She'd never slept in Wanda's bed before. It felt weird. Not just being there in Wanda's house while the kids spent a week with their grandparents, but the bed itself...

Janelle had never tried to sleep on a waterbed. There was something unsettling about it. She'd never known anyone who owned one, and it seemed like an oddly decadent flashback to the '80s. Was it possible she'd get seasick during the night?

Wanda stood naked in the doorway. "What do you think?"

Janelle grinned. "You look good enough to eat, babe."

With a deep chuckle, Wanda approached the behemoth bed. "Not about me, silly. About the waterbed!"

"Oh." Janelle plastered on a fake smile. There were mirrors everywhere in Wanda's bedroom. You couldn't look one way or another without seeing yourself. "Well... it's different?"

When Wanda leapt onboard, a tidal wave sent Janelle tumbling toward the far edge of the mattress. She let out a little shriek as she fell, but Wanda grabbed her hips and pulled her toward the centre. Wanda was so damn strong—that's one thing that had attracted Janelle when they first met. Felt like a hundred years ago, but in reality they'd only known one another a couple months.

"What are you doing still in your clothes, little girl?" Wanda crawled the length of Janelle's body like a big cat on the prowl. "I thought I told you to get these things off."

"I know. I was waiting for you."

Wanda kissed her neck. That quick peck was hard and sizzling and dry. Sharp.

Another kiss, this one a little wetter, landed on Janelle's chest. The curve of her breasts peeked out beyond her modest V-neck top. Wanda attacked whatever was visible. Wanda's long, hot tongue ran the length of Janelle's cleavage, up and down that little line of flesh. God, it felt good when she used her tongue that way. Janelle kept praying Wanda would dig in deeper, find a nipple in there, suck it hard.

"You gonna do a strip show for me, little girl?" Wanda raised her head from Janelle's breasts and winked.

"No!" She loved the way Wanda called her little girl. It had been years since Janelle had felt in any sense little... or girlish. "I want you to undress me."

Wanda wasted no time. She stripped off Janelle's top in one swift motion.

The air was dry and cool enough to coax Janelle's nipples to tiny pebbled points. Her chest heaved, her breasts rising and falling inside her simple white bra. They'd just begun and she was already out of breath.

Wanda knelt between Janelle's spread legs. Her big breasts swaying as she unbuttoned and unzipped the fly on Janelle's jeans. Her motions were violent as she pulled tight denim past Janelle's full hips, yanking so hard the water underneath them sloshed inside its rubberized casing. There were tides in this bed, and they were wild.

Lolling with the waves, Janelle raised both legs so Wanda could pull off her jeans and panties. Why did she feel so vulnerable tonight? Like Wanda was going to eat her right up?

Little Girl indeed...

Wanda kissed her hard, forcing a tyrannical tongue into Janelle's surprised mouth. Janelle never could keep up with Wanda's passion, but Wanda had assured her there was no need. Her job was to lie back and take what Wanda wanted to give. Wanda's job was to give it, hard and fast and strong, every time. Wanda was not a sweet and sensitive lover, but sweetness and sensitivity were overrated. Janelle couldn't get off on sweet and sensitive. Forceful and frenzied did the trick.

A whirlwind of sexual energy spun out of control as Wanda wove one hand through Janelle's hair, clenching it in an unforgiving fist. The other hand worked its way down to Janelle's bra. Her nipples ached with the strain of arousal and cold. It would be nice to feel Wanda's hot mouth latched to her breasts. Just thinking about it made Janelle buck against Wanda's naked thigh.

"Suck my tits," Janelle pleaded, breaking away from their hot kiss. "Please, God, please!"

Wanda laughed. "I doubt if God's gonna be sucking your tits, little girl. Maybe I will..."

Such a tease.

"Do it, Wanda, suck my tits. And go really hard, babe. I want it to hurt." Janelle grabbed the cups of her bra and pulled them down. When her naked tits met Wanda's naked tits, everything inside her jumped. It was pure pleasure.

"Well..." Wanda's breath rushed against Janelle's forehead, hot as lava. "If you insist..."

Wanda began her quick descent, crawling down Janelle's body, planting fierce kisses all the way. Her hot breath mingled with the sharp coldness of Janelle's nipples and made them burn.

The pleasure was excruciating, and Janelle just wanted more, more, more.

"Suck them." She felt empowered like this, holding her bra down and sticking out her chest. "Suck!"

Wanda growled. Her tongue struck Janelle's right breast and, despite the softness, it was too hot to handle. Janelle pulled away, causing another tidal wave inside the waterbed. If only she had something to hold on to. So she held on to Wanda's head, inadvertently pressing it down on her tit, forcing her breast farther into that hot, wet mouth. Wanda went with it, sucking more than just her nipple now, sucking her whole breast.

Janelle had never felt anything like this. She couldn't keep from writhing against Wanda's belly, trying to angle her hips in such a way that her clit would strike her woman's stomach. The harder Wanda sucked her tits, back and forth between the two, the wetter Janelle's pussy got. Juice ran down her crack. When it slowed around the puckered ring of her asshole, she wished Wanda would shove something in there. A finger, a dildo—didn't matter what.

Watching this fierce woman savouring her breasts, Janelle felt like a rabbit being taken by a fox. Wanda brought that kind of energy to sex, and Janelle needed it. She was too lethargic otherwise. That's what she loved about her relationship with Wanda: they balanced each other out.

That's what Janelle was thinking when she blurted the words, "I love you, babe!"

Wanda stopped sucking, and let Janelle's breast fall from her mouth. Her eyes went so wide they looked more white than brown. The only sound in the room was the vulgar slosh of the waterbed.

They'd never ventured into "I love you" territory before.

In truth, Janelle didn't mean to say the words. She wasn't sure why she had, except that they were true. They were true, weren't they? This had gone beyond flirtation, beyond fling, beyond sexual relief. They talked every day now. Wanda's kids had met Janelle, though she'd been introduced as merely a friend. There was a future, here. In fact, the more Janelle processed her verbal ejaculation in the slow moment they spent staring at each other, the truer it became.

Janelle said it again. "I love you, Wanda. I'm in love with you."

Even the rude squelch from Wanda's waterbed couldn't break the tension. Janelle wanted to hear those words back, but hot trepidation shot through her core. Maybe Wanda didn't love her. Maybe this relationship meant something altogether different.

And then a growl rose up through Wanda's body, deep, like it originated in her gut and rumbled all the way to her throat. She sounded like a grizzly bear. Her tongue landed in slashes along Janelle's belly. Everything felt so hot, so wet. Even when the crisp air met with cooling saliva, everything sizzled.

Wanda dove between Janelle's thighs and attacked her engorged clit. Her whole pussy felt fat and wonderfully wet even before Wanda met it, but the second that hot tongue touched her pussy lips Janelle lurched forward. "Holy Mother!"

"Little girl," Wanda teased, her voice dark as velvet. "I am most certainly not your mother."

Janelle laughed until Wanda's sizzling mouth met her pussy again. The pleasure was too sharp and too vast to be laughed at. Perching on her elbows, Janelle craned forward. She needed to get a look at what her woman was doing down there.

Wanda's mouth had a tongue that licked and teeth that bit, lips that drew into a tight little rosebud to suck her clit. Wanda's mouth was magic.

The water beneath their bodies waved in even laps, rocking them gently. This bed was growing on Janelle, despite its jostling motions and rude noises. It added dimension to their lovemaking. Not that Wanda required any improvement. Her tongue worked fast against Janelle's clit, flicking up and down as Wanda slithered on her belly like a snake.

Janelle pressed her nipples between her fingers and thumbs, rolling them, squeezing. "God, you are amazing!"

"It ain't God that's licking your pussy, little girl."

That bizarre combination of words made Janelle tingle. Hell, just about everything Wanda did made her tingle. Just catching sight of that woman in the buff made her clit twitch: those big boobs taunting her, wide hips beckoning. Watching Wanda go down on her made her entire body tremble.

That's when Janelle realized Wanda had her own way of saying "I love you."

This was it.

Janelle never had much trouble expressing emotion, but a lot of people couldn't. So maybe she should cut Wanda a little slack. The proof was in the pudding, and Wanda proved her love every time she put her face between Janelle's legs. Wanda's muffled moans were words of love, and Janelle felt weak with pleasure. She dug her heels into the mattress, but couldn't get any traction. Her feet skidded across the sheets.

Wanda caught her ass with both hands and lifted it, blowing cool air against Janelle's blazing clit. "You like that, hmm?"

With her lips closed Janelle moaned, trying to stay quiet even though they were alone in the house. She couldn't stand the torture of Wanda's soft breath. She begged her woman to take her clit between those full pink lips and suck it hard, but Wanda just smiled coyly and kept blowing.

Janelle couldn't stand the suspense. She rubbed her splayed pussy lips against Wanda's mouth.

"Suck it!" Janelle cried. Her voice cracked as she bucked at Wanda's face. "Suck my clit, babe. I love you!"

With an animalistic moan, Wanda tore into Janelle, nibbling her clit and shoving a couple fingers into her hot cunt. God, was she wet! Sopping wet, with juices running down her crack and soaking the sheets. When Janelle bucked to meet those firm fingers, the pad of Wanda's thumb met her asshole. She always wanted that, but could never ask for it. When she shrieked, Wanda took the hint.

Sucking Janelle's fat clit, Wanda traced tight circles around her puckered hole. Janelle moaned, "Yes, babe, yes," until Wanda forged a path through that tight ring of muscle. A thumb was probably all Janelle could take in her ass. With Wanda's fingers already lodged in her cunt she felt frightfully full.

"Come for me, little girl." Wanda nibbled Janelle's clit, then sucked it, making her scream with surprise.

The waves beneath their bodies echoed the typhoon of desire coursing through Janelle's core. There was a tight buzz in her belly, and she wanted to buck and push both at once. Wanda worked her so hard her body didn't seem to know what it wanted first, but she found herself rolling to one side, writhing, whimpering as the pleasure mounted beyond her capacity to enjoy it.

Janelle tried to close her legs, but Wanda held them open.

"No!" Janelle cried.

"Yes." Wanda quit sucking, but kept reaming her pussy and ass with those perfect fingers.

Wanda was right.

"Yes!" Fighting the slow tides beneath the mattress, Janelle fucked Wanda's hand with her pussy and her ass. Only her clit was worn out. Somehow Wanda knew that.

Wanda was amazing that way.

Janelle came again, right away, from the sheer pleasure of being filled, of being fucked. This time her orgasm was a growl, not a whimper, and then a groan, and then shouts and curses. As she flipped herself around on the bed, water sploshed and recoiled under her breasts and her belly.

"Oh my God," Janelle sighed, again and again.

She could hardly breathe, but she found Wanda's beautiful body and cuddled against it. Now more than ever, she knew what love was. Wanda didn't have to say the words. This pleasure in bed was more than enough.

Janelle nearly fell asleep listening to the water lapping beneath her pillow. She was just on the verge of dreaming when she heard Wanda's voice.

"You know what, little girl? I think I love you too."