Advantages of stainless steel pipes

Steel tubes are everywhere and can be seen in underground walls, residential, laboratories, commercial and industrial structures—pipeline fluids, including water, natural gas, waste, and air. There are three manufacturing methods for making steel tubes. There are lots of stainless steel pipe bends manufacturers in India with good quality of products.



Production of seamless steel tubes using extrusion dies. Rolling steel sheets produce welded steel pipes into pipes and welding joints. The seamless steel pipe production process begins with a solid round billet.

Why buy stainless steel pipes

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance

Stainless steel is significantly more repellent to corrosion due to water and biocides than carbon steel and cast metal or ductile iron. This advantage allows the useful life of stainless steel tubes to be longer. Super duplex fasteners are superior to duplex and regular stainless steel grades in corrosion resistance and mechanical strength

  1. Corrosion protection

Stainless steel does not require internal, external coating, or cathodic protection. This decreases the cost of the system and makes this material more environmentally friendly. In addition, duplex stainless steel is much more resistant to erosion and corrosion than carbon steel, especially if there are sand particles.

  1. Hygienic materials

Due to the high stability of passive covers or layers, AISI 4140 Tube grade is a low-alloy steel was added chromium, molybdenum, manganese alloy. The filtration of alloy components (Cr and Ni) is inside the security limits. As a result, it gives a better quality of drinking water.

  1. Coefficient of friction

The lower friction than carbon steel-lined cement pipe or corroded carbon steel causes less loss of water pressure along the pipe. In addition, this is one reason why there is less adhesion of deposits and less colonization of bacteria.

  1. Good strength and ductility

Stainless steel, especially duplex materials, has more critical mechanical parts than carbon steel and iron pipes. This allows the reduction of the pipe wall thickness, which, in turn, allows cost savings on investment.

  1. Easy manufacturing

These benefits, combined with good flexibility, allow for easy pipe fittings and modification. And there is nothing better for pipes than adding a wide variety of accessories, such as B8 Bolts grade studs are made of stainless steel and these types of fasteners are made of austenitic stainless steel and require a carbide solution treatment.



  1. Easy maintenance

Stainless Steel Pipe Water Distribution Durability Thanks to its high corrosion resistance and ease of welding, water leaks can be significantly reduced from 25% to less than 5%, saving costs. This debate is becoming increasingly important due to the increased cost of water and its treatment.

  1. Excellent durability

As stainless steel is resistant to corrosion cracking, cavitations, and deterioration from exposure to pure or contaminated water, it is cost-effective for long periods of use and does not cause environmental pollution. Likewise, thanks to its components, this resistance provides up to 100 years of service despite the different temperatures to which it is exposed.

  1. Recyclable

 These metal and other recycled ferrous elements are used in the softening process to create stainless steel, with an average recycled content of around 60%. Part of your initial cost can be recovered if you recycle stainless steel tubing.