There isn't a car in the driveway. However, the upstairs bedroom's curtain is open. That's the room of Bradley Griffith. His parents have gone for the weekend on a business trip, and Bradley is determined to make use of all the time he has on his hands. The first thing he did once his parents left was call his girlfriend, Gabriella McMillan over. They had been dating for about two months now. She was sweet and cute, a bit shorter than him, and had strawberry blonde hair. She was on the school athletics team, and her body was in shape. They had had sex a few times, and boy was it awesome. Gabriella came within the hour, bouncing up and down like a kid. When Brady opened the door, she jumped into his arms and kissed him, setting the mood for what they were gonna do for most of the time. He put her down and laughed, and saw she had a bag with her. "Why the bag?" he asks. "So that I can sleepover. At least try to," she says, with a mischievous grin. "Oh yeah?" he says, grabbing her by the waist, pulling her in for another kiss. He grabs her bag and throws it on the sofa. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. That was one hour ago. Right now, she's lying on the bed, holding on to her knees. Her eyes are closed as she moans. Bradley is between her legs, eating her pussy. He's licking on her clit, while he's playing with nipples. Her moans get louder, and he knows she's close. Just before she cums, he slides a finger into her pussy, and rubs inside. Gabriella explodes, screaming. She bolts away from him, as she's consumed in orgasmic bliss. Bradley climbs on top of her and grabs her face, kissing her. She's still spasming from her orgasm. "What the fuck was that! That was the best orgasm ever!" she screams. "You like?" "Oh yes, you fucker. Now come and fuck me deep and hard." "So romantic." She turns over and lies on her back, ass lifted in the air. He gets behind her and rubs his cock against her pussy. She shakes her ass playfully, and he smacks it. She's giggling, and then suddenly moaning, as he enters her. He doesn't have a monster 12-inch cock. She thinks it's about six inches long, but man does it have girth. It just fills her up. He's going in slow, enjoying it, moaning. They know they have all weekend, so there was no need to rush through anything. He slowly thrusts into her, right up till the base of his cock. He slaps her ass, and she moans. He pulls out of her, and again slowly thrusts into her. His balls slap against her clit, and that's it for her. "Fuck me. Now," she says "You want that, huh? There's no rush," he says. "Yes, but I want that dick. Hard and fast." Just as she says this, he thrusts into her hard, filling her up. All she can do is roll her eyes and moan louder. "You want it like this?" Bradley says as he fucks her harder and deeper. "Yes! Yes!" she's nearly screaming. She buries her face in the pillows and is meeting his thrusts. He grabs her hair and pulls her face up, kissing her. He's close, and he tries to slow down a bit so that he doesn't finish before she gets off. But Gabriella doesn't like that, and she's throwing her ass back faster. She's humming as she gets closer to cumming. Bradley slaps her ass and tugs on her nipples, and that's it for both of them. She screams as she cums. He growls loudly as he cums deep into her. The feeling of cum in her pussy sends her into another orgasm on top of the current one. He pulls out of her, and his cum oozes out of her. She's lying on the bed, exhausted, wasted. He lies down beside her and cuddles her. She kisses him, and he kisses her back, running his hands through her hair. There's the sound of some cluttering downstairs, and the couple immediately stops. Bradley gets up and pulls on a T-shirt and shorts. Gabrielle gets up and peeks out of the window. "There's a grey sedan outside," she whispers, and she goes and puts on a robe. Bradley goes to his table, opens a drawer and takes out his handgun. He tiptoes towards the door and slowly walks out, his girlfriend behind him. As he reaches the stairs, he shouts. "Who's in the house?" "Are you guys done?" a voice comes from downstairs. "Who are you? I should tell you that I am armed!" Bradley says, moving down the stairs, gun pointed towards where he thought the voice came from. "Whoa whoa. Put that thing down. It's me," the girl says, looking a bit frightened. "Kate? Why the fuck are you sneaking around like that!" "Well you'd hear me come if you weren't being that loud," Kate says, giggling. "Wait, who is this?" Gabriella asks. "Kate, this is Gabriella, my girlfriend. Gabriella, this is Kate, my older sister." "Hi! I would shake your hand, but I don't think you've washed it, have you," Kate says, looking at Gabriella. She blushes at the question, and says a timid, "hi." "So, is my brother really that good?" Kate asks, adding a wink."