It was a Wednesday night and Jess was bored stiff, her flatmates had gone out clubbing, leaving a mess in the kitchen and she was pissed knowing they would wake her up at 3am coming home. After doing some work on her assignment she decided to relax a bit and picked up her phone to check her messages.

She had a few voice clips from her flatmates, berating her for not joining them, she didn't know why they were still surprised. Jess was not a party kind of girl, she didn't drink, never wore revealing clothes and barely even swore. Though she appreciated being invited out every time anyway.

While going through facebook she saw another add for the new dating app everyone was going on about. She didn't get the appeal; it sounded ridiculously vain, just looking at pictures of people and then matching or trashing them. It's not like she wasn't an attractive girl (she would never say she thought she was attractive out loud, but she did), but she wanted to be appreciated for more than that.

Her last boyfriend clearly just saw her as a challenge and wanted to get underneath her conservative clothes. She tried to hide her 32E boobs and curvy hips under baggy jumpers, but it was pretty much impossible. Besides her blonde curly hair and bright green eyes tended to draw attention anyway.

Since she was bored, and no one was home anyway she downloaded the app to try it out, selecting a few pictures of herself to put on her profile. It then brought up a quiz, apparently so it could match her with her 'soul mate'. She laughed at that and filled it out.

Name: Jess

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Virgin: Yes

As soon as Jess clicked yes she registered how strange that question was, "seems a bit personal for some stupid dating app" she thought. It continues on with some less invasive questions, her city and address, phone number, etc.

"Congratulations you have registered!" came up on the screen in big red letters, "you have earned 20 points" she saw a bar increase at the top of her screen. She thought it was odd to have a points system but brushed it off, wanting to start 'playing'. It took her to a 'tasks' screen showing how to earn more points; match your first partner, send the first message, send a picture in chat, log in 5 days in a row... etc.

She skimmed over them mostly and moved onto the next screen, a quick into video showing their strange twirly logo and theme music. It was annoyingly catchy and seemed to play over in her mind. After it showed how to scroll through and judge each person it finally let her see some actual profiles.

Jess was taken aback by the first profile, it was a man, 32 (the age difference surprised her, she assumed it would show her people her age) and his first picture was him shirtless. He had a great body but she hadn't expected to see things like that. She quickly trashed him and moved on.

After a few minutes she realised a lot of the guys on here had shirtless pictures, and they were all gorgeous. She imagined what it would be like to feel their abs, none of her boyfriends had ever had them. She decided to match with one of these hunks just to see what would happen, she was just messing about anyway.

After she confirmed her screen flashed with the strange logo again and asked "send Richard your profile?" showing the images she had selected. Seeing her conservative pictures, wearing jumpers, long sleeved tops barely any skin at all was strange. She worried he wouldn't match her back if she looked like a prude, so she quickly edited her profile, and added in a picture of her on holiday in shorts and a tank top.

Once she saved she saw 15 points added to her profile, a rush of excitement coursed through her. She continued looking through some guys profiles for an hour or so, then went to bed at 11pm.

The next morning she saw a few notifications from the app on her phone. She opened it up and was immediately rewarded with 5 points for logging in two days in a row. Then she saw she had 10 new matches! She didn't remember selecting that many but they all looked hot so maybe she had.

The top one on her list however didn't have any pictures, she clicked on him curious as to how he ended up as a match. All it gave was his name; Ollie, she noticed a tag that stated his profile was premium, she had no idea what that meant, there were no ads so far so what extras would the premium offer?

She decided to message Ollie, since she had to message someone first to get some extra points, and because she was intrigued. The 20 points gave her a buzz and made her mind feel delightfully fuzzy. She got up and got dressed, choosing her slim fitting jeans and a long sleeved tight top.

Normally she would wear a big jumper or cardigan to hide her curves, but it was fairly warm today and she wanted to feel good about herself. She went to the library to continue working on her assignment, receiving a few turned heads on the way. The attention excited her and she wished she owned less stuffy clothes so she could show off some more.

After 45 minutes of work her head was killing her, she couldn't concentrate at all and had barely gotten anything done. She checked her phone and saw that Ollie was online and replying to her message.

"Where are you" It was a little strange and demanding but Ella thought he must just be being conversational.

"I'm at the library on campus"

"What are you wearing?" he responded, a little cliche she thought. Then she remembered the points for sending a picture so she turned on her camera and tried to angle it the way she had seen her flatmates when they took selfies. She sent a picture showing her tight top, which clearly showed how much her tits stuck out.

Her phone buzzed and she assumed he had responded, it showed a splash screen with the logo and music stating "congratulations, Ollie has shared his location with you." She could see a dot flashing at a house a few miles away. She then saw a notification on her task list; "Ollie has assigned you a new task: Come to my house."

Jess felt confused, she knew she shouldn't go to a strangers home, she didn't even know what he looked like. Yet she started packing up her laptop and notepad into her bag. "I just need to go for a walk to clear my head" she explained to herself, knowing exactly what direction she would be walking in.

Half an hour later she was ringing the bell of his house, as soon as she heard it ring she panicked. What was she doing here, this was dangerous she needed to leave! As she turned around she heard the door open "Hey." It sounded casual and friendly.

"Oh, hi, I umm, shouldn't really..." she started mumbling, turning around to face him and trying to explain that she needed to leave. She was shocked when she saw the tall handsome man, who looked around 40 with mostly brown hair but flecks of grey coming in. He was hot, really really hot.

Feeling flustered she felt her phone ping in her hand, and looked at it trying to distract herself from the situation. "Ollie has assigned you a new task: slavegirl." Jess squinted at her phone, what was 'slavegirl'. She looked up questioningly to the man and noticed him leering at her hungrily.

"Inside, now." He commanded, in a booming, deep voice that Jess just couldn't resist. Although her mind screamed her legs started walking up the steps and into this strangers house. He closed the door and walked into a room calling out "follow" behind him.

Jess couldn't help but obey, and moved into the room, seeing what looked like a home gym, a bench and different kinds of weird equipment. He sat on the bench and watched her, she noticed his jeans getting tighter at his crotch. Her mind was in shock, terrified of what he would do to her, but her body was heating up, and she felt her underwear dampen.

"Strip." She immediately began taking off her clothes, pulling her top over her head to reveal her simple white bra. Then pulling down her jeans, she wanted to stop there but something pushed her and she started unclasping her bra, letting her tits bounce free. After removing her matching plain white underwear, she stood before him revealing her untouched virgin body.

"You're a virgin?" He asked, clearly hesitant to believe her profile.

"Yes, Master" she whispered, not sure why she had added the master to the end, but saying it sent excitement running through her.

"Good." He walked over and grabbed her, throwing her face down onto the 'workout bench'. He placed her hands on two grips at the far end instructing her to hold on, then placed her feet on two conveniently placed platforms at the back. She was humiliated to be on display like that, her naked ass in the air showing herself off to him.

Quickly she felt a finger inserted into her vagina, she partly screamed, partly moaned. No one had even seen her with her top off before and now she had this man's finger inside of her! As fast as it had arrived it was gone, and she felt the trail of wetness pulled out with it. He seemed satisfied with that and she heard him unzip his jeans to let his cock free.

Something flipped inside of her as she realised what was about to happen. Just as she was about to move off the bench and run for it, she could hear the music from that app playing in her head. Was it in her head, or was it in the room? She couldn't tell but it was getting louder, drowning out any other thoughts she had of letting go of the handles, or running away. She wouldn't be a very good slavegirl if she didn't let master fuck her whenever he wanted.

Her mind barely even noticed when he pushed his way inside of her, filling her up more than she ever thought possible. Her body on the other hand was very aware, her nipples were standing to attention, her clit ached to be touched and her mouth moaned out wishing it could be filled too.

She had never felt so wonderful before, and enjoyed every second of him pumping in and out of her. She tried to raise her ass more to give him better access, hoping it would let him deeper inside of her. He seemed to like this, and grabbed her hips so that he could pull her back and forth as he fucked her.

Jess had spent her whole life being told how impure sex was, that it was for a man and wife to make a baby and nothing else. But, here she was letting this guy she had never met before fuck her and she loved it. Part of her still knew, it was screaming at her that this wasn't right, that she should leave. But every thrust of Ollie's dick inside of her drowned it out more and more.

She heard him making some strange noises and then he stuck inside of her, his penis pulsing a bit. It felt wonderful, and Jess felt overwhelmed with accomplishment and happiness. After a minute or so he pulled out fully and walked off somewhere, Jess couldn't see though because she had to keep in position.

She spent 15 minutes there, mindlessly waiting for him before he returned. He directed her to the bathroom and instructed her to wash up and redress. He looked her up and down, shaking his head at her outfit then sending her on her way back home.

As she walked down the street she logged into the app and saw 500 new points! This moved her to level 2. She had no idea what that meant but she got very excited. She saw she now had 10 new level 2 tasks; match with 50 men, match with 5 women, touch yourself etc, just the standard kind of tasks. She also had 2 new tasks from Master:

End slavegirl and wipe memory

Go shopping for revealing clothing

Jess was looking forward to progressing on the app, "I wonder how many levels there are" she thought. Though she knew she should be careful because she had to make sure she didn't go too far, she was saving herself for marriage after all.,darususe,Uzytkownik.html