Jeng had always been a pretty girl, when she got to her senior year of high school she was the fantasy of nearly every boy in school and the envy of the girls.

Five-foot nine, a hundred twenty-eight pounds with waist-length straight black hair and natural D-cups made her luscious, once you took into account the sharp green eyes she could have had any boy in the school, and half the teachers.

It may seem like Jeng had a storybook life, in fact, it was quite the opposite. With near-impossible expectations of her traditional Japanese parents and the pressure of teachers to "Always do better". The poor girl was an emotional ball of low self-esteem and nerves.

She had avoided dating never thinking she was quite good enough for all of the boys that were after her, choosing instead to study and keep mostly to her room or the public library.

Jeng however had a terrible secret, or at least terrible for a young demure Japanese lady, Jeng liked porn. She first discovered it around the age of seventeen at first it was a few pics here and there on the internet, after that it got more in-depth. Now at the age of twenty her second year in college it had become almost an addiction to her, every chance she could get she would log onto one of her sites to watch videos or read naughty stories.

April, Jeng's cute little blonde friend convinced her one night to attend a college party to which she reluctantly agreed. April was feeding Jeng sweet-tasting twisted tea's never letting Jeng know there was alcohol in the beverage.

Jeng had become quite tipsy when the broad-shouldered blue-eyed boy stepped up and started talking to her. Blushing Jeng spoke with him and before she knew it he kissed her. At first, she melted into the touch a shiver running down her spine, something was wrong, it didn't feel right.

Jeng broke the kiss and quickly scurried from the house into the night. She was crying as she walked home, wondering what was wrong with herself, wondering why a kiss affected her so much.

Moving towards a bench just outside the campus stadium Jeng took a seat, it was Autumn but the cool metal still seeped through her tight bluejeans as she dried her eyes.

It wasn't long before Jeng saw another student heading her direction, the boy was large and not in the muscle builder way no, there was no other way to say it, he was fat.

As he approached closer Jeng could hear the labored breathing of his lungs, the odd scrape of his left shoe every time he took a step, and more importantly, she took note of how the boy swung wide of the bench giving her a lot of room to ease her mind from the late-night passing.

Jeng was moving before she thought, around the bench and up to the lad, the beautiful Japanese girl grabbed his hand and led him towards the dark doors of the stadium. "What the heck lady, what are you doing."

Jeng paid no expression to the boy her eyes kept to the ground as she lightly guided his back into a small nook that would mostly conceal the pair of them. In silence she took a deep breath, steeling herself as she dropped to her knees reaching for the waistband of the strangers jogging pants.

Jeng's hands trembled as she tugged down the boy's pants and she got the first whiff of a crotch that had been sweating the way too much. She whimpered as that smell turned her on, even more, her mind playing back all the hours of video's she watched the ones that turned her on the most always had a fat person in them. She was not prepared for what the smell did for her, it completed the scene shuddering her left hand wrapped around the hard cock before her.

It was like a different person was doing this, Jeng ignored the boy's hushed protests. His protests stopped when her soft lips wrapped around his hard shaft.

Jeng had no experience in giving head, she just applied pressure with her lips and bobbed her head up and down as fast as she could. It wasn't long until his hands were on either side of her head guiding her faster and deeper. She felt him tense and instinct made her pull her head back her hand moved to pump his cock.

It was just in time too, the first jets of hot cum hit Jeng's cheek and lips, before coating her neck and cute white button-down. The boy trembled and shook as Jeng milked him dry. The last few feeble drops slipped out of the soft cock and over Jeng's hand and she delicately slipped the sweat pants back into place.

She had no idea why she did what she just did, but she liked it, she liked it a lot. Her left hand came up into the faint light so she could look at the cum coating her skin. Turning her back to the boy she began walking off, scurrying across the street she took the time to let her tongue taste the silky mess on her hand.