I was sat at our usual table, some drinks, same atmosphere and nothing had changed in the last ten years. I was horny, to be honest, I think the last time I had sex was seven months ago, and my pussy requires some cock. For my age, I was considered attractive or even sexy to some. I was a sixty-five-year-old mother of two beautiful and successful daughters, both owning their property and kids of their own. I did miss having them home; it had got lonely over the last two years, after my husband's passing and leaving me alone. There is not a single thing that I would change about my life, I still loved my husband, would never forget him, but I needed a new man in my life. A few nights, at home, curled up on the armchair, I would swipe across Tinder, gaining a few dates, but it would never lead anywhere, apart with the date with Tommy.

Tommy was just a few years younger, sweet, kind, but lacking the excitement that I needed. I wanted someone younger, someone, who could last, fuck me so hard, cum, and then continue fucking me. A few guys had chatted me up at work, one of them managed to kiss me at a Christmas party, feel me up in the filing cabinet, he would have fucked me if we were not disturbed. I still enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror, better than most girls that were half my age. I had long, natural, blonde hair with not a single grey strand. My body had remained the same, firm, curvy and big breasts that jiggled every time I walk.

"He's checking you out!" Mary whispered quietly as she leant over the table to avoid being heard. Her voice was a giggle.

I had completely forgotten that Mary, my best friend from work, was sitting on the other side of the table. Myself, I had been gazing out of the window for the last couple of minutes, watching the rain streaking down the window and see if the drops were racing against each other. Sitting indoors, watching the rain, seeing all the people and cars go by, wondering then they're going.

"What did you say? Sorry, I was distracted, rain does that to me," I said, apologizing, still with that dreamy look on my face.

Uncertain, I pulled my eyes away from the table and began scanning the room with a long look. It only took me a second to find who I was looking for, and I was shocked but slightly excited. If this was the man who was checking me out, I wasn't mad. He was dark-skinned, well-groomed, buzz-cut and wearing a tailored suit. I loved a man in a suit. If you want to impress me, wear a suit, don't wear a cheap suit from Primark that'll rip in about two weeks after wearing. His eyes were friendly, warm, blue and staring back at me. His beautiful smile made my breath hitch in my throat, blushing, I turned away and looked at Mary, who was glaring back at with me with a wide smile.

"I told you he was checking you, been doing it all night." Mary giggled.

I scoffed.

"I think he's checking you not," I said, frowning.

"Oh, really?" Mary asked, folding her arms. Her smile always seemed to twitch at the corner of her mouth. "If you could explain this, why has not looked at me when I've gone to the toilet. He's been staring at you, dummy. I'd be all over him like a flash if I were you. He's black, so you know he's going to be packing a massive, thick cock. The kid'll be hung like a horse."

"Mary!" I said, not sure if I wanted to laugh or gasp. "That's a misconception."

"Really? I've been with so many black guys, they've always been thicker and bigger than the white guys I've bad. Better lovers, I think it's something to do with slavery. They pound our pussies for what our ancestors did to theirs.

She leaned over to me, her lips against my ears.

"Why don't you try it? See, if you like it? You loved anal when that fireman put his hose into you," she giggled breathlessly.

Grinning, I stepped away from the table and approached the man near the entrance, who was standing alone, his back to the wall, scanning the room. I didn't know why he was looking at me when there were enough women here to last a man for a couple of weeks if he had one for every day of the week. He was attractive. His eyes seemed to melt me.

"Hi, I was wondering, my friend, said you were checking me out," I said nervously, I hated how my friend would play a prank on me, or try to make me look foolish in front of a guy.

"Was I that obvious?" he said and grinned.

I laughed at him. He was so cute when he grinned.

"I wouldn't have noticed you. I'm glad I did, you are very handsome and smart," I said, rubbing his suit. I wanted to say something that had shocked myself. I leaned over, my mouth against his ear and whispered softly. "I've never been chatted up by a black man before."

"You've never been blacked before?" he asked, snaking his arm around my waist and pulling me toward him. "Well, tonight, let's make an expectation. I want to fuck you. I've been noticing you for the last month in here, never wanted to talk to you because I thought you were married. I'm sorry that your husband died, you must have loved him. I think you're one of the gorgeous women I've ever seen. Your eyes, emerald, I like the colour green and how they glimmer."

I nodded my head and his hand was on my cheek, comforting. How could this man be so young and thoughtful? I had only known for a mere couple of seconds, and he was comforting me. One hand was on my cheek, the other still wrapped around my waist, making sure my huge tits were pressed against him. I looked into his eyes, they were drawing me in.

"I don't even know your name," I said, giggling softly. "I'm Sarah-Lou, I'm a fifty-five-year-old nurse."

"You do not look that old," he complimented me. "I'm Dominic, twenty-two, studying to be a lawyer."

"You know how to make a woman feel special," I said, I suddenly kissed him, surprising myself, Dominic and Mary, who had been watching with her keen eyes. Dominic didn't pull away but kissed me back with the same force that I was kissing him with. We pulled away after a moment, staring into each other's eyes, clearly drunk with lust. "I'm old enough to be your mother!"

"Does it bother you?"

I looked at him, curiously thinking about it.

"No, as long as you don't mind about me," I told him, giggling.

He looked at me, clearly checking my body out, seeing if he liked it. I could tell by the glimmer. He leaned forward, whispering in my ear.

"You're beautiful," he told me. "Would you like to stay with me for a few drinks? I have a hotel room, and I'm staying here for the week, then I'm going back to Manchester.

"I came with my friend, we were going to share a taxi some," I said, looking back.

"No, you don't have to worry about that," he said, taking his hand into his jacket pocket, pulling his wallet out. He opened it, so many credit cards and packets of a condom. He pushed the packet back into the wallet, grinning. "That's for later."

He gave me some money, it looked to be about eighty pounds. I took it gratefully and returned to Mary, who was sitting there, mouth wide open.

"Close your mouth," I said, shaking my head.

"He's all over you!" Mary said. "I'm jealous."

"I think I'm going to fuck him!" I blurted out, unable to control my emotion. I was lucky that the dozen television screens all blaring with the football game. I had no patience for football.

"Fuck off!" Mary spluttered her drink all down her blouse. "You're kidding me! Way to go, girl. Blow the cobwebs off that pussy."

"You act like it's been ages since I had sex!" I frowned.

"Was the Berlin up or down?" she teased me.

"Shut it!" I flushed red. "Here, are you're going to take this money for this taxi

"Enjoy yourself!" she said, kissing me on the cheek and giggling as she left the bar.

"Now, where were?" I asked, returning to where he was.

"I haven't slowed danced in years," I said, my head buried in his shoulder as we softly swayed in the middle of the dance floor. I remember how many times I slowed dance with my husband, every Friday, all the way into the morning, and I was doing again. I was smiling, happy and full of life. I knew he would be looking down on me, smiling as I danced the night away.

"You probably did a lot of slow dancing with your husband, I just want you to have those happy memories back of him. He was a lucky man, to have you. If you were my wife, I'd treat

My cheeks were flushing, but under the glow of the red strobe light, he couldn't. The music was still playing in the background, it was fading out, changing to something else, but I didn't care. I pulled my head out of his shoulder, crying as I looked into his eyes. Tearful green met his dreamy blue.

"You're perfect," I told him, kissing him softly and his hands roamed down my back, finally squeezing my ass.

My hands were draped around his shoulder and were in synch. I had felt like since my husband was alive. I was still kissing him, taking all my pain away. Our wet tongues fought each other, lips smashing together, and I was like a teenager all over again. My eyes were closed, the kissing was too intense, it brought moans out of my body that I didn't even know existed. Dominic was what I had been looking for, and we hadn't even had sex yet. The connection between us was enough to make something happen. I didn't see us becoming just friends after this. I pulled away, despite my mouth wanting more, but I was in need of some air. The heat of the nightclub and our sweaty bodies was making me sweat.

He was still squeezing my ass.

"I'm very wet," I told him, whispering.

I was surprised a small moan broke free from his mouth.

"You're going to fuck with me that big cock of yours?" I asked, giggling against his ear. "If that's your cock, I'm feeling, I'm in for such a good night."

"I never disappoint," he said, grinning casually at me. He touched my cheek, gaining into my eyes.

"As long as you can back it up," I said, teasing him.

He kissed me in response.

I was grinning a pulled away. I was exhausted and sweaty.

"Do you want to sit down, I'm knackered here, Dom," I told him, the sweat was pouring out of me.

"Sure, do you want another drink?" he asked softly, just as out of breath as I was.

"Please," I told him, kissing him sweetly on the cheek.

I was sitting on the table near the back door hoping it would blow open and give me something cold fresh air. Over the dance floor, I could see Dominic at the bar, trying to be served. Then, I realized the overweight white man with a pink complexion was staring back at me. I was a mean person, so I smiled politely at him, hoping he would just smile back, turn around and carry on drinking with his friend. I couldn't be more wrong, the man came over, swaying.

"Hello," I said.

"You look pretty," he said, slurring his words. "You look like you've got some big fucking tits under that dress? I wondered, would you like to come to my house? My mother is on holiday, and I have the whole house to myself. There is a pool and a hot tub."

"Your mother? How old are you?" I asked, adjusting my skirt.

"45. Why?"

"And you're still living at home with her?"

"It's not like that!" he snarled. "Look, are going to come to mine and suck my cock?"

"No," I said with a scowl. "I have a boyfriend. I motioned towards Dominic, who was returning with the drinks.

"The nigger?" he swore, and heat flushed to my face. I wish that I could have just stood up and punched him.

"Don't call him that!" I said a little loudly, and Dominic heard, quickly rushing over.

"Is he bothering you?" Dominic asked, his voice suddenly ringing over the loud music. I was saved.

"Oh, you're with him! Another white woman going with a nigger!" the white man snarled, his pink face. He squared up to Dominic, his face inches away from his.

"I don't need my woman to come and rescue me, I'll beat your ass outside," he said, passing the drinks over tome and then squared up with the man.

I placed the drinks on the drinks and stood up.

"Do not fight!" I said, stepping in between the two of them.

"You're a traitor, a white woman, European ancestry settling with an African mongrel!" he spat hatefully.

I slapped him so hard, that he stumbled backwards and landed on the row of comfy seat. I was shaking so hard that I couldn't even stand there without trembling.

"Is something going on here?" the bouncer had just got there as the man was clambering backup, blood dribbling from his nose. Surprisingly, the bouncer grabbed the man and not me. He held him tightly. "You've been warned, this is your last time. You're getting thrown out of here and

"Yes!" I said, and my heart was pounding as hot rage filled my body. "He called my boyfriend a racist word." I was nearly about to say the word nigger, but refused.

He dragged the man away, who was screaming and shouting.

"So, I'm your boyfriend now?" he asked, kissing me.

"What am I'm supposed to say? That he's a man that I've met and in the next couple of hours, I'm hoping to be stuffed with his big cock."

"Who is the lucky guy?" Dominic asked me.

"I think he's tall, black and handsome. Could be named Dominic, and he's old enough to be a grandson."

"Well, there's a woman in my life," he said, playing along with me.

"You have?" I said, raising my eyebrow, pretending to be miffed. "What does she look like? Do I have some competition?"

"She's this gorgeous woman, a blonde bombshell, who could be a model. I think she's called Sarah-Lou," he told me, kissing my lips and nearly lifted me off the ground.

I pulled away from him, clearly aching for his cock.

"Dom," I whined at him. "Take me to your hotel room and fuck me."

We left the club, our heads pounding due to the drink and music. The rain from the afternoon had carried well into the early morning, pounding heavily onto the pavement.

"Shit!" I swore.

"Something wrong?" Dominic asked as we got to the curb.

"It's pissing down, I haven't brought my umbrella," I said, the rain streaming down my face.

I smiled when he draped his large coat over my body.

"Thank you," I said as the rain pounded down onto us.

It didn't take long before the taxi came, and we off to the hotel. We were in the elevator going to the seventh floor. The door opened with a creak, and we stepped out into the quiet corridor, giggling. He pushed me against the wall, kissing me and lifting my long legs to wrap around his waist. I was so excited, my stomach fluttering, and I was kissing him back. My skirt had ridden up to my legs, so my black knickers could be seen. One hand caressed my cheek, the other hand running up my stomach.

I pulled away, panting.

"Hotel room, now!" I told him, kissing him again.

Still kissing back, Dominic slid his hand out of the coat pocket, pulling the card out. He jammed the key card into the electric lock, waiting until it beeped and then pushed the door open. We continued to kiss, hands roaming all over each other we fought to get into the room without trying to trip over our feet.

Roughly kissing him, mouth opened, and began unbuttoning his shirt. Throwing into the ground, I pulled away from his mouth just to admire his body. He didn't have these enormous muscles that most men seemingly had his age, but a firm, toned body. I liked its look, and I wondered if he would like my body in the same way that I did his.

"We need to get you naked," Dominic told me, unbuttoning my blouse and stripping me out of it with a matter of seconds. He was kissing me roughly, pushing me to the bed as he tried to unclasp my bra from the back.

"The front" I moaned into his mouth. He had heard me this time, unclasping the bra and my huge natural tits were free.

He stood, looking at them, clearly thinking about them. I was standing in front of him, topless, showing my tits to a man who was twice my age. My skirt came second, becoming a pool around my feet, and my knickers were pulled down. I was now stood there, completely naked, tits and pussy shown. My pussy was wet, the tiny little slit was aching to be touched. Above my slit, a small tuft of blonde hair remained. My breasts, they had always been big, soft and fat, hanging down my chest. Dominic was silent, drinking in the sight of my body. I became nervous for a second, covering my breasts. Dominic shook his head, prying my hands away from my breasts; he took them in his hands. He never spoke to me, but his hands did. I stood in silence, apart from the panting and my breasts moving with his touch. He was strong, I liked his touch, hoe he was neither soft nor too rough, just a loving touch that seemed to make me tremble. I loved his touch, it made my pussy quiver at the thought of it. I didn't even ask him and his lips found my nipples. Memories of breastfeeding my two babies suddenly came back to me, and I was overcome with emotion. I let out a moan that shocked me, thrilled Dominic, who sucked even harder. His tongue swirled around my hardening nipples. His lips still on my tits, he pushed me to the bed, and I fell onto it. I sat on the edge of the bed, allowing Dominic to career my tits and kiss every inch of them. I was whimpering as he sucked. I had one hand on the back of his head, keeping him steady against my tits, and the other one was holding his hand. Our fingers entwined as he made my nipples wet and red with attention.

"Fuck!" I grunted out as he pinched my nipple, drawing moans out of my mouth and making my body tremble. "You make me feel good."

"Do I?" he asked, bringing his mouth to mine. Kissing me, he pressed

He teased me, his kisses went from my neck, trailing past my stomach, eventually finding my pussy after a moment of soft teasing. His mouth captured my thick, meaty lips and began hungrily sucking. It was like this was his first pussy, how hungrily he sucked and slurped on it.

"OH!" I squealed, bucking my hips against him. I placed a hand over one of my breasts, playing with the nipple as his lips found my clit. It sent something through my body, like a powerful surge of energy that couldn't be measured on any scale. He made me a squirming mess. He kept sucking me, sucking and sucking until I could do nothing but scream. I twisted my head, looking at the large mirror on the sliding door on the wardrobe. I looked so sexy naked, and I wasn't afraid of being called a narcissist. I knew women half my age would kill to have a body looking like this. My face was flushed, breasts were heaving as Dominic continued to slurp on my dribbling pussy. Juices were flooding out of me as if someone had twisted a tap.

"Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror?" he suddenly asked, and I was brought back to reality. I let a scream out as Doric roughly brought my face around so that I could face him. My flushed face met his, and I could see his glistening mouth. He licked his lips, brought them to mine and kissed me. I was moaning into his mouth as I could taste the pussy juices being transferred from his mouth to mine. I loved the taste of my pussy, I had sampled it a few times on a lonely night, when I was casually scrolling through my phone, watching porn. But this was different, and someone was giving me my juice. I pulled away.

"I want to suck your cock!" he said, and softly dragged me to floor

I buckled his belt, pulling his jeans off. My questions were answered when I saw his white boxers and the huge bugle. As I looked at his cock, I wondered how he could walk around with something so thick and big, if he caught a boner. I tugged the boxers down, and the black cock popped free, hard and thick slapped against his stomach. I took the cock in my hand, feeling how big and heavy it felt. I was admiring like it was a piece of art that should be hung in a gallery.

"Do you like my big cock?"