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People on reddit have had bad experiences with these sellers, or outright scammed. Any seller listed below is blacklisted from r/desigerreps and possibly other subreddits. Join our list and get 10% off your next purchase. Yupoo is great and all because it shows camera pictures of products.

However, is there a way they can put prices down? I have to message seller every time I want to know how much a product is. Bonus. Here is a additional list with all other sellers. These are all contact/wechat. Here is a large list of resources for you to utilize. Using these vendors should make your experience positive.

69callme | 69callme1 | 69callme | 69callme . They've been reported a handful of times for bait and switching. This seller has been reported multiple times for selling poor quality items . Most of their pics on taobao and wechat are retail pieces mixed up with bad pics of their reps. This seller has been reported for sending wrong items to customers, see post here. If you want to buy, buy via agent as you can qc before shipping.

Exportclothes | exportclothes . They sell same items as a bunch of taobao sellers, mark up the prices and provide mediocre or bad experiences with their customers. 【how to order?】 please send us the items links and sizes to get the stock, price and shipping info.

If you have any issues with these vendors, be sure to message the moderators. This list will be frequently updated with the best sellers and agents known for their service and quality. Designer reps is a community made for sharing, searching for and discussing replicas of luxury and high fashion brands only. Please do make reviews of what you buy and ask questions according to rules. Also, please check the faq and the rules if you have any questions.

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