I was up early the following day and went in to check on Lisa. She was kneeling upright, too scared to sleep, and she cowered reflexively as I entered the room and turned on the light.

"It's me, baby," I said quietly, trying not to wake Suky up. "Are you okay."

Lisa was anything but ok. She had experienced a fitful, sleepless night, ruminating over her upcoming punishment. She hadn't touched the water, out of fear that it would make her need to pee. By the look of the red marks around her neck, she had made a very valiant attempt to reach her Oxy pills. She was exhibiting signs of withdrawal, and it was the pills that she craved more than food, sleep or water.

"Can you just give me my Oxy?" she begged. "I can handle anything else Suky throws at me."

"I just wanted to make sure you are okay," I mumbled weakly, too afraid of Suky to give Lisa the drugs she desperately needed. "Try and get some sleep, baby."

I got home from work that night and Suky was waiting for me, dressed in a fearsome all-black leather outfit, with a very stern look on her face.

"Follow me," she said. "It is time for Lisa's punishment."

I followed her down the hallway, into my home-office. I wasn't surprised to see Lisa on her knees, in the middle of the floor. She was kneeling on a small pillow, that had the word "Humility" embroidered upon it. She was naked except for a pair of silk panties and a long black kitten tail, that had been inserted into her asshole. She looked forlorn with her head hung in shame, and tears in her eyes.

It was very evident from the red marks across her back and ass, that she had already endured some ferocious punishment. That poor girl had been severely whipped, but the most distressing marks were around her neck. After I left for work, Lisa had apparently resumed her struggle to reach the OxyContin pills, and had paid the price. She was trembling as she knelt before us. I couldn't tell if Lisa was trembling because she was cold or fearful, but strangely enough I noticed that she was aroused.

Her nipples were erect, despite the lack of obvious stimulation, and her face was flushed. When my eyes settled on her rib-cage, the rear of which bore the brunt of the whip marks, I could see that she was breathing heavily. She also had a noticeable wet spot in her panties.

"Did Lisa piss herself, Suky?" I asked, concerned that the sadistic Malaysian had pushed Lisa too far.

"The bitch had an orgasm," Suky said dispassionately. "Right after I whipped her."

It seemed incongruous to me that anyone would achieve sexual release after a beating, but as I looked more closely, it did appear that Lisa had creamed her panties. Suky allowed me to circle Lisa slowly, and as silence descended on the room, I heard the low vibration sound.

"What have you done to her, Suky?" I asked with as much deference as I could.

"The bitch is wearing a pair of vibrating panties," she informed me. "I wanted to see if I could punish and reward her simultaneously, and it worked. Would you like to watch?"

The truth was I had seen enough of Lisa's punishment, and hoped that this was the end of it. I nodded my head to say no, but I was too late.

Suky picked up a small plastic remote control, and after hitting a couple of buttons told me to enjoy the show. There was an instant reaction from Lisa as the remote control activated the vibrating panties. She stiffened involuntarily, clearly mortified by the prospect of being brought to orgasm for my visual stimulation. She closed her eyes as if to block out her audience, and later shared with me that she tried to fight her impending orgasm.

Any fight that Lisa put up was futile. Even I knew that sustained clitoral stimulation would eventually result in an orgasm. Lisa would have been better off just giving in to her autonomic nervous system, and allowing her body to react physiologically to the stimulation. However, as she fought it, she inadvertently elevated her level of arousal, reddened her face and increased the flow of vaginal secretions.

As I watched her panties moisten and observed her abdomen muscles tighten, I realized that she was close. Her breathing was ragged and her mouth was slightly open, as if she was getting ready to form the sounds that accompany sexual release.

"My bitch is close," Suky said, stating the patently obvious. "Shall I let her come? You decide."

Even though Lisa had been fighting the inevitable, once she got close, she wanted to experience the joy of another orgasm. When Suky ceded control of her body to me, Lisa opened her eyes and looked up at me, imploring me to allow her the release.

"Yes," I said, with much more enthusiasm than I probably should have, "let her come."

As her body finally got into sync with her mind, Lisa tensed up and let out a loud scream of pleasure. She contorted her face in ecstasy and came hard, as she knelt before us. Suky and I watched the young redhead experience a very powerful orgasm, before she slumped forward onto the floor. Suky clicked the remote once and I assumed she had terminated the vibrations.

"Lisa and I just had a heart to heart," Suky informed me, as Lisa lay slumped over, trying to control her breathing. "She told me all of your secrets. Is there anything you wish to get off your chest?"

I had no way of knowing what secrets Suky had thrashed out of Lisa, so I played dumb. Suky continued with her ferocious and intimidating line of questioning.

"Who the fuck is Emma, and why are you hiding her from me?" she barked.

I started to stumble over my answer almost immediately, and Suky cut me off.

"Hand me your phone," she ordered me.

I had forfeited any right to privacy from the day I allowed Suky to move in with me. She had my bankcard PIN, my voicemail access code, and my phone access code, which she punched in as soon as I handed my phone to her.

I was so focused on Suky's inevitable discovery of the pictures from my impromptu photo shoot with Emma, that I completely forgot about the even more incriminating photos of Lisa, Amy and I in the shower. Suky found these first, and grabbed Lisa by her red mane. She pulled Lisa upright and was waving my phone angrily in her face, as the frightened young girl knelt naked, still trembling.

"Do you enjoy getting pissed on, you fucking slut?" Suky screamed at the terrified young girl.

"Suky, I can explain," I said nervously, regretting my decision to intercede, as Suky turned her fury towards me.

"Can you?" she yelled. "Can you explain these?"

My recollection of the shower scene was one of pure fun, and adolescent experimentation. However, in the light of day, the photos of me urinating on Amy and Lisa, were completely indefensible. It was an abject defilement of the two young women, a total abuse of power on my part, as they knelt before me and got drenched in my piss.

Suky was enraged, and turned her focus back on Lisa, as the frightened young girl knelt before her.

"Do you like being pissed on?" Suky screamed. "I will make that happen for you in the very near future," she threatened.

When she turned back towards me I shuddered, as I could see the hate in her eyes as she processed the other previously undiscovered detail in my life.

"You were fucking Amy too?" she asked incredulously. "How did you ever find time to go to work?" she added, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

I knew that Suky had no idea that Amy and I were lovers. Just before Suky moved out to live with Tim, I had allowed Amy to rent a room from me, as she was getting evicted from her old place, due to non-payment of rent. I ran it by Suky, and she was fine with it. The two of them were best friends, and Amy hung out at my place all the time, even when Suky was at work.

One night, when Amy was over waiting for Suky to get off of work, Amy had seduced me. Well, I use the word seduced, but it was more like Amy had just smiled at me. That was enough. Amy had consumed a bottle of wine, Suky had me on sexual restriction, I foolishly decided to pass the time by watching porn on my computer, and before I knew it, one thing led to another, and I was balls-deep in Amy.

After Suky moved out, Amy continued to live in my house as my lodger, and we fucked like rabbits. As this dawned on Suky, the revelation seemed to infuriate her more because she and Amy were best friends. My heart sank as I realized that Suky was going to make me regret this indiscretion more than anything else.

Amy was long gone to Law School, and we were a blip in her rear view mirror. Even though Amy and I shared the blame equally for our sexual liaisons, there was absolutely nothing Suky could do to punish her for our indiscretions. No, any retribution for that illicit relationship would be borne solely by me.

Apparently satisfied that she owed me punishment for fucking her best friend Amy, Suky refocused on Lisa's admission, coughed up under the duress of a thrashing.

"Who the fuck is this little cunt Emma?" she yelled. "And why can't I find her contact in your phone?"

Suky's overtly hostile approach was both intimidating and stressful to me, and she had worn any resistance out of me.

"I stored her under the last name, Material," I confessed, "hoping that the work-related name would go unnoticed in my contact list."

I bit my lip as Suky typed the letter 'M' into my contact list, knowing full well the extent of my fuck-up.

"Material," Suky intoned slowly, as she processed Emma's profile photo.

A scowl darkened her face, and I wasn't sure if it was due to the photo that I had selected for Emma's contact details, or the full name under which she was entered, as both were equally incriminating.

"Ah, here she is," Suky said menacingly, the undertone of hate evident in her voice.

The scowl reappeared on her face as she processed what I had used as Emma's first name.

"Marriage," she said contemptuously, "You stored that little cunt under marriage material?"

At the time it had seemed like a clever play on words, but now it looked like a totally boneheaded move on my part, as I had inadvertently pissed Suky off.

Once Suky found my poorly disguised entry for Emma in my phone contacts, it was just a matter of time before she found the evidence of our impromptu photo session. I couldn't even look at Suky as she scrolled through the pictures of Emma. Her face said it all, a combination of rage and disgust as the beautiful young girl posed for her glamour shots in my hallway.

"Did you fuck that little bitch?" Suky demanded.

I had anticipated that question, and even practiced answering it in my mind. Although I had titty-fucked and butt-fucked Emma, I hadn't technically fucked her, at least not vaginally. For this reason, with as much confidence as I could muster, I said no.

What emerged from my lips was a shaky, unconvincing no, and Suky picked up on my attempt at deception immediately. All it took was a furrowed brow, and for her to fold her arms disapprovingly, and I started to sing like a canary.

"I ass-fucked her and titty-fucked her," I blurted out.

"And?" she said expectantly, knowing full well that she had me on the ropes.

"We had phone sex," I spewed, as Suky gave me the stink eye, "Twice!"

Suky possessed the uncanny ability to make me spill my guts, and as she stared me down, I continued to talk unnecessarily, digging myself a deeper hole.

"Her profile picture?" she continued.

For reasons that I cannot explain, I had used a screen-shot taken during our FaceTime sex session. In the photo, Emma was kneeling on her bed wearing her Victoria's Secret bra and panties, holding a stuffed white teddy bear. Even though I knew Emma had just turned eighteen, the way she was posed accentuated her delicate, youthful appearance, and caused Suky to glare at me intently.

"She's eighteen," I stammered reflexively. "I asked for her ID before we..."

I knew as soon as the words left my mouth that I was fucked. Suky commanded a great deal of fear in me, and I often had verbal diarrhea around her. I heard my voice trail off, and the silence was deafening.

"Before you?" Suky inquired. "Before you what? Continue, you have piqued my interest."

I clammed up and stared at my feet as I shuffled around uncomfortably.

"I am keeping this," Suky declared, waving my iPhone in my face. "I have no doubt that slut will call you. I am going to trick that little cunt into coming here tomorrow night," she barked. "She needs to learn her place too."

I wanted to text Emma and warn her never to come to my house again. However, the only place I had her number was in my phone. I didn't know where she lived, where she went to High School, I didn't even know her last name. There was no way for me to head her off.

With that threat still hanging in the air, Suky turned her focus back to Lisa, who knelt shaking uncontrollably having witnessed Suky's wrath.

"I haven't forgotten about your punishment," she informed the frightened young girl.

Suky stood over Lisa in a very threatening manner, as the young girl cowered on her knees. She was holding a large, black strap-on which she held out towards me.

"I want you to punish her," Suky informed me.

I shot Suky a confused look.

"Go ahead," she said. "Punish the bitch. Fuck her ass with the strap-on."

I must have looked totally lost, because she told me again that she wanted me to punish Lisa, for her earlier indiscretion. I shook my head, and Suky smiled, knowingly.

She moved over to my desk and placed the strap-on on top of it. Suky was wearing black leather pants, and leather boots that had very high heels. She had on a skin tight Lycra top, and a black leather jacket. She looked like a high class dominatrix.

Suky stepped forward menacingly, and grabbed a fistful of Lisa's hair. In one firm fluid motion, she pulled Lisa up from her knees by her hair, and dragged her over to the large leather topped desk in the room. She forced Lisa against the desk, and then made her bend over it.

Lisa looked very vulnerable, naked as she was, except for the vibrating panties and the black tail sticking out of her ass. As she bent over my desk her welts were much more obvious, and she appeared to be in a considerable amount of discomfort.

"Get your ass over here," Suky said menacingly, as she directed her anger towards me.

I scurried over to her, determined not to piss her off any more.

"Bend the fuck over your desk," she ordered.

It was my turn to tremble now, as I positioned my upper body atop the large desk. I could feel my legs shaking as I realized what a vulnerable position I was in.

"You or her?" she barked, presumably referring to which one of us she was going to subject to a prolonged ass-fucking.

"Her," I said immediately, caving into my fear. "Butt-fuck her."

Suky lent over me, whispered some instructions in my ear, and strode out of the room. I was intent on following the instructions I had been given. I picked up a jar of skin lotion, and began to gently rub it into Lisa's butt-cheeks, to try and relieve some of the burning sensation. Then I removed the kitten tail from Lisa's asshole, and placed it on the desk. Her vibrating panties had a small opening over her asshole so I left them on her. I lubed Lisa's ass, using the KY gel that was on the desk. Then I walked away in silence, having followed Suky's instructions to the letter.

Moments later Suky entered the room holding a leather harness. She told me to turn around, and attached the harness around my pelvic area. She picked up the strap-on dildo and secured it into the harness with an ominous click. Suky grabbed my phallus and dragged me over behind Lisa. She slapped the large strap-on cock against Lisa's ass a couple of times. I could see Lisa's back and ass-cheeks were tensed in anticipation of her violation.

She looked back over her shoulder, with fear in her eyes, and Suky growled "eyes front."

Then, without any further discussion, Suky eased my black phallus into Lisa's asshole and told me to fuck it. Lisa grunted as I impaled her. The strap-on was no larger than a typical penis, but it was rock-hard, and not subject to softening the way a human cock was.

I started off slow, terrified that I was going to hurt, or worse, injure, Lisa. Almost immediately Lisa started to get aroused, and I realized that Suky had turned the vibrating panties back on. Lisa let out a quiet moan, and I prayed that she would remain silent, lest her punishment be increased.

Suky grabbed a fistful of Lisa's red hair and growled, "be quiet girl."

Suky made me fuck Lisa's ass for almost forty minutes. She kept insisting that I dominate the young girl, and under threat of getting butt-fucked myself, I finally was very rough in my handling of Lisa, slapping her ass and pulling her hair. The young redhead was exhibiting signs of arousal during the domination and, after Suky increased the speed of the vibrating panties and told her she could touch herself, she came multiple times, by stimulating her own clitoris.

I was erect the entire time that I subjugated the young redhead, and Suky was really enjoying the show. After Suky was happy that I had sufficiently punished Lisa, she told me to withdraw the large strap-on from her now gaping anus.

Suky grabbed Lisa by the hair, forced her to her knees, and said roughly, "Suck his cock clean, bitch."

I am not a big fan of ass to mouth, but I must concede that it is an effective way to truly dominate someone. Lisa sucked my strap-on clean as Suky continued to threaten and belittle the young redhead. Once Suky deemed my cock sufficiently clean, she grabbed Lisa by the hair and told her to crawl. Then, as Lisa remained on all fours like a dog, Suky dragged her almost naked by the hair, down the long hallway, through the master suite, and right into the marble shower enclosure of her master bedroom.

I heard Suky shout my name, and I scurried into my old bedroom. Lisa was kneeling on the shower floor as Suky slowly undressed. Once she was naked, she told the frightened redhead to lay on her back on the shower floor. Once Lisa was in position, Suky knelt above her face and lowered her pussy onto the young girl's tongue. Lisa knew what was expected of her and began to eat Suky out.

I knew it wouldn't take Suky long to have her first orgasm. This was exactly the sort of thing that got her off. Suky stroked her clitoris as she ground one out on Lisa's face. Lisa laid submissively beneath Suky and allowed Suky to have several orgasms on her face. After Suky was completely satisfied, she grabbed a fistful of Lisa's hair.

"You can continue to live here as long as you behave yourself," she said in a surprising gesture of forgiveness. "Two rules. First, learn your place in this household. You are the low man on the totem pole. Second rule, stay the fuck away from my man. If you need Oxy, ask me. If you need food, ask me. Stay away from Tim."

Lisa nodded her head in understanding of her lowly status within the household and the new rules. Suky lifted her pussy slightly above Lisa's mouth and made eye contact with the frightened girl. Then in an overt display of dominance, she let a trickle of urine escape her bladder and enter Lisa's mouth.

"Swallow bitch," she said menacingly.

Lisa swallowed the piss without hesitation and Suky let go of her bladder. I watched in awe as Suky urinated all over Lisa's face and hair. Lisa laid there passively taking her punishment. Once Suky was done, she got up from her knees and looked at me.

"Hose that bitch off," she said.

Suky left the shower room and I turned on the shower and started to spray Lisa down. No words were exchanged between us and after a few minutes I heard Suky call my name. I handed the shower attachment to Lisa and hustled out of the room, in the direction of Suky's voice.