Something different, just for fun x

Darren finished tinkering with his car and climbed out from under it, wiping his hands on a grease rag as he crossed the tidy lawn, watching the sizzling sun sink to the horizon.

Darkness approached rapidly as he went through the house, turning on lights and checking on dinner. Once yesterday's pie was thoroughly heated, he sank onto the couch, put his feet up on the coffee table and tucked in.

At 45, Darren was in great shape; tall with broad shoulders, black hair flatteringly peppered with grey, solid abs and intense blue eyes. A lot of women went out of their way to flirt with him on the odd occasions he went into town for supplies. Some were more brazen, perhaps the most tenacious was a local teacher who decided to let her car run out of fuel as she was passing his house.

Though her excuse for being out that way was clearly bullshit, Darren good-naturedly re-fuelled her car, kindly pointing to a crude spare outhouse when she asked to use his bathroom. When the desperate woman hinted about the incredible scent of whatever he had cooking wafting from his house, Darren explained he only had enough for one and it was the same stew that could be purchased from the diner on her way back to town.

Darren didn't like manipulative women. Especially the ones who tried to corner him. It was the reason he lived all alone on the property, relatively isolated from town. He'd once dreamed of a wife, kids, the happy family portrait. Eventually the dream weakened, faded, then completely dissolved into nothing. It just wasn't possible for a man in his position. He couldn't even go on a fucking date.

After polishing off the pie, he licked the plate. The etiquette failure was funny to him, besides there being no one to offend. His tongue had just finished curling up to the porcelain edge when he heard something outside. Not an approaching car or passing traffic. Something right out the front his house.

Gently placing the plate on the coffee table, he reached behind his feet for the shotgun lining the couch base. Checking it was loaded, he quietly stood and began to check the windows. Every one of them still had a thin layer of undisrupted salt across the pane. The front door bolt looked like cheap bling because it was pure silver and no one in their right mind would waste that much silver securing an old house. Except Darren.

Taking a deep breath, Darren unlocked the door, edged it wide with his boot and aimed the gun at the girl on his doorstep. She was in her late teens at most, with long red hair, even longer legs and a disarmingly cheeky smile. Her denim shorts were fashionably frayed and riding up into her crotch, and her shirt was a lovely white that brightened the rest of her flawless face. From her dainty blue sandals to the top of her luxuriant hair, the girl was breathtaking.

"Darren! That's rude!" she exclaimed at the double barrel. When he continued to stare, she tilted her head with an appreciative smirk. "You look old."

"You look dead," he irritably countered.

"Touché," she grinned. Tossing her hair, she cast a casual glance around the property before fixing glowing brown eyes on him, letting her gaze run down his body and up to clash with his steely glare. "You're still a total hunk. Not going to invite me in?"

"Not on your never-ending life," he growled, and fired at her face.

Darren came to, blinking at his bedroom ceiling. It was still night. He was in bed. Naked.

A deceptively musical voice cut through his surprise.

"You're back," the voice said cheerfully. "I was starting to worry about that ol' ticker."

"Fuck!" Darren shouted, pulling against the ropes on his wrists and ankles, feeling really stupid when nothing gave. Focusing, he looked around then glared at the girl perched on the stool by his desk, prettily batting her lashes at him.

"Why, I'd love to," she purred, biting the tip of her finger. She twirled on the stool before leaping onto the bed.

"Get the fuck away from me, Katya!" Darren snapped, too angry to stop futilely struggling.

Katya sighed heavily, tracing his chest, letting her hands smooth down the tops of his thighs, her eyes on his twitching, rapidly lengthening cock. "I don't know, Daz. Our favourite soldier is kinda standing to attention."

"How did you find me?" Darren glowered, consciously ignoring his rock-hard erection.

"You had me seriously stumped for a while," she admitted, idly tracing the pulsing veins on his cock and shivering with lust. "Fuck, I really want to drink you sometimes."

"How, Katya?" Darren demanded, chest heaving indignantly. "I crossed an ocean. I left no tracks!"

"I'll always find you, Daz," Katya crooned, her sexy mouth curved to a wicked smile. "Always."

Darren involuntarily shuddered when her tongue licked from the base of his aching balls to the tip of his cock. "W-Well, how the fuck did you get in?"

Katya grinned, flashing a bright row of perfect teeth. "You forgot to top up the bathroom window ledge. Salt can dissolve if you have too hot a shower, if you know what I mean. I think you know what I mean."

Darren blushed furiously, realising she would have been watching him for a time. "You little bitch!"

"And theeeen," Katya sang as though he hadn't spoken, "when you went to bed, I sneaked some yummy sedatives into your pie, so you'd be ready to pass out on me when I came back."

Darren was genuinely stunned. "I check the salt every day. The bathroom ledge was ample."

"Yeah, but it's been two years and you're getting on." Katya lowered her head and licked his nipple. "You didn't notice it was flour?"

"You fucking bitch."

"Again with the 'fucking'! Such a potty mouth!" she chastised, slipping from the bed to peel her shorts down. She didn't have panties on. "Or just a one-track mind? Come on, you missed me a little."

The dainty white shirt settled at her hips, and Darren got an eyeful of her plump pussy, and some wetness on her thigh. Her skin was mesmerizingly smooth, and like cool silk to touch; a fact he knew all too well.

Darren swore and looked away. "Untie me, Katya. I mean it."

"Or what?" she smirked, crawling up his body to press her bare pussy onto the shaft of his aching cock. "How are you going to punish me, Daz?"

Grinning at his fury, she lifted her shirt up and dropped it onto the floor. "Bet you missed these."

Darren turned to the side, but there was nowhere to go. The firm, silky breasts pressed into his face, moving in taunting circles as she slowly rubbed against him.

For a vampire, Katya's skin was relatively warm. Cooler than a human, but not the smooth, stone-cold granite of the older ones. She was a very young vampire, only 45, the same age as Darren.

They were neighbours as children, and Katya stole over the fence to play with him during the day even though her parents forbade it. There wasn't much a pair of vampires could do without being sizzled to a crisp. But they never liked her friendship with Darren. To this day Katya's parents, still happily in their physical 20's, strongly disapprove of her persistent fixation.

Katya worshipped him from the beginning; the quiet boy who always surprised her with his frank way of speaking, his humour, his expressive deep blue eyes that could be severe some moments and glowing passion the next. They were meant to be together, even he said so. It was all going splendidly until she turned nineteen and was initiated.

Then it was horrible, the worst day of her eternal life. Katya opened her heart and confessed her biggest secret and offered him what kids their age could only dream. Though she anticipated at worst he might show some reluctance, she could never have prepared for what came next.

Darren dropped her like a white-hot stone. He wanted nothing to do with her. He left town for college, left that college for a different one, tried sailing, piloting, bunkering, the Church; any endeavour that might hide him. Had he known from a young age that he'd be living life on the run from a supernatural pest, he'd have studied to become an astronaut.

Katya wasn't the only one devastated. Darren went through his own heartbreak when his childhood sweetheart vanished for days without explanation, wondering what he did wrong, whether there was someone else. Then Katya crawled through his bedroom window in the middle of the night like a thing from a horror movie, beautifully radiant but not the same warm-blooded girl he anticipated proposing to one day.

Darren still had nightmares about Katya's sudden change, especially her eyes; the soft chocolate brown all of a sudden frighteningly bright and hypnotically pretty. She flippantly offered immortality like it wasn't a big deal, beaming at him as though he should be over the moon about an opportunity to literally suck the life out of people. As though he'd shrug off the fact that she blatantly lied to him for more than a decade.

It didn't matter where he went, she found him every time. But he still ran. It didn't matter if it was months or years, time was all she had. The only saving grace was her daylight intolerance. Once dawn broke, he could run again, knowing she would come after him.

Darren hoped Katya would lose interest as he aged. That she would give up and find a new target to stalk. It was an uncharitable thought and he was ashamed for wishing it, but if he could dump the burden on another man, he would do it in a heartbeat.

But Katya's devotion was unusual, even for a vampire, and seemed to transcend beyond the physical. The love she felt as a human only intensified when she turned. The crippling rejection that shattered her non-beating heart only made her more determined to have him.

It sucked, because Darren desperately wanted to fuck a woman without expecting Katya to show up and rip her throat out. Even in broad daylight, he wouldn't put it past her to find a way to ruin things. He sometimes wondered if vampire hunters existed. But if they did, Darren didn't want to think about how he'd explain his situation. They'd definitely laugh at him.

"Hey!" Katya drew back and lightly slapped him. "Come back to me."

"Untie me!" he growled, the blue of his eyes blazing with rage.

"Ohhh, Daz, you're still so hot," she purred, lightly grinding her hips. "Especially that mouth. Mm-mm."

Darren read the look in her eyes and strained into the bed. "No! Fuck off! Katya, no! NO!"

Laughing, Katya bounced forward onto his face, her thighs pressed his cheeks. Seizing his hair, she forced his face up to angle his mouth against her throbbing pussy and looked into his eyes.

"Oh, God, I could cum in seconds like this I swear!" She sighed ecstatically.

Darren's shouting was muffled by her pussy. He was too angry to think to shut his mouth, so when it occurred to him, Katya moaned a lot louder at the sensation of his lips drawing tightly together.

"Oh, you bad man," she panted, slowly riding his face, reaching back to let her fingers curl around his cock. "Go on, put your tongue out, Daz. Lick me the way you were licking that plate. God, that was downright pornographic."

Darren's gruff shout was a furious negative. Katya's breathing heightened as she rocked, enjoying Darren's warm, spikey five-o-clock shadow on her pussy.

Even with his mouth shut, Katya's juices covered his lower face, rubbing across his lips and seeping through the pursed barrier onto his tongue. She tasted sweet, like always. Like a teen made of actual sugar. Even though they were the same age, he felt like a paedophile.

Darren groaned angrily as his cock sharply responded. When he opened his eyes again, they were desperate. Kayla smiled smugly; her light-brown eyes sultry with lust. She licked her full red lips, tightening her grip on his cock.

"You know the drill Daz. You can lie here like my sex pet while I jerk you off in my hand and cum all over your face," she breathed. "Or maybe I'll let the balance shift the other way."

Darren's hips jerked and he groaned, nodding against her pussy as he accepted the inevitable.

Katya backed up, releasing the ropes one by one with the flick of a razor-sharp nail. Darren reared up and pulled her fiery red hair, there was so much of it, yanking it back so her chest jutted out for his mouth.

For a few seconds he stared, absorbing the sight of her incredible breasts, as lovely as the day she turned nineteen. Perfectly curved, like her hips, with nipples of a most delectable shade of pink.

Darren always came to accept that the beautiful predator wasn't going anywhere until she got what she wanted. On top of that, he was too deprived to resist her. It made him blindly angry.

"Fuck you!" he snarled.

Katya gasped when he sucked a nipple then bit down. Then he bit the other breast, his teeth grazing, bruising the tautly bobbing flesh. He pulled her hair ferociously and slapped her tits, hard, then pushed her away with disgust.

Before she could change position, Darren's hands were around her throat. He squeezed savagely, wishing he could crush her neck, take the life from her. Kayta's mouth fell open with ecstasy, both her hands slipped down to jerk his cock. Darren's grip moved to her hair and forced her head down. Katya's hot mouth warmly engulfed his cock, there was no obstruction or barrier.

Darren grunted when her throat squeezed and pulsed tightly around his shaft, then he pulled out, watching the string of saliva drooling from her mouth to his cock. He spat on his thick shaft, viciously pinched her jaw wide, always scared he'll see fangs, but they never came out. Then he spat on her tongue and stuck his cock back down her throat.

He facefucked her in brutal thrusts, watching her lovely mouth spread wide and wet around his girth. Kayta gripped his hips for support, her fingers caressing. Darren slapped her hands away and roughly shoved her back. She lay into the mattress, mewling with delight, perfect legs invitingly spread. It enraged him.

He fell on top of her, pulled her hair and kissed her, violently biting her lip, fantasising about making Katya bleed for once, but he never could. Sometimes he was tempted to accept immortality, only because he'd be able to actually overpower her and teach the persistent creature a fucking lesson.

Reaching between them, he spread her thighs and stared at her pink pussy. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, he wanted to destroy it for the way it made him feel. He wanted to eat the damn thing. Fucking vampire.

"I hate you," he groaned, leaning into her, giving in to the lure of the soft, glistening flesh. Letting his tongue stroke up the silky slit, Darren closed his eyes, taking himself to another place and time. A time before the love of his life died and turned into his life-long nightmare.

"Oh yes! Oh Daz, that's so good!" Katya breathed, arching into the bed, her taut thighs rising by the sides of his face.

Cursing against her pussy, Darren moved up her body and pushed forward, his cock stabbing into her, sliding into a heavenly wetness that clenched deliciously around his girth. He fucked fast, hurrying, not wanting to give her more pleasure than he had to. Losing himself as his release hurtled closer, he kissed her roughly, surrendering in the physical moment, his mind hating her more than ever.

He pulled out and flipped her, she landed on her belly with a delighted squeak. He pressed his forearm to her neck, holding her down with a strength that meant nothing, the other hand reaching back to spread an ass-cheek sculpted by God. Or Satan.

Unable to help himself, he moved down, spread her cheeks and buried his face in her ass, hungrily extending his tongue, wishing Katya was a little quieter about her pleasure when he went there. He never understood why he wanted to do such a thing; he just did. Eventually he resurfaced, clawing his way up her back, knowing any scratches tarnishing her skin would disappear in minutes.

His cock poked her pussy, collected juices, then moved up and popped into her ass and she squealed with joy when he forced his entire length up her back channel. He wished he could startle her, that she'd scream a little, thrash about to get away. But it was nothing to her but pleasure.

"Yeah! Fuck my ass, Daz!" she gasped, arching back.

To shut her up, Darren turned her face and kissed her again, their tongues sliding together while he pounded her ass. His orgasm exploded into Katya and she took all of it, her cry reverberating through his mouth, the delirious thrill of her own climax. He withdrew, his cock covered in his cum and her strange, tantalising moisture and nothing else. Seizing her hair, he tugged and pushed his softening cock into her mouth. She didn't even gag.

The satisfied glow in Katya's pale-brown eyes was infuriating.

"Eat my cum," Darren thickly muttered, wishing he could treat her in a way that she'd find insulting or unsatisfying; that didn't make him feel like she always had the upper hand.

Katya moaned and sucked his cock, still gazing adoringly at him. The flexions of her wet mouth, the essence of her saliva, her talented tongue, started bringing his cock back to life. He'd forgotten about that.

Collapsing back while he still had the presence of mind to retreat, Darren took a moment to collect his thoughts and feelings, then abruptly left the bed, leaving Katya panting happily on the mattress, her cheeks elegantly flushed with satisfaction.

"I'll always love you, Darren," Katya sighed contentedly. "When you left, I thought I'd find someone else like you, but I never did."

"Fuck off!" Darren scowled, furiously searching for clothes. He still had the damn bits of rope dangling from his limbs, he looked fucking ridiculous. The older he grew, the more embarrassing it was being dominated by a love-struck teenager.

The aftermath was always the most humiliating part. Their routine was never any different. She tracked him, trapped him, then gave him a choice to either be used like a sad bit of man-meat or vent his frustrations on her.

It was a routine Darren hated. It turned him into someone he wasn't; a man who wanted to hurt a woman. He'd never treat a lover that way, but Katya forced it out of him knowing it was the only way he would engage with her. Then after, he would try to forget about it while she cooed romantic sentiments at him.

"You're so mean to me," Kayta whined, adorably pouting. "Remember the time you almost tricked me into watching a sunrise with you?"

Darren growled at the reminder of yet another failed attempt to end her.

"My parents would be okay with it, you know," she argued, as though they hadn't had this conversation a thousand times. "We could be together forever. You just have to say 'yes'."

Katya flipped onto her stomach and wistfully eyed his physique. Darren had always possessed a strange charisma that triggered something in women. As a vampire, that dignified magnetism would heighten to something shattering. Even in his 40s Darren would be powerfully compelling, magnificently sexy, a devastating force to be reckoned with. And she would be the envy of a lot of female vampires. And some males, too.

Glancing her way, Darren was briefly distracted by the toned length of her legs, connecting to an ass that was better than anything he could conjure in his wildest fantasies.

"I can't stand you for ten fucking seconds!" he barked. "And you're young enough...well, old enough to be my fucking daughter."

"Exactly! See how awkward this is going to be when you turn eighty?" Katya complained, casting her eyes thoughtfully upward. " least you'll be easier to tie down."

"I'll put a gun in my mouth before that happens," he angrily retorted, yanking a shirt over his head. When she didn't answer, he looked her way, hoping maybe she'd already gone out the window.