The Doctor is Inside

Remnants of a dream began to vanish when Craig felt something fuzzy sit down on his face and begin to gently smother him. His usual method for dealing with such a surprise awakening was to let it happen for a minute and pay the toll with sweets pats on its rump, but not today. Craig's muffled protests could be heard from down under, but the squatter paid no mind to his master until a burly arm swept him off his perch. As Craig slowly rolled himself out of bed, he managed to spit out some orange hairs that had taken residence in his mouth while his cat licked itself.

"Anytime you want to wake me in a more reasonable manner, Dr. Butkus, I will be most grateful," Craig scolded the ginger cat, who only mewed in response.

A sharp knock was heard at the door, which sent Dr. Butkus under the bed except for his striped tail. Craig chuckled to himself at the cat's behavior as he pulled on his burgundy, velvet robe and opened the door to reveal his chambermaid, Ellen, who held a tray of coffee and biscuits. He moved aside to admit Ellen, who brushed past him with her usual smirk and left the glorious smell of butter and sugar in her wake. He walked out to his balcony where she had set down his breakfast and made a little bow before to her.

"My dear, Ellen, where would I be without your diligent care?" Craig asked as he sat down to his breakfast of champions.

"Probably fixing a terrible pot of coffee for yourself, I imagine," she teased, "or having to teach the cat how to cook."

"Maybe that will be my next invention," Craig laughed to himself as he spread strawberry jam on a warm biscuit.

"Your first appointment is in an hour and I have your operating theatre set up and ready. Shall I set out your attire for the day while you breakfast?" Ellen asked as she poured his coffee and unfolded his napkin.

Craig nodded in response and watched Ellen sashay away, that beautiful rump of hers unable to hide underneath the many layers of her starchy uniform. He had offered to purchase her fabric that was more fitting and pleasing to the eye, but she had retorted that she wasn't 'working for a brothel, last I checked!' and he had dropped the subject. Craig valued her help and intelligence too much to lose her, but he still enjoyed an unsavory glance at her every now and then. After all, he was only human and the only other pussy, currently, in his life was Dr. Butkus, a less than ideal paramour, nevertheless an enjoyable snuggle cohort. As if being summoned by thought alone, the mischievous cat suddenly jumped onto the table and began to drink the cream set out for coffee without much consideration for his master. Craig set aside a crumb of biscuit for his feline friend and got up to dress for the day.

Today was the day he would finally get to try his new invention on a patient and excitement bubbled in him like a glass of champagne. Ever since he had learned how little research was done on the female anatomy he had set out to be the first prominent doctor to do so. Craig had always been curious about what lay beneath all those petticoats but not necessarily for any lascivious reason. After all, that is where life began and emerged forth from. He had heard of this new ailment many women were being diagnosed with called, "hysteria," and was determined to find a cure. This was the simplest problem, he felt, to start with for the cure seemed much simpler than with other ailments. If he was successful with this cure, then he might acquire funding for further research, which was his hope.

The sound of the doorbell ringing took him out of his reverie and he shooed Dr. Butkus from the operating theatre. He didn't want to risk electrocuting his best friend after all, plus he worried it would look unprofessional. As he stepped into the next room, Ellen was ushering in the patient, Mrs. Lydia Hayes, a woman near thirty, dressed in a beige traveling suit with hat and veil. She removed her hat and veil with trembling hands, clearly nervous, as she informed them her husband, George Hayes, would join them after the treatment. Dr. Williams, as he was known to his patients, offered his arm to assist her into his operating theatre as she seemed about to faint. She thanked him with a smile as she accepted his strong arm while he talked her through the treatment plan again. Ellen soon followed and closed the door behind them, then set up a screen for Mrs. Hayes to begin disrobing.

"Must I remove all of my clothing?" Mrs. Hayes whispered as she walked behind the screen.

"Not entirely, madame, but down to your chemise and drawers, I'm afraid. This won't be very comfortable in a corset, though we can work with that and your petticoat if you insist," Dr. Williams advised as Ellen stepped behind the screen to help.

"Maybe for the first session, at least," Ellen offered.

"I'll take my corset off, but I'd like a petticoat on still. My husband hasn't even seen my legs," Mrs. Hayes informed from behind the screen as layers began to come off.

"Dr. Williams is a gentleman and a scholar, Mrs. Hayes, plus I won't leave your side," Ellen reassured her as she untied Lydia's stiff, pink corset.

Once her corset had been removed, Ellen gently led Lydia over to the patient table and gestured for her to lay down upon it. Ever the lady, Lydia made sure nothing was revealed in her move to get on the table and laid down. She took a deep breath as Ellen and Dr. Williams came over to her side with a strange silver instrument in hand as well as a tray of various oils and smelling salts. Ellen took Lydia's hand in her own as Craig began to explain the procedure.

"If I may, I would like to try this hand-crank vibrator on your person, Mrs. Hayes. It's my belief that you have some kind of unpleasant build up inside of you and this instrument will help release that. With Ellen's help I've learned that the best place to apply pressure is between the legs, but we can start other places if that frightens you too much."

"Will it hurt?" Mrs. Hayes asked in earnest.

"Not at all, madame, though it is a strange sensation. In the end, I found it quite invigorating," Ellen informed while she lightly caressed Lydia's hand.

"Well, if you both agree that it's safe, I'll let you try it out on me," Lydia said with a small smile.

Dr. Williams and Ellen both exchanged a nod to begin. As Ellen encouraged to Lydia to relax and breathe deeply, she placed her hands underneath the frilly petticoat and raised it slightly like an iron gate slowly opening for a new visitor. Dr. Williams moved the instrument into place and began to turn the handle, which encouraged Lydia to spread her legs a bit more.

"It's so much bigger than I expected," Lydia gasped and raised a hand to her breasts in embarrassment.

"I find it's easier with one leg bent, madame. I'll keep you covered," Ellen offered as Craig and his instrument continued their exploration.

Lydia complied by bending her own leg slowly up and gasped at how correct Ellen's advice had been. She began to feel quite warm and felt a redness creep across her chest and cheeks. The doctor and his assistant noted Mrs. Hayes' body tense and twist among other symptoms. Her chemise grew noticeably moist and clingy between her ample breasts, which began to prick up as well; she looked practically feverish. Dr. Williams continued to pulse the instrument against Lydia's clitoris and took mental notes of her appearance and symptoms for his journal later. He looked up when Mrs. Hayes began to emit strange moans, suddenly, and smiled to himself at what was soon to come. He decided to quicken the pace of the instrument a bit and Mrs. Hayes' moans grew louder in response.

"I fear I might explode," Lydia gasped between breaths.

"Hold my hand, you'll be just fine," Ellen said as she went in closer to Mrs. Hayes.

"Am I dying?" Lydia shrieked as she groped for Ellen's hand.

"Not at all, Mrs. Hayes. In fact, you should be almost done," Dr. Williams assured his patient.

Her breaths grew quicker and shallower as some unknown spirit took hold of her body and arched her back. There was an itch between her legs that she had never felt before yet was desperate to scratch, so she moved about in hopes of satisfying it. Without warning, the instrument managed to hit the right spot and send a flood forth from her body and a note of pleasure from her mouth that rang in her ears as foreign. She felt a strange wetness between her legs as Dr. Williams removed his instrument and Ellen covered her with a blanket.

"Well done, Mrs. Hayes! That was rather successful for your first treatment," Craig congratulated her.

"I feel positively lightheaded now yet so refreshed," Lydia informed.

"Sometimes a nap is helpful right after. We'll give you a few minutes before I come back to help you dress," Ellen advised as she and the doctor stepped out.

Once Dr. Williams and Ellen were outside the theatre, they grasped each others hand in congratulations and were practically breathless with mirth. They quickly celebrated with a little dance and a shot of whiskey before going back to their professional demeanor. Dr. Williams went to find Mr. Hayes, who had been waiting outside the house, and inform him of the weekly dose Mrs. Hayes would need for the next month. Meanwhile Ellen, quietly, crept back into the theatre where Lydia was beginning to wake.

"Let me help you up, madame, you've had quite a rush," Ellen soothed as she helped Lydia off the table.

"Thank you, Ellen, I feel ever so much better. Maybe next time Dr. Williams will let you operate on me?" Mrs. Hayes smiled deviously.

"That would only happen if we needed to apply treatment manually, which could happen. He would, though, want to stay and watch for research," Ellen winked.

The women giggled together as Ellen helped Mrs. Hayes back into her clothing. Meanwhile on the other side of the door, Dr. Williams was offering a cigar to Mr. Hayes while they waited for the women to appear. Craig had just been regaling him with a brief summary of their success that day and how this new treatment was likely to become popular all over the country, maybe even the world. Mr. Hayes, only knowing so much about science, was easily impressed and thankful for the doctor's help. He couldn't help but notice the growing bulge between the doctor's legs and gulped down any excitement from further building within his own person. Dr. Williams seemed to sense the embarrassment and turned towards the bookshelves in order not to offend Mr. Hayes. He couldn't help it after all for it had been an exciting day. Fortunately, the women came out just then and Mr. Hayes went to collect his wife from Ellen's capable hands.

"Thank you so much again, Dr. Williams! We'll look forward to seeing you again next week," Mr. Hayes said as he quickly grabbed his wife and began to usher her towards the exit.

"You're most welcome! After all, I am the doctor," Craig joked as he opened the door and waved them off into the afternoon sunlight.