Something was wrong. Not just a little wrong, like she had a broken nail. Not "wrong but really good" like the changes that had overtaken her so deeply that she could barely remember what life a month ago had been like. No, something was wrong with her, and Ashley didn't understand why.

She'd woken up alone, which was strange. Today was Tuesday and Jimmy's day off. That meant he should've been in bed beside her, maybe fucking her awake. But there was no Jimmy. And there was no Dale, either, who had practically taken up residence in her house over the past week. No demands to satisfy his perverse desires or even to clean while he tried shoving different objects inside her to see how long she could stand it before she begged for his cock. Even Jerry, whose lust had finally overcome his fear of cheating on his wife, stopped by most mornings for a pre-work blowjob.

But no one was in the house but her.

The sheets she laid on were stiff with bodily fluids and sweat, and dear God they stank. Not surprising, considering the last few nights had been one constant train. The men were machines, never getting soft or running out of cum, all of which they put in her pussy. That had been a little weird since they usually painted her with jizz. And while she wasn't sore, that smell was definitely starting to get to her. She tried taking little breaths through her mouth, but that just meant she felt that sweaty, crusty stink on her tongue and why was it so hot and -

Ashley bolted to the bathroom, making it to the toilet in the nick of time. Everything in her stomach came up in a painful burning rush. The nausea rolled over and over, making her sweat and cry. When she wasn't puking, she laid against the cool of the linoleum floor, shivering. Eventually the sick feeling eased up, and she crawled up the tub to get to her feet. After wavering for a second, she shuffled to the sink to rinse out her mouth and brush her teeth. A quick glance in the mirror showed her hair was a hot mess, but otherwise she looked as fresh and perky as ever. Maybe it was the food poisoning making comeback?

Although she knew she needed to change out her sheets—and maybe burn them rather than throwing them into her old machine—Ashley made her way to the kitchen. She thought she ought to be hungry since all she did these days when she didn't have a cock stuffed in her somewhere was eat, but everything in the fridge threatened to set her stomach off again. She managed to sip down a half a bottle of water someone had left in there as she sat down, wishing she had some coffee from Landry's.

Her mind drifted a little thinking about Sam, how pretty his blue eyes were and manly his hands looked. She wondered what they would feel like playing with her nipples, or pulling her in for a kiss before shoving her down to her knees to lick his cock. She imagined a cock like Dale's but attached to a man who was so much more attractive...

Her fingers trailed down between her legs as she allowed that little fantasy to play out in her mind. In no time she was panting and working her clit furiously. She tried playing with her tits like she usually did, but they were super sore this morning—Jerry had probably gotten overly excited with them again—so she used that hand to tug on her hair as she masturbated in the kitchen chair.

Soon the wanted climax rolled through her, spreading that glorious light cloud up her body. But instead of wrapping her mind in a soft fluffy blanket it usually did, it parted a curtain she'd been unaware of. She saw herself encased in some sort of gelatinous slime, writhing in ecstasy as a man gave her instructions on immodesty and sluttiness and being a vehicle for men's pleasure. She saw the changes that happened to her, some subtle, others obvious, but all at the direction of a man with no face.

Except now, as she concentrated, his features began to form where that blankness had been. His voice became recognizable as Ashley realized she knew him. Not just knew who he was, but knew him. It was like a dash of cold water across her, snapping her back to the kitchen. Her hands, slick with her juices, were pressed against her face in shock. How had she never remembered those things happening? Or known it was him?? It made her want to run screaming out of town, but it also made her want to run screaming to him so he could fuck her senseless.

Ashley rubbed her eyes and was surprised to find herself in the bedroom getting dressed. The skimpy black tank top she pulled on was fully opaque, though like all of her shirts it barely covered her ample boobs. At least the pressure from the shirt's tightness helped ease some of the ache there. Of course, moving at all brushed her nipples against the fabric and made them erect and create a throb in her pussy. She yanked on a plaid skirt that managed to come down past her ass to almost mid-thigh, which would just have to do.

When she was done, her hair piled into a messy bun, she grabbed her keys and slid into the car. "Oh no," she moaned as the lingering smell from yesterday's run to grab burgers assailed her nose. She stumbled out of the vehicle and threw up the water she had drunk into the bushes between her driveway and Dale's. There was no way she could drive this thing, not with that smell still inside it. She would have to walk.

For the first time since Easter, Ashley was aware of how everyone stared at her as she walked down the sidewalks of town. If there were two or three people together, they inevitably started talking to each other while their eyes followed her. Conflicting feelings of shame and pride battled each other, and both made her ridiculously horny. By the time she got to her destination, the tops of her thighs were glistening with her arousal.

The morning rush at Landry's was over, although a few customers lingered at the counter, chatting with Sam and the college kid working the counter right then. Seeing other people made Ashley hesitate, but when her eyes met Sam's, he excused himself and walked around to greet her. "Good morning, Miss Ashley."

Now that she was in front of him, Ashley's mouth dried up. All words left her mind as she stared blankly up into his stunningly blue eyes. He took her expression in for a second before the corner of his mouth ticked up. "Ahh," he murmured. "Why don't we go talk in my office? Candy can hold down the front for now." He turned and Ashley tagged along behind, confused. She thought she would feel something as he led her to the back room, which included an old fashioned wooden desk, a couple of chairs and some filing cabinets. But in this moment, she didn't feel horny, or excited, or furious, or ashamed. It was like all of her feelings were locked away as the man who had fundamentally changed everything about her sat down behind the desk. "Sit, Ashley," he commanded, indicating the chair across from him, and her wooden legs complied. "So, here we are."

"Yes, here we are," she parroted, unable to think of what to say. Her breathing came in short, shallow pants, as a mouse might have while trying not to alert an owl to its presence.

"You being here means you completed all my requirements, Ashley. Have you figured out what the last one is yet?" She shook her head. "You're pregnant."

Horror rippled through her. Pregnant?!? "Oh, oh no," she whispered as her hands cupped over her nose and mouth. But she had been fucking four different men, letting them cum inside her without any sort of protection. How had she not expected this to happen? Tears spilled down her cheeks as she stared at him in horror. "W-wh-wh-why would you want that?"

Sam laughed, and despite herself, Ashley shivered in pleasure. "Oh, it's not for me, I assure you. No, that baby was the price for getting rid of my little creature."

"I thought you said you didn't know what it was," she snapped, hysteria rising inside her chest. Pregnant! Holy shit, she was fucked.

"Well," he drawled, "technically that's true. I really don't know what it is. And I really did find it while I was out hunting. I do know it was an experiment that got away from my cousin, and he let me keep it for a few years to 'test it in the field', as he put it." He nodded to a photo on the wall of himself and another man.

Ashley stood and studied the picture. That man looked familiar. Then she spun with a gasp. "That's Dan Clayton!" He was the CEO and the son of the founder of Ivory Tower Corp., a company with a long-history of producing cutting edge technology. "He's your cousin?"

"He is. We practically grew up together." Sam leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head. "And when I called him about my found pet, he said he didn't want it back. I guess that government contract terminated."

Deflated, Ashley sat back down and probed, "What does that have to do with me being pregnant? And why me?"

"Two parts of the same story, Ashley. Remember last year, everyone got incredible deals on those Link DNA tests? The ones that told you about your family's ancestry?" She nodded. Like everyone else, she and her family ate up the deal when it came along. "That deal was only good here in Dalton. I wanted to run a little experiment of my own and I needed to find just the right person for it. I called in a favor from Dan to get genetic profiles of everyone in town so I could find the right girl." He gifted her with a dazzling smile, and to her shame, she smiled back. "That was you."

"Right for what?"

He chuckled. "Right for if I ever decided to have kids. I wanted the optimal match to make the best baby." When Ashley shrank back in her chair, he outright laughed. "Oh, don't be so affronted. It's what all humans want when picking a mate; I just wanted to take the guesswork out of it. So I did."

Ashley's voice sounded tiny to her ears when she said, "You could've just asked me on a date."

"Oh Ash," Sam rose and moved around to her. When she looked up at him, eyes still leaking tears, his fingers brushed her hair. "You were so young and sweet and innocent. What I want and need in a woman would have horrified you. And so I remade you into what I wanted." He sat on the edge of his desk, face solemn. "But I will give you a chance to say no right here and now."

Terror raced through Ashley. After everything, she had a choice? "Between what?"

He held up a finger. "You walk out of here right now. Without the creature, your pregnancy will proceed as normal, but it'll be without a father. The men who fucked you won't remember anything about your time together, and gossip in town will be vicious. You'll be an alone, unwed mother that everyone thinks is on drugs. Your body after the baby will look like it's had a baby, and your best bet will be to move or settle for some local redneck that may or may not treat you well. And it certainly won't be someone who can satisfy your sexual needs, which will sadly stay as they are now."

Each word felt like a punch to Ashley's gut. She would be so humiliated that she didn't know if she'd ever recover. "Why would people think I was on drugs?"

Sam gave her an apologetic smile. "It may be a rumor that was started here at Landry's. I may put things inside the drinks here to make people suggestible—another gift from my cousin's company. It started as a way to keep customer loyalty but," he shrugged, "it's been useful in this instance, as well. I mean, how do you think I kept your mother away from your house after she thought you'd been sick?"

Nausea welled up in her, and she grabbed the trashcan just in time to vomit. "You're evil! You're disgusting!" She wept and cursed him between waves of sickness. How could this be happening?

Sam held her hair back for her while she vomited and stroked her back paternally. When she finally stopped, he took the can from her and set it to the side. "Your other option is you let this finish out the way I want. The creature will accelerate your pregnancy so you'll only have to go through this for a few weeks. It will ease you through labor, and it will help your body bounce back so you will look as amazingly fuckable as you do now. The last shreds of little church-going Ashley will be gone, and you will enjoy life as my kept little plaything to use and share as I want. You will never feel any regret for the decision and I will take such good care of you."

To her horror, Ashley found herself torn by the decision. This man had warped her, made her discard her morals and dreams and turned her into the town whore. She had no doubt about the rejection and humiliation she would feel if she walked away—maybe even by her own family. And it wasn't like she hadn't still had chances to do things she enjoyed in these weeks of his meddling.

She heard a snicker from Sam, and she blinked. One hand has snuck up her skirt to play with her pussy while the other gently teased a nipple. She sagged, realizing the "choice" he offered her was false. There was no way she could turn back, not now. With a voice barely above a whisper, she bowed her head and chose. "I pick you."

His fingers lifted her chin, and she found herself losing herself in his ocean blue eyes. "Good girl." Those words flared her arousal into a fire. Her fingers flew to his pants and tried to fumble his fly open. With a laugh, he stayed her for a moment. "So eager, little slut. First," he walked back around the desk and pulled out a thermos, "I need you to drink this. It will settle your stomach as well as help to seal our deal." He poured out something into a cup before coming back to where she sat on the floor and held it to her lips. "Drink."

It was the last moment of resistance Ashley ever mustered to a command of his. It stank of chemicals and was an unnatural electric blue color. When she didn't drink, Sam sighed and pinched her nose with his free hand while the other held the cup. When her lips parted, he tilted the liquid back down her throat. She reflexively swallowed, a surge of panic and fear rising before it was dashed by an overwhelming sense of peace. Her stomach ceased roiling, her body relaxed, and she stared dopily up at him. There was a faint glow about his face, almost like a halo, and it made her want to do nothing more than please him.

"What do you say for that drink, Ashley?"

"Thank you, Mr. Landry."

"No," he corrected, reaching out to twist her nipple. Pain flared in her breast, and she whined. "When we are in public together, you will always refer to me as Sam. When we are alone, or when I am sharing you with friends, you will call me Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master, I understand."

"Good girl. Now, suck my cock. It's about time I get to enjoy my efforts."

Ashley dashed forward, hands again at his pants. In no time his cock was free, rock hard and waiting for her. She took a moment to take it in—not quite as long as Dale's but definitely thicker, harder and more perfect than any dick she had ever seen or imagined. After giving it a quick once-over with her tongue, she swallowed him whole.

Sam groaned and directed her with firm hands on what he wanted. Really, though, she didn't require much instruction, as she had already received all those commands while inside the creature. A tiny dribble of pre-cum escaped him, and she felt her mind somehow sink and rise at the same time. Those last shreds of former Ashley submerged under the water while the new girl floated atop it in the sunlight. He pulled away from her, and she whined. "Not just yet, Ashley."

He lifted her up and pulled her back around the desk. He yanked off his pants and sat in his chair. He stroked his cock and sat, "Fuck me, Ashley. Give me everything you've got."

And so she did. She climbed over him, her face close to his, and eased herself down onto his hard length. Just doing that brought her to a shuddering climax. Sam put his hand over her mouth as she started to cry out. "Quietly." Ashley found her cries immediately muffed as her lips slammed shut while her orgasm played on.

Sam grabbed her ass under her skirt and began moving her up and down on him. She helped as best she could, but it was hard when her orgasm never ended and she grew more and more lightheaded. Yes, it was like she was filled with helium, and each demanding stroke of his cock pushed her up a little higher into the atmosphere. God, it felt so good! Why had she resisted this pleasure at all when given the choice?

Finally, after an eternity of excruciating bliss, Sam whispered in her ear, "Ashley, I'm about to cum. When I do, you will be mine forever. Are you ready?"

She struggled to find words as her mind had left the building when her pussy had taken over, but she managed to stutter out, "Please. Please. Please." She felt his seed begin to fill her up, and she stiffened in a full-body orgasm while her brain's rewiring finished. The nodes that had been so carefully laid by the creature, the chemicals, and now his DNA were connected, and the balloon of who Ashley was floated free of the earth and lost itself to space.

Six months later...

"I have to admit, Sam, I thought you were crazy with this little experiment but you were certainly more pragmatic about things that I realized."

Sam and his cousin, Dan Clayton, lounged in Sam's library while Ashley knelt before Dan, avidly sucking his cock. She wore nothing except a little leather collar that Sam knew his cousin would enjoy. Dan, after all, always took things to a greater extreme than Sam did, and when it came to asking a woman to humiliate herself, Dan wanted her to know she was little more than an animal to him.

For her part, Ashley enjoyed her task. She barely remembered anything that had happened when she first met her master's cousin at the lab where he monitored her pregnancy. She really didn't even remember having a baby. That time was such a blur as she spent days at a time encased in the creature that had converted to the woman she was now. And really, she didn't want to remember. She knew there was the time Before Master, but she didn't think she'd been very happy like she was With Master. Her parents, anyway, said she seemed happier now that she and Master were married.

The two of them chatted as Ashley continued to slobber over Dan's dick. She had serviced him enough times to know he enjoyed it when she was sloppy. It let him chastise her for making a mess and pull on her hair and be forceful with his hands. And she knew Master enjoyed watching this little show. She always made sure he could see her glistening pussy as she knelt across from him, and that he would reward her with his own cock when she finished here.

Eventually, Dan shoved her off of him. "Beg, you little bitch. Beg like the dog you are." Ashley knelt up on her knees and held her arms up like a dog would. "Speak, little bitch, or you get nothing from me." She barked a few times and rocked back and forth, eager and excited for her reward. With a cruel laugh, Dan stood up before her, stroked himself a few times before he came all over her face. Ashley did her best to catch as much of it in her mouth as she could, and he continued to laugh as she wiped the rest from her face and licked it from her hands.

When she finished, Master snapped and commanded, "Come here, pet." Ashley went to him on her hands and knees, a game that would continue to be played while Dan remained. When she sat at his feet, his fingers played with her white-blonde curls as he spoke. "I can't thank you enough for your help with her. She turned out better than expected."

"Good," Dan said, sitting back down after having stuffed himself back into his pants. "I think you got the raw end of the deal, but that was your choice." He leaned forward, elbows on his knees. "The child has continued to grow rapidly and is almost at puberty." His eyes gleamed. "I can't wait to see what she can do once all those hormones kick in."