Following my encounter with Professor Paris, I darted out of his office and ran back to my dorm, embarrassed and scared. Once I cleaned up and took a shower, I noticed that I kept thinking about him and I couldn't help but notice that I was stroking myself while writing my paper for his class.

It felt like forever until my next class with him, which was every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, he called out sick for 2 of those days and the anticipation was killing me, but alas, Friday was here and so was he.

He was wearing a bow tie today with a sweater vest and looked to be somewhat cheerful in his demeanor and even let us out early. I licked my lips and started to file my way out but he grabbed me by the arm as I was leaving.

"Raj, if you have a moment, I'd like to discuss something with you," he said in a strangely curt manner.

"Sure..." I said somewhat embarrassed as the other students were still leaving. We held back until the last people left and as soon as the door closed I felt him grab me and pull me from my crotch area and pin me against the white board.

"Hnnhhh...oh godd...sir...!" I gasped as he shoved his hand down my pants and planted a deep kiss on my lips.

"I'm in a splendid mood today, Raj, and would you like to know why?" Professor Paris asked as he released me from his grip.

I panted slightly before answering, "Why?"

"Because today is Friday and my colleagues and I are having a little get together at my place and you are the guest of honor! We spoke of this just a week ago if you recall, as soon as you finished swallowing my cum, no?"

"Y-yes...unnhh, what time tonight?"

"8:30 and don't be a minute late...understood? And wear something sexy, like those little shorts you had on last week and no underwear. Are we clear?"

"Yes sir..." I murmured a reply while swallowing hard.

I went home and cleaned up and shaved again and made myself look as good as possible. I had been doing up to 25 miles of running now and between that, yoga, dance, and my other track commitments, my body was ridiculously toned.

I decided to go with the 5" running shorts as they were short and loose and had long slits up the sides which I figured would be much appreciated. I paired those with a zippered tank-top. I also decided to wear my gold anklet, the same one I had worn when I filmed the now infamous movie with Jeff.

I was shivering from the nervousness and anticipation, waiting for the time to leave. His place wasn't far from my dorm and was within walking distance. He mentioned condo, but it appeared to be a small bungalow, one of many, lining the main campus street. It was a cooler fall night, but I wore flip flops and braved the chill as I scampered to his place. Thankfully, the streets were relatively quiet as midterms were fast approaching.

At last, I came upon the bungalow with his number. The lights were dim and I could hear male voices from within. I licked my lips, looked at my legs and all once over and climbed up his tiny porch to ring his doorbell.

The door swung open and I stood in shock as I saw the professor in nothing but his boxers. "Hi there...come on in, sweetheart, we've been waiting not to patiently for your arrival!" Professor Paris yelled out, obviously a bit drunk.

I stepped in as he slammed the door shut. He grabbed me by the ass and airlifted me into his arm and planted a kiss on me. "Ohhhh.mmmm!" I squealed, before he let me down. He was much taller than I, easily around 6'2 and weighed over 300, clearly dwarfing my 5'6 135 lb frame.

In the living room were several faces I recognized, 6 in all, including the professor. I saw one of the Art professors sipping on some beer in the corner, Professor Blake was his name, a gruff older ex-Marine. He looked to be in his 60s, balding with wisps of white hair. He had thick-rimmed glasses and was wearing a gold chain. He had a thick mustache. He was wearing a white undershirt and shorts. His belly was bulging out as he burped. His chest was covered with white hair and his thick arms had tattoos on both biceps. He nodded to me slightly and flashed a grin.

To his right was someone who looked familiar from the Physics department, another older man, somewhat slimmer and younger, looked to be in his 50s with a head full of salt and pepper colored hair. He seemed to be the friendliest looking of the bunch as he stood up and introduced himself. "Hi there, you must be Raj! I'm Jack Willis, Physics 2200. We might meet next year when you're a sophomore! Can't wait to get to know you!"

I smiled shyly and looked down. "Nice to meet you.." my voice was shaky as I was totally taken by what I was seeing.

Just then, a tall black man came out of the bathroom. "Ohhhhhhh yess...there he is! C'mon baby, let's get this party started!" It was Coach Brembo. I gulped and looked up at his 6'8 frame in fear. He was easily in his late 60s or early 70s. He looked fit for a man his age, as he clearly lifted during his younger days and kept that going well into his old age. He was wearing a tank top and gray sweatpants with a visible bulge already noticeable. He was slightly overweight, but his arms were massive and muscular with veins bulging out. His bald head glistened in the dim light and he had a goatee. His licked his full lips and clapped his hands, grabbing his bulge and stroking himself as he stared at me. I folded my arms behind my back as I looked up at him. He came up to me and began pinching my breasts and fondling me. He then grabbed me and turned me around as I faced the the rest of the room.

"Ooohhh weee...look at those sexy legs and that booty!!" he yelled out as he lowered my shorts from behind and grabbing my ass. He then shoved his hand down the front of my shorts and pulled me close to his body and held me from behind as he stroked me and flicked my breasts with his other hand. I sighed and relaxed and spread my legs a bit as he did this and rested my head against his lower chest. He was so tall and his arms were huge and I felt absolutely helpless to do anything but what he wanted. I was turned on by his sheer confidence and dominance. I felt his rock hard penis on my upper back going down to my lower back.

There were two others in the room I didn't recognize immediately, but they looked to be part of the chemistry department. It didn't matter much to me, I was stuck in this house and no matter how many men were in that place, I was going to have to please them all. But if Coach Brembo was any indication, it was going to be a phenomenal night.

Coach released me from his grip and turned me around. "Here's what you want, sweetheart, get on your knees for daddy!" He pulled down his sweatpants and revealed a black anaconda. My eyes went wide with fear as I stared at his giant penis. Jeff was certainly very large, but Coach's looked even bigger. He was uncut and it curved to the left and looked even more ferocious.

I felt someone tug at my shorts and immediately they dropped to the floor. Coach then unzipped my tank top, "You don't need these, you'll be naked the rest of the night, baby!" I pulled off the tank afterwards and let them drop to the floor as well. I stood there in the dim room, completely naked with a large man in front of me, also naked and a room full of men also in various stages of undress.

I dropped to my knees and immediately began licking and kissing Coach's large penis. I licked it and kept massaging it lightly with my mouth and tongue, caressing it while looking up at him as he began groaning. His voice was deep and I could sense I was pleasing him as he pulled off his tank top and grabbed my head with one large hand while reaching down and pinching my nipples with the other. He had a large belly, it must have been hiding under the tank top, with a strip of white hair down his belly. I kept stroking his penis while sucking and licking the head before raising it to reveal his large balls. I took each one in my mouth and made out with them lovingly as his groans got louder and deeper.

I felt my legs open up and looked down and saw one of the other men sliding up between my thighs as I was servicing Coach. It was the Physics professor. "Hope you don't mind, Raj! I thought I'd take a closer look under the hood!" he winked at me before swallowing my dick with ease. I gasped and my eyes winced as he sucked on me with force. It was a bit of a challenge having Coach's dick in my mouth while being pleased by another man. I reached down and grabbed the other man's hair and spread my knees more but then Coach grabbed me by the neck and had me crawl to the sofa as he backed into a seated position and sprawled out in front of me as I continued to keep his penis in my mouth. The Physics professor then got on all fours and began eating me from behind. The Arts professor, ex-Marine Professor Blake then came and sat next to Coach. Blake was a big man in his own right, and his penis was also quite sizable. He said sprawled out next to Coach, "Let's not forget about the rest of us. I know you like that black dick, but I need you to give some of that affection here too!" He barked. I immediately grabbed a hold of his dick and straddled the two men, going back and forth with each. Blake had a nice thick cock, cut, probably around 8-9". Meanwhile, the Physics professor was making me pant slightly as he kept licking and sucking me from behind while stroking me at the same time and occasionally would jam his finger in my asshole and massage me.

Pretty soon, the entire room was naked and standing in a semicircle behind me and I was having to work them all holding and stroking different dicks while having one in my mouth at any given time. Time and time again, someone different would take turns sucking on my breasts or stroking or fingering me, but soon things would have to change.

Sure enough, it was Coach who led the charge. "Aite, sweetie...let's see how you taste!" Without effort, he reached around my belly and lifted me up and threw me on to the sofa with my head resting against the back. Blake and Paris held my legs apart as Coach sniffed my inner thighs. I began breathing fast in anticipation of feeling his massive mouth and sure enough, my eyes went wide with shock and pleasure as he ravished me almost immediately.

"Ohhhh....ohhhh m'gawd....ssssss....oh sirrr....ohhhhh!" I screamed out as he grunted in approval. My 7" dick seemed diminutive in his mouth but he clearly enjoyed it. He lowered his head and grabbed from the hips to eat my ass at times and two other men would lower their heads and lick my nipples at the same time. I screamed again and my hips thrust forward as I had a monster orgasm, perhaps the best one ever. Coach was seemingly pleased as he groaned in approval but didn't take his mouth off of me. I rested my feet on his massive shoulders as he continued to suck on me. The two others stopped sucking on my breasts and released my legs as Coach slowly stood up, towering over me as I looked up at him.

He flicked his finger, "On your knees, ass up, let's see if you can take this big black dick!" The room filled with laughter as I turned around. "No, princess...not there...there!" Coach pointed to the large circular ottoman at the center of the room.

I immediately walked over and got on all fours, as Paris jeered, "Look at that booty jiggle! Oh my sweet Jesus!" More laughter ensued as I positioned myself with my knees spread apart. Immediately the others stood in a line with Blake positioning himself with his dick right in my face. I lowered my head and took his penis in my mouth and began sucking while I felt cold lube being applied to my asshole and could hear Coach lubing himself up.

Without warning, I felt intense pain shoot through my body as he began easing his large 10" member into my body. My toes curled and I raised them off the ottoman from the pain and I gasped and moaned although my mouth was still full of Blake's dick. They laughed again and I felt Coach grab me from the hips and continue to go deeper.

Honestly, when Jeff first fucked me, I felt similar pain, and this time, it was no different. I just thought that it would be somewhat easier as I had been with Jeff just a month or so ago, but evidently not. I was struggling to breathe and actually had to stop sucking on Blake so that I could relax. The pain seemed to take forever to subside, but once it did, I felt my body relax and Coach was able to put the rest of it in quite easily and glide in and out.

"Now that is grade A booty! Beautiful fuck...ohhhh god yessss...yesss.....!! He bellowed as he began gyrating his hips and fucking me harder and faster. I panted harder and moaned more and more as the pleasure was almost unbearable.

"Ahhhhhhh...ahhhhhh...sssssss...saab jiii.....aaaahhhhhh....oh godddd......!!!" I screamed out as Blake slapped my face with his dick, reminding me to keep sucking.

"Ohhh, what is that shit you said? Is that Indian?!" Coach asked, I could feel his sweat dripping down on to my lower back as he kept plowing me. "Imma make you sing Indian songs to me, baby!"

I was sweating and panting as well, confirming to myself the rumors and stereotypes that black men were well-endowed AND everlasting in bed. Coach pulled me up and grabbed me around the throat as he continued to fuck me while stroking me with his hand. I screamed again as I had another massive orgasm and my mind went blank and I felt tingling all over and my ears rang from the sensation. I was in a kneeling position with my knees spread apart as he continued to ravage me. My cum shot out and the other men in the room clapped and whistled loudly.

Coach then pulled out, "Get on your back! Open dem legs wide for me!"

"Hey Coach! Let us have our turn, you could take him home with you for all we care!" Paris protested. Coach sighed and backed off. Paris inserted himself between my thighs and pushed my knees back and I felt his thick dick go into me, although I was already quite loose after Coach. Again, like last time, he didn't last for very long, less than a minute before pulling out and blowing his massive load on my face.

"Ahhh shit...took a damn pill to get hard only for this to happen!" He said, sounding exasperated. I tried to make it better for him though as I licked my lips and swallowed every drop of his cum while looking up at him and caressing his hairy legs. He smiled at me as he stroked his penis and I raised my head up to kiss it. While he was doing that, I felt someone else get between my legs and push my legs back. This was a larger penis and very thick, thicker than Paris'. I looked down and saw it was one of the other men I didn't immediately recognize. Paris got off of me and this unknown man hovered over me as my arms rest beside me, my breasts were bouncing back and forth as he pounded me and my toes curled as I looked up at him my eyes pleading with him as I moaned and panted.

"Ahhhh, hahhhh, hnnnhhhhhh...oh god..oh god...oh sirrr....ssss...fuck, I don't even know your name...hnnnnhhhh....!" I screamed out.

" of the plumbers on working on your pipes, Raj! Mm...that feels good!" He answered back as he sat up and grabbed my ankles and continued to go. My body lay there getting rocked by him. His bald head glistened with sweat and his white chest and belly hair were matted with sweat. I reached out and touched his massive belly as I looked up at him again, "Ohhhh, goddd...oh I'm gonna cummmm!"

I squealed out as I came again, although the amount of cum was much less than the first two orgasms. The intensity remained the same as Frank the plumber was a surprisingly good fuck. He let out a deep groan, "Agghhhhhhh...fuck yesssss!!"

He pulled out and stomped his foot down next to me and exploded his cum all over my face as I opened my mouth to try to catch it all. Frank hadn't even finished when yet another man, this time, the other unknown male, began getting me in position, but he grabbed my ankles and asked me to get back on my fours.

He was a younger man, looked to be in his mid-50s, fitter than the others, including the Physics professor. He wasn't particularly large, probably around 7", but he went the longest before cumming. He decided to plant his seed inside of me, which I found interesting. He never told me his name, and I didn't even care.

Professor Blake grabbed me by the arm and led me back to the sofa. He sat down. "I want you to ride me like a bitch cowgirl, like you did in that video!" He barked at me.

I relaxed myself as I knew that he had a penis that was almost as large as Coach's. I spread my legs apart and slowly eased on to his member as he grabbed me by the hips. I sighed and gasped as I felt him go all the way in and once I felt he was all in, I slowly mounted my feet on his thick hairy legs and rested my palms on his chest. I began bouncing up and down as the room full of men stared at me, most of them in shock and stroking themselves. Blake then grabbed me around the waist and pulled me back so that my head rest next to his. He began whispering in my ear, "You like that black 'bout mine? I know you want that white meat, you fucked that other dude on camera, right?! Tell me you want me!"

"'s yours....oh godd...sssss..." I whispered back as he thrust upwards while using his one hand to stroke my nipples and stroke my dick with the other. He then fell over to the side with me still in his arms and with his dick still deep inside of me and began fucking me harder while laying in a spooning position. He placed one foot on his leg and spread my legs open as he continued to fondle me and whisper dirty things in my ear as I moaned softly.

Finally, he pushed me off. "On your knees!!" I jolted up and quickly got in position as he grabbed my head with one hand and his dick with the other and I opened my mouth wide as he had a monster orgasm.

The whole room shuddered with his orgasm as he continued to stroke himself and put his dick in my open mouth and I continued to stroke it and suck on it. I felt that he was trying take ownership of me and was having a passive aggressive spar with Coach Brembo over me and I looked up at him submissively and smiled sweetly.

"That's right, sweetheart...!" He responded, before releasing me.

"You ain't done yet, baby! But let's finish this in private!" Coach boomed.

I stood up and wiped my face and he grabbed me by the hand and we went down the hall into a bedroom. He slammed the door shut and locked it. "Get on the bed and spread your legs open! That pussy is mine all night! All day, every day! I'm addicted to that Indian ass and there is no end to this!"

At the time, I felt that it was said in the heat of passion, but little did I realize he was being serious. He fucked me until I almost passed out the rest of the night and he must have cum in my ass and mouth at least 4 times. I fell asleep in that bed, but when I woke up the next day, I was in a new place.

I was disoriented somewhat and felt a wave of cold air. I sat up and realized I was still naked. My ass felt sore and I was covered in dried spunk. I had no idea where I was or whose bed I had been sleeping in. The room was dimly lit and sparsely furnished.

I heard low deep voices just outside the door and footsteps and the door swung open and in lumbered Coach Brembo with Professor Blake and Frank the plumber in tow.

My heart skipped a beat as I looked up at them and swallowed hard. Coach walked over to the bed and grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me close and threw me down on my back.

"Now, Raj...listen, you got some sweet Indian booty, sweeter than I ever imagined. I told you I was addicted and I'm a man of my word. Trouble is, these two gentlemen also fell for that ass and I cannot say no to my brothas. Ya feel me? So now we got you here and you ain't got no place to be but under at least one of us," Coach explained.