"Alright," he replied, before laying down on the bed. As she straddled him, he asked "So how is this gonna go again?"

"I get on top of you like this," she started, obviously getting tired of him asking the same questions every half hour. As she started to move down his body, she felt his hard on. "Then I pretend to ride you." She again went through the teasing of his dick with her heavenly hellish pussy. After five minutes, she again stopped and yelled "Cut!" before getting off of him.

"What did I do wrong this time?" he asked.

"I just don't seem to be getting a succubus fucking you and sucking out your lifeforce vibe from you." She loved torturing these wannabe actors.

"I can get it right, I know it!"

"I can think of one way that I can be sure you do this right."

"Anything." Hook, line and sinker.

"I want you to fuck me," she said.


He laid back down as she secretly turned the cameras on and started to record before straddling him again. She took her panties off and impaled herself on his dick. He lasted for ten more minutes before cumming, bringing plenty of footage for her video that she was making for herself.

Halfway across town, Hailee Steinfeld was making a visit to a high school. As she talked about motivational things to the students, she gauged the sexual feelings he was getting from the male staff. The strongest were coming from the coach of the football team. As she finished the speech and walked off stage, leaving it to a middle aged woman with a too cheerful disposition, she gave him a look. Luckily, he was hidden from everybody and could disappear without raising suspicions. He followed her into the locker room, making sure she had enough time to get there beforehand.

"Well, well," Coach Meridian said. "What do we have here?"

"Hi, coach," a cheerleader outfit clad Hailee said.

Jack Meridian did not say a word. He just sat down and allowed the actress/singer to climb onto him and ride him.

As the cheery middle aged woman finished her speech, Hailee, again dressed in regular clothes was the first one to clap.

Jeff pulled up to the house owned by Ariel Winter and got out of the car. From inside, Ariel sized him up. He was handsome, mid-20s, muscular body, and just enough of a five-o-clock shadow. When he knocked on the door, she glided quickly over and answered.

Jeff had sent Donny back to his hotel room to wait for him to get back. He had then drove to the house to talk. Talk being the key word. When she opened the door, he immediately got a sexual feeling before he even got a look at her. 'Damn pheremones' he thought. Definitely not a regular human.

"Miss Winter, my name is Jack Jefferson." He hated taking the name of his abusive uncle who had been the indirect cause of his sister's vampirism, but he had to for the sake of keeping his true identity a secret. "I work for the government. Special unit that deals with science related cases. Could I come in?"

"Yes." She gave him a sexy smile as he walked in and sat on the couch. She sat down right next to him, maybe a little too close for comfort.

"It's my understanding that you were in a car crash recently involving a meteorite."

"Yes, I barely got out in time before it hit my car."

"Did you see anything out of the ordinary that night, such as something that might have come off of the meteorite."

"Not really," Ariel said. "Why do you ask?" She started to push out more pheremones, attempting to get him aroused enough to stop asking questions and just fuck her.

"Well, there have been strange deaths recently of which the most common side effect is extreme dehydration. I'm trying to figure out whether the meteorite may have had some germs that might cause it."

"Not that I know of." He knew that what she really meant was that whatever came off the meteorite was responsible for her pheremones and the shriveled corpses. 'Great' he thought. 'As if regular succubi aren't hard enough to deal with, now we have alien succubi who are also famous actresses.'

"Well, if that's all you know, I suppose I should get going." He handed her a calling card. "If you remember anything else, just call this number."

"Are you sure you don't want to stay," Ariel asked, trying to get him to stay breathing her pheremones longer. "I have fresh baked cookies, specially made." Specially made meaning she put her succubus pussy juices inside.

"No, I really should get going."

Panicking, Ariel pulled him into a kiss, only to be surprised when he pushed her off immediately. She fell to the floor

"I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to hurt you, but I have a significant other at home and I need to stay faithful." With that he walked out the door.

Dan Black was just closing up his impound yard when a police car pulled up. Out of the drivers seat stepped a young attractive blonde cop with a nametag that said Jennings.

"Dan Black, I have some questions for you," Officer Jennings said.


"Did two young men come over to ask about Impound #667? May have said they were federal agents?"

"Yeah?!" He was starting to get nervous.

"There have been multiple complaints about repeat visits by federal agents, who have turned out to not be. We think they may be the same people. May I see your security cameras."

"Yes you may," he said. This young cop was arousing him and he struggled to hide his hard on. He took her to the computers that held the security footage, only to find out that they had been erased.

"It can't be them," Officer Jennings said. "They wouldn't start hiding their identities like this after every other one of their cons were filmed on camera." She turned towards him and immediately started to kiss him, before mounting his dick.

Ariel was cleaning up the body of the man she had practically dragged into her house after Jeff left when her phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered.

"It's Natalie."

"Oh, hey. Did you get the information I asked for."

Natalie was at the impound, putting on the outfit she had taken from Officer "Not-Dad" Jennings and looking at the corpse of Dan Black. "Yeah. It was them."