This document is intended to be a guide to help you read the stories in the universe I have created. I've named it the 'Virginiaverse' to honor the main character that all of the stories are centered around. The 'Virginiaverse' is a series of interconnected stories about two women who go through tragedy before finally finding each other and falling in love. I have not written the stories in the order that they should be read. I am writing this to 'guide' you through the stories in the proper order. Note that some of the stories are written in several parts to keep the size of each submission short enough for a comfortable read.

This document will be updated as more stories are completed and added to the 'Virginiaverse."

© 2021 Candy_Kane54

The story arc, when finished, will be comprised of at least the following main stories:

Butter on a Summer Day - Lesbian Sex (TBW)

Lady of the Lamp (5 Part Story) - Romance (TBW)

No More Perfect Kisses - Lesbian Sex (TBW)

Promises Made and Promises Kept (5 Part Story) - Lesbian Sex

Throwin' Pennies in the Bay (2 Part Story) - Lesbian Sex

Tomorrow Is Promised (3 Part Story) - Lesbian Sex

What Dreams May Come - Non-Erotic (TBW)

Your Silver Nights and Golden Days (5 Part Story) - Lesbian Sex

In addition to the main stories comprising the 'Virginiaverse' arc, I have written several side stories that involve ancillary characters interacting with the main characters from the 'Virginiaverse' arc. These stories are written from the ancillary character's point-of-view (PoV).

The side stories written so far are:

A Chance Encounter - Lesbian Sex

Saving Grace - Lesbian Sex

The Gift - Lesbian Sex

The Ring - Lesbian Sex

I plan to write several more side stories in the future. I may even write other stories for the 'Virginiaverse' arc since the entire arc covers 47 years. This leaves opportunities to revisit some events that haven't already been covered in the 'Virginiaverse' so far. There may even be opportunities to redo certain circumstances and expand on them (including writing about an event already written from the other character's PoV).

Recommended order of reading (main story arc):

No More Perfect Kisses

Lady of the Lamp

Throwin' Pennies in the Bay

Your Silver Nights and Golden Days

Tomorrow Is Promised

Promises Made and Promises Kept

Butter on a Summer Day

What Dreams May Come

Where to read side stories:

These are meant to be stand-alone stories, but they interact with the main stories in the arc. They can give away plot elements of the story arc if they are read at the wrong time.

A Chance Encounter - after 'Your Silver Nights and Golden Days Pt. 03.' NOTE: I have added a vignette at the end of this story that takes place after 'Promises Made and Promises Kept Pt. 05.' You should wait to read the vignette until after finishing 'Promises Made and Promises Kept Pt. 05.'

Saving Grace - after 'Your Silver Nights and Golden Days Pt. 03.'

The Gift - after 'Your Silver Nights and Golden Days Pt. 02.'

The Ring - after 'Your Silver Nights and Golden Days Pt. 03.'

My notes and thoughts on the writing of the 'Virginiaverse':

Spoiler Alert! Don't read on unless you've already read the 'Virginiaverse.' (Or you're one of those who read the ending first to see if you want to read it from the beginning).

First, let me tell you a little bit about me. 'Your Silver Night and Golden Days' was the first story I had written since my last college English class back in 1973. That's not to say that I haven't written anything in the past 47 or so years. I have written hundreds of technical white papers, policies, procedures, and decision trees. I've also had a hand in writing international and US software standards (notably ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 and the US implementation of this standard). So I'm no stranger to writing, just not writing stories (although a few of my colleagues would jape that some of my white papers were pretty good 'stories'). I have also written several hundred thousand lines of Java, JavaScript, and HTML code. I believe this experience helps me build my stories to interact with each other.

I started reading BrokenSpokes' "Hard Landing" series here on Literotica. I realized that I had stories I could tell about my time in the Air Force (and afterward). Being a lesbian during the late '70s through the early '90s when homosexuality was illegal in the armed forces was not a fun time. So, I started putting down my thoughts on how I would present my story. I finally decided to write it in the form of an erotic 'Love' story. This story would tell how two women, who had suffered tragedies in their lives, met and fell in love. I would have to tell the stories of their tragedies and the events that led up to the two of them meeting and falling in love. One of the women would be an officer in the USAF. We would follow the trials and travails she suffered while having a lesbian relationship.

Then, I needed to determine how I would present the story. I first started blocking it out as one big story. However, I realized that that would soon become a non-starter, or more correctly, a non-finisher. I do have the bad habit of starting projects and not completing them. I would work to the point where I can see a clear path to the finish and then lose interest in finishing them. Of course, work-related tasks had to be completed if I wanted to keep my job.

So I decided to break the project into sub-units and go from there. In this way, I would publish the story a piece at a time and hope that my readers' encouragement would keep me going and finish it. Then, I needed to decide whether I would start with the beginning and work my way to the end or mix it up. I decided to start in the middle and work my way backward or forward, depending on my mood. Thus I began with the story of how Virginia met Bonnie.

I had no idea if I could write good stories, let alone love stories, when I started. However, the reception of my first submission showed me that I had promise. So I forged ahead and finished "Your Silver Night and Golden Days," which told the story of Virginia's relationship with Bonnie.

Once I finished "Your Silver Night and Golden Days," I decided to write "Throwin' Pennies in the Bay." This story would explain Virginia's rationale to justify risking her career to have a relationship with Bonnie. I also touched on this in my side story "The Ring," where Virginia expressed regret that she had ended her relationship with Alex rather than taking a chance with it. I had written this side story for the 2020 "On the Job" writer's challenge. I used this as a vehicle to give more background on why Virginia bought the commitment rings for her and Bonnie's first Christmas.

While writing "Throwin' Pennies in the Bay," I wrote the short side story, "The Gift." This came to me in the middle of the night, and I got up and wrote it and submitted it all within 12 hours. This story introduced two characters that will play a role later on in the arc. It was the first story that showed Bonnie from a PoV other than Virginia's. I had felt bad that Bonnie's role was over so soon, and I guess this was what spurred my subconscious to come up with this story.

Then I started on "Tomorrow is Promised," which details the events leading up to Virginia meeting Judy. I debated whether to do this now or wait until I finished "Lady of the Lamp," which detailed Judy's relationship with Jon. However, not being familiar with heterosexual relationships, I felt more comfortable continuing with the lesbian aspects. The readers also expressed a lot of interest in what happened with Alex, so I decided to include her story in "Tomorrow is Promised."

Originally, Alex was only going to be a plot device to show that a connection existed between Judy and Virginia existed long before they met each other. However, as I got into "Throwin' Pennies in the Bay," I realized that I was writing Alex as myself, and Alex was just as real as Virginia and Judy. Thus my decision to include Alex in "Tomorrow is Promised" and catch her story up with Virginia's and Judy's story.

As I was writing the story "Tomorrow is Promised," I realized that I needed a little more background material on Grace and her relationship with Kathy. Thus I wrote the side story "Saving Grace." This story gave some of the backstories on Grace's and Kathy's relationship. It also gave some background on Bonnie. We find out how she came to embrace having a lesbian relationship with Virginia, despite having been married to a man and giving birth to two boys.

"Tomorrow is Promised" was written from each woman's PoV. Thus the three parts would be written in parallel as a literary triptych. This story again reinforces the fact that Alex was a connection between Virginia and Judy. It also introduces Megan, who has a relationship with all three women; first with Judy (as a friend), then with Alex (as a friend and potential lover), and then Virginia (as lovers). While all three parts are parallel, they don't all start or stop in the same time frame. The significance of this will become apparent in "Promises Made and Promises Kept."

Part Three of "Tomorrow is Promised" brings Judy and Virginia together face-to-face for the first time (although they had seen each other one time before in passing). There is a connection detected between the two. An interview takes place for a position at Raytheon, where Judy works. Virginia shows up as one of the applicants. During the interview, both women feel a connection, although we only see Judy's side of it at this time.

Once I had finished "Tomorrow is Promised," I could either write Judy's story in "Lady of the Lamp" or finish Virginia's story in "Promises Made and Promises Kept." I decided to go ahead and finish Virginia's story before I wrote Judy's story. As I was writing "Promises Made and Promises Kept," I realized that I would also need to finish Alex's story. This will be covered in "Butter on a Summer Day."

"Promises Made and Promises Kept" was going to be different because I was going to tell the final chapter of the story from both Virginia's and Judy's PoV. Since I didn't want to break up each chapter alternating between PoVs, I decided to write each chapter from a different PoV. Since I didn't wish to have consecutive chapters repeat the same story, I offset them. In that way, each chapter started by revisiting what had happened in the last half of the previous chapter. Then the second half of each chapter would cover new territory. Because of this, I was able to write Virginia's PoV by picking up where "Tomorrow is Promised Pt. 01" left off. Also, I could start "Promises Made and Promises Kept Pt. 02," which was from Judy's PoV, from where "Tomorrow is Promised Pt. 03" left off.

As I was writing "Promises Made and Promises Kept Pt. 05," I realized that there was a promise that was still not kept. This promise is the promise Bonnie made to Virginia. As I thought about that, a story idea came to me that would fill the bill nicely. Thus "What Dreams May Come" was roughed out. This would be a departure from all of my other stories in that it would not be erotic. It will be published in the Non-Erotic' category when finished.

I had planned to write a side story for the 2020 Winter Holidays Contest. This fit in nicely because I planned to have "Promises Made and Promises Kept" done in time to write the side story and enter it in the contest. Unfortunately, "Promises Made and Promises Kept" took longer than I had planned to complete. It was challenging writing it, not only because I was alternating between Virginia's and Judy's PoV, but because of my inclination to not finish things.

However, I persevered and finished "Promises Made and Promises Kept." Once I missed the deadline for entering "A Chance Encounter" in the 2020 Winter Holidays contest, I decided to add a vignette to the story. I waffled on this because I didn't want the readers to think I thought they weren't smart enough to get the significance of the meeting depicted in the story. In the end, I went with it because I felt the readers would want to know if Judy ever told Virginia of the meeting.

As I've said earlier, I'm not finished with writing stories in the 'Virginiverse.' As you can see, I have "No More Perfect Kisses," "Lady of the Lamp," "Butter on a Summer Day," and "What Dreams May Come" still to write. I also have roughed out several more side stories that I'll be writing someday.

Note that all through my stories centered on the beach cities in southern California, I keep mentioning that the weather is 72 degrees and sunny. This is a running joke that I use to pay homage to the movie "LA Story" starring Steve Martin, who plays a weatherman. Every weather report is sunny and 72 degrees, so he does wacky things to try to make the weather report less boring. This was filmed in the LA area in the late '80s. It gives a humorous view of what life was like in the LA area when I was stationed at LAAFB. I hope it is evident from my writings that I really enjoyed my time there. If you ever get a chance, watch this movie. It is funny and poignant at the same time. I watch it whenever I get nostalgic about my time there. And yes, whenever there was an earthquake (at least three or four times a year), we would sit around and try to guess the magnitude as we were bouncing up and down. Whoever got the closest would win the pot that we'd all throw a dollar into after an earthquake.

If you are interested in seeing some of the locations described in my stories, Google Maps can take you there. You can go to the street view and, for example, you can stand at the end of the pier at Manhattan Beach and see a 360 degree view of the Roundhouse and Manhattan Beach from the ocean. You can visit Pollywog Park and a lot of the other locations mentioned in my stories. Keep in mind that what you see is what exists now and may not look like it did back in the late '80s and early '90s.

If you are interested in a visual of Virginia, watch the movie 'Contact' staring Jodie Foster as Dr. Jane Arroway. Add about 6 inches to the length of her hair and make her eyes a couple of shades bluer and you have Virginia. She was always intense like Jodie Foster portrayed Dr. Jane Arroway's character in the movie and wasn't afraid to confront people when she was right and they were wrong.

Specific Notes on each story:

Main Arc Stories:

No More Perfect Kisses - This story will be written from Virginia's PoV, and explores her first Sapphic relationship when she is a senior in college. NOTE: This story still needs to be written and will be published under the Lesbian Sex category.

Lady of the Lamp - This story will be written from Judy's PoV. Judy's story starts with her first lesbian affair in college through finding the love of her life, Jon, and marrying him. They love each other very much and have two lovely daughters, Amy and Emily. Judy occasionally has Sapphic thoughts about other women. Still, she never follows through with them, instead, taking those feelings and focusing them onto her sexual relationship with Jon. Then, Jon is killed, and Judy is devastated. NOTE: This story still needs to be written and will be published under the Romance category.

Throwin' Pennies in the Bay - This story is written from Alex's PoV and details her affair with Virginia. Alex reflects back on her affair with Judy as she pursues a romantic relationship with Virginia. This story goes into detail about how difficult it is being a lesbian while serving in the USAF.

Part One is about the seduction of Virginia while she reflects back on her affair with Judy in college. NOTE: The book 'No Adam for Eve' by John Dexter mentioned in this story is a real book that was published in the '60s. The author using the pseudonym 'John Dexter' was none other than Marion Zimmer Bradley who went on to fame as the author of 'The Mists of Avalon.'

Part Two is about the trials and tribulations of the relationship. It ends up with Virginia walking away from Alex as Alex reflects back on Judy having walked away from her in college.

Your Silver Nights and Golden Days - This story is written from Virginia's PoV and introduces Bonnie. This story goes into the relationship Virginia had with Bonnie, a divorced mother of two boys. This story details the trials and tribulations of being in a lesbian relationship and how it leaves you in legal limbo with the people you love.

Part One is about the seduction of Bonnie. NOTE: This was my first submission and I went into a lot of boring detail at the start of the story to introduce the reader to Virginia. I'm seriously thinking about taking some time to rewrite the beginning to make it flow a little better.

Part Two is about Virginia's decision to have a committed relationship with Bonnie.

Part Three goes into the legal limbo that a non-traditional relationship puts you when it comes to dependants. NOTE: The Dining In Ceremony depicted in this story actually took place. While it actually took place during the events depicted in "Tomorrow is Promised Pt. 02," I put it here to emphasize what Virginia had to put up with while being an officer in the USAF. The name of the speaker is the actual individual who made that hateful speech.

Part Four goes into the details of how getting caught in a homosexual relationship can destroy your career. We also find out that there are individuals in the USAF that aren't opposed to homosexuality.

Part Five goes into the details of Bonnie's death and the fallout of that and Virginia's decision to end her AF career.

Tomorrow is Promised - This story is written from three different PoVs. It reinforces the connection that Alex has with Virginia and Judy. This is designed to be a literary triptych. While all three parts are temporally parallel, each piece is independent of the others. We also see that a fourth woman, Megan, has a relationship with all three women.

Part 1 -- from Virginia's PoV depicts Virginia ending her AF career and picking up the pieces of her life after Bonnie's death. Virginia starts a relationship with Megan, but Megan gets an offer she can't refuse, and they part. Then Virginia decides to try to reconcile with Alex.

Part 2 -- from Alex's PoV depicts Alex picking up the pieces of her life after Virginia left her. We find out that life for a lesbian in the AF is tough, even if you aren't an active lesbian. Alex meets Megan, and the sexual attraction is there. Still, for the sake of her career, Alex doesn't follow through and have a sexual relationship with Megan. We see Alex and Virginia rekindle their relationship. Alex reconciles with Virginia and they decide that a relationship just isn't in the cards. We also have Alex run into Judy again.

Part 3 -- from Judy's PoV depicts Judy picking up the pieces of her life after Jon's death. Judy meets Alex, and they rekindle their relationship, but in the end decide that a relationship just isn't in the cards. We also find out that Judy and Megan had worked together. They were aware that they were both amenable to a lesbian relationship but never followed through with it because Judy was married and faithful to Jon. Then we have Judy meeting Virginia, and we discover the connection they feel for each other.

Promises Made and Promises Kept - This story will be written from Virginia's and Judy's PoV. This story details how they meet and fall in love. This story can be read in two different ways: reading the parts in sequential order or two stories. Virginia's story is comprised of Parts 1, 3, and 5, and Judy's story is comprised of Parts 2 and 4.