So far, having a roommate hasn't been that bad. I don't bother Carrie and she doesn't bother me. And she has lived up to her promises of cleaning up her life. And it's pretty cool that she figured out how to operate the toaster oven because she loves her English muffins. It's unfair that she stands waiting for the ding in just her undies, but like I said, she loves her English muffins. I don't get why her undies say Wednesday when it's Saturday, but I suppose I should just shut it and drink my coffee. And just as Tonya said, her stripper roommates haven't even missed her yet. I know this because when I worked the DJ stage last Thursday, there was zero indication that anything was different other than all the compliments she got over her new look and clothes. OMG, druggie issues are real. She is not curled up in that sleeping bag folks, she's living over her figuring out how to make English muffins. But enough about my roommate situation. It's Saturday evening and I have a dinner date with Jarrod which may come with the possibility of some level of sex. Fine, that was silly of me to say it that way. Jarrod has a history of leaving a nut on me and he will probably be looking for an upgrade tonight. And because I have made it crystal clear over the last two years that my special prize is absolutely off limits, I may have to contend with him wanting a blow job. Am I ready for that? Oh no, not by a long shot. Will I offer him my usual? Of course, but I have the feeling that rubbing off on my legs is old news. Do I have a plan? Oh yeah, I actually have two plans. You know, because my first plan will fail. Plan A is to get him so food drunk that he falls asleep before we have the second part of our date. Hey, it's a real thing. Last year, before I was Angela Jaye, the only thing that stood between me and a pool party gang bang in the changing hut was the fact that Jarrod and Gino were to food drunk to stay awake. They had me, but couldn't finish before they fell asleep. I know, shame on me for pulling their swim trunks down while they napped on the floor. If Plan A fails, then I will put Plan B into motion. Plan B is to suggest a night cap at Hilda's Hideout and get one of the strippers to dump his nut for me. That may sound like I'm back peddling on my date, which I am, but Massive Martha likes money and I have some tip cash from last Thursday. Plus, I want to go the club and show off my new boobs and my girl next door look. Seriously, I'm cute as hell tonight, just like Jessica from next door. The long curls brunette wig was a good addition to my closet. "Hello Jarrod. Right on time. Would you like to come in or are we late for our reservations? What? No, my roommate is not here right now. She's at work and by the way, that is no way to start a date off. I should be your center of focus." "Sorry Angela Jaye, but your new roommate is the talk of the neighborhood. I just never thought you would have a roommate who is so refined and went to a private school. Even Mrs. Hills approves of such a fine young lady living on the street. OK, are you ready to go?" OMG, what is with guys and trucks that are this high off the ground? If I accept a second date offer with Jarrod, I will have to wear my rock wall climbing equipment. Ugh, I made my way up the rope ladder and scooted closer to Jarrod than I should have, but hey, I'm a good date. And LOL, those tricky clothes designers are very smart. The stripes on this blouse line up perfectly with my well pronounced nipples. Silicone or not, they poke out just the same. And Jarrod noticed too. "Eyes forward Jarrod. The road is out there, but I'm glad you approve." Kim's Kitchen is very popular and it was packed. While we waited for our table, I showed off my boobs. While we sat at the table, I showed off my boobs. When I went to get us a few after dinner mints, I showed my boobs. As we left the building, I took the long way around and well, you know. After I used the ladder to get up inside the truck, I threw a few things at Jarrod for consideration. "Listen Jarrod, can we swing by Hilda's Hideout for a minute? I picked up these butter bread sticks for the ladies and maybe a cocktail would help to take the edge off. I promise we won't stay long. By the way, there will be titties everywhere." Hah, puddy in my hand. LOL, titties just work. Jarrod pulled in and the valets made a human pyramid so I could get down from the trunk. This may not help my date situation, but I had to introduce Jarrod to Carrie because, well, because Carrie is the front door hostess. "Jarrod, this is my roommate, Carrie. Carrie, this is Jarrod, my date." "And previous bully? Listen mister, you better treat Angela Jaye right or Fractured Knee will kick your ass. Now that we cleared that up, let me take you to table 7. Angela Jaye, you can have table 11." "Alright, Carrie, that's enough. Please take Jarrod to the table while I drop these butter bread sticks over by the service station. Here, put a few behind the podium for yourself and this veggie tray. The orange things are carrots and not candy corn. See Jarrod, I promised that there would be boobs everywhere and there they are. Enjoy and I will be right with you." I watched as Carrie walked Jarrod to table 7. I was pleased how well she looked and how Jarrod didn't grab her ass. Sure, a little slap, but nothing compared to what the other customers do. As his date, I appreciated that. "Hey ladies, I brought butter bread sticks from Kim's Kitchen. Who wants one?" LOL, that created a stampede that pushed me right out of the way. I stood back and watched them go to town on the bread sticks. The struggles are real when you have to chose between spending your money on food or rec drugs. "OMG Angela Jaye, you have, well, new boobs? Your date must be something special." "Ah, you know Pokey, we have a history. So, is Massive Martha working tonight? I need a little help tonight." Don't worry, I'm not exactly leaving Jarrod hanging alone at the table. As soon as the servers and dancers found out that he was my date, they all gave him plenty of attention. It seemed that everyone wanted to meet "Angela Jaye's date" and they did. I wish there was a little less touchy feely going on because I don't need his cock to get fat this soon, but at least he was being entertained. "She is. She's in back getting ready. OMG, don't tell me, you're afraid to finish your date, aren't you?" "Shut it, Pokey. But yes, I'm concerned about going to next level. So, maybe Martha wants to earn a little extra cash?" "You're in luck. Here she comes. Over here Martha. Angela Jaye brought butter sticks and she has a proposition for you." OMG, some things are meant to be said quietly and not screamed across the room. "Hey Angela Jaye. Oh my, look at you, looking like the girl next door. So, what can I do for you? Oh my, butter bread sticks. Give me one to suck on." "Well Martha, I'm on a date tonight. That's him over there getting rubbed off by Katrina and I might need some help." "Oh, don't tell me. The pretty little princess is still just a silly tease? Whatever, what package are we looking at here? A blow job or doggie?" "Well, I have this much money and it would be best if his balls are completely empty. We can have a don't ask and don't tell agreement and you don't think poorly of me for my inability to finish a date." "LOL, we'll see spoonful of Honey. Settle up and go have your drink. By the way, your new look is getting attention from the crowd. You should take advantage of it while I take advantage of your date and your wallet. So, don't ask and don't tell isn't the same as watching, right? We will be in stall #3 if you want to peek and learn something." "Thank you, Martha. So, is there anything new regarding Carefree Carrie? Like, is everything cool at home?" "Oh yeah, she curls up in her corner of bedroom room and gets her sleep, just like always. Have you seen her new look?" "Yes, everyone has noticed. Is this enough to empty his balls twice? I want my date to be completely satisfied and happy." "For this much, I promise that the only balls with sperm will be yours. Oops, sorry, bad joke. I don't mean to make fun of your sorry sex life. But, jacking off in satin panties is good too, right?" "Let's not talk about that embarrassing situation. But I have you know that I prefer silky nylons. Go do your thing and I'll be flaunting my new look around the crowd." I had Blue Eyed Jack, the bartender, whip up a few shots to send over to the table. I made it clear to Blue Eyed Jack that the shots have to be something other than those "Viagra Falls" shots. I don't need Jarrod all jacked on secret blue pills for the next four hours. I sent Carrie a "Molly May I" shot and gave her a wave. Seriously, not a bad roommate so far. What I did next even shocked me. I could see Martha walking Jarrod towards the restrooms, so I grabbed a bread stick and stepped up on the DJ stage. I gave DJ Hard Times a round of applause and then faced the crowd and waved at them. It took them a minute to recognize me in this sweet wholesome outfit, but they finally came around and gave me my due. This is where the shocking part came in. I don't know where it came from, but I stood dead center to the crowd and bread sticked my mouth, if you know what I mean. Did I get results? Oh yeah. Am I going to get gang banged if I step outside to the smoking area? Maybe. Would it be a big mistake to bang my mouth with a bread stick and then go back to an empty table? Big time. Did I go back to the empty table alone looking like prey? Oh, hell no. I made bee line for Carrie's podium and the safety of the overly large bouncers. "Well, that was stupid Angela Jaye. Any other bright ideas? Thanks for the Molly, but so we're clear, you gave me this, I'm not sneaky rec pills behind your back." "You've been good and you deserve a reward. However, it is not an approval to get all high and have sex with Four Finger Freddie." "Hey, I won't. I agreed to the 271 rules and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I think you deserve a reward too. I left you a special wash cloth in your shower just in case you need to clean up later tonight." "Thanks. Do you have security camera #17 working or do I actually need to go peek on them?" "I'll send you the link later. Oh, don't look now, but your date is back and he looks exhausted. I think you should still go to the river and place the blame on him for an unfinished date." "Or I can find another way home? Look, Brutus the Bouncer is carrying him out and I think you're on the phone with the cab company." "Well, there may have been a green pill involved, I'm not sure. However, stop by the bar and give Blue Eyed Jack a few extra bucks. Then send me another "Molly May I" please." "At least he will get home safely. So, I noticed that there were extra packages of nylon stockings in my bedroom today. Do you know anything about that, Carrie?" "Well, if you're going to sneak into my bedroom at night and insert your sissy dick in a nylon stocking and jack off while you ogle over my ass, I thought we may need some more stockings. I assume you throw away the used stockings. I just looking out for you and your sissy tendencies." "Hey, lock your door and stop wearing nylons and a garter belt to bed next time. And if I wake up and find you in my bed again, you better be on the left side and not pushing me off the bed. I mean, it's a California King size." "Look Angela Jaye, I'm just saying we need to make some changes in the house. I would rather be an active participant than pretend I'm asleep. I like sex stuff too, you know." "Fine, we'll cancel rule # 102, but you need to close that live feed to "Sissy Sex Issues" and I mean both cameras." "Shut it, Angela Jaye. Go mingle and show off your new look. I'll have the valets pull Jarrod's truck around when you're ready to leave. Ah, is that other Molly coming my way Roomie?" Huh, it's either nice to have someone looking out for you or this is girlfriend stuff. Either way, I have a great new look, I have permission from the girls to visit other customers and I have fulfilled my date obligations with Jarrod. Oh, whatever people, the guy has empty balls, so it's the same thing. My proof are my texts and Chang posts about how well he treats a date. Just read them, he will have major street cred by morning. "Hey Angela Jaye, DJ Hard Times is trying to get your attention and we both know how you love the DJ stage. Go have a little fun." It is a no brainer that I would never miss a chance to be on the DJ stage. This is where I want to be. And it was another no brainer when he asked to spin a few tunes so he could go get his freak on outside. This is like a slice of heaven. And I'm hoping that Dirty Dorothy can keep him busy for a long time. Now, shame on me for being so wrapped up in the beat that I didn't notice the guys at table 9 acting like they are my biggest fans. But, more power to me when I realized the power of being one of the most beloved employees here. As soon as I noticed that two of the frat boys had their cocks out, I pointed and the bouncers came around immediately. Boom, just like that. One finger point and two guys were escorted out and I never missed a beat. I'm telling you this is my calling. LOL, to make things right, I waved at the two remaining frat brothers to let them know that I would be right down, just as soon as DJ Not Hard Anymore gets back. "OMG, thanks for covering the stage, Angela Jaye. Hiring you was a great decision. Alright, I think you have a couple of fans waiting for you." "Thanks, I see them. Listen, it's none of my business, but can I ask you a few questions?" "What's on your mind Spoonful of Honey?" "Is it true that Dirty Dorothy likes it in the butt?" "True." "Is it true that she is married to DJ Slim Pickens from Candi's Corner?" "True." "Is it true that your wife cheats on you with DJ Slim Pickens?" "True." "Is it true that the four of you rent the same house and live together?" "True." "OK, call me when you need another break." "The spikey hair frat boy is Jacob. His Uncle is the Chief of Police, so give him special attention." "Oh, so that's his uncle up there at table 33? I'll treat him like a date." "Oh, should I have Sneaky Sandi come over to take care of him?" "Shut it, Hard Times. By the way, I have my friend Tori working on two Halloween costumes for me. I'm just saying and I'm sort of begging you to let me work the DJ stage during the club's Halloween party. And I assume that you have been repairing your original mixer board for me to use." "Never mind all that, but we'll do a trial performance this Labor Day weekend. And I will not be judging your performance on the crowd reaction. I know you're a crowd favorite and that doesn't count up here. This is about music." "Thank you. I won't disappoint. OK, I'm off to flirt with the college grads." Another reason why I am one of the most beloved hostesses here? I was able to step off of the stage and walk down to the table of college guys, sit on Jacob's lap and hand signal to Brutus the Bouncer to let the other two guys back in. And just like that, here they came. And just like that, I had a huge boner poking me in the butt and I still haven't taken lap dancing 101. Poor little Jacob must be horny tonight. He was grinding upward into me more than I was grinding down on his hard on. "Slow it down Jacob. You don't want your uncle to watch you trying to find home plate, do you?" "What's your name, sweetie?" "Angela Jaye. DJ supreme. So, listen guys, I'm sorry I had you removed with the flick of my finger, but there are rules around here. You can't just whip it out, not at a table this close to the stage anyways. But, listen, if you need a little something extra on the side, I may be able to hook you guys up." "Lift your shirt while you tell us the rules, Angela Jaye." "Shut it, frat punk. Here's a trick. Take six twenties, fold them tightly in half and prop them up like a pyramid on the table. When Pokey comes to take your next drink order, tell her you want a Rhonda special. Jacob, are you going to make it or should I walk you outside before there is an embarrassing moment?" "Oh, I'm not going to make it." "Come with me and lower your head so your uncle knows you're about to engage in a shameful act." OMG, what the hell am I doing walking this college boy outside? OMG, what the hell am I doing giving such an innocent frat boy such a fat hard on? And what the hell am I doing "measuring" him up like this? Did any of this matter? No. Carrie seen me sneaking out the side door and sent in reinforcements. Her ex-roommate, Lazy Lucinda. "I got this rookie. Carrie thought I might find some work out here. I'm lucky to have such a good roommate. Now, beat it kiddo. Carrie wants to talk to you." I had to turn around and leave. Any further confrontation would have resulted in a cat fight. Like I said, I'm learning the rules quickly. I went to straight to the front door podium and hung out with Carrie. "It's getting late. I might take Jarrod's monster truck and go home. I guess my date is over." "Hey, that's a good idea. That way you can make another post and thank him dropping you off safely at home. But before I have the valet pull it up for you, is there anything you want to do first? I promise I won't interfere anymore, tonight. I mean, Switchblade looks horny." "Is that code for go home and wait to take a shower until you get home?" "Well, yes, but have you ever had a better shower partner? And maybe one more Molly please?" "Fine, call the truck around but I will be needing the assistance of all four frat boys to get up into the truck. They will have to grab me in some places to get me up that high." "Whatever slut. Hey, save me one of those little cups of melted ice cream in the refrigerator." "You mean yogurts?" Don't worry, she will get to know her foods as time goes on. However, this is the last Molly for the night. I'll be clear about this with Pokey because she is coming our way right now. "Alright you two, break it up. One double Molly May I for Carefree Carrie and a failed date for Angela Jaye, just like always." "Shut it, Pokey. That will be the last Molly for Carrie tonight. Would you mind sending the college team over here for a minute? I need some help getting up into something." "LOL, I'll send them over, but I think we all know that you're pretty good at getting things up and then running away. Anyways, four frat punks coming up. By the way, people are starting to suspect there is something going on between you two." "Never mind all that Pokey. Frat boys please." "So, you're alright with Cold Sore Sally spreading rumors that you two share a bad? Everyone has noticed that Carrie has never looked so good and happy. And happy equals sex." "Shut it, Pokey. We share a house. We're roommates now and Carrie has access to actual food. She has figured out that the stove heats up beef roast and is not a fancy shoe closet with two shelves. She has her own bedroom and only leaves the door cracked open twice a week." "Honey, I mean Angela Jaye, that's enough. Pokey, please ignore Angela Jaye, she must have had a Molly shot and is talking nonsense again. But you can spread it around that I am very happy and my flop house sleeping bag is up for grabs." "And there is a little side activity going on? Come on, feed the beast." "Ask me again next week Pokey. Now please, go get the frat guys so they can man handle Angela Jaye while they lift her into the truck." I waited outside for the punks to help me. OMG, this truck keeps getting bigger and higher every time I see it. They were nice enough about it and didn't grope me too badly. Well, the tall one, Sam, got his fill between my thighs and he asked me out, but I got inside the truck with my dress on. Yeah, I gave Sam my number and drove away. I didn't drive away very well, but I drove off.r"