Issued by Whiskey Scam Alert

30 SEPT 2021

High Threat Accounts:

These are the most active scam twitter accounts in the networks WSA is tracking.

and these shill accounts

List of identified whiskey scams and shills (active on twitter within last 6 months):

bold indicates actively scamming within the last month.

Less Active (not seen on twitter in 6 months)

Username Tracking

This is a chronological list of twitter usernames used by three active accounts over the past several months. Frequent username changes are done to try and hide their scam.

Twitter account ID 1304341120420380672:  Was originally (1) @bourboncenter, then

  1. @onlinewhiskey
  2. @storebourbon
  3. @storewhiskey
  4. @bourbononline
  5. @marketbourbon
  6. @salesbourbon
  7. @mafiabourbon
  8. @onlinewhiskey
  9. @onlinebourbon
  10. @CollectorsHome
  11. @HomeWhiskey
  12. @bourbon_home
  13. @HomeWhiskey
  14. @bourbon_home
  15. @HomeWhiskey
  16. @whiskey_home
  17. @HomeWhiskey
  18. @bourbon_home
  19. @retailer_shop

And is now (21) @bourbon_home

Twitter account ID 1311007040500838401:  Was originally (1) @bourbonstore, then

  1. @whiskeyretail
  2. @whiskey_shop
  3. @bourbonretail
  4. @OrderEaster
  5. @bourbononline

and is now (7) @onlinewhiskey

Twitter account ID 234991504:

  1. @egistor_soo
  2. @retailwhisky
  3. @davidbrant92
  4. @bourbonliquor

And is now (5) @sipgoodwhisky

Wall of Fame

Twitter accounts we've successfully got suspended

Names, phone numbers and emails used to scam

These are some of the names, numbers, and email addresses used to scam. Note that it's possible some of these names used are from victims of identity fraud and not the actual scammers.

List of Scam Websites Targeting Bourbon Drinkers:

The Scam

Whiskey scammers on twitter are professional criminals mostly operating out of places like Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana etc). These scams aren’t just carried out by individuals. Organized crime groups have set up sophisticated operations involving websites, salespeople, intermediaries, and bank accounts. Scams often involve more than one country in order to confuse victims and complicate investigations.

Most of these frauds involve a non-delivery scam, where you pay for a product that does not exist and will never be shipped. Some scam accounts simply set the bait and wait while others actively pursue their marks. Their websites often look legitimate.

They will advertise on social media, building their following by piggybacking on legitimate accounts. They steal photos and video of rare whiskies and then offer them at reasonable prices to bait people into buying. They prefer DMs, text, or email and anonymous payments such as gift cards, wire transfer, Zelle, Venmo, etc. If you push for more secure payments they will have a ton of pre-planned excuses ready.

The scam often does not end there. If you've already paid, they may introduce a fraudulent shipping company or insurance arrangement. This is another scam to get more of your money. These will appear legit, with login credentials, tracking numbers etc. All fake. You may be asked to continue paying invented fees until you realize you've been had. Some folks are taken for thousands. Scams constantly evolve and they change tactics once they stop being effective.


The purpose of this page is to provide a listing of the active and semi-active scam accounts on twitter. WSA only focuses on twitter so we do not track facebook, instagram, tiktok, etc. But please use the same level of common sense whatever platform you are using.

The aim of WSA is to interfere with these scams in order to protect the greater twitter whiskey community. If an account is on this list, WSA has seen evidence of the scam taking place.

WSA does not get paid for this service. There are no ads or fees of any kind. It is entirely free and run by a dedicated member of the whiskey community trying to minimize the damage these scam accounts do.

If you suspect an account is a scammer, contact WSA on twitter @whiskeyscam to review. Thanks to all in my network for keeping a look out and reporting these accounts.

If you have been a victim of these scams, in the US you can report the site or account to the Better Business Bureau, your State Attorneys General office, and contact your credit card company about its fraud protection policies.

There is no whiskey, only regret. Watch your $$



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